Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Godly Should Find Restful Sleep

The godly should find restful sleep. When a person is able to rest, their body regenerates more naturally. I am very thankful these days, there are medical solutions for sleep apnea I don't remember being available in my childhood.

However, this is the thing. The godly should be able to sleep undisturbed from fear. They should be able to sleep without bad dreams. Part of this has to do with routines. In one's routines, they should not feed on fear. Any child movie or media which includes fear should be eliminated from their access. Families should be aware of everyone's sleeping routines. If anyone begins having bad dreams, begin watching what family members are taking in.

Any media which builds fear -  people should turn aside from. If you notice you are participating in watching movies or reading literature which creates fear for you, stop. You need to assess the media intake of those in your family. God did not intend for us of us to be hassled in our sleep.

If you go back to Ian's testimony on the youtube video, just after he came back into his body, he had real nightmares. Demons who had almost had him in their grasp for eternity, came after him to harass him immediately. He was just returned to his body. They wanted to kill him, and were arranging mobs to do it. His nightly harassment was the equivalent of the worst of horror movies.

As a small child, I had a repeated nightmare. As I read an individual's testimony of Hell, I found a particular judgement that was an exact fit to that dream I kept having. This is the aspect of truth that rings true to me in the testimonies of Hell.

If you or your child have bad dreams of any kind which disturb your sleep, there is something you can do. You can pray Jesus' blood over family before sleeping. For children with the night terrors, do this as well. Before sleeping read the bible to yourself or a child's bible to the child. I find reading the bible before bedtime very calming. Then, this is a prayer for a normal bedtime.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

It is a really comforting prayer.

For children's nightmares, just add "I pray Jesus blood over (insert name) while they sleep, this room, and this house. Send your angels to protect (insert name). Thank you for your love and protection. Give (insert name) a good sleep. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Note: An adult or caregiver can also pray this prayer on behalf of the child. They don't need to personally do it. Grandparents or relatives can also do this for their loved one around their bedtime.

For adult's nightmares, just add "I pray Jesus blood over me/us while they sleep, this room and this house. Send your angels to stand guard on my home and on my room as I sleep. Thank you for your love and protection. Give us a good sleep. In Jesus' name, Amen"

Adults can talk to God plainly as if talking to a person. When I am in a nightmare, I can call on Jesus and I wake up. I will say, "Jesus help." I wake up. I can do this for any nightmare. I do this for any dream I feel uncomfortable in - anything that takes a turn in its plot which makes me wonder what is happening. Then, I pray as above focusing on the latter prayer for adults and I ask God for a good sleep. Sometimes you fall asleep and you have forgotten to pray before. Just call on Jesus, wake up, pray the prayer, and trust him as you go back to sleep. If you can't sleep for awhile, read the bible, pray, and go to sleep. Occasionally, if I could not sleep, I got up for a while and read a few chapters of the bible. Then, I went to sleep and slept soundly.

Please note, I will be preparing a gather resource set in an Amazon A-store. In that set of books, some books will deal with spiritual warfare. Prayer is the solution to bad dreams.

God Intends Rest for the Godly and Goodly

Scripture taken from the Bible Gateway:

“Praise be to the LORD, who has given rest to his people Israel just as he promised. Not one word has failed of all the good promises he gave through his servant Moses."

One of the ten commandments is for people to respect the Sabbath. Is that so He can Lord it over us? No. It is intended to give us an opportunity to worship Him. It gives us time to receive teaching. It gives us time to congregate in groups of believers before Him to sing praises. It gives time to educate the young into the ways of the Lord. It gives us time to read the Holy Scriptures. God has built in resting time for us. On these days, we are not to work. For pastors and missionaries who work on Sunday, or any church worker, they are to take an alternate day during the week and set it apart for the same purpose.

I studied a bit about Judaism. I wanted to understand Shabbat. I wanted to understand how to celebrate the Sabbath. In the early times of the bible, there were some pretty strict rules about the Sabbath. There were enough rules that church officials could argue about it with Jesus. However, I would like to lay out the precepts for my reader.

You have a bit of room to figure out how you plan to construct your Sabbath. If you worked a Sunday this week, pick a day this week as your day to honor the Lord. Clear the day of outside demands, and rest and read God's word or Christian education books to help you understand God's word.

My husband's family are cleaners. They worked for a Jewish organization. The group who hired them would not let them work on their Sabbath, nor on the Christian Sabbath (which his family represented). This applied response is important. There were two different celebrations of it. They covered them both. Every man must respect the Sabbath. Why?

The Sabbath is a time to spend reflecting on the goodness of God. We cannot do this if we are working. On a Sabbath, we read God's word, we pray for ourselves and our families, we visit our family, we visit friends from church. We are essentially supposed to have a holiday. This was meant for women too. They were to prepare a meal that was completed cooking by the Friday at sundown (for the Jewish Sabbath). Women attending church, we can do crockpot meals which can meet this purpose. Then, women also have time to relax. The family relaxes for one day centred around a worship service. If there is going to be a weekly cleanup of the house, it is done on a Thursday or completed by Friday (for the Jewish faith). For evangelicals, we would need to be done our cleanup by the Friday or Saturday, leaving the Saturday evening meal onward as God's time.

Having this time allow us to have the time to reflect on eternity if we want to. It gives us weekly time. Then, we don't forget the Lord. This is one of the biggest mistakes of mankind. They either don't rest enough themselves, or they take away someone else's opportunity to rest.

There will be judgement for this. The issue is if we never stop and think about the Lord, we don't maintain a relationship with Him. As an employer or a slavemaster, anyone who took away this opportunity from another, they will be judged for taking away other's opportunity to be closer to God. This falls in line with the fact every breathe of an evil man permits them one more second to know God and repent. This repeated Sunday period is intended from its beginning to be relationship building time between God and Man.

On Sundays, for me, I attend First Alliance. So, say I pick the 11 am service. My Sabbath starts at 4 pm the Saturday and goes to 4 pm on the Sunday. On this time, I prioritize rest, reading, prayer, godly activities (which include godly themed movies and books for Christian education), and family visiting. Family visiting is a key part of this. We are supposed to maintain positive and healthy relationships with family. Then, there's the guest. If you don't have a family member to visit, invite a guest to visit. Friendships are good too. (I love my friends from church.) We are supposed to have a balanced enjoyable day nurturing our soul and body. The concepts of Shabbat apply to us too. We are supposed to celebrate it before the Lord.

This allows us to regularly bring our life issues before God. At the end of a Sabbath, I ask myself:

Did I invest in visiting my family?
Did I take an opportunity for thanking God for his care?
Did I get to know God any better?
Did I recenter my life focus for the coming week?

