Friday, June 8, 2018

Madagascar Jasmine Vine

Where I was last night, where the art was celebrating the restoration of the Garden, the stuff Jehovah Jesus does, this was on the wall, without the flower.

Mine's in flower. I have a Madagascar Jasmine Vine.

The top circle vine is how mine started, when it came as a gift.

And now, my vine is on the wall. Hmm. I mean a picture of my vine was on the wall at church.

I will look for it in the code. God is into botany. It's here. One could find other occurences by changing the book selection.

The technology at church was such that they projected the garden on the walls. That was nice. They need the stars on the ceiling.

Before I move on, I will show you in this code set, we got Madagascar and Vine. We did not get Jasmine. I have tabbed around in the books. Before I give up on Jasmine, say, I could hunt other books. However, I have a new idea to code. You can move around the code set, and note relationships between the code set and the scripture. I will save this for later.

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