Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Gematria works with the first column.

The third column is for internal research.

Here's gematria, and there's 7 or so systems.

Here's 777.

If you do gematria, and have done it, you know key numbers.

Use those.

Who sees Jehovah's burning flame?

I just learned Nikud is the Fleur de lys on my letters. The middle panel has the Fleur de lys on the letters.

The Fleur de lys is a Flame, a Lily, and a Sword.

I did this output via gematria. Do I know how I am doing this? Nope. I don't. I am hacking at gematria, like usual.

Bible Wheels is a complimentary tool to this. So is Bible Numbers for Life (a website).

See the number. I used to figure out meanings of numbers in there. I triangulated meanings of numbers by various patterns of review.

You can do that.

556. Go hunt 556.

What does it mean? And how does it relate to this passage?

When you have it, do Divine Search.

I also bought gematria software. I might hack at that, and see if it is worth bringing to this machine.

Read 556.

Have we established the meaning? This is not at the end of my research, but I am showing you divine search:

So, since Google is all about copyright, etc., you guys all remember who taught me this.

God's my teacher.

He taught me Divine Seach. Thus, I am the Originator of this method of search.

Yeah, aha. So, you know it.

And when some fakeout claims it, you take 'em down.

Lady Wisdom, eh?

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