Friday, December 21, 2012

Free 2012 Canadian Juno Award Artist Album Jon Bauer

Here's Jon's free 2012 Juno Award Album Forevermore 

for 12 days of Christmas starting Dec. 20, 2012!  

Search the Blog for "Declarations"

You will find more material.

Here is a google search for Derek's books on Declarations.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Close to Christmas

Between now and the New Year, I will be doing limited posting, as I feel it is time for people to turn to both the church services which are coming, and to turn their attention to their family time.

I value both, and I would not want to claim that attention.

At First Alliance Church, there are 8 online services, all streaming.

If you were in town, it would be wonderful to have you at one of these services.

If you are on the Internet, go to that page, and check out the times and opportunities for you.

All of God's best to you this Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Enjoy the festivities, the feasts, and the giving and receiving of gifts which demonstrate love between family members.

Join the churches, preferably in person, to celebrate the Christmas message, and if you are not able to make one, read aloud the Christmas story from one of the four gospels at the beginning of the New Testament.

Greetings! Praise the Lord he loved us so much he came down as one of us. We are so favored! Praise Jesus!

If you are in Calgary, and you are alone this Christmas, check out the events at First Alliance Church, as there is a Christmas dinner and games time for you to attend free of charge. Come spend your time with people who love the Lord.

Blockbuster Movies

In the coming several years, you are going to witness some very strong anti-Christ and anti-man messages in blockbuster movies.

The coming messages will be dismissed by most audiences.

The antagonist messages which people hear will come back to them in the days of persecution.

Do not meditate, but rather reject, the messages upon your mind.

Reject the condemnation.

There is a spiritual voice heard in these movies - and that voice will arise in the end times.

That voice that glories in the destruction of the son of man and man, will take credit for many present atrocities which we do not mistake as entertainment today. We are weeping and mourning for these things today. The voice which claims it will devour our children is the same voice which speaks out of these movies.

David Wilkerson 1973 Vision of the Future

This message is a must listen to for Christians. We need to be aware of movements, and in this case, what to avoid and what to embrace. The true church will become almost invisible, and yet, gifted from the Holy Spirit on high, to do the most worldwide evangelical movement ever experienced. David sees a number of 500,000 Catholics who will take on a charismatic movement, and these numbers will be persecuted by their own church. From various churches which act against their own membership, the Catholics and others, there will be a new Christian sect called "The Renewed Christians".

Satan will attack ministers who stay pure and do not cheat on their wives, they will have to face gossip wars - in press and liberal media. Ministers will be mocked. Ministers will not understand where it comes from. Innuendos, lies, and false statements from Hell. This is a supernatural demonstration from the pit of Hell. Wives of ministers will come under attack of lying spirits. The goal is to rob ministers of their victory and faith in Christ.

Ministers and minister's wives who face this manner of persecution - women rejoice as your men are fighting to be pure! Praise God! Men who are staying pure, praise God, as the Lord is standing against gangs of demonic forces who know they are not succeeding against you. When gossip comes, press into the Lord and do spiritual warfare immediately. Gather as a church leadership, and pray against the wicked forces, and expose the lie, and curse the enemy! The Lord will fight your battle! Continue to trust in the power of the Lord! Derek Prince demonstrates how to do this battle. Even if you have to stand alone against a set of opposing forces, stand in the confidence that the Lord hears and will fight your battles. It may be the day to remove the Ananias and Sapphira from your midst, as they are present to destroy the spiritual foundation of your church, and the Lord's hand will do the battle, and you only must declare that which you hear from the Lord. Keep a faithful heart and open ear to the Lord. You are called to be a prince (stable and permanent standing), a prophet (know and declare), a priest (set yourself and your people apart), and a judge (judge the demonic) in keeping your sheepfold safe. Though you may be personally offended, even greater than your own offense, the Lord carries the offense. The Lord will not be mocked! If he calls judgement, you call that which you hear.

Ministers, even Satan himself will come and confront you. He came to Derek. Satan accused him. Face the accuser, and tell him, "You know Satan, it is true, I have done some improper things, but it is the power of the blood shed at the cross I stand on, and God declares me righteous. Jesus' righteousness stands for me. With the Lord's righteousness upon me, you have nothing to accuse."

Find the scriptures of God's promises and declare them daily upon yourselves (and your family) at breakfast. Walk into the day with the declaration as a daily prophetic empowering upon yourselves! Derek says that he can maintain his spiritual placement against his enemies by making these declarations. Please follow his godly example! This is how you will defeat your enemies!

Christian teenagers will also find out what it is like to face malicious gossip. If they love the Lord, they will have to face the same manner of persecution.

David calls all the young people to stand up. He calls them to obey their parents, as the end time prophecy says a man's enemy will be his own children. He calls these children to set things right with their parents. He calls all children 21 and under - he calls them to set everything right. He asks them to repent of bitterness toward parents. He calls all the young to make a commitment. David calls for a miracle upon the young people, a faith bright and of God, that sets the children of his congregation apart for God, for the move of the Holy Spirit, and for preparation of the Elijah movement of the end times, so their hearts will turn to their fathers in union, and not for the destruction of their families. Roots of anger, bitterness, and rebellion, David calls for to be replaced with God's fire, and he places them in a place of protection from the enemy.

Ministers, here is a model of a calling out to young people which can be done in your churches. Place your own church community as set apart. Place the Lord's protection on your young people, for the preservation of the family going through these turbulent times. Step against the heart break of parents, as their children rise against them and persecute their own parents. Instead, place the Elijah anointing on them, and the fire of God a ring about them. Each minister can do this for their own congregation.


The average citizen is going to respond to chaos by trying to move to the country.

For my readership from the international context, at about 30 minutes in, there is prophecy about renewal and revival in other countries - an amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon these places. As well, there will be a time when almost overnight, the access of the church will be shut overnight, and the believers in these countries will be persecuted.

At the same time, we are to be aware that God has everything under control. Disciples of Christ, who come into this, you are to look up to the heavens and rejoice and be happy as these things draw to hopelessness around you, as God has the future for you completely under control. You are to be joyous of your outcome in this future social calamity. Seek the Lord. Press in. God's got you. You are to look forward to your future with God. God still saves, heals, baptizes.

Extension: Please read the book of Galations. This deals with how error comes into the church and models the words of confronting it. First, we are to have faith. Second, we need to review our contract of salvation, which is only completed by Christ and not our works. We are to use the word to correct those who come among us to cause our own to err. I admit I am very sad about the words David speaks of the coming error in the church in the next couple years.

Derek, Kathryn, David  - all three agree we are in the end times. None of this generation will pass without seeing the Lord. We have these witnesses to tell us what is coming. Prepare. They have faithfully witnessed about what the Lord shared with them. Churches, all of these, there should be one to review all the prophetic elements of these, and you should be doing whatever you can to prepare now with complete assurance these things are now coming to pass. As assuredly as the rain came in the days of Noah, so these things are here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

If you have never received the Holy Spirit, at the end of this video, if you want to receive him, put your hands up as David prays.

I've been reading material that explains that these television and video testimonies contain the power of God for transformation - for every ear and eye that witnesses the words. You can reach out your hand and be ministered to by David, even though he is now in glory, and you can still benefit from his prayer. Please receive the Holy Spirit, who will stand strong with you in battle.

Read Hebrews

As close to 1 sitting as possible, read this in 1 go. This compliments the movie. There are about 8 correlations to the movie - which continue to explain the movie. Please read the whole book. Use the forward arrows to read the 13 chapters.

The Abraham Movie

Search YouTube for the Abraham movie.

You may want to watch this on television. Last week, I watched this.

I am leaving you a string of steps to follow with me.

This was a very good movie. I cried pretty hard waiting for the alternate sacrifice to be given for Isaac. There is a good ending.

This movie shows some of the aspects of idol worship. How is worshiping the God of Glory different than following an idol? This movie shows some of the frustrations we people have in figuring out our relationship with our God. The further Abraham goes, the stronger his faith.

The Willow Wood

Each man is a willow

In a great willow grove

He shares his roots

With others who draw his energy

Christ is the Great Willow of his day

He shall feed all willow groves

With his inexhaustive supplies

His energy, his life, his food

His river, his water, his joy

Since each man is a willow

Would it not be wise

To graft himself into the great willow wood?

Darkened waters lead to rot

Christ’s water lead to life

From whom do you draw your life source?

Who is the strength of your life?

Is it I?

By Donna Munro

Are you experiencing counterfeit satisfaction?

The Lord God on High

He is like the best clarity and cut of diamond

In him, we can explore many facets of the great diamond

Of his personality

Each facet of his has a name

And glory and healing power from each one

I am a chip off the old block

The sure and consistent and eternal rock

The Lord Most High is a rock

He’s a solid diamond

His little ones gemstones

The purpose of a gem is to play with light

To reflect the fire and glory of God

The Lord drops his glory on people

He makes of them each a gem

They face toward him

In their hearts, minds, eyes

The fire of glory and power of God dancing

Flames of glory surround them lighting them up

Human embers of glory

All healthy happy hungry souls praising God.

