Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Profane

I did not look yet, but I expect there's profanity in the next code.

If you find it, you need to ask what it's doing there.

How would God use that?

Someone was jealous. They saw how the Kinsman Redeemer treated Ruth with care.

And he stood up, and they all had to back off their bullying.

That's it.

That's why it's there.

If you happen to recall, Ruth was the foreigner. It was kind of like standing up against racism.

And so someone was not happy. Too bad.

That Lover Protector way which came on Boaz was that kind of spirit the Lord has.

God stands up for his. And so, you have got to think when God favors someone, well, someone is jealous.

Jesus is available as man's Kinsman Redeemer. The one who can recognize opportunity takes his hand.

As to the rest, you probably don't need it spelled out. The profane is in the code.

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