The struggle with technology today: It is really hard to turn the television off by 10 p.m. or to end computer time at a reasonable hour to be fully rested for a service on Sunday. It is our job to get adequate rest so that we can enjoy our Sunday service and all the other purposes of the Sunday. Don't let your technology interfere - unless you are using it to read God's word. We watched the Acts visual bible the night before church. However, I raise this as an issue, for if we are tired, we are not going to enjoy church very much and we will not be in the mood for visiting.

Note for the really good people and all the less good people too: God loves all of you. Take a rest on your Sunday. These are supposed to be the best times of your lives: being with family and resting. On this next Sabbath, consider the Lord in your thoughts.

For those interested, here is the observance from Judaism 101 on Shabbat.

A purely biological consequence of observing Shabbat or the Sabbath: It gives the body an opportunity to heal. Downtime is essential to permitting the body to heal itself from sickness.

Lots of Christians want to experience what it is like to celebrate Shabbat as it was intended. The link above will help you recreate the experience for yourself. Make one for your family and closest friend.

Here is an online shabbat reference. It looks like a course.

For homemakers, 6 ingredient slow cookers recipes work for the Sabbath. Yet, I thought you might be interested in some originals. Shabbat Meal recipe source 1. Meal recipe source 2. Meal Source 3.

It is an even more interesting experience if you can find a practicing Jew to come over and explain the concepts as you go through. You do not have to celebrate the Sabbath as the Jews do, but they are able to tie the relevance of the culture to scripture. This is why it is an educational step in our spiritual growth.

Update: After reading Don Daee's books, I think that the Sabbath is a symbolic return to the status of man where he does not have to work for his living. There's always time to worship God. The rest on the Sabbath represents one day having God plant all our gardens, and we will reap what we do not sow. The land of milk and honey applied to the land of Israel, but it also applied in scripture to the second earth. It stands as a promise of what is to come. It will be what the Garden of Eve was intended to be.

Ecclesiastes 7: 1 - 4 — A Wise Man Thinks of Death

In Life There Is a Season  For All Things

In this book of the bible, there is one well known philosophy. That is, there is a time in life for everything. There's stages of life. We all live through each life stage. We advance slowly, so that for us going forward it seems very slow. Looking back, it seems like it went very fast.

One of the reasons talking to elderly is interesting is they offer personal insights into the events written into history books. They have a unique perspective on the meaning of life and turns of events. They are not the carefully scripted politically correct words in the narratives put into history books. My grandmother told me that she still held within her aged body the 16 year old, and the young girl who fell in love with my grandfather. Her perspective was that we are all the sum of our ages. All those life moments stay with us. She could remember it like yesterday.

I don't know how old the writer of Ecclesiastes was when he wrote it. He seems to have a lot of life experience. Here is the piece (or part of the piece I am reading today). Here is Ecclesiastes 7: 1 - 4.

The day one dies is better than the day he is born! It is better to spend your time at funerals than at festivals. For you are going to die and it is a good thing to think about it while there is still time. Sorrow is better than laughter, for sadness has a refining influence on us. Yes, a wise man thinks much of death, while the fool thinks only of having a good time now.

Okay, so when you read other verses in Ecclesiastes, the author does say there is an appointed time for each thing in life. He suggests men enjoy life. There are at least a few points in one's life routine when they should look to the future and that is not only to buy insurance or make their will which does benefit their family. They need to consider their own future and what might lie beyond for themselves. This should not only be when one's circumstances drive them to be sad. This future consideration should be academic, held out for times of well balanced analysis, for when one is sad there is a helpless tone to it.

What I mean to say is that we should have a habit of going before the Lord, not just when we are sad. The presentation of our matters before the Lord are to include our life decisions. At some point, we will be hit with grief. Those are the times for mourning, grieving, and crying before God in prayer. When we are approaching our own mortality, it is appropriate to grieve.

My interest in the future is to lay out a realistic understanding of what man is facing, hopefully to change my actions and life attitude, and to begin being more bold about having the tough conversations family do not want to have.

Tough Personal Conversations

Most times, we leave these conversations to parents who discuss them with their children in terms they understand. The conversations include matters of death, what comes later, and who God and Jesus are, and what faith in Him means. Even more, parents who know there is an eternal destiny grieve in advance for their children and pray for them daily, that they may know the Lord. There is a very important role mothers play. Mothers who know the Lord are the most committed prayers ever for their children. In Ian's testimony, his mother thought of the future. She was absorbed in grieving and holding her son up before the Lord, so that He would approach Ian before he died. Her part was to teach him the principles and truth. The Lord's part was to make sure he had his opportunity.

Why it does not hurt to think of death is because: as a Christian, when one dies it is better than their first birth. The day they join the Lord is the best day of their lives. Can this lead us to mourn non-stop for those we love? Better we mourn now for those we love during this life and have a few positive surprises when we get to Heaven than later on when it is too late. We are not supposed to be deadened with grief. We don't have to repeat the same issue to God every day, hoping that by repeating ourselves he will listen.

Your Book of Life

When I was 5 or 6, I just learned to write. I had learned how to write the names of my relatives. All I knew at that time about writing was limited. I wrote out a Book of Life of my own to set before God. In it, I wrote the names of my loved ones for whom I was most concerned. I wanted them to know the Lord like I did. I made the list, like children who write a list of toys they want for Christmas. As a Christian, often our scope (depending on our life's problems) becomes hazy. However, writing down the names of those you are concerned for is a helpful step. That means you can bring the list before God in your prayer time. Set the list down on the bed. Pray God will reach everyone on your list. Your little list can be a part of God's greater Book of Life one day. I had time at 5 to think of the things ahead. I don't think that we should continue non-stop through life without taking a break from time to time to really think about the future. Pull out the list from time to time and pray. God sees everyone's name on your list. He will attend to the details. Try to pull out the list at times when you are not sad. Have hope.

As I have another writing project before me, and some of my next posts may be smaller, for now please consider this. I spent some time on the website with testimonies. I look eagerly and expectantly to the future for good things. I want to know what heaven is like. As I've become older, I have discovered my great-grandparents loved God. I was told by my great-aunt. This is where my family is. Certainly, I hope so.

Looking Back on the Testimonies I've Read So Far

Some details in the testimonies are different. For example, in 2 testimonies, it said that person felt time in Hell could not be determined. In 3 testimonies, it said people in Hell could tell time. Am I going to let that bother me? No. I am just interested in hearing about their experience. What was the difference in the tellers of those stories? In the ones where they could tell time, they were accompanied by Jesus. In ones where they could not tell time, the person landed there on their own, or were not in conversation with Jesus about it. Beyond that, there is not much more to say.

How You Can Help Your Relatives

Here's the bottomline. Ian's mother stood in the gap for him. There is nothing she can personally do for Ian, as Ian's decision to accept Christ into his heart is his own. However, Christians can pray specifically for people that God will keep presenting them opportunities. As many opportunities as they need. They can pray for their family to have revelation of the supernatural world or of a supernatural God. They can pray alone or with that person that God will reveal himself to him. When there is noone to intervene and present the gospel to some people, God just intervenes and sends them an angelor Christ appears himself. God woke Ian's mother up at the time he was dying and she began intercessory prayer for him right then. God brought her former words and testimony to Ian at the right time for Him to recall. Her face appeared to him.

