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Stories in Transliteration

Today, I am giving the Google Blogger tool engine another try. The concept is supposed to be you just write your heart in there, and it translates. Well, it did not. There's a tool feature inside the box. I am going to set it to one of the languages. And then, I will give it a try.

I decided I am going to write a story or poem. And then, I will type into that feature, and see what happens. And I will try to copy paste into it, so I don't have happenstance errors.

We will see and try to see what tech produces. It ought to produce. I have worked with tech, with people who do not speak my language, and we had friendships. I am currently working out a way to be in union with neighbours, for among whom, they and I, have no tongue. And my translator friends did not show, so we were stuck. We need to improve our translation, otherwise someone gets left out. That needs to end.

So, yes, today, I am working on that transliteration tool. There is a speech transliteration tool for Chinese to other languages. And I understand it works. It's not perfect. I probably could use that tool.

So, sow, sew.

There's actually several people who don't share a tongue. The language is very limited. However, among us as a group, as friends, some share tongues.

I believe tech ought to work. That's why I am taking another try. Suppose a person were doing a presentation in a language, and you had others present. Would it not be good to have that presentation set up, so each could get their language, like in the UN?

That's what I think should happen. I would like to set up something like that, and see it work. There could be formal and informal uses of it. However, I think it ought to be done. And that is so we understand each other, well enough. My test comparison for whether the transliteration worked is going to be Google Translate. That is going to be what I compare the transliteration to.

Let's start with something we all know. I am not writing this one. It's a poem.

Would a blackbird peck off a woman's nose? If a woman has Kingdom authority over her home, no blackbird would peck off a woman's nose. And she ought not fear either. The birds which come here come under my authority. I sing to them. They sing to me. My song sets those boundaries. You might think that in this story, the maid/servant is the one who has her nose pecked, because she is lowly. That's not how God works. That maid takes authority. Basically, if it is not her habitation, and she does not own it, she still gets her Kingdom bubble. And whatever distance God sets around her, she carries that all the time.

For this exercise to work over all, as a lingust, you need to let your eyes be an artist. You need to let your eye consume the word as an art feature. Before starting, and I need to double check Belarusian in my transliteration choices, I will take in the language artistically. 

Belarusian is not available. I will show you the options. I have been talking to you in these languages, in order, like I do all things. I generally follow order. You see that in my translations, that I follow the order of how Google Translate inputs the options. I more or less follow the order of the languages in that tool.

These are the languages I wrote you in: Greek, Persian, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Tamil, Telugu, Tigrinya, and Urdu.

I am saving a picture of those languages on my desktop, so I can learn their art forms, and pick them out. Let's do Serbian. That one is pretty. Transliteration is meant for other alphabets, not easily available on our keyboard.

I am going to do a second test. After I get the Google set up language, from Google translate, as our test, to test the language is real, we will bible code it.

So, let's do a language. Serbian. Just the first line. As you may imagine, I have to work with Roman letters. However, were I to know the other languages, and have other language bible codes, I would be figuring out different associations. I do that. For a frame, I use my language. I use blockers, and I know they work. Od below is odd.

Pevajte pesmu od šest pensa,
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/odd-sess-pensa (Off by a letter. Retry).
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/odd-sest-pensa; Gn. 4; Ex. 26.

What is particularly cool about bible code is: I note that multiple languages pertaining to a particular concept land in the same passage. Who wants to try that?

Anyway. Something else to know is that topics between the code, and the song have common allure. This is about the bed chambers of kings. Yup. You don't defile the bed chamber of a king. Or you kind of get in trouble. In the English code, you see Tobiah. And God got mad. He may have expressed that through a servant. God did something. You have got to know God does something. Record 1. Solomon and Sheba. Record 2. Tobiah uses the special chambers. Bad. 3. I don't recall. I might need to look again.

Oh yeah, I remember. I joined the two languages. This was Record 3.

What we have here is each translation, now put together as a code. And they are in 1 passage. And we can cut it down closer.

How we got this, I had it running through my mind, as I wrote. So, that's why we are using it. It's hard to distinguish mind or belly, unless I stop and really feel. I say it's my mind, but my belly pours.

Back to the story, I would have a hard time baking blackbirds in a pie. Obviously, they could not be in an oven. They would maybe rest under the sun. My poor little blackbirds. That's not a tasty dish for a king, just so you know. Don't offer it. Feed my blackbirds, if you don't mind. These are my starlings. What happens here is the pie is set before the King. The King intervened. They were not baked. They were alive. And whatever plot came against God's little birds did not work. They sang. And in the rhyme, they apparently fight against the one whom they think did bad things. Is that the maid? I am not that kind of maid.

