Sunday, May 13, 2018


Please note, I am giving you a sign, so you know I speak for Jesus Christ, King God Jehovah, creator of heavens and earth.


And also note, I have not directed any of this at Earth. Jupiter, in Jesus' name, I whip up a storm visible to NASA and all space observatories.

Yeah, so like and in Jesus' name. Now, look at the huge hurricane I put there for you to see, so you can know for sure Jesus is God. And noone follows my word. I stop the way for any to copy.

So, look now, as I release this post, and watch the storm.

You NASA guys can have something to look at which reveals the glory of Jehovah.

So, sew, sow.

7/10/2018; 7:10 pm. Mountain Standard Time.

Coincidence? Not.

Well? Are all the scoffers getting their lists written about all the probabilities this can't happen. It's just coincidental. Yeah, aha. If Jesus had not resurrected, this would not be possible, but Jesus rose again. Yeah. Aha.

C'est plus qu'un simple tour de magie, eh?

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