Intercessory Prayer — For Your Own Family and For Others and For Your Position of Influence

Standing in the gap means being obedient and praying for others whenever God calls you to pray at any time of the day or night and for however long that person is in distress. As a Christian, if you've not experienced this before, be aware that when our loved ones are dying, and we are given a head's up, cancel what you are doing and pray for their salvation and for them to be able to forgive those who sinned against them. In Ian's testimony, before he was admitted entrance to Heaven and given Life, he was given a review of people who most harmed him as a sampling. Their faces flashed before him. He had to forgive those men before he could have his own salvation. His own will had to die first and place Christ's will above his own. When we die, we are each going to face the Refiner's Fire, which is a brief assessment of our life. We will be tested for our ability to forgive. Those who don't - Christian or not, those who want to be judges in the place of Christ, join the judged. This is why it is useful to build the skill and attitude of forgiveness.

Most of my readers will be aware of standing in the gap when their family is having an operation. I prayed one day for the entire duration of my work day. The operation was during the day. I grieved and mourned at the same time, as I knew the chances this person would come out of the operation alive. They were slim. Really slim. As I worked, I cried on my breaks. Someone questioned that considering the nature of that day, perhaps I should have not been working. At this point, I agree. It would have been better for me to have been at home praying, however, God will take whatever we can give him. That person came out all right and he is alive today. These times obviously make sense. This is called standing in the gap for someone.

Prayer Changes Outcomes

So, moving into action from the intial step of considering what is coming ahead in death means to pray for your loved ones and other people you know. People who are committed to this may be asked to pray for others. Prayer changes people's outcomes. If we love them and are concerned for their outcomes, we can do only one thing, as we don't have the power to manipulate the things of either life or eternity. We need to pray. There are some amazing results of prayer when a church joins together and prays for someone. This Christmas at church, we had a miraculous event. The church gathered and prayed. Someone who could have died lived.

Imagine how many concerns you would have for people if you were either a leader or a King? I bring before my reader's consideration the life of Hezekiah in 2 Kings. He had political decisions to make. He brought the documents and laid them before the Lord to pray. 2 Kings is interesting in that it lays out several nation's leaders, their achievements, their predicaments, and what God thought of them. Hezekiah's life achievement was bringing water into the city shown in 2 Kings 20: 20. Since I've included themes of water in this blog, I can't help mentioning it. Anyway, Hezekiah is called a good King in the bible.

I want to go back a couple chapters. Chapter 18. There is a King Sennacherib of Assyria who threatened God's people and said really bad things about God. He told Israel,

"Noone can save you from my power" (Verse 19)
"Don't listen to Hezekiah when he says the Lord will deliver you." (Verse 31-32).

When adversity came, Hezekiah went to the Lord with the matter (Chapter 19:1)  Please note throughout this political challenge, Hezekiah kept bringing his documents, letters from his enemy, reports of the latest happenings before the Lord.

He recruited a team of others to mourn and approach Isaiah with the message of what had happened, so he could pray and receive wisdom from him. (Some are gifted with special relationships with God and hear him.) Isaiah brought the message God prepared back to Hezekiah concerning his prayers. God replied that there would be these consequences.

Chapter 19: Verse 5-7 The King of Assyria would return home, having received bad news, and will be killed on his return.

Chapter 19: Verse 34 God says, "...I will defend and save this city for the sake of my own name and for the sake of my servant David."

Chapter 19: Verse 35 In the night, of God's own will, he sent angels who killed 185,000 of the threatening army and left their bodies as evidence on the landscape.

Chapter 19: Verse 36 When Sennacherib King of Assyria returned home, and was worshipping his god in his temple, his two sons came in and killed him.

This is the stuff of movies. So this political battle was mounting on the nation's scale. This King who loved God and was knowledgeable about how to go about addressing God on his people's behalf averted danger and judgement from a King who was successful in conquering many other nations. Hezekiah was an intercessory prayer. He commanded his officials to also do this. He laid out the pertinent documents before God to let God consider them with him.

Each Lifetime Is Alloted Before the Lord

There was also a personal battle mounting. Hezekiah had reached the alloted time of his life before the Lord. (Hezekiah 20: 2) Isaiah went to advise him to set his affairs in order as it was his time. Everyone of us has an expiry date. The Lord considered it a good thing to give this Godly man a head's up he was going to die. He does this for the Godly. This gives us a bit of time to pray in advance, ask forgiveness, set our heart right before the Lord, and take care of the final matters we need to attend to.

Okay, I am not that abnormal. Hezekiah did the same thing I did. He approached God in prayer, barely uttered one sentence, and then went silent completely overwhelmed by sadness. He could only cry before the Lord. In that prayer time of crying before the Lord, God reconsidered his situation. Isaiah was at that time walking out of the courtyard of the King, and God stopped him and sent him back to the king. He was sent with this message:

...tell him that the Lord God of his ancestor David has heard his prayer and seen his tears. I will heal him, and three days from now he will be out of bed and at the Temple! I will add fifteen years to his life and save him and this city from the king of Assyria. And it will be done for the glory of my own name and for the sake of my servant David.

Then, Isaiah gave Hezekiah a procedure he had to follow through on. He recovered. Then, Hezekiah asked God for a visual sign that these things would come true. Isaiah and he agreed on a sign. The Lord turned the shadow on the sundial backwards 10 points instead of forwards. We are not supposed to test God, but we can ask him to show himself to us, so that we know for a fact we are hearing Him.


In Hezekiah's silent prayer before the Lord merely crying and not being able to say anything, he gained 15 years of life. He accomplished alot for crying. Thank you God!

God showed the future of this king's nation to him. Why would he do this? This equips Hezekiah to continue to do intercessory prayer for his people. You can pray to intercede for others:

  • for their salvation
  • for their political circumstance
  • for their health
  • for extending their life
You can do a lot in the context of giving your issues to God. Bring your most upsetting documents before the Lord. Tell him what you are upset about, or just cry about the things which are upsetting you before the Lord, and he will fix it.

Hezekiah Is a Really Good Person

I would like to nominate Hezekiah today as an RGP. He is a really good person! God bless him. When the enemy looked at him from the side of the road, he had to conceive a really big plan to trip him up. He sent Sennacherib. He sent a whole army. He insulted his people and him. He insulted the Lord. He asked for $1,500,000 in tribute (2 Kings 18:14). He really set Hezekiah up. Hezekiah prayed. For all the RGPs who identify with my last post, here is an example of a really good person before the Lord. Here is how he managed matters in his life. God considered Hezekiah's circumstances while he sat crying in prayer before the Lord. God did 2 things in close to the same time frame: He sent his angel and slaughtered his enemies. He added 15 years to his life.

