Saturday, June 9, 2018

Jesus Pharaoh

In Hebrew, the word Lover is also Eyeliner.

In vision, I met the Word, who you see in Revelation. And he looked like a Pharaoh, and he wore something like Egyptian eyeliner.

So, here's the code. And we can pull all the former revelation I had out of the Hebrew code.

Who is surprised?

Ishi has eyeliner. And he's a Pharaoh.

Some kind of husband, eh?

Here, he looks like Jesus. In heaven, he walks in forms, and one is still the Word.

When you see God pull truth and code out of people's story, you see a bit of his redemptive power to bring good out of evil. The story is the story. And yet, God redeems the story.


Is it consistent with the Song of Songs that the Word of God would appear like this? And how would you know?


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