Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Dona Study

Yes, now understand I am learning this language, and I don't care if we get more words than just my name. I want to learn vocabulary.

This is the Dona study.

And I expect to find a verb.

Now, once you open one of interest, pull up the parallel feature, and select your version.

I noticed Ps. 68. That's what I noticed in my bible.

For example:

My name is "she that tarried at home."

Bible Gateway, you have something overtaking your page. You might want to check your code. Don't bother with it, till it does it twice. I am not sure my cursor did not run over an ad.

Next is Mistress of the House.

Next is Woman.

That concludes Portuguese.

How about Italian. Here's Dona. And I know in Italian, it's Donna, but I don't want to go there yet.

Here Dona means Give.

And here, it means Increase.

Here, I think it is Gift.

And here as Donna, the word mostly comes out Woman.

And I don't hate this:

I see things to further. However, I would like to leave you room for a step.

Which ones of these has Donna as Wife? I might expect Donna de casa. Right, it's Italian. Donna di casa. I need to check. Here's Google Translate. Woman of the House. That's Donna di casa.

I think I see a couple. So, do you know scripture well enough to guess?

And as to scripture lovers, I like this one:

Who would not want their name there?

As to that nature of my name, Donna, I have high bets of being found as woman in most of the scripture, in however my name is translated.

By knowing my name in those languages, I can watch for it. Right? And then, you get all the words which are like it. We've seen some. Anyway.

Update: Today, was praise day. And it went okay. We did worship as a group. My heart is joyous due to fellowship.

I thought of a joke. Maybe it's not a good one. But you don't know till you try. So, you are here. Here goes.

Suppose that this Donna lived in Italy. Would people call her Donna Donna? And is that what happened to Mister Mister? That's a rock band. Is there any women in Italy called Donna, who carry a title of Donna. What do you do? What do you do for their name? Do you simplify their name to one Donna? Or do you use their second name? I can see some potential difficulties to being called Donna Donna. But at least it would make a good rock band.


I decided to goof around.

I hunted other languages. I just used Bible Gateway.

Spanish has "dona".

The Latin vulgate has Dona in Esther.

Basically, from goofing around, I found it tied to "donate".

And in Esther, I have not figured out the Latin Vulgate. It means "give". It's the word where Esther asks the King to give her her petition.

ad quem illa respondit si inveni gratiam in oculis tuis o rex et si tibi placet dona mihi animam meam pro qua rogo et populum meum pro quo obsecro

I did a couple other verses. So, if you want to hear Latin pronounced, set a piece into Google Translate. It will read it to you. And it's pretty cool.

Compare the concepts between the scriptures. To me, it seems that the Latin is set up backward. What do you think? You read it forward, but the sentence content seems backward.

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