Wednesday, June 6, 2018

French Teacher

What kind of French teacher am I?

I am that kind who will teach you French in heaven.

Maybe. Sometimes, we pass our interest in things. We will see. For example, I did family history. I did 9 months full time on it. And now, I am not that interested in chasing that as much. I did a stint. If you hunt me as family historian, it's a good bet as a code.

French is in there. I could show it to you as a subset.

But, it's there. Now, it would be good time to search Bonjour in the code. Maybe it would just come the same again, but I don't know. Note the skip. The skip is the same. 1100.

I added this. I think this is the match to the matrice.

In French, one of the greetings is Salut.

I searched for it. The closest I came is Salutations, which is a code I did in BCW. Good bets.

I was DHH. That means I taught the deaf.

So, let's see that.

Jonah. I told you I was like Jonah.

Here's an assignment.

Someone code deaf and hard hearding into this code. See what you get.

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