Thursday, June 7, 2018

July 1 Sign

There's this star Betelgeuse.

I hope I spelled it right. It comes out in BCW.

Anyway, I suffer from a lapse in memory from time to time. Maybe I did this before.

Whatever. We need a July 1 sign.

Lord God, make Betelgeuse burst, in a safe direction, which does not hit Earth.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Make it glorious.

You have a date. So, in your observation of Betelgeuse, you have something to notice.

Proof of God Jehovah, right here.

Right here.

And what does this sign mean?

Jehovah is Mighty and he's my Hero.

Say my reader does not know my God Jehovah. Watch the star. Watch what Jehovah does.

I bring you star signs.

There's all kinds of teachers who tell you all about Betelgeuse.

How many talk kindly to the star, and ask it to catchoo?

Betelgeuse, catchoo. 

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