Mankind – through Jesus our personalities transform little by little

Toward being gemstones that transfer glints of light about us

Truth and light reverberating in us to the songs of praise.

Authentic. Real. Forever.

Jehovah Yahweh provides true satisfaction.

The White Winged Crossbill

Sunday, I saw a white winged crossbill on my tree. This is another very red bird. We stopped and watched the bird for 10 or so minutes. The bird ate seeds out of pine cones.

I see these as either signs or gifts from the Lord. I am not sure if you have personal natural encounters which you treasure. I look for these moments and thank God for them.

He does reside here. I was a bit surprised, as he was gorgeous, animated, and sounded pretty.

He is an Alberta bird.

Donna's Praise Acquisitions Update

Here's Jon's free 2012 Juno Award Album Forevermore for 12 days of Christmas starting Dec. 20, 2012!  Dare I tell you there are many options to get free music for Christmas and praise music from various artists this link. I have downloaded several albums!!! What a great Christmas present!!!

Jon Bauer Music
Dustin Smith Music
Keith Duncan Music

The last two are from Sid Roth and come as media packages (multiple items).

The second artist - he had no music background and one day God called him as a psalmist. Now, he's written some 200 songs. Then, he did not know how to sing or play or anything. I love his story. It has charm. He has taken singing lessons. He has been singing now 10 years. I hear his voice is still young and being shaped. (There is a process of refinement which comes over time.) He inspires a great amount of participation in his audience, so when he records, you hear the throngs of the whole audience. That was mesmerizing. You know that whole crowd is dancing and swaying. Dustin partnered with pastors to make a healing album full of acclamations for miracles in your life.

The third artist - he is more soignéed. He has more performance background. What I like about his music is it reminds me of taking all the energy of a sports rally and devoting the kind of attention and praise we give sports, and throwing it all upward to God. I never realized how much praise is in the support in a sports rally, till I listened to this music which rallies to God. The music was great and you can't help not feel like dancing. There is a 3-5 minutes silence in the taping which if one used this piece for meditation, it is fine. If you are dancing about, it seems a long pause.

There's two types of songs for God. There is also a natural spiritual order for pleasing God and bringing the body soul spirit toward him. This is no recipe in that it has to be done. It has shown benefits from being done. In this way, it provides opportunity for closeness.

In a service, the first music which leads to healing and closeness to God is praise. This music we sing is fast. We move to the music. We shout, clap, maybe dance - and this brings us close to God as we rejoice.

The second part of music is worship - this is a slow love song of intense focus upon the Lord for his traits, his love, and our love returned to him.

As these parts of praise then worship are entered into, and as God is invited by the congregation to come to them, so the Lord comes.

It is up to the pastor to claim the benefits of the Lord having come down. There has been praise and worship and then preaching and declaration of scripture upon the people, and in that atmosphere, the Lord comes down, and his angels spread out over the congregation. Then, it is the pastor's job to have the spiritual intuition to see them and to invite people to interact with angels, either he personally goes and touches them, or he invites them to take the healing the angels have brought.

I am jealous of heaven's gates. For Christmas, I asked God for my very own 70 foot angel to stand guard over my home. Please note, when women get carried away with things, they are a little silly, and this is intended to carry humour for you. The gate to heaven has one very tall angel standing there. He is strong and mighty, but he is very small in his might and glory compared to the Lord, and his might and glory is derived from the Lord. So, who should I yearn for? The Lord. However, I had prayed this prayer, and then as a woman and cat owner, I realized, "Hey, what if God gives me this 70 foot angel for Christmas?" Okay, so have you run about with cats? They get underfoot. You have to watch you do not step upon them. I am thinking my 70 foot angel could actually accidentally step on me. I am going, "Hmmm, God, I am not so very practical, am I?" So, the thought occured to me, that this may not be the right time to have a 70 foot angel, since I know how very small things interact with very large things. God would give me this angel, as he has a loving and giving heart. I then left the wish to the Lord's discretion. Some day.

Where does this come back to? As silly as this story appears, when a congregation praises and worships and declares scripture, then a mass of angels come and join the congregation. They come and they sing along with people. They come in numbers to heal the congregation.  So, as I joke about the large angel, what I would like to point out is the numbers of angels which show up, and that we need to recognize they are there. They are a reality, as real as ourselves. They come to heal and deliver and participate in the ministry of the pastor. They need to be invited as part of the team.

What does this mean for you personally? You are not a pastor. You are creating a praise and worship atmosphere in your home! You can do this too. You can anoint your home with praise and worship and experience angels setting upon your home, your praise room, and as you enter into praise and worship, the Lord's angels will come and commune with you as your spirit is directed to God. In that space, you will also experience healing from the Lord and from angels. Case in point, Dustin's mom got cancer. He was recording. I hope I have my story clear, but you can go to his show on Sid Roth. His mom called him. He told her he and she - that neither of them would bow to fear or even acknowledge the death demon which confronted them. He had her praise and worship at home, and her disease was lifted from her. She was healed. We can fill our homes with praise and worship, and this will create an atmosphere in which the Lord will work. When people come in, the Lord will use the remnant holiness to convict people, to point out demons, and you will be able to rebuke demons, and invite people to accept Christ in. God uses holy atmospheres in which to accomplish his work. I would like my home to be as God's church - a place of praise and worship, so that whatever he has to accomplish, he can accomplish here.

Do not ignore the North American cultural icons in praise - the Gaithers. My parents played that in their home when we were small, and as a child, I remember singing and praising and dancing to that in our basement. That music is very comforting and the good done in our home, bringing us to faith, and the fact that God is there for us when we seek him, I recognize that playing this music over time as my parent's source of entertainment had a role in shaping our family spiritually. Praise has a forming capacity upon a family. This Christmas, fill your home with praise and worship. There may be initial resistance, but I advise you to bind the countering spirits using Jesus' name, and release this upon your home. The initial complaints will decrease as your custom is established mainly because those evil spirits hate praise, and the more you dose your home waves with it, the more the evil spirits have to go find temporary housing! People with bad moods  - funny those bad moods will lift. You get the real person, and the moody one leaves the realm. An example of this in the bible is Saul - and how the music relieved him.

With this music, you can listen to this, and soak in the words. Join me in soaking. Whether you need healing or not, this music strengthens your spirit and prepares you to hear God and he sort of aligns you into the rest of your day. The joyful words stay in your spirit and continue to sing even once the music has shut off.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mighty God

God’s Names, His Throne, and Humanity in Anguish

To get the most of this post, I request visitors also view the service.

I have been wondering what would be served up in the church lesson this week. I expected it to somehow tie into my spiritual experience with God. Several weeks ago, I bought 5 books, training, and praise and worship CDs from Sid Roth.

Prior to the arrival of the books and CDs, I had already been well watered in my path toward seeking God. I plan to lay out the path for some to follow. Not exactly here. It will come.

I’ve been sick. Sick or not, somehow the things of the spirit are not quenched, but continue to flourish. Despite being so sick I can barely breath, I can sing. It is an anomaly.

It was either Thursday or Friday, the material arrived. It’s Monday now, and I’ve worked through it all.

I have learned something. I have noticed that when preachers say things, I’ve already received the lessons, and their words are confirming the lessons I’ve learned in my spirit. My teacher is the Holy Spirit. This week the sermon had the role of being an affirmation for me, of the path I am travelling.

My husband has put up with my ways. He has listened to me sing and dance about him. As a matter of fact, he did not dance, but he joined my singing. I am glad. His eyes also lit up with the joy I feel.

We were physically installing a hardwood floor. As we install, I play music, sing and praise and dance about. The floor expands bit by bit.

I have been singing, “I have a mighty God. I have a worthy God. I have a holy God. I have an awesome God.” I sing and dance on the recently laid expanding floor. My cats have joined me for a dance here or there. I will not have them be afraid. I show them what it feels like to sway to the music, so they are not.

The church lesson included in it teaching the names and attributes of Christ. One was “Mighty.”

I have been singing that particular praise song here, bouncing about my house, and singing with all my heart, “I have a mighty God.” There is a sort of miracle in order happening in this body. I have a cold. I can barely breathe. When I sing, somehow, it is all possible. I feel jubilant. Everything is so completely opposite the physical status I should feel. I dance.

What benefits does this type of crazy behavior bring upon a girl like me?

The Lord came down to meet me. Friday night, he came to see me. I gave him two spirits. He gave me two gifts from himself. One gift he had for me I had to claim from my pastor. The Lord healed my eyes. Hallelujah! Praise God. I have a mighty God.

