Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Julie Andrews Day

Today, I took my husband through the fields I walked as a child. And today, it's a linear park. I showed him where I played with children at recess. And I showed him where I played jump ball. I have been back there as a teacher. But I was not with him. And with him, I could talk, and my memories of childhood came back as a stream.

I took pictures of where I played hopscotch.

And the patterns on the ground have not changed much from when I was a child. I showed him where I was when I froze my tongue to the monkey bars.

Not smart.

And I showed him where I grew up, the houses where I played, and so on.

When you are there, and you can tell stories, it all comes.

My Monster Tree is gone.

I did the whole walk in the rain. Yeah, if you want to see something, rain is not an obstacle. I will admit my nose turned pink. I saw it all.

I stood under where the planes go, and they are higher.

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