Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cheep Cheep

Out of the house vent.

I think I see movement of 6. Here's 3. These babies are half the size of Mom.

Yesterday and this morning, there's been a flurry of cheeping.

And these little ones are being fed birdseed. They are being fed other things. And they know how to fly up a branch or two. They are not big flyers. They have a nest on the ground, which hopefully does not last too long. There's cats around. Lulu wants to go out. Catmom says no.

These ones have made their first flight. They made it to my trees. And they are hiding in brush, or behind rocks. And God speed their flight skills.

A magpie baby fell down. Our community rescued the baby. We will see how that goes. That baby needs to learn to fly. The size of the head of the magpie chick is remarkably big, for the little baby size.

Now, tell me, are these adorable or not? I say adorable.

All the cheeping in my office is about to be reduced. However, I hope they stay as birds nearby.

I have to remember this date, and not do weed poisoning in around this time. Right? They need the ground.

See my Fleur de Lys? And see my little bird's face? I hear two more in the house vent. Soon the whole family will be united down there.

Who remembers drawing graphs and lines through points and matrices in Math in school? Who remembers calculating slope? I see that if you did put a line through a set of points, sometimes, because the set of points follows a pattern, you hit all the points, or most of them.

Look at this. See if you see what I see.

One year, during feeding little birds in a vent time, a dad bird died. And I knew the mom bird would not have enough energy to feed them all, and fly far. I put the feeder in to help.

It could have been my cat that got the bird. I don't quite recall. I recall a dad bird died.

So, in pictures today, I see that a bird feeder helps. A mom bird fills up, and takes that seed to her little bird.

I am not sure this is mom and chick. It could be.

I had asked my husband if he was going to climb a ladder and feed the baby birds seed.

He decided a bird feeder at our house was the best idea. Today, at the back, behind a window, I saw the parent bird fill up, and take the seed away. And later, I saw the babies. In the camera, I saw the mom come out of the space of my feeder, head to little birds, feed three mouths, and go back for more.

Cheep is a tsade word.

I added cheep to a puzzle.

Find the word based on color. See if you see a whole word in the matrice.

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