Today, we do not have Isaiah. So, to get direct responses from God, we have to be able to hear God's voice. That is one of the purposes of inviting Jesus into our heart. If we need help hearing a specific message from God, we could place the need before a group of committed prayers. Then, God will bring you the wisdom you seek. You can hear His voice.

In a future post, I will help explain how fathers and husbands have been given a unique placement before the Lord to approach God as the priest for their families. I have some interesting stories to go with this. Please come back. There may be a lapse of time, as I have committed to editing a piece of writing for my cousin. I hope it will not be too long.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If Satan Can't Catch You on a Primary Offence, Then What?

This post is for extra-ordinarily good followers of laws, of the bible societal code, of the ten commandments, and for lovers of people. In this world, there are a few extra-ordinarily good people. I am not talking about the average guy who sins a couple times a day. I am talking about the guy or gal who has memorized the ten commandments by heart since they were a child. They have read the Psalms and are characters like David, who really love God and would if asked go and stand up to a giant. These are really good people who love God. In this category, I am also going to include extra-ordinarily good people who have grown up in a family with good principles. These families don't recognize that these principles and values actually came from God, but they follow these as they were brought up in them since they were young. These people show who they are by their actions. They value family. They are humanitarians. They are the really good boss at work. The RGPs of society include both saved and unsaved persons.

Consider our life like a big road. Here are these rule followers, who love the law, who vote to get good lawmakers in, who travel just 2 kilometres under the speed limit. They never take a drink before driving, just because they love humans and would shield them from any harm of their own personal action. These lovers of God would go out of their way to make sure the group who drank gets home. These are really good persons (the RGP).

Satan and his minions are sitting at the side of the road frothing over this incredibly good person. This person can be either saved or not saved, as Satan like Christ is working through the whole of one person's life to constantly draw them to the end. Seeing these good persons advancing (walking, driving...) along the road is a holy horror to the dirty creatures hovering about the traffic looking for lawbreakers for whom they can record infractions.

A bunch of these people will rarely have a speed fine, parking fine, or any fine. They want to obey rules. Rules help keep them feel safe and comfortable. On Earth, we have societal rules to provide a good home to all our population. At least, that is the overall esoteric purpose. All these people would not go to hell based on their batting averages if it was based on that. They are exceptionally good people. Yet, we do know that as God is a Holy God who cannot be in the presence of any sin; we can't be in the same physical place as Him if we bear the mark of sin on us. These good people have done something small wrong. Noone on Earth will ever know about it, except them in their soul.

So, Satan is watching all of the rule followers, whose sin may have been to not tell the whole truth when someone asked if a hat looked good on them or not, or lied to not create an offence to their neighbour. Their little sin was a covering sin to be good to someone else. He watches. That little will be enough. Good.

However, Satan does not like watching incredibly good people live happy lives. He is working in people who have given their lives to him early, in whom he creates imaginary hungers they need to satisfy, and plots their downfall. He is waiting to take that person down, bring them hurt, loneliness, and bitterness, and bring them to a place in which they will curse the God of Heaven who made them, which is basically like cursing themselves.

These people are not likely going to go to Hell based on primary offences. So then, Satan who hates all mankind equally is going to track them down on a secondary offence. He is going to set a snare of holy righteousness to get the bitterness and judgement attitude in place. It is obvious we are supposed to be nice to other good people. Satan will give this person an enemy they can really hate for really good reasons. He sets the man up. His best friend who he trusted sleeps with his wife. Her girlfriend's gossip brings social hatred to her, because she has not chosen to hate the new girl who does not wear brand name clothes.

These are not primary offences. They are secondary offences. These are the creation of sinful emotional reactions which are righteous feelings that the other really deserves judgement. They do. They actually really do deserve judgement. The really good person is not supposed to be the one to do it. They leave that privilege to God, their maker, who knows their whole history and will give them the best judgement for their sins.

Satan sets you up with your sin date, your sin complement, or sin acquaintance. He will pair the really good person with someone who really knows him, has access to dark spiritual forces, and who can do a really good doozy on them. This is why I recall the line, "Oh, what tangled webs we weave." I have no idea where it is from. Satan sets up the web and waits for the RGP to step into the web. Satan has a really good idea of our history and knows how to hurt us most. He has kept a diary about us, since we were born recording with glee our very first childhood and innocent lie at the age of 3. He's checking the RGP out all the time.

When Satan works for the RGP on a secondary offence, he seeks most to harm their emotions. He sends them reasons to be angry at their family, at colleagues, at neighbours, at people they meet on the road. The guy on the way to work flips the RGP the bird as he lets a person into his lane. He's going to treat the RGP like a non-person five or six times a day to erode their will. Then, he throws in a major offender against them. Now, its the top batter and the big league sinner. He sends someone to break into their house, kill their wife, and steal their goods.

Now, saved and unsaved persons - both RGPs are going to have a challenge. They go, "Really God, if you loved me, you would strike this person dead. Why do you who is holy let them live now and do these horrible things to others? I am going to help you rid this Earth of this unholy abomination. There are some things which would push the RGP to act. This is the secondary response to a primary lashing out to create a conflict. If a guy punches you, do you not have the responsibility to self-defend? Do you not have the responsibility to protect your family? Do you not have a right to? Here is our little problem for the RGPs. It is not that the answers to the first two questions are not a Yes. The issue is as soon as we let the little bit of right into our response equation, we have sinned. This sin is an emotional response which breaks contact with Christ and sets us up for the next big pitfall. Whether you hit them or not is immaterial. It is the attitude and intent and emotional response to take matters in one's own hands.

Today, if someone has done a reprobate harm to you, your wife, or your family, please lay this issue before God. Ask him to remove the unright spirit from you and ask him to take over the role of judgement. This will clear you to hear his voice. If you are presently not yet saved, you too can bring this issue before God, and he will fill you with peace. Go to the salvation prayer, or if you know it, pray the Lord's prayer from your heart and surrender your will to God's will. He will judge for you.

I know that RGPs spend their life wondering why it is that God permits the evil, really evil, men on Earth to live and carry on while they hold their fist up at God, spit at him, use his name in vain, and destroy those around them day to day. That is because they are deluded. They have this big delusion in front of their eyes and this is the only life they are ever going to get. This is their heaven. This is their only heaven. When they die, what they had on Earth will seem like heavenly circumstances to them for the rest of eternity. Here, they could eat, breath, wear clothes, drink fine wine, and listen to music they wanted to. This is all they have got! That is why the evil man is allowed to persist. God loves them. Despite their completely evil nature, God knows when they get to Hell, their bodies are going to be torn up in judgement. They are going to be exceedingly sad and repentent at the wrong time. So, God has to let these people also have their life, and each breath gives them one more breath to respond, "Jesus, come in." To take away that opportunity from them is a sin and can place the RGP into like circumstances of punishment for eternity.

