Thursday, June 7, 2018

Jesus Jehovah

So, this was harder than expected.

I mapped Jesus to the first position.

In the second position, I put in Jehovah.

And I don't recall what I put in the third.

And I went book by book, only getting Jesus, till I did the search in Daniel.

According to this data, the code started in Esther.

Red is Jesus. Pink is Jehovah.

Now, you know where to start this search of making a tree of God's name.

For example, when Jehovah led Israel through the desert, though they guided sheep, over that group of people, Jehovah was their Shepherd. He shot the bear and he killed the lion, and so on. The word trolley reminds me a great deal of Ark.

On this blog to the right, you see a list of something like 1000 of Jehovah's names.

In that third search keycode position, start inputting them one at a time, till you get your result.

Start here. Start making a tree.

I am looking for Bright Morning Star.

You know in Hebrew, there are things like Bob bobs.

The word Morning is Cowboy, Rancher.

I've named the first letter of morning there Tilk. I don't know why. I just need a name as I hunt. Later, I will figure out the right name.

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