Sunday, June 3, 2018

Three Words

Donna (my name eh), Queen, Bird.

The coding engine understands that a bird is a synonym for a person. Hmm. Smart.

In behind this, we have the fourth word in this passage. What was that. Bride. And since it has been brought forward today, you can also look for Servant. In England, my bird is my spouse.

Here, where I call you my little birds, I am calling you my Kingdom child/sons. Where I call Jesus my bird, I am calling him my husband. If I am with people, because I spend time talking to my flock here, I call people my bird adoration names. I did. I called them by bird names. And they came. How did they know I meant them? Hmm. They came.

Here's a search of 4-5 items. Now, they don't all show in that list.

Here, we have Donna, Queen, Bride, Little, Bird. Compare the image previous, and find the words. They are color coded, I think. They are shape coded as well.

I am interested in finding a Ps. 45 picture. I am interested in finding the Gold of Ophir.

For what you see, I did a partial alphabet search for words. I searched this matrix which you see. See that block of letters?

In that, I got 8705 words for a quarter section of the alphabet.

Ones of interest: Red. Radiant. Purim. River. Russian (Russian Bride).

It is not a good use of time to scroll 9000 words. I print to .pdf. and I can scan that with my eye.

Solomon's name is encoded in here. That's cool. Words which pertain to me are in there. Not sharing.

Peg is in there a lot.

As to tech, rifle is in there. Science. Stylus.

There's enough in there to write complex messages.

Where's Jack Sparrow? Rum is in there. Get your compass on Jesus. He has the rum.

Rock is in there. Expected, right? Regent means like King. That's in there. Ring. Scarlet. Some plants are in there. I mean their plant names. Spikenard. No surprise.

The word scoop is in there. I equate that word to rapture. I worked that out in the other BCW.

More personal description traits pertaining to me are in there. Hmm.

The wedding meal - smorgasporg.

Steamy. McSteamy. Steamy is there. I will look for McSteamy. MacSteamy.

Tigress. See. In there.

Torch. Together. Town. Tribulation. True. Truly.

Intra-lingual: Toi is in there.


People's names.

I should do a screen video of running through the list. The light up words swap all over the screen, and it's kind of entertaining. It's just that text, where we found all the words.


Ketubah. No big surprise?

Lazy. Lava. Leaf. Leafy. Leafless. Law. Leader. Lead.

Leopard. Panther. Same bit of scripture. New letter search.


Between the last and this search, gazelle and roebuck is in there. For this one, gazelle is here.

Hey. Hey is in there. Yeah, it is.

Huppah. Husband. Heart. Flirt.

Fishing lingo of various sorts.

Intra-lingual: Flambeau. That's a burning torch.

Flock, flow and fluff is in there.

New word search here. KLMNO. Same text we see.

Intralingual: Lieu.

Light words. Light. And light in many forms.


Lignin. This is a protein in our body which looks like a cross. And it tells each cell what it is. And it attaches cells together, and recognizes cells.

Lion. Lioness. Lipstick. Who is recognizing my vocabulary?

Meditation. Melody.

Love. Love-ish words. Lucid. Luminous. Lodge. Locomotive. Lyric.


Anyway, old English is in there. One can write old English poems out of the code speech.

All this hunt stuff has to be set up with breaks in styles of hunt. I am giving up on this particular approach, and I am trying something else.

Recall the complex search I did? In that search, we also have the word Ketubah.

Donna Bride Queen Little Bird Ketubbah. Recall the Regent is in there too. The one I am ketubah'd to is in there. I have not tried Jesus here this time. Solomon is in there. Bridegroom is in there.

I added Ketubbah - the spelling in the program. This new word is Teal.

The same set of words also set comes up also in Esther. All the words show.

 We will try the last chapter of Revelation, Rev. 12, and Ps.45.

Here's the tree code out of Ps. 45. By tree code, I mean we pulled a set of words. The whole set. That includes Ketubbah.

So, we pull it out of all the relevant passages. Watch. Did I manage to get yellow on the Gold of Ophir? That is Vs. 10 in Hebrew.

This matrice holds in it more than you see. You can move across and down.

That skill of looking for words in word searches or crosswords becomes useful here.

Your eye scans. So, we don't have those New Testament parts. I have Daniel.

Daniel has the tree set of all these words, including Ketubbah.

In Hebrew, there's a letter which looks in one form like a smooth L, and another looks like a slapped together L. It was hammered on the top. One was trowelled on. One was nailed on. Look at that in the matrix. And they appear differently in the search box.

The thing to recall from the other coding engine is sometimes, when a letter belongs to two word codes, it selects a color and hides.

This is the wrong graphic. Hang on. And yes, it took a while to find. I was going, "It's only 6 letter skip. Where is it?" See, the view is set up, so it lines up the word?

That long L thing is half a door transition. It is the D of Donna. Well, I need Jesus to complete the other half of my door transition for my Huppah for my Wedding Ceremony.

That's how I will remember what a D looks like. Half a door.

You don't only have half a door. Nope.

Huppah could join in the Tree Code set. The letters here are trees. I put leaves and fruit on them, so they are Living Trees, not dead trees.

French people, do you like the Fleur de lys on my letters? That set of images is also on my Hebrew letters.

I should show you one. I have 6 letters with a Fleur de lys.

What we know is my Donna name maps to Jehovah in BCW well really high. And I don't recall how it mapped to Jesus.

What I did here, I took my tree code here, and I added Jesus. And it worked. I did not use Jeshua. I used Jesus.

He's in Daniel.

The name of my Bridegroom is mapped into the picture of the wedding. A huppah has two people under it.

So, tell me, is this a constructed reality? Is it an accident it's all here?

This is working a needle in a haystack over and over, and it all works.

One needle. Next needle. Next needle. Next needle. Next needle. Next needle.

And eventually, we either get a living tree, or we get an embroidery thread, which works words together. Yeah, it's a royal picture. So right.

The German/Hebrew Hallo is in this code. I mean this new engine.

God says hello.

That's his Voice of Many Waters in this new Engine.

I regret I can't make God's name 78 words long like in the last engine. But maybe God will teach me how. Maybe I can distribute the 78 words through those search spots, and pull it all. That ended in something like Zechariah 12. If I start that same exercise, using the same words, I expect it to arrive the same place.

I have not figured out which words in this new engine have the most incidences. How you make a tree, it must so happen that each new word on a sentence must more or less show up fewer times. And that's how we get a sentence.

Remember the drawer and contents of a drawer concept? That ought to work. And say I were writing a set all connected together. If I have a part of a sentence which is broad like a big branch, I could have all the smaller parts trail off it, as a smaller branch, till we get to the leaf.

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