As I speak in tongues, and I’ve been singing some phrases in tongues before God, God translated for me. I’ve been singing, “Behold, the Lord God Almighty reigns.”

I began to sing the same tunes, both in natural speech and in tongues, alternating between the two.

As I spoke in tongues, I approached the throne room of the Lord God Almighty. I shut my eyes here to see and hear there. I came upon the sea of glass. The Lord asked me to open my eyes and witness his glory. I saw the Lord’s feet upon his throne. He had very nice sandals on, made of leather, and I remarked, “There’s a cobbler here.”

He laughed, and he said, “Of course.”

On the sea of glass, first of all it shines, and then beneath the glass, there are shimmers of multi-colored light which take off in all different directions, like shots of electricity. As you stand there, you wonder if the ice should not break, from all the light currents which go through it. The energy it contains holds in it the many light displays. Blue, purple, orange, crimson.

I look up in the air. There are shock waves of colored electricity in the air. My skin – the hair stands on end. Within the room, the bits of light shooting about the room go in all directions. The light shining up into the room contains a great persistent light.

I mainly focus on the Lord’s feet. I am wearing pink reindeer Christmas pyjamas. These are new. They have been robed upon me for my sickness. They have withheld earthly chill from my bones. My hair is out and still curly from being at a Christmas party social. I stand in the middle of the Lord’s sea.

The Lord God is my great diamond. I look at him. He is so glorious. All the thieves in the world, who sought after material goods, they could not steal this. They could not steal God. The diamonds in an earthly sense are mere counterfeits and shadows, similes and metaphors for the great God in the shape of man, or vice versa, I stand before. How disappointed all the thieves will be when they realize they were really searching for God. Not even the biggest and largest carot diamond or gem in the earth can compare to his might and glory.

The Lord knows I have been carrying a great weight. Yesterday, as I sang his praise at church, my praise was interspersed with great sobs of anguish for the lost. For my family. For humanity. He invited me to come to his feet. He asked me to take his great sandals off. I did. God has really big feet. And the buckles for undoing his sandals, they are really big too. Seriously. Any cobbler would be honoured to measure his feet. He has very nice sandals.

I removed his sandals and sat beside his feet. God invited me to cry upon his feet, and let out all the soul anguish I feel for my brother man. I cried, weeped, and wailed, and filled the glory room with the sound of my mourning for the lost ones were are already in hell, for my family, for humanity, and even for those in my church who either do not yet know him, or have idols in their line of sight when they look up to see God’s glory. The sounds echoed. I heaved, sobbed, and I leaned fully upon the Lord’s feet. Writing of it, brings all those sobs up. As I cried, great streams of my tears covered the Lord’s feet, and they formed streams, and the tears gathered, and the water from my tears trickled around the Lord’s ankles creating puddles on the floor. As I saw this, I felt bad, and I gathered my hair, and I tried to dry the Lord’s feet. The water from my tears was too great an amount to be soaked up by my hair.

Instead, the Lord formed a well, not far from his feet, and my tears drained over to the cistern, and he purified my tears. He said, “Donna, I have gathered your tears of repentance and anguish for humanity.”

I have made a well, and for those who come to me, this water borne of your own eyes and vision, I will anoint people with. I will give of this well to your own family who come to me for various purposes. I will give of this well to your family humanity. Not one tear of anguish has escaped. I have even drawn the remnants of water from your hair. All of this water is drawn from you and is a holy blessing to your family branch. Instead, arise drained one, and be filled now with my holy oil of sanctification. I pour my oil of praise upon you.”

The Lord drenched me in an oil which scintillated of gold. I looked upon me, and I could see small flakes of Gold in the oil. There was so much, it leaked from my hair to my feet.

I saw, instead of a pool of tears, a pool of oil about me.

On the sea of glass, I began to sing in tongues, the words in both tongues natural and the Lord’s, “Behold the Lord God Almighty”.

Then, he asked me to dance, and I danced on his glass floor to music I hummed in stupor.

I danced a long time, amusing my Lord.

As I had been dancing about my house, so the Lord invited me to dance before his throne. As I cried, “Holy” and “Mighty” and “Awesome” about my house, so he invited me to shout before him.

At the end of this blessed encounter, the Lord said, “Thank you Donna for your offerings of repentance, praise, and worship.”

The Lord set me down, back into my body laid back on pillows in my pink reindeer pyjama, and I continued to hum and carry the words of tongues on my lips.

Have you experienced the Mighty God? He gave me a gift of his might by healing my sight. This was his idea, not mine. I claimed it yesterday. As I look out, and I see clearly, I cannot help but praise God from the sinew of my body and soul.

Merry Christmas, as we celebrate a God of Great Might! Jehovah. God of Glory. God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The God of the Israelites. The God of the Jews. My God!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jewish God Stories

They Thought for Themselves

In this book, there are 7 different accountings of how God stepped into people's lives and transformed them.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Handprint of God on Lives

This website carries stories of people who, in the telling of their life events, recognized the handprint of God on them.

Are you ready to recognize God in your life? He does miraculous things to get your attention. Are your ears and eyes attuned to his voice and his action of love demonstrated direct to you?

Here's the website: God's Handprint on Our Lives

The Story of Jonah and God's Heart for Nations

Dear Readership,

Les is speaking today at First Alliance Church.

What Les talks about first is the Alliance decision to follow God's movement to make a difference in North Africa.

This topic of Jonah has been a family conversation this week, prior to this showing up as our church topic. This is one of the ways God primes his people. We've been already thinking and discussing this.

As you will see in the blog posts, I have also been tied into anayzing God's heart. God knew the group of people Jonah needed to warn were living in sin. God insisted they get his message, before he delivered judgment. God loves even the disobedient children. If their voice rises to him, I guarantee he will immediately hear. The guarantee exists in the scripture Les shares. God guarantees. That's better than mine.

Our discussion has been: Why did Jonah not want to go to Ninevah? We bantered about possible reasons. Is it possible if he went there, there would be danger to him for coming to a lost people, and he thought he would be attacked, punished, or receive bad treatment being God's prophet? Listen to the story. Think about the problem. What parameters are involved here?

Navigate to the First Alliance Page Tab. Click on the movie arrow. Watch our service.

This is a highly relevant service about our Christ identity. What kind of prophet are we?

Family Based God Stories

Many of the links I posted are about individual transformation. Every man, woman, father, and mother who experience a transformation also have an impact on their nuclear family. There is often a family transformation. Sometimes, the family develops in the rough towards a deeper experience of God.

Here is a family based God story link. There's 3-4 stories. As a parent, I would be interested in these. God can take catastrophe and use it to refine your family connection. There are so many things pulling families apart these days, that to use an event which is outwardly catastrophe, and to rework it to have more pure and tight relationships, that is taking something meant for bad, and like refining a pearl in an oyster, great good is accomplished.

Here is that link. Family Based God Stories

I love families. I love the family unit. It is a social structure which has many intents within it - God built. It is the strongest area of social impact any one of us can make. It seems like the hardest to overcome. The conflict built into it is intense and people have these ridiculously long elephant memories about why everyone should be divided.

If there were one thing I would take from the realization that spirits can plague families, parents have the role and responsibility to rebuke the spirits on their children. I think that is life long. If you are a grandparent, you have the spiritual right and role to pray for your whole family. The more elderly you are the more spiritual authority you have. You may be praying and having the rightful authority of 100 people. As you advance in years, notice your voice before God carries the whole tribe you have raised, and your prayer has a great deal of impact.

So, your family is plagued by some spirtual impact - let's say spiritual identities - so you begin by repenting, removing curses, and then rebuke and either expel or bind family demons, as you identify them. I am talking about you getting rid of yours. Ask Jesus into your heart and read God's word. Come to church. Begin to pray for your family. You start the family transformation by being transformed yourself.

Age, though it borders on losing physical strengths and abilities, grows in spiritual authority. The prayer of the elderly counts a great deal. Parents have the relative prayer authority to manage their family. Reconstructing family starts with prayer. It starts with reorienting ourself with a proper understanding of God Our Father.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Note on Statistics

About a month ago, Blogger had some difficulties and the visitor count was rebooted from a backup.

I lost about 5000 visitors on this count. I had been heading for 30,000 and I was a bit demotivated. I dropped back to 20,000.

Finally, I see I am to the 30,000 mark.

The statistics are an about figure.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Steve Finnell Added to Work Desk - YHWH Media

The Christian Blogger Steve Finnell has been added to the Work Desk - for now.

When I get a nice list, I will collaborate a set of writers to one jigsaw blog.

Welcome Steve.

On the jigsaw blog, I will be reading them, and on my own page I will add my reaction to the reading. I won't respond to all the posts. I will respond to some that appeal to my entertainment personality.

We know I have a viewpoint. However, should I respond bloggers should expect kind and gracious words or extensions on their content.

