Sunday, June 3, 2018

Germany Code

I am trying to get a code saying:

Jesus says hallo Germany.

First try, the first form of Germany did not show.

The rest worked.

Can we learn from a fail? I think yes. I am sharing what I did. I only search Daniel.

Despite it not working, I still provide this message to Germany. Germany, hallo from Jesus.

I will keep hunting. We will try Psalms. Where did your name show up before?


When I get your name to show in a matrix, I will show you that.

Something we learn from this engine is that "Hey" equals "Hallo" or "Hello".

So, Germany, what letter do you and I have in common? Remember that letter. And find it. Find it in the word search box.

What does that letter look like? Does it look like a half a door? Nope. Does it look like a trowelled stroke? Does it look like a hammered stroke?

What does that letter look like? Why this is important is it can help build a letter recognition for you to start looking for your name in the code.

I've been using Germany as the Alternative Piece. I am swapping that word into the primary spot. And we will organize the rest of the message around it.

Got'cha. 1179 times Germany is in there, spanning the whole code text. And if you look, Jesus says Hallo. What is nice is to get a tree picture with all that.

For my other nations here, you use this same code. All you swap is Germany. And you may also try your version of hello. Let's add Hey. Hey means Hello.

The sale is $55.

I recall way back when, when I bought it, it was on two online stores. I think this price looks fair.

So, you have my data. I did not get my sentence. 😞

What I do, I try equals. I use the equal to a word. It's a challenge. And that is okay. I am happy I got Germany. There's two spellings of Germany. I will swap to the other.

The thing we like about a low skip code is we can learn to spell our name using it.

You have a method of spelling Germany there.

Yeah, so cool. Do you have any letters in common with mine?

I did not quite exhaust all the text. You play with the limits of your search. Now, I think I have picked out our common letter. Hammered or trowelled. So, Germany, as your teacher here, I ask you to circle your name in Hebrew.

And if you buy this software, I recommend you map Germany to little bird.

I expect it to show. Note the skip count. How does the view of the skip count permit you to find your name?

What I think happens is when you have monster skip codes, like 30,000, the view gets limited to right where the word appears, and all the rest is in the margins of a very big set of number lines.

I will get to that later. That's what I expect.

I have an image program with everyone's flag. It's on the phone. 

When I find something really cool, I will save it in that right place, so I can add the flag.

I bought the app. I have access to use the images. 

Noone get all fussy about my addition of that to my work. 

I want it to be clear, I respect copyright. 

Something I would like to investigate is the use of findings to make art.

I like finding these. And I would not mind blending revelation with art.

That I can pursue with whoever does the software, later, once I know something. 

Right now, I am a toddler playing with a few baby blocks.

I am learning Hebrew here. 

I feel like playing. One more round. Let's see what I can do with the flamingo. 
That is a bird feather brush.

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