Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Recall my song?

Donna's song Cocorico

It's here. Add Jesus, for he is my Cocorico.

The set here is 1 occurence.

Jesus' name is in my Cocorico song here twice.

Because I wrote the song Cocorico, my name ought to be in here. Nope. Did not happen.

So, I can do the same thing. I could pull the lines of this poem.

I tried line one. I did not get it.

In this engine, because the engine stops at the first arrival at 10,000 codes, you have to be careful to put the high score word as an alternate. You are targeting smaller messages.

My main word for that line, I tried "fantastic".

You are the man, I expect to show up. I want the unusual to show.

It would be cool to get fantastico to show. It's spelled right.

The word pinged to Italian. I might try the Italian for this word.

Fantast yields dreamer.

This actually does tire a person.

So, you see here the options. I might try the word fancy later. Fancy. Fancied. However, they all go in, and come out as Hebrew. So, it might be worth seeing if there's more words for this in Hebrew.

There's 5 words for fancy.

Later, I can pick this up, and hunt the word "fancy". We are not shooting for the everyday word. We want the cool word.

Fancy worked. It is a word in plenty. So, we can do this later.

I would not see the point of hunting "an" and "the".

And it's hard to tell where those are in Hebrew.

Say you want to code in this new engine.

You can use the concepts in my lines to get code.

That's an assigment, assuming some of you are tracking me as students.

Here's another of my poems you can code.

The assignment is to code the concepts line by line.

Before I quit, I am pulling the title Donna's Antelope. In Hebrew, it's antelope Donna. There's 3 Hebrew words for Antelope. Obviously, I am not picking the super long one.

Get this. In Hebrew, one word stands for several words. Do you understand?

Well, the word antelope also means bonfire.

Get that. That's out of this world. And it came on the long word. That's even more weird.

The message here is: Donna's antelope Jesus. Or, it is Donna's bonfire Jesus.

I am not quite sure how to add the 's. I can figure that out later.

If I did get that, it would be pleasant. We have this. My name is in pink, and it disappears off to the left. I could show you, if I push an arrow. No. It's there. It's on the page, and it's hiding in the other code. Do I have the energy to hunt those letters. How I know, the arrow did not push. It would not open new letters. So, sew, sow. It's there.

I hunted without success. There's 3 of these. So, I could. Anyway, say I open each letter. Eventually, I will find the keycode of my name. It's there. You see it recorded in the output. It would be cool, but it's okay. We see Jesus Antelope. I have not quite figured out the meanings.

I found a hammer code. There, it's a half a Dalet.

Here's a try at Line 1.

What is in the line yet to try is: For my heart to bare.

If you want to make a tree code, add that.

Why would it show?

It's Jesus' thoughts. He's here. 

That is good for today. There's other things I need to do.

Later. D.

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