Sunday, June 3, 2018

Come to Church

Re: Video permissions. I do not own copyright.

Note: I have submitted a permission request to host my church's video. I am obtaining an organization permission, and it will apply to this video, all past videos, and all future videos.

This is today's service.

What I heard today, which maps backward to yesterday--the word "servant". That word "servant" was in the 400 count word list I reviewed which was in my code searches for Keys for the Bible.

Other permissions: It kind of depends on how long I write. However, over time, I will build up a set of permissions for various sets of videos on the blog. Instead of one permission per video, I will get a copyright owner permission. I like Beckah. I would get a permission for all her music which I host here. And later, were Bible Code Wisdom to pick up, I would continue coding songs. That's the plan. I won't be chasing individual songs. I will chase the one who had the revelation for that song.

The potential benefit is: I have an exchange with the artist. Hmm.

I have a top 7 pastor list. Who wants a bet my top 7 send me permission?

Bets. Kingdom bets. That does give them an option to say, "No way!"

Recall my Grandma's Ace etc. drawings? Someone sent me a permission request. I said yes. These are still valuable personal decisions. It's okay to have this in place. Right?

The manner of permission will be Producer/their work approved. It would be for the bulk of what they have out. I will make and keep an Approval page. We will start with my church home.

My some wonder here where things are going. Right now, I see 30,000, I am working there. Then, I will decide. That's about 1000 away. And we will fill it with snapshots of this Keys for the Bible.

Half the time I write, I am acquiring. I don't know where we are going. I don't know how to use Keys for the Bible. When something works, it just happens. And well, look at that. Right? So, here we go.

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