Thursday, June 7, 2018

Little Bear Russia

From God's point of view, he loves he each nation.

Russia loves God, and they characterize themselves with a bear.

So, God is Mama Bear. Or Papa Bear. Whichever.

The point is: God loves Russia like his little bear.

And I love Russia like my little bear.

Okay, I am hunting little bear codes for Russia. I made a pretty puzzle for Russia.

You are in there a lot. Genesis has 10,000 codes. And Exodus has 84. See that?

Creativity comes in bursts. I will extend this over the day, as I get bursts of thought.

I wish I knew what Canada was. Canada goose seems to obvious. But, if nothing occurs to me, I will hunt that. Or Canada beaver. When I look at Canada, I see a cat washing his paws. I will hunt that.

How often have I looked over my cat washing his paws, to see this screen? Plenty.

I am going to put little breaks in, between related sets of screens.


How's that?

Okay. Who teaches like God?

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