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I Bought a Lily

So, I took pictures. Most of them are up on Fine Art America.

However, I have links here for you to see. I am referring you to my Plants Gallery. It is just a bit less crowded and easier to pick the lilies out. I got a few nice snaps showing the pollen. I like those.

Donna's Easter Message

God is a redeemer,
Kind, loving, and true,
He sent his son Jesus to die for me and you,
Jesus forever perfect,
Us loathing sinners,
His love everlasting,
Wraps around his young believers,
At Calvary he died
Barring out our sin,
That we may live forever,
With God the Father and Him,
So come all you people,
All that you must do is ask for forgiveness,
And for Jesus to come into you,
Merciful is he,
My Lord, my Saviour from Galilee,
He loves us all the same,
No matter from where we came.
His pure love accepts us all
Despite all we may have lived, done or been.

Poetry Copyright Donna Munro.

Here are the associated images I co-created with my Grandmother Niccolls:

Colored Background-Jesus

Here are the three promo pages: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Here is an explanation of how to accept this Jesus as Your Savior:  Read Sarah's Letter.

This is a reinterpretation of a previous image I posted. In the image, I kept my grandmother's original initials and added in my own.

Why this image is meaningful to me is that I hope that Jesus will reunite me with my loved ones on the other side of death's door.

I am still playing with the words in my poem. I changed 2.

My grandmother is responsible for giving me at least 6 of my bibles. She was an evangelist in her early Grandma days. My siblings all received the same.

For my visitors, search this blog for the title "Easter". You will find a bunch of posts on the topic. These are meant for your edification.

St. Patrick and The Book of Eli


My grandmother died on St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick died on St. Patrick's day. My great-grandmother always celebrated it with her children: pinning a shamrock on their dress and providing a treat. It was a family special day.

I am interested. This link below is a research link on St. Patrick. I am looking it up to reflect on the importance of St. Patrick's day in my family. Here is is:

There are some interesting things about St. Patrick. Like the Israelites, he was captive for a time. When he was freed, he had a renewed spirit for God. There God trained him to look after sheep. Good training. The metaphors of care for sheep translate naturally to caring for a flock of people.

When St. Patrick theoretically banned snakes from Ireland, he was banning Satan's hold on Ireland. The snake is a sort of identify marker of who Satan is. I will explore this more as I examine the identity markers of Satan and how they translate into the reality of Hell. The snake is talked of in Revelation 12 which is part of this study.

In the testimonies and visions, the woman who had the beauty idol had a snake wrapped around her wrist that she thought was jewelry. On her arm, she carried the identity mark of Satan.

The fact that St. Patrick used bonfires to promote God - it is the closest teaching tool to teach about God. It is God's symbol. Yes, it is judgement. On the other hand, used for edification, fire is amazing for man. It provides warmth, heat, a place for several to gather. Just looking at the flames is like looking at the handwriting of God.

Study Instructions: I just updated this post with more scripture. Please note for this study, I recommend both a print bible and the online bible. I find materials faster in print. To read fast, you need print. Online reading is okay, but slower and not as easy to scan. You are required to look up 8-9 scriptures. Computer gamers will be very interested in this study. It is full of description and characters and action and quests. This set of scriptures to follow has not all been captured in a movie, but presents some interesting material for future movies. I was captivated by the detail.

Guided by a vision, St. Patrick walked 200 miles. Would you?

I just watched the movie The Book of Eli.  It is not exactly a religious movie. It is Hollywood style. Yet, as a movie it meets the criteria of being excellent Easter education and a model of being obedient to visions given from God. Denzel Washington plays the lead. His character is called Eli. Who is Eli in the bible? When Jesus shouted out to God from the cross, he shouted Eli. It is: My God.  The book was the book of God in the movie. It was not Elijah or some other book of the bible. In this movie, the nomad Eli had a vision from the Lord and He told him to walk west. He did. Eli walked and kept walking. That's what this movie is about. What else is it about? There's more.

Scripture: Mark 15:34

New King James Version (NKJV)
34 And at the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” which is translated, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”[a]
  1. Mark 15:34 Psalm 22:1
This movie The Book of Eli  teaches the premises of servanthood to God. If you are God's servant, anticipate your enemies to fall. Be faithful. Be pure. Be ready. Be filled. If there is a higher purpose to be fulfilled, that's when you must be prepared to have your blood poured out in the sight of man and be made a fool of. You blood on the ground is precious to God. It is an everlasting symbol of your love. There was a point where Eli could have cried out this lamentation above. He was left for dead with a bad knee. He was shot in the knee.