It is kind of odd to promote other people, right?

These people share a hope and expectation in Jesus.

Why I am promoting these other bloggers is to bring you a multi-faceted view of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. I am also hoping to share with you a few different personalities who all love and honor God. None of us are perfect. We are human. We might make mistakes. Is that okay? Yeah. However, we trust in God. He is our salvation.

This work is still highlighting God - as he is my true focus! He will be the focus of these blogs.

The blog conglomerate I am making is going to be called YHWH Media or something like that.

I love the fact God's name sounds like a radio station - like the ultimate media form. Since his is good news for us, that's the new blog.

Latest Art Slideshow Update

I added a link at the end of the link list to a page showing my latest art uploads on Fine Art America. I hope you like them. My current favorite is a train shot.

That link is called PWL Prints.

I am uploading quite a few bird and flower shots.

I am loading them into old galleries. I should try and link them. However, this PWL Print slideshow always shows the latest uploads.

I took a shot of a golden eagle. The shot looks pretty good. I had ten minutes. The eagle stayed a long time to drink. However, I was working through a linked fence. I was working with manual focus. I feel a bit lucky to have gotten a few which were clear.

The same principle applied to the deer shot. I had this amazing deer in front of me in the brush. I took my first shot on auto-focus and of course this did not work. I quickly changed to manual focus and then started snapping, adjusting as I went. The deer did not stick around a long time for me to take family pictures of him. However, I feel happy I got a few clear shots of him.

I am going to update this with the picture links in a moment. Okay, so you can see all these shots on the slide show, except the fawn deer. His link is here. The Fawn Deer - that I met in the woods. There were twins actually. I came across a mother, a father, and two fawns. I love the spots.

Here is the Floral Gallery I updated with this year's shots. Of this, I feature my favorite: the Bright Sweet Pea. I adore sweet peas. Their fragrance is amazing. I will often sit in my garden, just to be encased and soaked in this amazing fragrance. I hope it sits all over me like a strong perfume as I go. That's my strong imagination taking over. If you have never sat in a sweet pea garden, make one, and sit in it. It is an experience. Also, Sweet Peas are so easy to grow. They do not need a large footprint of soil. They are best around a wall or a fence, but if you are surrounding your garden space with them, be intentional in how you plant them. They make a great visiting area surround. Then, your visitors must be okay with the smells. It is amazing to be wafted over by these fragrances.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mark Blitz Explains the Feasts

Mark Blitz explains how the biblical feast work into the prophesy of the future. He also adds a very excellent descriptive dimension to the hours that Jesus hung on the cross and died. He gives a wider view of the setting. At the very time Jesus died, at the very hour, a lamb was slain and it paralleled his own sacrifice. His funeral songs were sung by the whole nation.

The fall feast is a preparation, like a dress rehearsal, for the rapture. The feasts are God's feasts, not Israel's feasts, and all man can participate. On recent Feast calendar dates on significant years, there have been lunar and solar eclipses occuring in pairs. These are signs to Christians. God is using these heaven's symbols for people to watch. There have been some recent key times where there have been lunar and solar eclipses tied to these feasts. In our future, during the tribulation, during the feast, there will also be these heavenly signs.

When the anti-Christ comes, he's going to change the calendar and the times, so that people can't track these feasts, so that they cannot predict the arrival of the Messiah - close to the feast. Jesus will step down on the Mount of Olives on Yom Kippur and 5 days later on the Feast of Tabernacles assume his earthly millenial reign. (I think that Yom Kippur is the Feast of Trumpets)

2014 Passover
2014 Feast of Tabernacles
2015 Passover
2015 Feast of Tabernacles

In the last century, this happened twice: in 1949-1950, and in 1967-1968. From 1600's to 1900, there's no lunar eclipses. In 1492, the Jews were kicked out of Spain. That year, these eclipses appeared on these dates/feasts. In this coming set of years, there are lunar eclipse tetrads. On these dates, prophetic events will happen.

The Sun will also demonstrate signs. On Nissan 1 about April 1, on the first day of the calendar, is the day that Moses first set up the tabernacle for God. On that day, there was an eclipse. Now, in 2015, (6/7ths in to the video if you want to find this for yourself), there's a solar eclipse on the Feast of Trumpets 2015, followed by one a lunar eclipse on the Feast of Tabernacles in 2015.

These signs appear during the tribulation as a signal to his people.

So here is a prophet, who thinks that the feast is tied to the second coming of the Messiah. If the anti-Christ is going to try to obfuscate the arrival of the feast dates, though I would not date set, I would follow and practice the feasts, in preparation for the coming events. How will we do this? Will we have paper calendars? What will we do to track the calendar when this is taken away from us? If we have no calendar, still God will signal us in the skies with both the sun and the moon.

If you seek God on these feast days, he will show up. He will meet you. He will show himself to you in profound ways.

God's word has been a dried up twig in recent years. The fact is that God's word should be a well hydrated bush in our lives. In these end times, God will pouring out an anointing of understanding onto his people that they are going to savor and love God's word as the well hydrated bush. People are going to get it. They will understand.

Update: I have spent a bunch of time on various mobile devices testing my books. I think this well hydrated bush - which is new spread understanding and awareness of the bible covenant and promises to man is going to be awakened via the large set of applications available on mobile devices. There are spiritual warfare games now available on a cell phone which assist you to memorize scripture. Find this app and use it to memorize scripture. There are other game apps which mesmerize you and waste time. Yes, I played one of these too. It is really fun. Were I to do this all the time, I would not be reviewing the uplifting words which will embed in my soul. I would have a bunch of small gemstones in different colors embedded in my soul instead. I am not getting rid of this little cute game, but the scripture games also take precidence for me. There is great opportunity to connect via mobile phone apps today. These various resources will play a great role in spreading God's word.

The feasts will launch significant steps of the tribulation events. There will be stages of tribulation. The marker events during the tribulation will coincide with the feasts. This includes the start, and for key events through it. As man needs wisdom for these steps, with each feast, God is giving man the opportunity to get what he needs for these stages, when he seeks him in the feast. If you need enlightenment for the tribulation, set up your own celebration of the feasts. God will show up.

I encourage visitors to learn about the Jewish Feasts, and on these feast days, to seek God. Here's the concept. We understand guys go hunting. When they go hunting, they go to bring back a kill. When you seek God, you go hunting. You do not stop, till you've met him. However long it takes, you persist. Then, you will have the guidance you need. We are all thirsty. We will be even thirstier. We will need guidance. In a world where others will be seeking death to avoid the persistant reality in front of them, we will be required to seek our enlightenment and hope direct from God. This is how. Figure out the feasts. Celebrate. Seek God. There are lunar and solar feast days on the Hebrew Calendar Apps available for mobile devices.

Spirit Filled Christian Overcomes the Spirit of Insanity

Guest: Kris Vallotton

Monday, December 20, 2004

Walking in miracles. Program 2 of 2.

Kris tells a young man he will be the future president of Romania. The boy, at 8, received a visit from Jesus. Jesus told him to study History, Government, and English to prepare. God required Kris to prophesy over the boy.

Kris runs a prophet school at Bethel Church. That school is run 3-4 times a year. The training from this school is available from the Bethel Church online store as an .mp3 download. In the old testament, prophets taught students how to operate as a prophet. This program does the same thing today.

Guest: Kris Vallotton

Monday, December 13, 2004

Overcoming fear. Program 1 of 2.

If Christians believe they can't be affected by a demon, they can be taken for insane. Kris's body shook for 3.5 years. He fought thoughts of sexual inappropriateness for a really long time. God spoke to him through a Christian radio station. He shares the verses in the bible which helped him realize his situation, and then with Jesus, he overcame the spirit.

Satan is an illusionist. He creates illusions as lies in people's minds. If a Christian either fears him or agrees and buys in, then he or a demon can overcome. This testimony shows how Christians can rebuke or eject the demon.

When a demon comes to a spirit filled Christian, and he says, "I am going to kill you," we should not agree or be in fear, but do spiritual warfare and ask him to leave.

When the bible tells us to put on the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, readiness to spread the gospel and so on, we are expected to do battle. In this physical world, most battle is fought on the exterior, in man to man combat, and also today, remotely. In the spiritual realm of this world, we must do battle with spirits, and how those spirits attack Christians and other people, is to give them thoughts they would like to think are their own. Christians must recognize the liar and the magician illusionist and tell him, "I do not agree with you. I will not fear you. Demon of ..., go out or come out of me in Jesus name." In the spirit realm, we do battle with spirits. If we deny the existence of spirits, we are treating them like they are the trolls in fairy tales and that they do not exist. Demons exist. They do not like Christians, so we should be aware they are not going to sit nicely around us in the room while we enjoy drinking our tea.

Guest: Bill Johnson

Monday, December 6, 2004

Miracles on the Streets

As Bill's church becomes more obedient, more miracles happen outside the church on the street.

