Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Peregrine Falcon

I have a pair of peregrine falcon which live around here.

There's only 65 in Alberta, and two are by my house.

I think a local tall building should put in a falcon box to assist their breeding.

While I visited a neighbour, the falcon came and sat, and was there for a long time. We visited a long time, so the falcon also had a pretty long time visit.

He's very cute. When he took off, another joined him up in the air.

Lucius has a favorite chair on my neighbour's deck. When we could not find him, he was there. These are the things you find out later. And there's two like him, so this neighbour knows which is Lulu.

I occasionally wonder if my local residents ever read this blog. If you do, and you own a cat, there is a cat danger locally. You need to watch out for your cat. Some animals are not trained to inter-relate well. Watch out. I saw the Cujo. And I've heard of a second injury to a local cat.

I heard the injury happen in the night. The particular cat which got injured had been out at night. It was a big scream. Now that I know, I can pray for her recovery.

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