Thursday, June 7, 2018


Here, Cameroon.

Now, you add "love Jesus".

And you have two messages. Cameroon loves Jesus. Jesus loves Cameroon.

This is the Google Translate version of your name. In here, you get the pronunciation.

I like looking at the word equals. That's fun. Bob bobs for apples. That's what is going on.

I am curious. In Israel, for example, how many people release code on a regular basis?

And who teaches how? Here, Jehovah does.

He teaches. Cheep. Cheep. He won't fail to feed us.

Cheep. Cheep. My little birds next door are helping. They are making our local sound effects. Cheep, cheep. Mama, come feed us.

And my good birds do. They fly around, and do great exploits, grabbing moths in the air, and bring them back to their little birds. It's Discovery Channel around here. They bring them my pea shoots. Tasty. Those bird parents have excellent taste. The gardener will plant more. And then, she will pray over their abundance, so she can share with all her birds. It's our job to plant kingdom seed. Jehovah grows them. And he shares with all creation.

This here is a godly endeavor.

Where commerce intervenes, and sets up a 1 grow only, that is not very godly. 

At least, I don't think so. It's about controlling people. Now, I might understand if you put like godlike qualities in there, that somehow exceed my God. But otherwise, isn't it just manipulation?

I don't know. I am learning I am willing to hear your argument, as to why exactly you do 1 grow only. But if you do it for good purposes, you ought to explain it, and fill me in. I am not so prepper or what the other word (I don't remember it), that I won't listen. I am willing to be educated.

So, as to the seeds in these vaults, they better be classic. Yeah. I am telling you. If you waste all the space with 1 grow only, you are going to see humanity be the diminishing species.

And the love of money would overcome the existence of a species made somewhat intelligent, more intelligent than this, you would think. If you turn the whole planet and all it contains to gold, how long would man live? And with noone around to enjoy the gold, what value was it? The 1 grow only plan is short-sighted. And it only suits commercial interest. But educate me. I am willing to hear your argument, if you have one.

One of David's mighty men, 1 man, stood his ground for Israel's lentil crop, against a whole gang of marauders. One man withstood an army in his lentil crop.

1 man. Someone needs to consider what is going on. It is not highly godly that a man should fight alone, against 800. But where it's only 1 man who is willing to stand, Jehovah stands with that man. And Jehovah effects the outcome.

1 man can end a war.

As to that mighty man, and the battle he fought, it's on the Internet. I don't recall his name, but he was one of David's top 30 warriors. Explore that. Confirm my number he battled. 1 man. Remember that.

So, you wonder, don't you, if when that man got home to all those he protected if anyone encouraged him. You kind of wonder. I wonder.

So, my Cameroon visitor, will you be the one who wars for your nation? Jehovah is ready here. He will come set his Spirit over you, and help you ensure survival of your nation.

Jehovah. His spirit. He's the Mighty One. And he comes upon those who are willing and who love him.

Be that one. As to the church in Cameroon, pull the code. And review it. Cameroon loves Jesus. 

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