Bill's revelation from the Lord is that many people who have accidents, which affect them, they are also affected by the arrival of the spirit of Infirmity. This spirit plagues people, including Christians. Bill called all the people in his church to stand who had been in accidents - and he prays for their healing and the release of this spirit from his people. This episode models an example of how to pray for others - and how to release them from demonic oppression.

God uses our compassion to tweak us to act to do things for him.

I've gone through all the archives of Sid Roth.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prophet John Paul Jackson

John Paul Jackson, in December 2010, forecasts the war between Iran and Israel.

The 2011 economy will continue to decline.

There will be a revival.

This man's revelation is a repetition of mine.

Christians, pastors, prophets are supposed to call justice down. We are to make declarations.

Everything he says makes sense.

This man's birth alone is a miracle.

Gary Wood Sees His Book in Heaven's Library

This man in this video went to heaven and saw his own book in God's library.

He also saw a spare part room - Jesus has - and it is God's mandate for Christians to pray for the spare part.

Christians lift up your hands and say, "I believe, I receive" when a Christian brother prays for your healing.

God has angels waiting to bring spare body parts to people who need them.

Who needs stem cell technology (God reveals in science and medecine too, but we should not drop our code of Christian ethics applied to science for any manner of progress). God has answers.

Using Christ's name brings back the dead. This story is about how this man's unbelieving sister calls out Jesus name to bring him back, and he goes back.

He's got messages for us.

We keep our racial appearance after we die and go to heaven.

There's models of healing here. When we are prayed for, believe. There's an increase in miracles.

There's two such prophetic accounts of there being a spare parts room in heaven with arms, legs, and so on.

It is possible to receive back to our body anything we are missing.

The key elements are:

1. Believe in Jesus.

2. Have faith in Jesus to heal you.

3. Verbally follow through as above: "I believe, I receive."

Here is a testimony of three young men baptized in the spirit, who witness their friend who just lost his nose, and the three of them pray for their friend.

These fellows brought down a nose spare part to their friend. They did not go to the hospital. They stopped driving to the emergency as their emergency was fixed.

See Tim Enroe's testimony.

There's a children's movie about robots and the fact that the lead of society wants to make robots buy higher upgrades and only certified parts. That movie contains a message. The protagonist has compassion and wants to repair all the broken robots. That protagonist is the Christian who is missing his opportunity to heal, and do good on behalf of God. That gift can then be used to introduce people to God, who is the giver of that power.

Christians Converting Jews in Israel

There's news online about the horror of evangelical Christians doing missions in Israel, leading them to be Christian - to believe in Jesus.

Evangelical Christians faith was built by Jesus believing Jews.

Recent prophets have seen a movement of the Jew and Gentile holding hands and becoming the one new man movement which is the starter, the kindling, of the greatest revival on earth.

That great revival will precede the gathering in of God's people.

When you see news of this nature, this is part of the media war against what God is doing.

The revival that is coming will extend into the tribulation to bring courage and hope to the subjugated man.

The coming movement is not about Christians winning Jews over to Christianity, but for there to be a brotherhood and bond established between the two groups under God, and for them to create bonded movements. God plans to empower these movements. How do I know this? If you review a bunch of prophets, the current ones, and some of these are listed on the work desk, and some of these were people interviewed on Sid Roth, you will find threads of commonality. The fact is there is going to be a movement which is witnessed in multiple prophetic words. Please examine them for yourself. There's about 6 visitors who prophesy of this, and I believe these visitors had an impact on Sid Roth to prepare the education materials he has for this movement.

You can read more about this One New Man mission on the Sid Roth site.

I had enlightenment of this movement before I saw Sid Roth.

It is not about religious competition, but rather the grafting in of the branch - the gentile church into the olive tree of God's family Israel. It is not about Christians converting Jews to Christianity, but for the two groups to become one new man, a co-mediated reality under God. This movement would be seconded by Derek Prince, as if you study his biography, you can see how he supported Israel in his ministry.

All power and glory and accomplishment be to God!

Searching Out the Masculine Heart

This post is for the guys. I would like to present to you the book Wild At Heart.

I have not read this book. I received this tip for the guys from the guys I had lunch with today. Both guys were experiencing struggles of the heart. One had read this book. He recommended this book to the other.

The fellow I talked with said that second to the bible, this book was the next most important book for him in discovering a bit about who he was. The truth in the book strongly resonated in his soul.

He also recommended the female version of this book Captivated, as it helped him understand women just enough more that he is more able to meet that need and role. Go to the Amazon Author page to view this author's other releases.

Both books will be on my reading list. The fellow who recommended this book highly recommended getting this book as an audio book to play in your truck. He said he made his work truck a heart classroom. He grew a lot.


Here is a review of this book.

Here is a guy blogger presenting a critique of this book.

So the review I have pulled in above, though Christian, seems to have a very critical view of this book which sold 3,000,000 copies. Here is my thing. The author shared personal stories. That is what he is supposed to do. That is what we are all supposed to do. When a man passes on a trade to one he is training, most of that trade is built into personal stories. Memory and real-life example are required to pass on meaningful life knowledge.

The author brings in quotes from movies. For this author to draw on popular media means he is drawing from a bridge base of analogy his audience will be familiar with, which has some meaning and experience ties to build his knowledge concepts upon. I expect many Christians view popular media.

Please do not be dissuaded by this review. Recall Derek Prince says that we defeat the Beast by the power of our testimony and by the blood shed at the cross. That is the outcome. Also, all media and that includes video, book, blog, or movie has a producer behind it. The intent for good and for God or for bad and anti-God is tested in the reins and belly of the producer. If their heart intent is to honor God with their production, that will come through.

All the media which is produced with the intent of honoring God will ultimately come through and produce fruit for God.

Should someone judge your intentions or methods, this does not disqualify the eternal fruit accomplished from powerful words spoken through a lens of personal experience. Each appreciation for God is built word by word, set of eyes to set of eyes, in a very long bridge of human experience shared one to the next. The farther our bridge of common human appreciation of God and then ourselves goes the better.

My vote is, based on the personal referal I received today, read this book. I pray the reading will enlighten and empower you in your own personal walk and understanding. I think the audio book would be a nice type of book to get. I am not sure which one I am getting just yet. I am second to read the book, as I am sure my husband is the first rightful reading audience.

The challenge I have is this author has a series of books now. I would collect probably 2-3 from him, so which ones make the best library components. What do you think about this? I recommend reading a couple of his books in your church library, and deciding which one makes the best long term reference for you.

I Am Second

On the web page tabs, I added the multi-media site called I Am Second.

This website is Christians giving their testimony - their God story.

There are quite a few well known people on here.

I invite you to see some small personal glimpses of people's spiritual walk and discovery of the Lord.

There are many angles of viewing how the Lord intersects and comes into peoples lives.

I am just watching the video of Kathy Ireland.

Her video is placed under the success category.

Go to this page tab. Pull it down, and view her video.

This video reference was given to me by a friend at church.

For people who are familiar with American Idol, Jason Castro is here.

He talks and opens just a little of what the masculine heart dreams for.

Watch that one too. I liked that.

Consumed Study


This one is for you to do.

Consumed includes a few meanings.

1. To consume as in flames - to change from living  or flesh to ash

2. Emotions - to be consumed with an emotion

3. Consumed - as in feeling overwhelmed by heat, hunger, or thirst.

The first seems tied to judgment.

The second to love.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Leopard Study

If you do a search on the leopard in Biblegateway, you find a story - a significant story of the leopard and a couple of its friends. The leopard is found with a couple friends in the bible texts: the lion and the wolf.
Please as you read up on this, either go to read the verse in context, or if you have the time the whole chapter. These are links. The three parallel lines in the centre open the chapter around the verse, once you’ve opened it in context.

When societies are corrupted, they are harassed by these fierce animals of God. God uses his animals at times like judgment angels. They are fierce creatures and God uses them. In Jeremiah, the reason the animals attack is because of the backsliding of the people from God.

Here is that verse:

1. Jeremiah 5:6
Therefore a lion from the forest will attack them, a wolf from the desert will ravage them, a leopard will lie in wait near their towns to tear to pieces any who venture out, for their rebellion is great and their backslidings many.

Jeremiah 5:5-7 (in Context) Jeremiah 5 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

In the prophetic sense, the end time’s Beast will have resemble a leopard. This is mentioned both in Daniel and Revelation.

The leopard is a significant fierce symbol as an end time’s beasts. Do you see that this particular beast in Daniel is a leopard with wings and four heads (doesn’t Satan have 4 heads?), and is given the authority to rule. In the story of Alex Malarkey, Satan had three heads when he appeared to him. He gives himself an additional head for his End Times appearance as the Beast. See that post here.

Jeremiah 13:23
Can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil.

