Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Jesus My Roe

Find Jesus Christ, my Roebuck.

Hmm. So pleasant.

Now, see if you don't see fire in my pots. Hmm. Orange and yellow pansies.

For sure.

We are doing it again.

In that matrice set, see four green letters? They are each 1 letter which belong to a separate occurence of Jesus. Okay, checking the output data, it says three. There's three nearby.

Here's our roebuck Jesus in Ruth, where we know we ought to find our Kinsman Redeemer. See his name?

There's a message here.
Don't miss it.
Important to you.

My small town boy is Jesus.
I love him. He loves me.
And where he, is all the beer.

Let's go again. On that matrices, I am not sure if you see it, but there's a rainbow all over the page. Sometimes, I help and add it. I am just telling you it's there.

How it worked before was things I did not see, but saw, I could pull, and therefore refine our code.

Should I?

Should I try to pull a few bits?

Do we really need the rainbow?

Psalm 89.

Is there rainbow, or rain and bow in the code?

First, I will save this.

Not everything we try immediately takes us where we want to go. However, I find cool things on the way.

Look. I found zoom.

In the last image, you see the numbers run off the page. That means you can move down the column, and see more word completions. Okay, I am incorrect. It goes to 46. Find Beer. Beer is purple.

In this display, you have a diagonal. And the diagonal completes in Vav 1.

For my students, and nations, I assume your nation will pick up this software.

Will you?

Anyway, if you do, "roebuck" trails through Ps. 18, and Song of Songs, on the key passages pertaining to him, and in Ruth.

So, there's something to hunt with roebuck. And yes, his breath is like apples.

I figured out the third panel.

It's a KJV bible. And you can do the kinds of searches on it, one would do on BibleGateway.

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