Monday, May 14, 2018

A New Moon

Earth has one moon. What would happen if it had two?

I am assuming that man's space observatories have documents of the moons of here and there.

Somewhere in the heavens, where man's records have indicated a certain number of moons, I call out a new moon. So, 1 becomes 2 , or 4 becomes 5.

The point is it did not exist before. And I am putting one out there for you to find.

Lord God, how do we fashion this word? By your name, create a new moon, which did not exist before, and contrasts all existing records, and makes them all in error, because you added something new. Let it be found in the heavens, in Jesus' name, Amen.

A new moon. Yeah. Jehovah be glorified.

8:13 AM 5/14/2018 MST

The point is I am giving you signs in the heavens, to support the truths in this blog. If the truths of this blog are not real, you won't get that moon. If it is, you will get an additional moon now to catalog for your space records.

Back to space science meditations for a minute, what would happen to Earth if it had two moons? And though we think the planets with Star Trek two moons in the sky are cool, is that what we would want if we could have it?

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