Now really good persons, I speak for a moment directly to you. No matter what, in the really good person heart, we need to settle accounts. We are excellent at paying taxes. We support ambulance lotteries. There is an accounting being done on every thing you ever do. There are heavenly and hellish witnesses recording all of our secret sins and motivations. Here is the matter. Where we need to go, we need a VISA. Jesus is the man who gives us our travelling VISA to the heavenly realm. We need his stamp on our spiritual body to be accepted. If we don't have his stamp, we have a destination party in Hell. If we join Jesus in Heaven, we join a very huge family reunion, where we'll meet relatives we'll be close to we never even knew we had. Those people will be the best aunt ever, or most amazing cousin ever. You cannot underestimate the friendship of these relatives you've never met when you place the context of perfect godliness around it. If you felt alone on Earth, you will never feel alone in Heaven. You are going to be surrounded by other really good persons who accepted Christ.

In Luke 2: 22-51 regarding the story of the Jesus, note really good people that Jesus parents followed laws and these laws applied to how and what they did with their son and themselves. There was a purification ceremony 8 days after his birth where they dedicated their first son to the Lord. Every family dedicated their first born son to God. In their custom, God was setting a design so they could understand his eternal truth of giving up someone special to God's purpose. Then, when Jesus was 12, Jesus went for his first Passover with his parents to Jerusalem.

So, really good people listen. There was a great group of friends travelling together to Jerusalem for Passover. When they left, Jesus got lost in the mix. The parents assumed he was with one of their friends. Jesus was not. He went to the temple and became engrossed in a really good discussion about God with the teachers of the law. He did not notice time pass. The parents finally found him and they were angry. Jesus did nothing wrong. His response to his parents was not understood by them when he explained. Then, he submitted to them and gave them continued obedience all the time. Jesus did not do anything back to his parents for being anry with him. He just tried to be the best son possible. There was a possibility for mounting a big fight. Who has not seen a misunderstanding turn into a family volcano? Jesus was able to control his speech and his reaction.

Blessings on your day, RGPs. You are a pleasant site in the eyes of the Lord and He is most pleased you are a holy horror to the minions on the side of the road, going "Why is that person so loving and good? We are going to have to work really hard to snare his soul."

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Conversion During the Last Minutes of Life

Tonight, I read the testimony of Ian McCormack. He was a diver and surfer who travelled country to country to enjoy his sport. In Mauritius, on a dive, he was stung by five box jellyfish. He died in the hospital. He had a raucous trip to the hospital. He was focused on just keeping his eyes open before he died (youtube Video 9m 0s).

He had been taken to church in his life growing up. Ian was experiencing Christianity as a religion, not as a relationship. When he went to university and went out into the world, he chose atheism. Yet, he remembered the Lord's prayer from childhood - shown here in an earlier post. That, and his mother would regularly pray for him. The night he was dying, she was awoken by the Lord to pray for her son with a revelation he was dying.

 His mother had told him, "I’m not going to force you to come to church. But remember this one thing. Whatever you do in life, wherever you go, no matter how far you think you’ve gone away from God, remember this one thing; if you’re in trouble and in need, cry out to God from your heart, and he will hear you. He will really hear you and forgive you.”

He says, "I remembered those words. They stuck in my mind. But I decided that rather than be a hypocrite I wouldn’t go back to church because I had never really had an experience with God. It was basically just religion to me."

So, this story is about Ian's death and then his return. Ian literally had to use the words in his soul to finish his salvation prayer. His body mind was shutting down. He was struggling to survive with people around him not attending to get him to the hospital. He was dumped off like a piece of human trash at a hotel by a driver he begged for his life to. He endured several interactions with people who were not committed to his survival. He had lots to think about: survival and eternity.

In the youtube video, at about 19 min in, he tries to seek out to God, having been confused by seeing thousands of gods in his travels. His mother speaks the words he had been told when he was young, the words above were repeated to him. He asked God, "God show yourself." His mother said, "Pray from your heart." God gave him visual words like a PowerPoint to read and follow the prayer.

In the middle of dying, he called out to pray to God. He began praying the Lord's prayer, but could not remember. His salvation prayer was the Lord's prayer. He began it with his lips and trailed off. God brought the pieces back to the memory of his soul. He finished his prayer in his soul.

He chose to come back to tell of his encounter to others who would not be saved without his testimony. He came back for his mother who prayed for him everyday of his life. When God dropped Ian back in his body, he instantly healed all the jellyfish stings. He was completely healed.

How close was Ian to being left in permanent darkness in Hell? Very very close. If he had not prayed in the ambulance, Jesus told him he would have had to be left in the darkness he first experienced when he died. He would have been left there till the day of judgement. (youtube - 42 min)

Note: Time: In his brief text account of Hell, it seemed to have no time. Those around him could not tell time.

Body in death: He knew he had arms and legs in his spirit, but could not touch them or his face. He had a transparent body. (youtube video - 26 min 50s).

Jesus as the door: To the new Earth paradise which was impressed on Ian as Ian's home. 2 Peter: 3: 10-18

Salvation call: youtube 39 min 30s - 40 min 30 s, 45 min - on

A text version of his story is here:

Prefer video? Here is Ian's dramatized story (like a movie) on youtube (52 m 33 s):

  1. Glimpse to eternity by Ian McCormack - A True Story ... - YouTube

    Sep 25, 2011 - Uploaded by Fernando Peña
    A great testimony from Ian McCormack on his death experience, he was ... Ian McCormack - NDE - former ...

  2. Ian McCormack: A Glimpse of Eternity HD - YouTube

    Apr 25, 2011 - Uploaded by biddenhelpt
    Ian McCormack- Ein Atheist begegnet Jesus Teil 2by jugend4jesus 1,355 views · 11:31. Watch Later ...
I looked for this specific video, but the exact length does not match. Hopefully, one of these are the video as a movie.

An interview based video set:

  2. *** I am reviewing this one anew. This is pretty good. What a great testimony!

Can the Pursuit of Beauty Be a Barrier to Christ?

This post is directed to women.

Meditation: Ezekial 16: 15

Can the pursuit of beauty be a barrier to Christ? Well, I am going to say yes. The challenge of this response is going to be in formulating the argument. This is a complicated argument because in reality, we are supposed to love and care for ourselves.

What is beauty? Beauty is all the natural exquisite physical allure, grace in gestures and movements, and exuding of taste in self-care that one being can contain. It radiates off a person like light off of stars. Seeing a beautiful person is like seeing an absolutely gorgeous flower at full bloom which gives off its scent, is lit to show off its colors, and its attraction is set to draw all the bees, ants, and insects.