The queen eating bread and honey: That is Israel. Or that is any nations God keeps. And by keeping, you can assume to be one of his. Queen. Maid. Whatever. Covenant. Were there a spiritual message in the rhyme, it may be that when we fail to follow the King's recipes, and offer him meal offerings which he never asked for, and you would hope a maid knew, if she was his maid, consequence follows. Were this an Earthly king, no bird would chase the maid. Why would one?

As to the meaning this word, let this be a parable, and continue to figure this out.

When a person stands in innocence, right relationship to God, they stand under him. No bird comes. Yes, that requires speaking in the spirit. And it does not require the physical tongue. It requires the lion roar in our Spirit Man.

And that changes this place. It changes the bounds of this place. Were that maid the King's, a bird would not take her nose. And say she were. Say she were the King's. In order for that to have happened, she would have had to be out of covenant. And worst scenario, if that maid had her nose taken away by a bird, if she came to her King, her King would restore her nose completely. It would regrow. And that is a feature improvement over Gepetto and Pinocchio. You need a nose. God needs us to have a nose, to discern good and evil. He wants us to smell things, and by smelling them, know where to walk.

Were you to smell my blackbirds in a pie, that would smell really bad. Bringing a pie with the King's blackbirds in it to him is defiling his chambers. Before you bring any recipe to the King, you better get his stamp on it first. You get his approval, that he is okay with your recipe.

Assess with the King that which he will eat. Make sure what you feed him is on his eating list. This matters to somebody.

So, now, we are going to try a transliteration. By having a Wiki reference, my readers may also access their left panel for translations of this article. There's Japanese, Portuguese, and Ukrainian. That can help this study. If my nation enjoys this lesson, you may want to help out the Wiki, and provide them a translation.

Ин тхе арт оф Сербиан,
In the art of Serbian,

I said an utterance. It sort of means "wow". This one worked. What I did different from yesterday, I set the language in the settings tool. And now, it works. However, we only did a line. That's not enough to say it works.

Let's try the song. I check that my output is Serbian, by being aware of the language art. For one, look at my proof text. I need backward Ns. For me, they are. In that backward form, there is a backward capital, and a backward small n, which takes up the whole two lines. Here's the first two lines of the poem, entered in the way transliteration ought to work, just by entering your heart/mind thoughts.

Синг а сонг оф сикпенце
А почкетфул оф ре.

Тхис И вроте ас транслитератион, тхе вај ит ис суппосед то ворк.

With Google Translate, I tested my input. In comparison, do I have the right letters? Yes, I think so.

Sing a song of sikpence
A počketful of re.

This is what I put in. Apparently. However, Google Translate guesses.

It guesses the right input. Let's see that.

Синг а сонг оф спенсер Э покетфул оф ре.

I will select that. Okay, so that was not the right guess.

Let's try again. Тхис тиме, И ам чопј пастинг. Вил тхат ворк?

Sing a song of sixpence, Normal.

So you get a pop up list. You need a dictionary. Pretty much, it would be useful to have a dictionary. So, which of these is sing?

I could guess, but is that enough? None of these appear in Google Translate.I check both sides, in case the concepts are presented backward. 

I will use this as my test case. When I get this to work, I can come back to the transliteration tool.

I would say this is enough different, that I won't use tool, till it comes closer. The thing to know about Google Translate is you get options. I compared these words to all the options. I did not find them.

As your eye for the language increases, the tool can work. And I see that some of what I put in is coming into the right letters. And my eye is telling me I am getting close.

I will keep testing outputs, and see if I get something correct on Google Translate. 

Say I get 20 which are right. Then, maybe. Maybe this tool. But you must agree these two look pretty different.

Let's try again.

Синг а сонг оф шест пенце.

Нов, И тест ин Гугл Транслате.
Now, I test in Google Translate.

Can I assume, like with my friends, I ought to accept imperfections, and work around them? What do you think? My friends don't get words fully right, till in conversation, I have repeated them a few times. After a few times, they have it. So, should I assume it works like that with tech?

Six comes out sik. On Google Translate, there is an "Improve the Translation" button. Until I know for sure I have everything right, I don't want to input garbage, or everyone else gets garbage. Say I do figure it out, then, I will input my translator view.