The role of the man in this movie - like John the Baptist was, there's going to be 144,000 men called to stay pure, to be God's witnesses, to live as a testimony for Him to the nations, and all these men are going to die the death of disciples. Their lives will have been fore-destined for this purpose from before their birth, with instructions to parents to raise their sons as ministers for God, just like John the Baptist was. I declare this as my intuition - as it follows the type of what God lays out for these servants. There's going to be 144,000 types of John the Baptist all with different names that will be as well known one day as the one we can name. In Heaven, there will be no challenge knowing people's names.

Did you see in the movie The Book of Eli when Eli was shot? His adversary said, "Where is your God who saves now?" That's pretty extreme emotional abuse and an accusation that God does not care. He used you. You are worthless. There is a point when a man has had all he can bare.

Please note the accusation Jesus withstood:

Scripture: Mark 15: 33-35  The Death of Jesus
33 At noon, darkness fell across the whole land until three o’clock. 34 Then at three o’clock Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which means “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”[af]
35 Some of the bystanders misunderstood and thought he was calling for the prophet Elijah. 36 One of them ran and filled a sponge with sour wine, holding it up to him on a reed stick so he could drink. “Wait!” he said. “Let’s see whether Elijah comes to take him down!”

The accusation stands in this circumstance that Jesus is just a man. There is a man ultimatum that Jesus was to prove himself by taking himself off of the cross or rather here specifically--that Elijah would come take Jesus off the cross.

In our near future, there will be 144,000 saints walking this earth. All these men will be called to die brutal deaths in public. They are going to be left behind on purpose, while all the other Christians on earth who have made firm commitments to Jesus are raptured. If you've seen the brutality in the Passion for Christ, anticipate the same.

Everyone who watches will be inspired one way or the other. Either they will say, there is truly no God who would allow this to happen to their committed follower. Or they will say, there is no way such men could endure this if they were not filled with God. People will look on in a daze watching these men spread across the world in their experience die horrible deaths, with their blood flowing across the ground. It will be the epitome of social success for the Beast and for Satan.

If you read about the establishment of the Israelites, you will see how God always organized men in tribes for battle. What is unique about these men is they are all Jews: 12,000 of each tribe. Each and every man will be called to never know a woman. They will be called to chastity.  Every single man who dies will be part of Christ's battalion when he comes back to fight the battle of Armageddon. For the very short time they are in Heaven, they will be trained for battle.

If there were such a thing as a religious aristocracy, there will be one in heaven and on the second earth. However, it will be very different than what we know on this earth. These men will be honored for eternity for pouring their lives out for Him. They will be clothed differently and carry a different mark than others to show that they stood for Christ: losing their life as a martyr in brutal demeaning ways and as a public spectacle, and then fighting the last stand on earth to beat down the Anti-Christ in his war against Heaven.

All these men are going to be really good persons who also have faith in Christ. Why would God leave behind 144,000 perfectly obedient men to die in public?  It is His last effort to reach out to the yet undecided man who has not taken the Mark of the Beast. It is one of His efforts to show man God is, that Jesus is His son, His earth ambassador, and we need to know and follow Him. Prior to their deaths, these men are going to ambitiously declare the message of God to the people and may live similar plot lines to the main character Eli played in The Book of Eli. Jesus' death was a type of what would follow for men who serve God. In some cases, it means taking on the same type of punishment laid out for Jesus.

I have a scriptures for you. Read these.


Mark 13 is Jesus teaching about the last days. Most of Mark 13 in my bible are red - a symbol that the words were said by Jesus.

Mark 14-15  The earthy High Priest - see that his life was embedded in political aims of control, pride, and selfishness. He had to fit in his social group. He condemned the Great High Priest. This is why Jesus needs to be our High Priest. God needs someone who will not allow themselves to become corrupted in their service.

Mark 15: 39 The Roman officer witnessed Jesus expelling His spirit. He watched and acknowledged, "Surely, this is the Son of God."

Mark 15: 44  Pilate could not believe Jesus was already dead. Something about his death convinced him Jesus' death was unusual.

In Daniel 11: 33-34, it says the servant who preach God's word will be overcome by people pretending to either be helped or help. Satan knows the intentions of our heart - even that which is good and tempts us with it. We want to save souls - the liar says I am ready to be saved and you follow him or the liar says I too want to stand beside you and help you minister and is insincere. For these men, they need to practice discernment and that discernment even in the face of what seems honest and sincere. Daniel 11: 33-34 has a bit of plot similar to the movie The Book of Eli.  There's excitement in these men's lives.

All of Daniel 11 and 12 is relevant to the story of these men. It discusses the greater political intrigue.

