Thursday, May 31, 2018

Here's a Code

Too clean cat bed wash cover.
Too clean cat bed take off fur.
Too clean cat bed vacuum.
Too clean cat bed wipe.
Too clean cat bed roll fur off.

 Take whatever. Have fun.

For the cat bed renewals I did, there were grease marks. My husband told me, cats emit grease, just like we do. We emit oil. That oil collects, and then, it gets dirty. We had the same thing by my house door. Bizarro. You clean it with soap. It all goes back to original clean.

We did the same for the pillows. It was so good, Lulu went in it. They are so pretty.

Anyway, I have a third cat bed. I will clean it. And I will lure Lulu to use it.

As to the rest of my words, feel free to play. Enter bits. See what comes out.

This means that a smell can deter a cat from using a cat bed. Or maybe it's just dirty. Cats. They like clean.

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