сик As a linguist, I expect breaks in words. I know where to look. Here is what sik represents.


Not 6.

I put in a u instead.

That makes it suck. Sorry, I am laughing. I need the right Serbian Alphabet letter.

Here's our language sets. I always bring one up, when I write, because there is always an accent in an alphabet which I forget. Sometimes, I need a reminder, and then, I don't need it. It depends how well I know that language.

Right now, a step ahead is to make the word suck six.

Okay, so working on the translation, the interface hung. Between Google Translate and Blogger, things hang.

To summarize all I did, I tested six.


In English, we have a word, and it means two things. In Serbian, the word for six, also means hex.

On first thought, Google translate provides this word, but not on the second thought: 


This word means 6. By selecting that word option, Google translate tells me, this word is Bulgarian. Now, I know to not select it. I want Serbian.

шест is my word.

Let's fix that earlier line.

Синг а сонг оф шест пенце.

Different fonts, but whatever.

Let's test the word sing.

So, what else is weird is: It seems to be trying to say the English in Serbian. Would I not want different words? There's a really cool accent. You should listen to it. To test a single word, I put a single word. I pick a word.

Синг is correct. And it means sing. Wow, the words are similar, eh? The letters are not. The word sound is.

So, was it here, in our multiple choice list?

Sing a song of sixpence, Normal.

One may assume it helps to have familiarity with the language. Right?

I did a little Buusu study of one of these alphabets. I have begun to have something in my mind, but I don't know how much.

So, I can make assessment for myself. What do you think?

What assessment do you make?

Can we? If we know that target language, can we input other alphabets, and have them work?

Suppose I want to. Suppose I want to write a story, and provide that in Serbian. I am still probably stuck to Google Translate.

Okay, so I need a break to get coffee. Then, here, I will write you a little story.

My story is set to audiences. Many left, for they thought this was boring. I write for you. The Holy Spirit has come on me as Poet. I can tell you, he's thinking in me, and it's all over. I need to let my tongue and hand go.

The Servant Queen's Settee

There was a king a sailin'.
Oft he was at sea.
And upon returning, a maid he brought from Lee.
Though a queen he had, the maid he gave a room.
In that room, a settee, did he set with a bouquet of blooms.

The servant maid did please him
For him, she oft did sing.
And despite his kingly woes
Her song besought him into peace.
Sang the servant softly
Setting notes up in the air.
Up into the music, he cast every care.
Black birds came a flyin'.
They set down upon the window ledge.
They tweeted to the twinkling
Of the maid's persegi.

When the song had ended,
She laid out plates of seed and grain
For audience participation,
She shared her fruit
Abundance she did not abstain.

As she hung the royal house laundry,
She made sure they were clean.
She set them in the winds
Calling holiness to preen
Certainly, my royal house ought be ready
For when my winds shall blow
Blow out all my laundry,
And send away all the muck.
Set in white starch and scents
Pageantry as perfume.
Sing a song of sentry
Not of durst and gloom.

The servant maid did tend to
All the king's royal blooms
His garment whites were lily color
His sheets white gazing sea coral
There ought not be a starfish
Not happy in the pleasant tow.

So, when the song of the servant maid
Did rise to his ear
He made decisions, which oft to her were near
When he governed rightly,
He made his whole people shine.
And so his maid's song a-singing,
Oft made him sublime.
When beauty in the air is lacking,
One oft forgets the tray
Of governance does not include
Black birds in a crust.

Governance has recipes,
Someone wrote in the dust.
If you see the someone,
Who sings so pleasantly,
Let his song inspire you,
To change your recipes.

Recipes ought be royal,
Following royal ways.
They should not be mucky,
And corrupt the royal trays.

Royals have cohesion
In the things they do.
And they do it rightly,
For governance is two.
When you see a maid a shinin'
Singing silly songs,
You may want to listen,
And even sing along.

In her cognition,
All her blackbirds speak,
In her heavenly language
Creating their sing-a-long.
Not a single black bird
Would peck her today.
She has loved the blackbirds,
In her simple stay.
So, within her square of stitching,
Won't an embroidery be?
All her art is worthy
The simple song she sings.

When you see her square of stitching,
See upon the ledge
The four and twenty blackbirds
Creating her own hedge.

Creation is devoted to the simple song.
Creation is devoted to love outpouring all day long.
And it may look like garments hanging
Soaking in the sun.
Sending away bad odors.
Blowing till it's done.