I had a life truth follow me in the last couple days. One came to me saying how much he loved Mother Theresa. I finally realized the words were untrue and meant to lead me somewhere I could be attacked. Not everyone coming to us with sincere seeming requests has good intentions for us. If Satan knows our heart is bent on redeeming others, in the midst of ministry, he sets out traps. For this, servants need constant prayer.

As well in the couple verses about the saved falling - the fall refines them and they grow from it.

Revelation 12 is about all the avenues of destruction Satan has taken to prevent man from being reconciled to God. The baby born to the woman is both mankind (all) and Jesus - the means of our salvation. The woman is the faithful left on earth. Even Mary who received Jesus in her body, did so in faith. Verse 17 - is these 144,000 and the 2 witnesses who come down from Heaven and those left who were not raptured, but have some heart affection for Christ and made a commitment after. Once Satan has tried to go destroy the raptured church and fails, he goes after all the faithful on earth. God actually opens the earth to swallow the waters thrown after the woman escaping from the dragon. God opened the earth before: the flood, and to create the oceans. It is not often He does this.

Zechariah 1: Jesus stands on his red horse in heaven consulting with his scouts and warriors about the status of his captive wife. He is making plans to come, but is enthusiastically hearing reports, and waiting for the right time to come and get her. He does not want the snake or dragon to have either his wife or her child (mankind).
Daniel 10. Daniel asked God for something. I do not know what it was. He was full of sorrow for 3 weeks. Jesus brought him news 21 days later. It took Him 21 days of battle just to get to Daniel and then he had to fight all the way back to Heaven after. Please note that Daniel had to put down pride in his character for God to come and answer him. Also note that this Jesus' eyes was full of flames of fire. He was a man of fire. He was a refining fire - another of His traits. This corresponds to Daniel 3: 16-17, 3: 24-38 (might be vs 30 as the end), Daniel 6: 1-11, and Daniel 7: 9.

The point is if we wait for an answer to prayer, we need to be patient and not be self-righteous, as we do not understand the battles in the heavenlies going on to answer our prayer. All we might be asking is for God to send someone a message or to hear from God.

To get around in Heaven, there's boundaries of good and evil, and angels and demons are fighting up there like it was the Boer War. So, be patient to hear your request. Lean on God and faint not. So, feel free to find this verse.

Zechariah 9: 8-12  Jesus is keeping watch and will rescue us from the pit with no water.

Ezekial 37 To rescue us, God will raise an army from a valley of bones. That great army will defend the woman.

Daniel 8: 23-26  This refers to the end times. Verse 24 refers to the 144,000.

Daniel 12: 10  Many will come to understand what is going on. Those who were off track will be brought to Christ and cease rebellion. They will be refined and purified. This is the purpose of the 144,000.

Daniel 7.  Focus verse 13-14.  Man's outcome. Men of all languages worship the Lord. Verse 26: Satan's power is taken away. All stinging and poisonous snakes, scorpions, adders, and so on are no longer poisonous.

Have our read all these references? The beast worships a god of fortresses. In bondage, he places man in strongholds which cease him from reaching God. A man must break the strongholds on his life in order to be freed. A god of fortresses or a god of strongholds seems a very strong tie to how he places encumbrances on man.

Homework: Watch The Book of Eli for Easter. See if you can find Christian messages in it. There's quite a few. Here's some information about this movie:

Conclusion: If you've been following along, you should have already encountered scriptures about the 144,000. Have all these men already been born? Are they already teaching? Or like Jesus till he was 30, are they are being given a normal life for a time until they are called into God's full-time ministry? I do wonder if I know any or have seen any in public life. Are they hidden or in full display? I think we are near these times, so I am hoping my eyes will be opened to see one of these ministers of God should they come my way.  These are the future battle heroes of heaven. Their exploits will outdo any war exploit Hollywood has ever prepared.

What about the person left behind - a person who solidifies their Christian faith in the time of the Tribulation. There's a story in the bible of a woman and her son who survive a famine. She has one jar of oil and one container of flour. Run to the mountains and caves and carry with you containers of ingredients to make 5-10 loaves of bread. Always thank God for the food. Always pray the Lord's prayer. Trust Him to fill up your containers every time you make new batches of food. This is not ideal, but beats any alternative. After all, God gives food freely. As Satan began trade, he uses trade against man. When you leave Satan's system, God will provide. The faithless will not eat. The faithful will eat. The truth persists as much when we are alive as when we live out our second destiny.