For people, there is internal beauty. This is aside from beautiful gestures and movements. Internal beauty is a gradual revelation of beautiful attitudes in a person which make them different from all the others in their environment. The person is humble, honest, and kind in their treatment of others. I find this very beautiful and attractive. It is beauty for which the person possessing it offers it as just an aside of who they are to others, without constantly seeking other's praise for being beautiful. It is the sort of beauty which does not test its limits which seeks to manipulate a neighbour with beauty. It does not need the constant feeding of visual acknowledgement of seeing another who sees your features gaze in their moment of astonishment.

To achieve the first kind of beauty, there is much training, products, and material goods which can help achieve it. We can't do much with our bone structure, but we can take care of our skin and eat properly.
We can select clothes which compliment our shape and skin tones. We can take courses to increase our grace in movement: dance, modelling, and acting. We can learn what beauty choices most compliment our own natural beauty features. We can spend time in salons to achieve beauty. We can wear gorgeous clothes and jewelry to become more beautiful. These are a large range of human manipulations and control measures we can use to modify or set our personal beauty standard. Thankfully, these exist. Afterall, women love to see their girlfriend's new haircut, perm, color, or style.

For the second type of beauty, I find my sibling to have it. He is my brother. He is married. I think he has this internal beauty. He was very gorgeous as a teen and young man. Today, he looks like a Dad and husband. He was completely unaware of his own good looks. How this was measured was by his own treatment of himself and others. It was measured by responses of my girlfriends. All my girlfriends would say, "Who is that fine looking young man?" I could say with joy, "That is my brother." He treated others nicely. He did not seek constant acknowledgement of his own good looks. He did not stare in the mirror at himself. He spent some time in the gym, but it was not his obvious obsession. One of the comments I received about him was that he was gorgeous, but did not act like he knew it. This is internal beauty.

Some women possess this internal beauty. The more you get to know their character, the more gorgeous they are. Men who marry these women have an opportunity through their actions to make these women particularly radiant. When they talk of their husband and family, women radiate sunshine in who they are. I find this second type of beauty more appealing. There are so many strategies one can use to achieve the first type of beauty, that the second one birthed in character is more rare.

For young women dating who possess beauty, fathers should protect them just a bit more and keep advised of their friendships to shield them from predators and manipulations. In the Song of Solomon, it says of young girls that they are to be held from access from those who seek their beauty. If they are a door, they are to be enclosed in panels of cedar. (Song of Solomon 8:8) It is parent's responsibility to protect and guide and fulfill their children. Parents teach their children to love and value themselves. They teach them how to pick out potential partners who will continue to invest in their child's best.

Now, I address the premise: Can the pursuit of beauty be a barrier to Christ?

The pursuit of beauty costs money. Some of our beauty features are naturally held. It is part of our unique gifting of God. Seeking beauty enhancements, treatments, clothing, make-up, courses, and jewelry (the list could go on and on), cost money. Society values beauty. These products and services are often expensive, though women can find less expensive strategies and products and still be beautiful.

Spending money on beauty begins with someone else creating the self-perception you are not beautiful enough. I came home one day from having spent 15 minutes with a salesman of beauty products and services. He criticized my features and convinced me I had quite a few noticeable flaws. My husband was upset. We both knew his purpose was to sell services and products. Yet, his job involved assisting and evaluating women. This led me to unwillingly weight his opinion. I was discouraged and sad. This is the emotional need placed upon women by marketing.

Women want to be more beautiful. It is a natural desire to at minimum be able to benefit from the natural aspects of beauty which we have. If our features our criticized, we have a psychological desire to improve our flaws. Women will naturally have a need to buy beauty solutions to overcome what they consider their deficiencies.

How could the pursuit of beauty become a barrier to Christ? In four ways.

1. We could be so beautiful, we are full of pride. Arrogance and pride are not beautiful to God. That arrogance leads us to use our beauty as a means to an end. We can use our beauty to manipulate others. We can use it to get ahead at work. We can use it to sell. We can use it to convince others. We can use to compete with other females in our direct circumstance. We can begin to use humanity as a mirror of personal engagement by dressing to evoke reactions.

2. We could pursue beauty at all cost. We could spend lots of money on beauty procedures and products. We could spend much of our time attaining beauty. Time and money are a few of the key investable elements of this life. Both time and money can be invested in God's purposes, or in our own. Say a beauty cream set costs $700. Having it, a woman can be very very beautiful. Giving that $700 to missions could invest in feeding a child or sending someone to a new environment where there is a soul ripe to meet God. Which is the better investment? Should the woman who desires beauty buy the cream set or give money to missions or a child ministry? It is a tough choice. However, I know one very very beautiful person who chooses to not buy the procedure she wants, and chooses to give to the poor.

3. We could pursue beauty at the expense of others. We don't pay the cost. Perhaps we displace the cost of our beauty on our husband or on our parents. We could steal from others to get the resources required to pursue beauty. We need either beauty products, clothes, or jewelry from others, so we will steal from someone we know so we can to achieve beauty.

4. We use our beauty we think we possess to lead others into sin. I am not developing this one very far. This can be done. It can include destroying another man's family. I believe God loves families. I think to break up a family would not be valued by God. Breaking up a marriage would clearly displease God. It is wrong.

The thing about beauty is that it is tied to our own self-perception and that can be manipulated by lies of the enemy, false notions of self, manipulations of others, and basic reactions of others. We tie our own self-acceptance and notions of whether we are beautiful to whether we are accepted by others.

The problem is though that others are naturally sinful and may have their personal needs of self-fulfillment at stake.They have their own political needs to meet in a given circumstance. Can you trust responses of others directly around you when there is a complicated web of desires around you? Why would they acknowledge your beauty? What is in it for them? The issue here is that others don't really have any personal buy-in to acknowledge you are beautiful. Your parents and your husband should. If you do not get any outside acknowledgement of beauty, except from your husband and family, this is just fine.

My point here for how beauty becomes a barrier between us and Christ is: With due pressure from the outside world and from political circumstances we live in, we can become quite convinced we are not beautiful, or do not possess the traits of beauty, or that the specific flaws we possess are permanent barriers to being seen as beautiful. We do not think we are beautiful. We begin to place the pursuit of beauty above Christ and above others. We have a slaking thirst for beauty like pirates for treasure. We will do anything within our power, control, means and manipulations to get it. We hope that if we reach for some beauty product, instrument, or process that somehow we will be able to make up the difference.

We could be living in self-delusion. We are beautiful. (That does not sell products!) How horrible to believe a lie and waste all our endeavors trying to become something we already are! We need to start by loving ourself with what we believe are our own flaws.

As a person, my pursuit of beauty can become a barrier to Christ when it leads me to dislike myself, to abuse or manipulate others, or to spend loads of money on beauty to enhance my own self-concept of value. If this happens, and we realize we have been pursuing beauty at all cost, bring this before the Lord.

His first order of action would be to confirm you are beautiful. He died to save you. You are made in his image: who can't be beautiful when they are made in the image of Christ? You were bought with an expensive cost to Christ! You cost him his Earthly life. You were bought from slavery and sin with his blood. If our commercial transaction to buy beauty meant handing over our life blood, not many of us would buy it. You are completely worth it!!!

