Thursday, June 7, 2018

Russia Rose

In the word search, the purple code is Rosey, Rosy.

And Russia's synonym is Rosey.

And I am not sure I have the right word to see between these two words that phenomenon we see with Bob bobs--they look alike.

And I think I am missing the next bit. Where you see the word lined up is that word tied to a verse.  The matrice set is set around that, like looking at a rose in plant, or a plant pot.

All I found is Russia here.

So, you search other parts, other than what searched, to continue the hunt.

The word rosy/rosey and Russia are not a match, but I expect we can still hunt.

I can find Russia in my rose garden yet.

I am reviewing graphics. Do you see that rose and leaf are the same word?

The Holy Spirit's fluttering leaf is also his rose.

Doing this kind of search permits me to select a couple versions of rose I like.

I have found the plant ones.

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