Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Story of Ayin

Here's my take on the story of Ayin.

First, we need instruction:


Ayin. Eye. Face to face. Seeing God's spirit, via his heart expression through prophets.

Me. For you and I, I see a paintbrush. And on the paintbrush, I paint fire. Whether it's a brush or photo, I am transmitting to you the fire of Jehovah's heart. And sometimes, it's a lion roar of the King of Judah.

My fingertips are paintbrushes, painting pictures for you of the letters of the alephbeit.

Ayin. My eyes. Your eyes. We meet.

And love is transmitted.

I am not sure why it is the evil eye which is crowned. Whatever. I don't get that part. The letter reveals royalty, King God Jehovah. I paint. You see my King. And it says that knowing God leads to law. Well, we have some law, don't we?

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