1. Jeremiah 13:22-24 (in Context) Jeremiah 13 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

This verse above is about how we need to consider our conduct. We get trained into certain ways. Here is the verse expanded. What does this concept of the skirt torn off mean? The implied concept here is disrespect to women, even possibly violation. When complete horror is facing society, people need to review and think back to their creator. What has led them to this point? If they alone, in their independence, cannot change their spots, who can? Look forward to the New Testament and Jesus, who can place a white robe of sanctification upon the unclean and make them clean. Jesus can. The sinful man cannot. He cannot change himself, his mind, or his and I should add her ways. God can. He needs an invitation in to cleanse us. A relationship must start between man and God, and when this happens, the man and woman are made clean by the work Jesus accomplished at the cross.

Jeremiah 13:22-24
New International Version (NIV)

22 And if you ask yourself,
“Why has this happened to me?”—
it is because of your many sins
that your skirts have been torn off
and your body mistreated.
23 Can an Ethiopian[a] change his skin
or a leopard its spots?
Neither can you do good
who are accustomed to doing evil.
24 “I will scatter you like chaff
driven by the desert wind

How is it that we forget God? In the case of well off societies, when we are satisfied and our life becomes excessively good without God, we forget him. We become proud, self-sufficient, and we just ignore and eventually forget him. See the dynamic in this set of verses below:

Hosea 13:7

Hosea 13:6-8 Pulled from the In context tab

New International Version (NIV)
6 When I fed them, they were satisfied;
when they were satisfied, they became proud;
then they forgot me.
7 So I will be like a lion to them,
like a leopard I will lurk by the path.
8 Like a bear robbed of her cubs,
I will attack them and rip them open;
like a lion I will devour them—
a wild animal will tear them apart.

This here is the future Babylonian judgment of the nations of the earth. Do you see the prophet approaches God in the whole chapter with reverence, pleading the case of the church and the righteous? He pleads to God’s nature first, and then pleads for the righteous. What does this imply? This implies God is permitting the judgment of his own people, the church and Israel, till they give. Until they recognize they have been holding various sorts of sin strongholds in their lives between them and God and give these up. God’s rescue comes when the people repent. Till they repent, there’s no rescue. There’s devastation – and extreme at that. It will be a worse ravaging of the earth than what Hitler or Mussolini did. It will ravage the territories. The tipping of the scale is the heart of man, which flings the circumstances and outcomes during the coming times either in his favor or against him, and it is completely based on his heart toward God.

Habakkuk 1:8

Their horses are swifter than leopards, fiercer than wolves at dusk. Their cavalry gallops headlong; their horsemen come from afar. They fly like an eagle swooping to devour;

Habakkuk 1:7-9 (in Context) Habakkuk 1 (Whole Chapter) Other

Here is a reference to two times in our future. This refers to the 1000 year reign of Christ. This also refers to the second world, but I would say it will be the most remarkable in the first 1000 year reign of Christ.

Isaiah 11:6

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.

Isaiah 11:5-7 (in Context) Isaiah 11 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

Okay, let’s look far into the future, after the great war. The Song of Song’s refers to this writer’s love and a prophetic love of the future. I see this as Jesus' future love, his bride, in his future second world. This is when Jesus is the Second Adam. Do you see the love here? He is sharing his treasures, these animals, with his love—his future bride. Can you see the tender loving care in Jesus’s words? He is almost Elvis like. He is totally in love. He shares the view of his creatures with his bride. I particularly like verse 7, which seems like a piece of the song I wrote. It is very in keeping with the lovely words Jesus would say to his bride. The romantic in me, who loves Elvis and all his songs, loves this piece of this chapter in the Song of Songs. I have not seen this this recently, but this reminds me of the song I wrote. I just bolded Verse 7.

Song of Songs 4:7-9

New International Version (NIV)

7 You are altogether beautiful, my darling;
there is no flaw in you.
8 Come with me from Lebanon, my bride,
come with me from Lebanon.
Descend from the crest of Amana,
from the top of Senir, the summit of Hermon,
from the lions’ dens
and the mountain haunts of leopards.
9 You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride;
you have stolen my heart
with one glance of your eyes,
with one jewel of your necklace.


What have we learned about us and God by reviewing the leopard in the bible.

• The leopard is a fierce beast God prides in similar to the lion and the wolf.
• God uses fierce beasts to attack townships of those who live in sin and rebelliousness toward him. 
• We sinners are like leopards who cannot change our own spots, but Jesus can. He can remove the sin spots on us, as he paid the price for us, to sanctify us and remove our sin spots before God. He makes us holy. This is why Jesus can offer us salvation. His blood accomplished the work to save us. We are presented to God without spot.
• The End Time’s Beast will be a leopard with wings. 
• The day Christ comes, the leopard will lie down with his prey. 
• When Christ is united with his bride, he will show her his pride in the fierce beasts he created up in the mountains. Jesus' bride will come from the people of Lebanon. Interesting.
I get the overall impression that God is a cat lover – and in particular an exotic cat lover. The leopard is a symbol of a fierce animal.

If this blog post inspires you to read about how you can find peace with God, search on the blog for the term Salvation and read the scriptures. You need to invite Jesus into your heart.

When you do that, Jesus grafts you into his future, which is a world with exotic cats and mountains. There will be wildcats like Lucius around. I hope Jesus likes entertaining his wildcats! I finish off this post with my wildcat's foot on the keys. I wonder if Jesus will be that kind of pet parent, or what he will be like with his animals. That will entertain me.

Now, I do not want to draw attention away from the key learnings in this post.

As a closer though, I will refer you to the love song I wrote, which I heard from the voice of Jesus in my meditation.

Here is Jesus's love song to his bride.

Jesus's Love Song to Lily

Friday, November 30, 2012

God Separates the Holy from the Profane

God is holy. He is not to be profaned.

God requires his priests, shepherds, pastors, and people to separate themselves.

God is concerned about his reputation with the nations.

God is Jehovah. He is also called Yahweh.

His people were to honor his name.

They were to be a light to the nations to show them God's salvation plan for all mankind.

Let me show you.

Here is a search in the bible for the word "profane".

Read this for yourself.

God is concerned for his reputation!

This related to how his priests cared for holy objects, for the temple, for the use of his name, and to do things which honor God's name. Do you see that God took the Israelites out of slavery as a witness to the nations of what he would do for those who came into covenant with him?

I will make a simple transfer for you: Do not use the Lord's name in profanity. Now, we use the terms "Jesus", "Christ", and "Holy....". We should not use any of these names with disrespect. When we ask Jesus in, if we see ourselves still doing this, we need to ask God for help to remove the spirit of Profanity from us. Then, our challenge to obey will be easier. In the Old Testament, were one to curse the Lord's name, they were put to death. In the future, when Christ comes, and think on the fact that people could live 1000 years, were they to curse Christ's name, they would be put to death. This is a cultural norm we need to become used to. We are to bless not curse the Lord's holy name. In God's grace, he reaches out to those who even curse him when he greets them. As we grow in the Lord, we are to put off profanity. We are not to curse God's name.

Please consider this. Calling upon the name of the Lord is our salvation. He is our only hope.

Jeremiah 9: 23-24

Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches; But let him that glorieth glory in this, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord.

The Disappointed Heart

In among my poetry writings, when I was young, I spent hours to days writing romantic poetry for those I was with, and I presented this as a gift. I poured my heart into the pieces I had written, with the earnest nature of Juliette in Shakespeare's play. I wrote a love poem for Valentine's Day. I presented the loved one with the gift of a poem. He received his gift and his poem. Did I say the young man threw the poem out? I found out afterward, and my heart was greatly disappointed. The words of my declaration of love were received with disrespect.

Jeremiah was God's prophet. God has Jeremiah write down more or less the book to have it read to the King of his people. Have you seen the length of Jeremiah? This book was to be read to the king as God's love letter, and yes, it was not all good, as God's people were being disobedient. God spelled out in there judgment for the king and for his people. 52 chapters. The prophet was to read God's letter to the king. The king had a sour heart. In the letter, there was chastisement from God. God told him there was punishment ahead. What did the king do? He was a poor listener. He had not heard all there was to hear from God. He took the transcript and he threw it on the fire in front of God's prophet.

What did God do? God recited the entire book again to Jeremiah. He sent him a second time to read the book to the king. This time, he added more to what the king was to listen to.

Then, God instructed his prophet to take the transcript the king had disrespected, tie a stone to it, and throw it in water (I can't recall if it was a sea or a river.) As God did to the transcript of his words, so would happen to his people in judgment.

As much as I may have ever been disappointed by the presentation of love declarations being poorly received by my hoped for young men, so God has presented his letters of covenant and declaration to his people and to the leaders of his people. God was rejected.

