Monday, June 4, 2018

The Eye Update

I told a story earlier here about how my eyes were weeping. My reading count had dropped, due to an eye problem. My eyes had been weeping from pain, from some kind of reaction. And by that, they were blurry.

I threw out an eye makeup remover. And since, I've not had a problem. It did take a matter of days to lift. However, since then, my eyes have been fine.

My best assessment is my eye makeup remover gradually caused me an allergy to it.

One could code it. It is truth.

How about another?

Whose glasses have gone hazy?

I learned from a visit to a glasses store that if a person wears their glasses when they open the BBQ or a stove, that if they are wearing the glasses, the heat hits them, and melts the outer coating. And that causes the glasses to go hazy.

That is good to know. That would yield a code.

Today, my husband puts on old glasses for those tasks, where you get near heat.

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