Okay, maybe I have been a little crazy on myself. Maybe I am a bit hyper-critical. Maybe I spend too much time and money on beauty products. I should look in the mirror and love that person looking back at me. I would like to mention one more thing. Did you know we live on this Earth with a whole bunch of genetic and appearance twins? We look like someone else. Someone else out there looks absolutely identical to us. By some accident I encounter my twin. Would I ever apply the misconception that that person was ugly to them? Never. So, why would I look at myself and think I am ugly. Why would I focus on all my faults?

Here is the final solution. Bring the matter before the Lord. I am asking you to pray. If you are so sad about this you can't pray, address God, and sit in silence for as long as you can. Cry. If you can, tell God what you dislike. Tell him how you feel. God, who loves us more than anyone in this world, will provide a way for you to have that which embarrasses you changed. He will find the way and you will be surprised. The money will come. The opportunity will come. He will do it. You don't have too. God does not expect us to live sad lives if there is a real cause to be embarrassed. He will assist you in determining if you are being unreasonable with yourself. He will help you recognize the attitudes and judgments which are real and those which are false. If you need a procedure or product, he who is the giver of all good gifts, will give you what you need.

I have like every human many needs. When we pray, we bring before God our prayer requests. We keep a list. One day, I did this. I had read God's word. I addressed God in prayer after. All I did was open, "God,..." I trailed into silence. I cried for half an hour. That's all I did. I could not talk to him. I could not tell him my list of needs. All that I could do was cry. I brought my extreme sadness before God's contemplation. At the end of the prayer, I thought I had accomplished nothing. As I closed of my prayer with an "Amen", I heard a voice. It said, "Donna, you don't need to tell me anything. I know all of your needs."

Two minutes after closing the prayer, I found something I had been searching for for 2 weeks. Within 2 minutes of the prayer, it was in my hands. I felt an immediate joy that God meant it. I could not ask for it. He delivered it without asking. So, if beauty matters to you, bring this matter before the Lord, and be encouraged, as he will answer. Even more, He will give you the more rare beauty derived from character.

Don't let beauty be a barrier to Christ. It could lead one done a path of destruction and self-deception. Don't let it. If someone has to be in control of your beauty, let it be Christ. Finally, there are many inexpensive routines and products which satisfy our beauty needs as much as expensive ones. Thanks to Oprah and Dr. Phil and his wife, women have had a lot of exposure to great solutions which are not expensive. These solutions allow us to maintain our beauty and not break the bank. If the finances available to oneself are adequate, there is nothing wrong with buying a worthwhile expensive beauty product or service. Just be aware of your attitudes about yourself and how that fits in with your life.

If I have any beauty, I want that acknowledgement others give me to be directed as praise to God. When I see beauty in another person, I thank God for being a wonderful creator.

Afternote: In the Columbian youths' visit to Hell in the second testimony available online, they encountered a woman who was in Hell for the pursuit of beauty. She thought that jewelry could enhance her personal self-worth. She was sure the ugliness and punishment she wore on her arms and around her neck were her jewelry from Earth. She was living in permanent self-delusion telling her visitors that these were her last few pieces of jewelry.

Were that woman alive, this post would be directed to her, to help her understand she does not need jewelry and perfume to be beautiful. She was already created beautiful by God. Given that I cannot reach this particular woman, I am launching this post out there to women who could be seeking beauty before God or who are confused that beauty can be bought.

The woman stole on Earth to get her jewels and perfume. We've all seen great movies about stealing jewelry. I don't know if she specifically stole the beauty products or if she stole the money to buy the beauty products. Either way, the jewelry and perfume she wore in life was gotten by illegitimate means. Her punishment was the perfume she held and could not withhold spraying on herself burned her with acid. This person knew the Lord in her life, but she could not satisfy her personal needs to enhance her self-worth in the area of beauty. Her beauty needs became a barrier between her and Christ.

Extension: Read all of Ezekial 16, especially the latter part of the chapter.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Having Peace With God

“Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” Revelation 22:17

Readers, here is a presentation on a website with either text or video, to summarize the message of Christ.

How to Have Peace With God

This is a five page presentation each with a video and with all kinds of young people (teens and in their twenties) who have found Jesus could help them with not liking who or what they were. None of these people are perfect, but they are ransomed, and in the process toward being made new.

Jesus Gave His Life a Ranson For Many

There is a community blog called Ransom. On it, some key questions are launched to internet readers and they are invited to share their story as a video or as text. Here is the story of Trevor Bayne, the winner of NASCAR 2011:

Race Car Driver Testimony

Please notice how Trevor surrendered the control of his life to God and he finally felt emotionally close to God. He moved from being a lukewarm church attender to being transformed and on fire for Christ. In his areas of activities in life, he experienced triumph. He also experienced defeat. In a set of discouraging circumstances, he had great comfort in walking through the hard time with Christ. Having a personal relationship with Christ means working on that relationship is not work. It is a joy. Knowing Jesus becomes your desire. Notice readers how God permits this young man to seek his own personal initiatives in the midst of him learning to serve and communicate with God. Being in relationship with Christ means Christ helps meet his and your initiatives together.

The groundwork and precepts for this blog are described here:

Ransom Community Sharing

Consider the stories of these people to see how being involved with Jesus looks. How did Jesus work in their lives? You may load your own story.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Can a Person Romance Their Way to Hell?

This particular post is directed to women. Romance is a 12th Century concept. That was when soaps were invented in the form of plays. Women's roles in love and romance were first presented in theatre to entertain in court (Cantor, Norman F., Civilization of the Middle Ages, seeking my book for verification). That was when romance was socially acknowledged. It has existed between man and woman back through history.

I have this question. Can a person romance their way to Hell? Romance is an absolutely beautiful, worthy, and wonderful concept about a relationship between Man and Woman. It is about the engaging of feelings between them tied into mutual bonding of families, of life purposes, of friendship, and of meeting each other's needs. Is there anything better?

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette speak of young love and romance. Young Romeo and Juliette place the ideal of being together above their own lives. They can't bear to live without one another. This is a great concept (it testifies to the strength of their love), except that it introduces the idea that romance is more important than one's own life. Romance is really important, but it is not a replacement for a fulfilled life. It cuts of all opportunities for future fulfillment, life experience, and personal growth, because one can only see one circumstance in front of them. They want that other beloved more than anything else about their life.

Just as anything in this life can be a form of idolatry, being in love with love could be a misdirection of our values and decision making if it leads one to consider ending their life. One is ending their life for a valued reason and valued part of this Earth and Humanity. In the analysis of the ends over the means though, it is not good.

