Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ferrari Jesus

Here's a start.

Ferrari is in the bible code.

And it's in Proverbs.

How do you like that?

I can refine the search. I can get that all lined up for you.

Jesus is the first code word.

In heaven, there's parking lots with Ferraris. Is one yours?

Ferrari is in pink.

Well, Ferrari, why is this?

Heaven's home for us is a whole lot like here, but without sin. The life we build as comfortable here is just as comfortable there. We don't take stuff with us. Jesus gives us what we need when we get there. You notice he does not just provide our needs.

See Jesus in Proverbs? And who is glad Ferrari crosses through Proverbs? Notice that the span can be great. These are words passing through. Sometimes, we see some, and the letters are shared with another code. Does that happen here? And some have large skip counts, so we see maybe the one letter. Or we can move the view out, and see if we can get more pink letters on the screen. Or we can move the view left or right, if we see arrows. What are the options?

The A is the butterfly looking letter. Which letter is R?

Which letter is the i sound? Note that the letter is the start of Yeshua.

This word sounds like it sounds like in English, though it is spelling in Hebrew. So, what can be learned? Hang on. That might be a Pey. I have to check that. What is the difference between F and P? The letter for Pey is also Fey.

The three prong letter going upward is a sh. 

In Volkswagen, look for the L Lamed Russian Scythe.

Okay, so I reversed the search. Ferrari is first place. Jesus is second here as the alternative keycode.

So, type the code.

I could. However, what kind of code do you see? Is it significant?


This is my first Brandname code, isn't it? I mean in Hebrew.

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