Friday, June 1, 2018

Romeo Code

Someone out there who is romantic, appreciate this. This is my Romeo code.

It might not seem like it, but having familiarity with what is in the scripture matters. I happen to know where it is significant that Romeo shows up.

Now, I am trying to decide if it is a good or bad thing Bible Code Wisdom broke. I am pretty sure I would not have used this tool if it worked. It is a matter of laziness. However, something is working.

For some reason, the middle panel did not show. I will have to figure that out. In the spreadsheet box, Romeo is listed there.  On the furthest right spot, you see the starter letter. And that letter start is in Job. That letter groups a set together. Letter 2 is in Song of Songs.

I have not figured out how to engage the third panel. However, I have a hoped for use. You would move to the book where you most think the code applies. Since you can only get about 4-5 books showing before 10,000 codes are reaching, you need to area mark the scripture where you want the code to show. And then, you check. For example, there's a bunch in Isaiah. It would be nice to see a few chapters of Isaiah, as you are code marking.

I am going to try again, and see if I can capture this image with Song of Songs in the center panel.

We know my love of the KJV bible. It is in there. I would like to search in English. That would be cool.

Here's try two. The Hebrew letter in the third position in the matrix shows with a bottom line, but it's appearance is sort of like a small letter n enlarged in English. It is a screen error.

The apostrophe looking thing is the i-y-e sound. Romeo. It's that e.

How I check I have the complete code in the view screen, I count the letters in the search word. And yes, you include the apostrophe looking letter. That counts.

How do you use this? Besides showing you that I found a code.

The R of Romeo is the Behemoth Ox in Job.

The O of Romeo lands in Let him kiss me with the kisses of my mouth.

The M of Romeo lands in, by memory, where it says the Beloved is a myrrh bundle set in my breast, or something like that.

The next letter, again, from memory, is the Kinsman Redeemer in Ruth.

And the next letter after that, carries on the story.

So, each code tells a story. Jesus is the Ox. That's one of the 4 creatures. The Behemoth Ox loved his Bride so much, and desires her kisses, that he sets myrrh suffering upon himself, to go get her back. And the story continues in Ruth. He is her Kinsman redeemer.

This is my method of making sense of the story in the code.

If you have this software, and review this, you see my storyline is correct. You almost need to be a poet to appreciate the suite of codes. Say each chapter were a smoke signal up in the air. And you see the suite of them. When you see the suite of the smoke signals, you see evidence of God. And you see his love for his bride. It's a different kind of evidence. It's based on snapshots. It falls into that concept of metaphors and dreams. Say you have this software, and you know scripture. When you see this, it's really hard to doubt the existence of God.

You know God speaks in parables. Romeo. Jesus had the Romeo heart which took him to the cross, to get his Juliet/Bride. That is the lesson. That is the lesson from me. And does the speaker matter? The teacher matters. It's my outlook. It's my voice. And it does apply to the Body of the Bride. So, like me or hate me, I just showed you treasure in God's word. If it applies to you, you ought to be in awe.

As to the R-O-M-E-O, think of each letter as a butterfly code. I used my name with Jehovah's as butterfly codes. You can look at the word which the R butterflies. And look at the word the O butterflies. It's fun to do. A cool butterfly for me would be getting Romeo to butterfly the name Jesus. I have not tried. I may look for that next.

I have another code here from Psalms. This one shows the nature of my Messiah's myrrh suffering. Enlarge it. I need to clip it. Enjoy it as is a few minutes. Responding to what I see here, if you see dove's eyes, you hear moaning. That is a correlation between Panel 1 and 3.

In this view, in the middle panel, see the marked red letter. That is an R in Hebrew. I am guessing that R is in the word "there". And that is where copy, clip, and paste into Google Translate would be nice, but the old machine is not that flexible. We could check the word.

This code merges to Matthew 5. I am going to see if I can get a letter of Romeo on Jesus.

No go. However, I got Esther. You know that the Hebrew scripture is exactly backwards. Right?

I am wondering if that is why it drops out. What I see in the Excel-ish matrice is: The letters are working backward, because that text is the other direction. I am not sure. That's an observation. One text must determine the book order. I am guessing the Hebrew determines the book order. Watch. Each code could go either forward or backward. And some of the selections drop off. Now, I am on this machine. I can't just tell you. I notice you have to go through and reselect each time, or sometimes, the search shows you different things than you expect. Compare the matrice list to the word. Is it backward?

We can't see it. It would be interesting if the R of Ahauserus was the R of Romeo. That would be cool. And that is what I look for.

God works with song as well. I am listening to "Jerusalem City of Delight".

Anyway, look at Isaiah for Romeo. Compared to the word search box, this one goes forward. Forward here is right to left.

In Romeo Jesus' text here, you see the words he read to his synagogue which made them decide to throw him off a cliff. See that.

Now, everyone has that bride epiphany now. So, whatever. However, had I not had that bridal epiphany, we would not have this. So, the revelation is personal, seated from my heart, from that bundle of myrrh set betwixt my breasts.

It is early. I am closing. However, I will probably be back. And the drivechain is working not bad. I like this piece of software the most. However, today, I am not hunting gematria too much. That could be a later kind of step. For right now, it's more like I am learning what Romeo looks like in Hebrew.

Today, look for Draco's green eye.

Update: I brought the favorite of the three programs over to my new machine.

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