I don't know when most young people get engaged in reading Harlequin romances. My favorite author was Barbara Cartland. I began reading her books at 12 years old. I think by the time I was 15, I probably had read my fill. I began to read more about academics and sciences after that. This led me to be full of romantic ideas and expectations about what to look for in a future relationship. The ideals and wonderful realizations that character's have that they are in love after all - that is beautiful. It is human interaction poetry. What the negative concept in there may have been, and I don't blame the beautiful story writing at all, was I believed in the concept of there being one right guy. Absolute romanticism.

The second piece of that was that if it does not work out, the Shakespeare concept that if it does not work with this person, my life is over. This is a negative belief. I think that some of the Harlequin's need to model healthy break-ups as well as healthy get-togethers. They should show that if it does not work with one guy, it will work out with the next. They should model healthy self-development for young women.

Well, it is a bit normal for first relationships to have problems. All people take a little while to build human socialization skills and how to better interact in relationships. It is pretty normal to have a few relationships fail when a person first tries to be in a romantic relationship. That's what dating is for. It is about trying and messing up a few times, so that one can learn about how to become a better partner, about whether that other partner is suitable, and to judge whether that relationship merits further investment.

Being in a successful relationship is a skill. It is not automatically experienced. So, my point here is that if people have a few miscarriages of romance, accept them. Figure out what you/they did right. Figure out what you/they did wrong. Do an assessment of your relationship abilities and needs. Try again. It's okay to have a failed relationship. People around you should just accept you tried. Trying is better than never knowing if it would work. Build all the skills you learned which are good into your next romance. (Being sad over a failed love opportunity is a waste of one's life energy. It should not sap who you are. You are complete with and without another person.)

My personal symbol of a romance is a garden. That symbolism is in the Song of Solomon - there it is a wine vineyard. That is the bible's romance book. A romance is sort of the seeding stage which needs to solidify into commitment which precedes building a home and a family. Maintaining a garden takes solid advice, noticing trends in the weather, notices invasion into the walls from weeds, treats the soil, and requires constant surveillance and attention to continue to build healthy plants and final food production and flowers.

I used to lead debates. I loved to launch the topic to students: Love at first sight exists. There's a number of variations one can make on this topic. It was very fun to hear the arguments pro and con. This topic generated animated debate. Everyone needs to work through in their own mind what they actually believe on this topic. What are their beliefs about love? What does love look and feel like? What sort of outcomes does love bring? Is love about bringing one pain and suffering? Is it about deceptions? Is it about manipulation? Is it about competition? Is it about removing or distancing your social networks (like family via impolite interactions)? If it includes these things, maybe it isn't love.

Maybe you and your partner need to review and build common concepts on how to love one another together. I think that love should be about being aware of building both partners up like a bridge across two cliff faces. The structure becomes solid with communication, self-assessment, awareness, and learning relationship skills.

Another question to ask yourself about love: Will your relationship bring natural conflict because two people live on different ethics and values systems? Romantic conflict will build no matter what if one is with someone who is not on an even keel with themself. Knowing another person's value/ethics base requires seeing them in a variety of contexts and how they treat people. This is a significant element of assessment as to whether a couple should marry.

Now, let's assume I have achieved a perfect romance. I have that love. It includes everything it should be. I am absolutely in love with my partner. Would I place that romance between me and God?

How could this happen? Let's say me and my beloved want to be together in our afterlife. We are not really sure of what's ahead. We've heard all the theories. What we know for sure is: we want to be together. We make a sort of love pact. We decide no matter what we are making a common spiritual decision to ensure that we will end up in the same place together. We are doing this for romantic purposes. The threads of this desire exist in the movie series The Mummy. However gruesome the Mummy is, as a romantic, you sort of fall for the mutual attraction and value of love that the two in love characters feel which ties them across time and destinies and manipulating those destinies.

What would happen to two absolutely in love lovers who both land in Hell? I asked my husband. We discussed some theories. We think like in the movies, if two people were in absolute love with each other, they would be forced to watch each other be hurt. That pain for the other would be heartbreaking. Satan would want to counter love and would do it this way. Two lovers ideas and being caught in neverending punishment: they would regret their love pact; they would not be able to evoke the same love feelings they had on Earth. So, these are just my thoughts. They don't come from any revelation. They come from my debate and argumentative mind. (It's not like this has not been presented over and over in movies in the context of human conflict.)

Somewhere in the balance of each person who achieves romance and uses tactics and manipulations to control the access and quality of that romance, each person has to fit into that equation how to serve God in the context of that romance. A lot of this has to do with learning to die to self and learning how to value and esteem the other's needs. Really, this comes down to being willing to try. It includes learning how to forgive. It includes learning to die to egotism and pride if we are betrayed. It includes being able to cover the other with prayers and helping them progress along to being more in step with God.

So, if you are a woman in love with love, which I have been, bring the searchlight of Christ into your mind to help you assess the wisdom of your love decisions. Ask yourself if the romance dreams you have could in any way be impacting your success as a person or your relationship to God. Romance and romantic dreams should not place a barrier between us and Christ; they should not tie us to sin either through our own desire nor through the sins and habits of the partner. Simply acknowledge your condition, tell God you want him involved, and ask for guidance.

If you have had a recent heartbreak, I speak to you. I have had many heartbreaks. I speak from experience. Just because another person does not value you does not mean you are not worthwhile. You always were, are and will be worthwhile. This is a lie spoken to us through rejection. You are an absolutely beautiful person who is worthy of all God's best. Keep positive. Be good to yourself. Love yourself like Jesus loves you. Give yourself a break. Laugh at yourself. Get a couple pictures taken which value how gorgeous you are to yourself. Go out with girlfriends. Increase your social network. Keep your eyes open for another opportunity. Sparkle!

My final stand: I believe a person can romance their way to hell. This is because they can be completely blind and in love with someone who deters them from seeking God, or who destroys their personal, family, or moral fabric. These makeups around us are supposed to make us stronger socially and more knit together personally. If a person is in love with someone who is bad for them, but is in love with love in first order, they are casting their lot completely on the other person and abdicating their own power to choose happiness. If one chose a love pact to meet their lover in a common place after they die, and that happens to be a choice to be where God is not, they could romance their way to Hell.

(The point of this blog post is to show readers how quickly something that seems good and right and valuable if placed in the wrong context of being a block between a believer and Christ can quickly become something wrong. A person needs to keep their life open to assessment between them and the Lord.)

Why Are People Having Visions and Stories to Share?


Joel 2:28

It shall come to pass after this that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.

In each of the visions, Jesus purpose for the vision was to send a messenger back to humanity and to Christians who do not believe in Hell or have not had it emphasized in their teachings. At the same time, he demonstrates lots of reasons to have hope in him enduring hardships (and even destruction) to this body, knowing that evil can't touch our future with him.

In the end times, there will be visions and testimonies. These are to permit believers to strengthen their faith. Believers are intended to hold fast when enduring hardship and to resist temptation. These are revelations which are to draw humanity to Christ. We are to live for Christ.