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Here, we look at Swan 🐦. I discovered, though swan is not specifically mentioned in Gen. 1, swan codes launch from Gen. 1. That means the Lord made us swans for our Garden of Eden.

Yeah, spoiled rotten. Whose garden would be complete without a swan to enjoy the body of water!

I picked a skip interval my reader can count here. Count letter to letter. There should be a 7 interval skip.

You are going to count. What looks like an apostrophe is a letter in Hebrew. It is e-y-i, in that range. The apostrophe with a v below it is the o of Donna. I am pretty sure. They get by with what looks like a punctuation mark for a vowel. At the end of a sentence, rather than a period, I notice something like a colon. The colon seems to end each sentence. I don't know this for sure. This is my observation, by reading what I don't know, and making a pattern observation. Look over the centre column. Notice how each enunciation has been ended in a colon. See it?

Each new letter is the 7th.

For the first letter of swan, and I don't recall these letter names at the moment. And I don't care for the moment. It's good to talk about what I see. See the first letter in what I think is position 4? Here, in Canada, when we are in elementary school, we play on the board. We play a guessing game of Hangman. It sounds awful, but it actually is a word and guessing game. You work as team, rows in the class, and you guess what a word is, by guessing letter by letter. And you write the whole alphabet on the board, to track striking off the ones you already guessed.

That first letter, in Hebrew, for Swan is the shape of the game Hangman. You set that up, and beside it, you set the spaces up to draw out the word letter spaces. Now, it's backwards, but you get the idea the direction for their writing system is right working left.

We will find more things.

There's a tool to mark any word there, in that matrix we pulled.

Now, we get swan and priest. All that is important at this moment is we track letters, and we see matches. See a match? Questions help form experience. That word you see in red: Is it the word priest or rema? Track through. Decide.

Let's see how I did with my word ID, compared to the software marking. Does my Swan mark look like this mark? Anyway, in the matrix pulled for this code, we have about 400 words identified. What will I do with all that? I don't know. Poem is in there. Yeah. Poem. There's a poem hidden in God's word. Hmm. Sun. Sun is in there. There is a Constellation in there. Who wants to hunt a constellation? My thunder is written in there.

 Let's show you my thunder.

I told you one of Jesus' metaphors is the tent peg. We saw it in scripture.

Here, we see it in code. God is teaching me as we go here. See this? It would be nice to have Gen. 26 open. We see tent peg. Ԥ𐌐𐡐Пף These are a bunch of languages ideas of pe. One is Hebrew. Can you guess which one? These are emoticons. How can you figure out which emoticon is Hebrew? A yod and a kaf form a pey. Hebrew calls pe a pey.

Do a match:

Look at the Alephbet. Look at the whole thing. When I look at that, I see a bunch of hammers and nails/pegs attached. With hammers and nails, we make habitations. Jehovah made us the heaven and earth to live in here. He made us our body. And he made us tents. And he made us images with which to recognize the Son of Man, who would change a dead tabernacle to a living one. He was going to and is and is going to renew the tabernacle. He transforms our life. He transforms the world. And he does it by his pe breath. Pe. Pe. Pe. See. He hammered three things in place. And don't worry, in that world he's making for us, it's going to have a swan.

This is the scripture which Swan, Priest, a couple constellations, and Peg land in.

I am wondering if our English p letter has been loosely fashioned after a peg. We know it is aspirated as pe, like these other language pe's. The Cyrillic pe looks like a staple.

Don't be upset if your mind is confused. In Greek, there's two sets of letters. And on signs, they use both, one or the other, or both. And the best I can determine, it's sort of like we have a small letter set and a capital set. However, they have two styles of letters.

And I think it's the same with Hebrew. I think there's two sets of letters. So, even if you think you have got it, swap the style, and you feel like you are starting at the beginning.

Anyway, I feel led to pull in Hannah's dream cupboard.

Look up swan, peg, and priest, and thunder. Find out what they mean.

And decode God's message to you, after having reviewed the relevant chapter we began more or less in. And add to that your life mysteries, treasure of who you are, and ask God what he wants to say to you with all this.

For peg, look up nail.

Interesting, as I review the words, I see palm. That word is in there. Palm for Palm tree. It's worship. Can you see worship in this passage? How important is worship?

In this passage, recall I also found sun in there?

SUN – Glory, brightness, light, Christ.

The peg is for the tent.

TENT – A temporary covering, not a permanent home.

Our flesh body is our temporary covering, and heaven is our eternal home, with God the Father's plans to merge some paradigms in our future. God can merge heaven and earth, and make them one. 

For the purpose of gaining revelation from a passage, I recommend reviewing the words. I read the 400ish amount. I keep those in my mind as I work.

What do the pictures in there help us see? Might God have a message for us?

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