Personal Application:

For Jesus disciples, was each one tied to a different Jewish tribe? Was Judas a Benjamite? The Benjamites are represented in the final war. They are part of the "family" plan. I find  the whole Jewish family sub-division very Scottish. All the good Scottish warriors are going to have their own divisions up yonder. They will be organized by clan. If you want to see the scriptures associated to this, see the post "The Munro Motto - Dread God"

Were one to try to look for these men in advance, and God chose to not disclose them, leaders looking for them would not find them. Such was the case of Moses till God was ready for him to step into service. Such was the case of Jesus when leaders sought him. Their names will be held secret till the time God releases them to service. The fact that each of them is called to a special purpose, chastity, and preparing for ministry...that is a lifelong preparation. Parents would need to know in advance. So, I will not search for them. Yet, I will keep my eyes open so if I could be a source of ministry to them, I would.

God is My Father - He Gives Away the Bride

God really likes weddings. It says in the scripture that God is a Father to the Fatherless. He will fulfill the aspects of fatherhood when one appeals to Him for this. As I entered to that age I would want to be married, my family hit a bad economy, bad times, and they were bankrupt. There was absolutely no money, nor any future fund to assist me to pay for a wedding.

I held this against myself with shame. I had no dowry. This issue came up with two potential partners. I had nothing to offer. Typically, it is the bride's family's role to pay for the wedding. I could not offer that. It was held against me by my potential bridegrooms and their families. Even approaching the topic of getting married, and knowing my circumstance was enough to make me cry. As we talked about marriage, there were tough conversations and lots of tears. There were accusations about not being good enough or not being able to make the grade. Obviously, I was sad.

During my early thirties, I did a 17 day fast. During this time, I prayed about if God had a future spouse in mind for me. He gave me a dream or rather a vision near the end of my fast. I saw two swans swimming together in water and their swimming trails overlapped. I realized this was God's intention for me to have a spouse. I did not know if this applied to the one I had or one who would come. I had to let go of the one I had to allow God to fill my life with the one he intended for me. Unfortunately, that took 8-10 months. I would have loved to have been married sooner. Instead, I suffered with the wrong choice till I firmly said, "Good-bye." This person held it against me that I had no dowry.

So, a new relationship birthed. This person did not judge me. His approach was whatever we have, whatever we can make is just fine. He loved me for what I was and for all that I could offer him - which was no dowry. He took me plainly. I still went to the Lord in prayer. Part of getting ready for the assessment before God is to actually begin planning. I began planning. As I have a gift of economy and finding good things in unexpected places and making things I need, things began to work out. Now, once I had scoped out the real cost, I could lift the matter to God. In a woman's heart, a dream and a vision of her wedding day is crystallized. I wanted a Cinderella wedding. I certainly could not pay for one. I had a vision of my presentation. I had a vision of the people I wanted there. I had a vision of the music being God honoring.

A miracle happened. Through life circumstances, a large sum of money fell upon my lap. It was my money. It was my God-given dowry, at the right time, in an abundant amount. It was enough to pay for the whole wedding and for a honeymoon. God paid my bill. After, years of feeling I had no dowry to offer my husband, and shame I could not have the wedding I always dreamed of, God provided the whole lot. Even down to special pins to hold my hair. My wedding was my miracle.

Looking back, I can see all sorts of parallels in how my current husband wooed me which are parallels of how God shows his lovingkindness to the Israelites. He endowed my husband with His own traits - with the traits of Jesus as a bridegroom.

  1. My husband, who I kept solely as a work friend for years, brought me herbs he grew from seeds in three beautiful pots. As a botanist, I wonder if God placed this in his mind, as plants are amazing to me. He tended them and brought them at about 6-8 inches tall. They were a multiple month investment.
  2. He did the same with a lily. He grew a gorgeous lily in his yard and cut it and presented it to me. He invested his time to prepare the gift for me. He did not know if it would be accepted.
  3. He made food for me. Yet, as he did not want to embarrass me in front of others, he made enough for my whole department. He made me spicy food. My neighours were hacking from the heat. My husband knew I had a desire for spicy food.

This is just a sampling. He repeatedly across years continued to do kind things. Finally, I decided that when I did let go of the person I was with, I would promise myself to give him a chance if he wanted it.

I am glad I did. My grandmother told me my husband was the same stock and quality of man she found in my grandfather. She has an eye for quality. As well, my husband embraced all my family. My grandmother was as much his grandma as she was my grandma. This was a final solidification of my vision for all I wanted in marriage. I wanted someone who loved my family and who my family could love in relationship. Something that a person should recognize in their spouse is a desire to welcome their family as their own.

Today, I have a painting of the vision I had from the Lord in my house. I have it there to remind myself God knows what is best, can find me the best spouse, and stands behind the success of the relationship. Even more, God the loving Father became mine. My earthly father walked me down the aisle. My Heavenly Father paid the bill for the wedding feast everyone enjoyed. The food was gourmet.

