Sunday, June 3, 2018

I Am Canadian

10,001 codes cover Gen 1:1 to a little into Leviticus. Look at the code output.

Output is in the codes. It's one of the words in there, like computer and science.

You have the same job. Find your name in the second graphic.

So, you've been with me. I am giving you a bigger skip count.

Let's see what that does to us. Let's see the matrice.

Let's assume I have not seen this before, despite being all teacher.

For whatever reason, my graphic disappeared. I will do it again.

Canadian in Psalm 119; Big skip count. Ooh aah.

So, Little Bird Canada, find your name on the first third of the page toward the left.

We have a whole bunch of extraneous content invisible in the margins, and our name is there.

It can be diagonal either direction, backward or forward, up or down, artistically set up as a potential crossword.

Going back to being a math teacher, thinking back, does anyone recall working with graphs? Our name is in a row. What is the row name? I am speaking of the vertical row. This ties over to an Excel parallel too. Not well, but there's some parallel.

A musical aside:

Since I discovered my skin tattoos look nice on instruments, I've gone through them, and I am adding them to others we made.

How long did King David make instruments till he began adding scrolls, and decoration?

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