Sunday, June 3, 2018


The other night, where I was, and I was with my small group, we had hail. And there had been news about hail. And words were spoken, which are fear of hail.

I told my friends, "It's no problem. I will pray."

I prayed. At the time I prayed, it was a hard storm.

We turned our attention to our visit.

In about 2 minutes, the sky was sunshine, and white cloud.

When I pray, I thank and praise at that time. Before I see the answer, I thank and praise him.

Yes, the news has some bad stories about hail. My prayer will protect my neighbourhood.

It stayed gorgeous.

We are better together. I am noticing people's problems. And they are going away, because we are better together.

God is a Gardener, right? He cares about if your flowers get mashed. So, if you pray about it, and tell him specifically about your concerns, even if your flowers have a few petals on the ground after, be expectant. Expect God to partner. Look at your flowers the following morning.

God cares about the rep you give him to fill. I know the details of what can happen in a hailstorm. I pray against such details.

Good morning, to the four nations here. Happy Sunday. 

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