Thursday, May 17, 2018

Two Systems

Do not take offense because I see two systems. Just because one power is exerted in a nation, that does not mean I don't have a future and destiny I have sculpted for you. Yes, Russia is in my future. You won't all be impacted. God will renew you. So, there's a few bumps. In the end, you will know your God. Here's my plan:

On the way there, we will get to know each other. I am seeing two weddings. It's weird, eh? I see another wedding. Who was in the bible who had two weddings?

Anyway, for those in the Millenium, the next refill population of Earth, at the end, with the release of the New Jerusalem, there is a wedding there, and the fufillment of God's word. The deal is the men who want to respond to Jehovah as Bridegroom, and love him as their "yours truly", they get him. However, don't take the opportunity for granted. Those who miss him gnash their teeth.

As to the post you are reading, and I don't need to make your thoughts out there, however, it's a larger strategy. It's implemented elsewhere as well.

Okay, I love this one.

Being a Son and Daughter of faith in Jehovah, you are brought into the picture of Zion.

The house of Zion includes you.

There is two levels of this. I am a bride. And all nations will be part of Jesus' bride.

So, each nation has a story. Yours does. Mine does. Each nation's relationship to Jesus is being sculpted. 

I feel a close on his tender words to you, Russia. But you remember him. Remember him today. 

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