What the king did not get was that when God was presenting judgment, he did not understand that should he repent, God also might lift his judgment from him. God would reconsider his outcomes. God is in convenant with Israel. He is in convenant with me, now through the fact I accepted Christ as my saviour.

Now, am I sad at having my words rejected by the fine young men I knew? Today, only a little. I was devastated then. That experience allows me though, to think back and think of how devastated God would have felt having his words to his people thrown on a fire.

Examine Jeramiah. It is not a short book. It probably took God a long time to speak these words to his prophet to have them thrown on a fire.

How much did God love his people to take the time to dictate all these words of love and prophecy to his people? God punishes those he loves. He corrects them so they can see the error of their ways. Have you considered God's love letter to you?

If you have not, I recommend reading the bible. This is God's love letter to you. I do recommend either Luke or Matthew. Also search this blog for the 1 and 2 minute gospel. Happy reading!

Scripture: Jeremiah 3:6 - 4:22

In particular Jeremiah 4:19 declares God's great sadness which parallels mine:

He says, "My bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my very heart; my heart maketh a noise in me; I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war."

This continues on a couple verses later, "For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish (a sot is well a dumb person) children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge."

God requires his people to become educated and understand the difference between good and bad, and be careful to do the good.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Pomegranate Study

Pomegranate search on Biblegateway

Review the use the pomegranate in the bible. In particular, early old testament, you should see references to these in the temple and on holy objects prepared for God's service.

Did you know God is a poet?

Poets like to weave themes into books to leave a trail for people to follow if they study long and hard enough.

The pomegranate is one of those fruits God has woven through the scripture as a theme.

What does the pomegranate mean?

Its on columns and structures in the Holy of Holies.

God likes pomegranates.

What is it about pomegranates he likes?

I just ate one.

Eating a pomegranate should remind you of a whole lot of fruit. Each seed is packed in there. God's fruit which comes from the planting of the seed of his gospel will be numerous.

Can you count the seeds in a pomegranate? They are numerous.

Another thing - when you eat it, it is impossible to not be covered by the red juice which is a symbol of Christ's blood.

You are stained red. Eating a pomegranate looks like you just finished a blood sacrifice.

That blood on you is a symbol of sanctification and setting apart as a holy property.

The fruit is red. The juice is red. You are red when you are finished eating.

The next time you eat a pomegranate, please note 1. Christ died for you - his blood was let all over to be the means of your salvation. 2. You are meant to be set apart as holy.

Yes, note in the study search above how the pomegranate symbol was used on holy objects, cloths, and on the building as one of God's favorite fruits! God is a poet. He has all these poetic symbols in here to challenge the poets among us.

Find Your Ground and Then Defend It

A Christian who has no instruction waves to and fro in the wind with no root to keep him grounded.

A Christian who goes to church and finds no spiritual grounding there needs to find a new shepherd.

If your church does not preach Jesus and why he died for you, find a new church.

Once you have found your salvation, dig deep into God's word. Get your claws in there and don't let go. Fill your mind. Fill your heart. Speak the words. Use the words as your sword. Become a warrior.

Your identity is based on God. He's your father. He sacrificed his only son for you! You were made to be with Him. Where he is - that is an exciting world. As a sci-fi and future enthusiast, I can tell you there is no place I would rather be than with him, wherever he chooses to be.

Salvation Plan Update and Bible Code

I just updated all the Salvation Plans with bible verse links  and the bible code post to bible gateway.

What you see there is a tool I had planned for evangelists and people who would go on the street.

I even suggested they put this on the T-shirt, as a visual aid to each other for finding verses either in a bible or on an iphone.

If you have a bible, and you use it frequently, you would be amazed how fast you can get at moving around in it.

On those Salvation Plans, you see a short form bible code I made for taking notes in sermons and at bible college. I use that to go a little faster taking notes. I hate rewriting if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I made a discovery. If you take the short form of those codes and you use them to look up any verse in Biblegateway, most of the time, it found the verse. This means you can navigate around bible gateway very quickly, even using an ipad to find your verses for discipleship or witnessing. I think it is like God to do this. It is not my plan or anything. It just happened!  So, there's a couple that don't work.

I will find my bible code post, and I am going to update that with a test of all 66 books, and what it appears I was missing was a vowel for a couple books needed to distinguish them from the other codes already used. I will fix that up with ones that work and test them on Biblegateway. Then, that set of codes will be more useful to you for getting around in the bible using shortcuts.


I believe that using the bible book shortcuts will work on any of the bible databases. Try them out. There are quite a few bible online sites now. I think the distinguishing feature of the search is that there's just enough letters to distinguish them from the other books.

I hope to add something called ubible I heard about Thursday. Try these there.

In a few days, I also plan to make a couple .jpg label shortcuts of the various salvation plans, so that say you had this on your desktop, or on your phone, you could click on it, and open up the various salvation plans based on the time you have with an individual. Each plan is based on the number of minutes you have with an individual: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes. You can watch for this update. Check next Friday.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It's nice to see so many of you here right now!

Beginning Praise

I begin humming laying down on my face.
I am not that great at singing.
God assists me greatly!
Humbling myself is my first step to emtpying selfishness and focusing on God.

Alleluia by Herself

Apadi Ana So Nai Chi by Herself Update

A Psalmist type of song:

Apadi Ana So Nai Chi

I've been singing variations of this song for a month or so. This one is not so great, but it is a start. I had stage fright when I put a mic in front of my mouth.

I will continue to practice and hopefully improve this one.

This is a sample of tongues. I have no idea what language, but if it is yours, I hope you will find the words uplifting.

Update:  Apadi Ana So Nai Chi Take 2

Here is a not quite so chicken version. Same song. Take 2.

I did a search of the words of the song on the Internet. It looks Hindi like.

There are two kinds of tongues. A person with a tongues gifting can speak in multiple tongues. For example, if the Holy Spirit needs you to, he can speak to anyone in their own language. There's said to be another tongue. It is a heavenly tongue, and based on feedback to others who speak tongues, is an Ancient form of Hebrew, and is thought to be the unified tongue of future humanity.

Tongues - the language I mainly speak I recognize. I have spoken it since I was 15, and received the gift at a youth meeting on the Holy Spirit, and the leader laid hands on me. The language feels familiar. I anticipate certain words go with the Godhead. The words mostly always sound the same. It sounds very much a language.

If you are interested in tongues, you will see on the Amazon free book post, there are free and $1 books on what tongues is all about. I do plan to buy one as well for about $10. I think I saw a book called something like 60 Reasons to Speak Tongues on the Sid Roth site.  For the impartation of tongues, how it works with spiritual gifts, is you need someone who has the gift. If they lay hands on you and pray you will receive tongues, you receive it. The gift in them transfers.

Amazing Grace by Herself

Amazing Grace

In my opinion, this one turned out okay.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Today's Sid Roth Night Terrors

On today's Sid Roth show, a young girl speaks of having night terrors. When she would fall asleep, ten men would be over her torturing her. She met Dustin Neil - a praise singer, who gave her his CD. She played the music while she slept and it kept the torturers away. Then one night, she did not have the music. The torture dream returned. As the ten men surrounded her to torture her, she began singing the song, which was a declaration of praise to Jesus. The ten men went away.

I have heard other's stories of children's night terrors. How I interpret this is judgment and harassment placed on the young. There is a place for spiritual victory here. This child succeeded by singing a spiritual declaration she learned in praise music. Parents also can declare and do spiritual battle for their children.

For today, watch Sid Roth.

I see the show aired Monday, November 26, 2012. Pull the page down to see the show.

Also, these shows are on the Grace Television channel. If the shows are on television, they are more comfortable to watch than on the computer. Check it out. It airs 4 times a day.

Here is a topic related resource: Let Our Children Go.  This is on special!

Night Terror Story

In my little girl life, I was called Sissy. I had a big brother. I was in a room. I had recently moved from a crib to being in my big girl bed. I had been here now for a couple months. It was not long enough to have forgotten my crib. I got the big girl bed – the twin bed – because we had a new family member. My little brother had been born. He was now out from my Mom’s tummy and he needed the crib. So my familiar cozy place with bars about me I had traded for my twin bed.

On my walls, I had pink accents on white. My mom had collected cute ornaments for me to see. I had a money bank to put coins in on my shelf. I loved the tiny shiny objects which I collected out of letters from my grandma. She always had them taped beside three large X’s and O’x. The silver quarters all had pictures of the Queen. I put each one into my bank.

