Wednesday, June 6, 2018


I had a bite to eat.

I am pulling Hero.

Your hero is roaring. If I can't attach the word sass to a roar, what do I qualify this as?

He's roaring. 

Here's your hero.

Inside the drawer of Jesus, we find hero.

Proof of God, right here.

In the center panel, the blue items are words marked in gematria.

Line 1. If you know Hebrew, examine this. I picked your as the meaning, examining Google Translate. However, I am a baby and perhaps even a non-knower of Hebrew. So, check my speech. 1 instance showed. It's all together. You can see all the letters in this one matrice.

This is line 1 of Hero pulled. The word jackal is also let. I entered the whole line in the list.

In this particular instance, me and your did not produce fruit. However, a lot of alternates came up.

So, you hunt through the instances.

For now, I am happy a bunch came up, throughout the line. Now, the say I get the interface to not quit on me, when I hunt the whole tree, that would be great.

As to how? I right click pasted each word. Thankfully, Google Translate has a gap between words.

Look at Habbakuk 2. See your hero. He's walking with lightning and thunder coming off his limbs as he walks. See him.

That's my hero.

Don't ask me how, but if you do what I just did, the program seems to know the meanings of the word.

I just pasted in a bunch of words, and I did not define anything. And the program pulled up their meanings. Okay, I did some testing. That word aligned vertically is hero. That is one I entered in the dico. And I must fix it.

Let's see what "your" alone looks like:

Moses knew. He knews there were monsters in hell. What else did Moses know? Read.

Anyway, I got more or less line 1.

And there's all those lines left.

And they are going to take time. Over time, if God delays, I will keep pulling line by line. And maybe on my line, I will haul in one or two of my readers.

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