Monday, June 11, 2018

The Story of Aleph

First off, Aleph is the Bridegroom.

However, have you looked at an Aleph?

It looks like a cute little butterfly.

Aleph is my Butterfly. He is the transformation of himself, his disciples, and cities and nations.


If you put fire, light, and love together, you get the Monarch Butterfly.

Here's Aleph instruction:

Who has seen a Monarch butterfly land? Did you see that kind of creation plan which sets a God Man baby into Mary's lap?

And when you see the revelation of fire, love, and light, do you talk about it?

Song Inspiration: 

See my little butterflies chasing each other in a butterfly dance. It's so fun. Round in circles. Talk about it. Yeah.

When you see the end of my name, at the end, we see an Aleph. Yeah, that's cool.

Monarch and other butterflies may want to avoid my backyard the next few days, for there's a feeding heyday for my little birds. My puff ball birds will turn into birds as they feed. 

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