Come into my wind a blowin'.
And do hear my song.
I sing the song of love,
To a wedding throng.
The bells are ringing.
Up over the town.
It's not long before the maid,
Steps into dresses of a queen.

What I wonder is what did happen to the one who she did preen.
Where did the queen go?
Was the king upset?
And one may also ask how long this queen may last in this respect.

And I think that's the end.

Here you go, Serbia.

The Servant Queen Google Translate. Every other tongue and nation, select the right column. Try out your language. I did.

Службеник Краљице слуге

Постојао је краљ једрилица.

Често је био на мору.

И након повратка, служавка коју је довела од Лееа.

Иако је имао краљицу, служавка је дао собу.

У тој соби, подигнут је, поставио је букет цвета.

Слуга служио га је

За њега је она певала.

И упркос његовим краљевским невољи

Њена песма га је молила у миру.

Певао је слуга тихо

Постављање напомена у ваздуху.

У музику је све брига.

Црне птице су пале.

Постављен на прозорском рубу.

Твеетирали су на треперење

Од служине.

Када је песма завршила,

Поставила је плоче семена и зрна

За учешће публике,

Делила је своје плодове

Обиља се није уздржала.

Пошто је висила веш у краљевској кући,

Побрини се да су чисти.

Поставила их је у ветрове

Позивање светости за објављивање

Наравно, моја краљевска кућа би требала бити спремна

Јер ће ми вјетрови ударити

Исперите све моје вешере,

И отпусти све муке.

Поставите у бијели скроб и мирисе

Пагеантри као парфем.

Певај песму стражара

Не из мрака и мрак.

Службена слушкиња је имала тенденцију

Сва краљевска краљевска цвета

Његови одјевни предмети били су боје лишћа

Његови листови беле су гледали морски корал

Не би требало да буде морска звезда

Нисам срећан у пријатном вучју.

Дакле, када је песма слушкиње служавка

Дошао је до уха

Доносио је одлуке, које су јој биле близу

Када је исправно управљала,

Он је учинио да сви његови људи сијају.

Тако је песма његове слушкиње певала,

Одлично га је учинило сублимним.

Када лепота у ваздуху недостаје,

Један од њих заборавља послужавник

Управа не укључује

Црне птице у кори.

Управљање има рецепте,

Неко је написао у прашини.

Ако видите некога,

Ко пева тако пријатно,

Нека његова песма инспирише вас,

Да промените своје рецепте.

Рецепти би требали бити краљевски,

Пратите краљевске начине.

Они не би требали бити муцни,

И покварити краљевске касете.

Краљеви имају кохезију

У стварима које раде.

И то раде исправно,

За управљање је двоје.

Када видите спремачицу схинин '

Певајући глупе песме,

Можда желите да слушате,

И чак певати заједно.

У њеној спознаји,

Све јој црне птице говоре,

На њеном небеском језику

Стварање њиховог певања дуго.

Ниједна црна птица

Данас би је сјебала.

Она је волела црне птице,

У свом једноставном боравку.

Дакле, у њеном квадрату шивања,

Зар неће бити вез?

Сва његова уметност је вредна

Једноставна песма коју пева.

Када видите њен квадрат шивања,

Погледајте на полици

Четири и двадесет црних птица

Стварање сопствене ограде.

Стварање је посвећено једноставној песми.

Стварање је посвећено љубави која излива цијели дан.

Може изгледати као висење

Потапање на сунцу.

Слање мирисних мириса.

Удари док се не заврши.

Уђите у мој ветар ударац.

И слушајте моју песму.

Певам песму љубави,


Звона звоњавају.

Горе преко града.

Није дуго прије служавке,

Кораци у хаљине краљице.

Оно што се питам је шта се догодило оном коме је она рекла.

Где је отишла краљица?

Да ли је краљ био узнемирен?

И један може питати колико дуго ова краљица може трајати у том погледу.

Note:  Белешка:

  1. About poetry translation, things like "pocketful" should be split to "pocket full" for the purpose of translation.
  2. Here, I searched the word. Besought is exhort.
  3. ....in' words are a problem for translating.
  4. Persegi may not translate. It means from a cleft in a rock. It's not English. It's tongues. And I believe it was Indonesian.

We will quit there today. And much of this inspiration, came from looking over the water pond, glistening in the sun.

As my closure today, I will go back and find that code.

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