Thursday, June 7, 2018

Living Tree

In the last code set, we happened upon a God tree.

Now, we are going to all those books, where Jehovah did not show up, and we find that God tree, by reducing the expanse, so my software can think.

I need coffee to think. My husband feeds me coffee to get my opinion on our next cookstove.

Well, here we have a part of Genesis.

Jesus as Jehovah will show up in every book of the bible - my prediction. Do I call it prophecy? Well, for now, it's prediction. If it shows up, credit Jehovah. He uses my natural lips, and uses it for his paradigm shifts.

Using this program feels very mind powered. Except visions. Visions which transpire coding are something else. Not mind powered.


Living Tree Genesis. Aqua is pretty. Jehovah the Pretty One. Add it to the God name list.

Jehovah expects man with all his computing skills to begin to hunt him in his code.

He may give you more than you ask for.

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