Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Nation Request

I heard a sweet story from the USSR.

However, within that story, I heard something which stirred me, and from that, I have a request:

Make a TV show, like Ape House, or something.

I would like to see your bear cubs grow up, and be like community.

And I wish I had seen the guy who deserved respect adequately, that bear moms would drop off their cubs for him to sit.

I like that guy.

Record 1, we get to see a picture of the Lamb. How is this a picture of the Lamb?

                                         Verses in Matrix
The Second Book of the Chronicles 35:4
And prepare yourselves after your fathers houses by your courses, according to the writing of David king of Israel, and according to the writing of Solomon his son.

Here's one for fun.

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