Sunday, June 10, 2018


Groom Bride.

The mate of Aleph is Tsade.

When you look at the cursive of z, it looks like written Zz in English. So weird.

There's a similar letter. How I will remember this one is if you look, it is resting on a firm foundation. See that?

I hunted Tsade. I am drawn to this:

In Tanach Plus, I am assuming the grayed out letters are letters with few word participations, like we see in our dictionaries for English.

I don't know if I can add words to them.

Say you do a word hunt. You look through 5-10 placements in the bible. You guess the word.

Knowing not a lot, have I showed you the Bride for the Groom?

Barren woman. Yet, in the end, God uses that woman to provide lots of people for New Jerusalem.

And he wants me to notice the end. Notice the end.

Here's a guess on the word. I don't know things. I just guess. Guessing is part of the learning process, because at some point I recall to do a verification. Go forth. What do you think? That's my guess.

Remember you are looking for the letter who stands on her firm foundation. And we can also call her a letter who knows how to pray.

This little bird is going cheep cheep, and her Big Bird needs to show up. If my little birds would like to pray for me, I would appreciate it.

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