Monday, June 11, 2018

The Story of Nun

In the middle of my name, I have a double Nun.

In Hebrew, it's one Nun.

That Nun represents Jesus Christ.

That's him in the Garden of Gethsemane conceding to his salvation plan, which includes being broken for our sake, so we could be whole. And at the time, it seems more than he can bare/bear.

Here's instruction on Nun.

Nun. Jesus. Praying. Submitting to Earthly mocking, so he could accomplish his mission. 

Get his Bride.

Nun. Nun. Nun. What I can tell you is when I was three or so, watching my brothers, our life was running Matchbox cars around a carpet, which had little patterned/not on purpose roads. And we said, "Ninner, ninner, ninner, " as our engine.

Our engine of Creation is our Nun. 

Architect. Driver. All that. Ninner. Ninner. Ninner. 

Who else said that? Yeah, we did.

Ninner is not taught in school. 

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