My waking days were accompanying my mom. I hung around her a lot, unless she insisted I go play. I would take my doll and shapes puzzle and I would play in my room on the floor. I would sit and try to put the shapes through each hole. If I put the right shape through each hole, it would go through. If I could not get a match, the shape would not go through. It was pretty simple. The red plastic accepted blue, yellow, and green shapes. Success or failure did not matter. It was just fun to fit things through the shapes.
My mom loved me. I sought her attention. My dad was out at work. He was out doing something important, though I was not really sure what. He could scoop me up high into the air, far from my place on the ground. In my room, near the bed, sat my large white rocker. My mom rocked me on that rocker on her knee. Recently, I received a Donna sized rocker. It was painted white and made of wood. It matched the big rocker in most of its ways. The big rocker and the little rocker matched. I would sit in it alone and rock, like my Mom rocked me. I rocked my doll and my cat the way she had rocked me.

Each night at bedtime, my parent’s would try to read to me just a little story if they could. Bedtime meant as I went to sleep I was allowed to have Tiger come on my bed. This was a really big advantage of being in the bed. I did not have to be separated from the cat by bars. Now, the cat could come rub upon my face and shoulders purring as we would find our mutual place on our bed. Tiger settled in near my feet. The cat, relative to me, was pretty big. Also at bedtime, Mom would sort of set the blankets and get me all warm. In those days, sometimes, she would put a hot water bottle at my feet, to get things just a bit toasty. I was in a flannel one piece PJ.

I was in a warm and cozy place in my room. I fell asleep.

I awoke. I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by many many people. Everybody was sad. I had cried when I was sad, mournfully lonely if I had been scolded and left in my room. Everyone here was lonely. They all cried at the top of their lungs. The sky of the place I looked up at was dark. I was in a very large pool. It was very very large. I had a kiddy pool. It was yellow, and it fit three. It fit me and my two brothers. This pool – it fit hundreds, if not thousands. I could not tell. I did not yet know how to count very high. I could perhaps count to ten. There were a lot of people here. Everybody cried. I heard voices all around me. They were all so sad, and so much sadder than I had ever known. I could not help but cry with them. I can’t help but cry now just thinking about it.

I had woken up in this pool. I was floating on the top along with a bunch of other people I could see. My experiences with pools was limited at this time you see. I had never yet visited a pool. I had been in a bathtub to be washed. I had been in a kiddy pool. That was it. So, I was in a great pool. In this pool, there was a great clamour of everyone crying at the top of their lungs, as much as they could cry. With them, I cried too.

I began to process. This pool had edges. The was a large straight slide. People came down the slide and they landed in this pool. The slide was not fun. The slide made people all cry. When they came down the slide, they cried all the way down, and when they landed in the pool, they cried very loud, as if they were in even greater pain. They cried and cried with no hope. What had they all done? Why were they here? What was this place? What’s going on?

I had little experience to go on in my little life. I had experienced booboos. My mom had put bandaids on my finger. I had seen iodine. Before we put the bandaid on, we would put this red stinky iodine on the cut. We did this to disinfect it. It kind of stung. Yes, that caused me to cry then. I did not like iodine.
I understood this red liquid pool around me to be like iodine. We were in a pool of burning liquid.

I was pulled and I was put with a line of people who climbed stairs to the top of the slide. I was in a long line. We all climbed. I don’t know why I was in the line. I did not know what was coming. I climbed. I got to the top of the slide, and I looked down upon my pool, where I had come from. I looked down on all the people in the pool. I stood at the top of the slide, which had two metal blades doing all the way down the slide, dead centre, like sharp bread knives. I was pushed forward from behind. I fell forward, and I fell into the cupping of this slide carrying me forward downward to the pool, all the while my body being cut all over by the razors down the centre of this slide. I hurt immensely as my flesh opened up and burned by the open wounds all over me. This lasted 30-40 seconds. It hurt more than all the cuts I had ever had. It hurt more than I could ever imagine. I hit the end, and I launched up for just a split second of relief in the air, and I landed in the iodine pool, and my just opened flesh on my legs, arms, back, and shoulders burned with extreme pain as I merged into the pool. My heart and soul screamed aloud, “Ahhhhhhhhh!” In my dream, I cried louder than I could in my normal body and voice. My cry joined the others. Another came behind me and slashed beside me, making the iodine splash up and down over my shoulders. I cried with a broken heart.

I looked around again. I looked at this pool. I looked at all the sad faces of people in this pool. I cried. I literally cried. Yes, I cried for me. I also cried for them. I was so sad for everybody. I could see shapes moving about the edges. What had we done? Why were we here? What was this place?
I felt like I had been here for hours. Would I ever wake up? Could I get out of this dream? Was I stuck here forever? I felt my hands stir on covers. I woke up in my darkened room. I let out a cry. I let out a desperate cry. I screamed and cried as I had in the pool. I felt tears run down my face like streams. I wet my flannel pyjamas, my pillow, and my bed with tears flooding all around me. I screamed. What I mean is I made the type of cry I made in my dream. I cried that way. Then, as I looked around my room, and realized I was in my bed, with my toys, and my rocker in the room, my cry lessoned.

My mom opened the door and turned on the light. “There, there, dear, you just had a bad dream. Those are not real. Do not worry. There, there. She held me to her chest. In her hair and on her body, I felt safe. My crying turned backward to quiet sobs, as I realized I was home, in a normal place, with my mom and my toys and my cat. I did not resist. I let my mom clasp me and comfort me from the bad dream. After twenty minutes, she said, “It’s time to go back to sleep.”

I looked at her desperately, “I do not want to go back to sleep.”

She said, “Everybody sleeps at night. That’s what we do. I will leave your night light on. You stay in bed till you fall asleep.”

I did. I held the cat near me. I felt her fur. I was not alone. This cat was my companion, staying with me after my mom kissed my forehead goodnight.

I tried to stay awake as long as I could. I did not even know how to explain my bad dream to my mom. All I could say when she asked what happened in my dreams was, “I was in a pool. I was burning.”

I could not adequately express my nightmare. I looked at my cat, holding her close in my sheets. If I could just hold my eyes open, I would not go to sleep. I pulled the sheets around me in the slightly cold room.
The night claimed me. My eyes shut. I fell asleep. Dead. A dead sleep. I dreamed no more that night. Peaceful quiet rest straight till morning. No dreams.

I awoke to a normal 3 year old day. Breakfast. Toast with cinnamon spread. Play. Running in the yard. Frequent visits to mom. The day proved life was normal. It was the life I had lived the day before. My relief at being in a normal place returned. I chose to forget the dream. This was real.

There was a minor problem: Three more times this dream returned across the months. Three months later, I had it again. Three months later, I had it again. Three months later, I had it again.

By the age of four, I was well acquainted with this dream. I was not forgetting it. The image and experience was engraved on my soul. I had questions.
  • Why were these people and I in the pool?
  • Why were we helpless?
  • Why were we punished?
  • What could we do to stop being in this pool?
  • Why did we have such a horrible slide?
  • How come when I would fall asleep would I come here?
  • What did this experience mean?
I was three going on four. I had some pretty sobering thoughts. I had questions. I recognized a great human family. What was the answer to this set of night terrors? Why did I have night terrors? Did this place in my dreams really exist? How could you know it existed? How do you measure real and non-real? What was this place of sadness and screaming?

Every time I awoke from this dream, my screams were of terror. As my cries persisted and I realized I was on my bed, in my room, with my parents nearby, I began to settle. I felt inadequate to tell my mom all that happened in my dream. The place was so large compared to my little room. I was so sad for everyone there. Was that dream another reality? What was it?

Dear reader, if you have read the accounts of the dreams and visions, and of near death experiences, what do you think this night terror means? What do we have to do to not go there? In my dream, there was no means of escape or change. What was was. As much as I cried in my dream, the dream at that time would not end. What do we need to do to avoid going there? Did I see you in my dream? Did I see my neighbor? Did I see the person who would sit next to me at church in the wooden pew? Could it be either you or one you love? I can tell you I had a bond to those around me. We were sort of a family. We were all in the same predicament of being sad there. I was really sad for my human family’s hopelessness.
  • Who is our hope?
  • Where is our hope?
  • How do we invite our hope in?
At this time, waterslides had not yet been invented. When I was 10, I saw my first one on a trip to British Columbia. I did not like them. I looked at them, and I wondered if they would hurt and burn. I had a great underlying fear of them. When I was 12, I went on my first one. It was similar, but people laughed, and had great fun. This was not the same. There were cries of joy landing in water.
  • What did that dream mean?
  • What does it mean for us?
Last night, I relived some of the vision and sensations of that dream. I invited the dream. I asked the Holy Spirit to feel free to let me relive the sensations, so I could more adequately tell the story. My heart is broken in the dream. My heart is broken for all the others who were my family, my humanity, in the pool. My tears are for them. Their voices rung through the space with tinny ringing of those who are unheard.
At 4, Jesus met me in a dream. After that encounter, though I was not yet saved, I began to call out to the friend I met in my dream. Any bad dream I encounter, I screamed, “Jesus, help me.” All bad dreams ended. To have Jesus end your eternal bad dream, say aloud, “Jesus, I’m yours.” Jesus hears and answers now.