Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Lulu Sunbathing

I will have to take a picture of Lulu sunbathing to add. I hope I remember.

Lulu is written in the color of Love.

Lulu sunbathed this morning in our room. I had all the windows open. It started as very sunny day.

He did not have to find a little slit of sun. It was all over the bed. And he shone as he did cat things.

Lulu is in this. Who knew? Are you ready? Let's add "cat". Lulu cat sunbathing.

You realize what this means.

It means I am going to probably find lots of stuff.

Lots of stuff on the way. In the matrice, I don't see cat. I need to troubleshoot. I will push an arrow. We are going left. Now, we have Lulu cat sunbathing.

Hebrew needs CatMom.

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