I picked a church that was big enough to hold God. I was married in Knox United Church in Calgary. My pastor from First Alliance did our ceremony. I picked or rather was graced with singers who all really love God. I am pretty sure He was there, supervising the whole day, ensuring I had sun at the right time and warmth at the right time. For a November day, it was unusually nice. I felt God was present with us on that Great Day.

Since I had such an amazing wedding, how much better will the day be when the Church is united with Christ in their wedding meal? How awesome will the singing be? How great will the food be? I wanted everyone I loved to be at my wedding. Unfortunately, I missed a few I shoud have had there. I still wish I had not missed them. So, on the next wedding occasion I shall be at, our next eternal union, I want all the ones I love there.

Psalm 68:4-6

New Living Translation (NLT)
Sing praises to God and to his name!
    Sing loud praises to him who rides the clouds.
His name is the Lord
    rejoice in his presence!
Father to the fatherless, defender of widows
    this is God, whose dwelling is holy.
God places the lonely in families;
    he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.
But he makes the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.

Isaiah 61:10

New Living Translation (NLT)
10 I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God!
    For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation
    and draped me in a robe of righteousness.
I am like a bridegroom in his wedding suit
    or a bride with her jewels.

Appeal to Women Without Dowries

Ask the Lord. He will lift the shame from your shoulders and make you worthy. He will give you a glorious day for your wedding. This is His word: I will be a father to the fatherless. He will fulfill the role of the Father. You need to ask Him to be your Father. He provides the dowry.

Appeal to Women in Prostitution

To transfer this ideal, if you are caught in a situation of prostition, appeal to the Lord. He declares himself the defender of widows. What this means is a widow is a woman who does not have someone to stand for her. Her husband is gone. Her protector is gone. So, appeal to the Lord for your freedom. He can set you free and place the sanctity and honor of a virgin on you in a context of your own wedding one day. He is able.

Frankly speaking, if God can pull his disciples and missionaries out of prison with an angel escort, he can put all your abusers to sleep, open the door, and bring you to a place of refuge! If there is no man able to help you, he will send his own angels to perform your rescue. There is nowhere in this universe beyond God's reach.

Biblegateway Eternal Words:

Selected Verses Audio and Music Reflection: Hearts That Are Healed  Track 12. 4 m: 53 s

This reflection includes scriptures about betrothal and honouring God with your body.

A few last notes

For my wedding, I integrated my Grandmother's participation on the cell phone. We talked in private in between times when all was public. We spoke as I put on my veil. She told me a funny thing. I will always remember it. Though she could not be there, she was there in support. It was great to share those moments with her.

Speaking of how Weddings and Easter are symbolically tied - there is a young lady in my family getting married on Easter Sunday. I am going to go and reflect on all I have written here. I am going one day early to photograph the place. I am not the photographer. I may just go for the service. I have great joy for her as I think this plan is perfect.

My grandmother got married on Thanksgiving. I am pretty sure. The Pastor should have been at his own family meal. The day and the wedding combined are symbolic in my mind. My grandmother had a lot to be thankful for the day she married my grandfather.

For my own start into new life: My first day with my bridegroom was St. Patrick's Day. On Saint Patrick's Day of a long time ago now, my bridegroom and I had a date when there was a great winter storm. He kept me with him to protect me from that storm. He provided the abundance of all I needed for that day.
Everyone was worried for me, because of the storm. All my family called and asked me to get in touch immediately.

What great news they had when they heard I was with the bridegroom. There was great rejoicing in my family. Everyone knew his name. Everyone had heard all the good things he had done. Everyone sighed with relief that finally the bridegroom had come into their family. Finally. I wore a ring 14 days later with a promise and a plan to make a covenant. We announced our engagement to our family.

Genesis 24 - Dedicate Your Loins to God

Abraham wanted a wife for his son Isaac. He knew Isaac was that age. He would be needing a wife. The desires were building. This is natural. However, men are typically quite easy. They see something beautiful, and like a woman who sees an ornament and likes it, so men are quickly enamored with a female whose outer garment is pleasing. Abraham assessed this rising issue, and asked his son to take an oath to go home to find a wife and to not take a Canaanite as his wife. Isaac agreed. If God did not bring a wife to Isaac on his trip, he would be freed from the oath. Here is the scripture. Please read the whole chapter.

How many of us have the courage to ask God to provide? God knows all about us and can pick a good fit for us. He would pick us a fit of someone who will not work at cross-purposes to us in how we raise our children. Really, should it make you feel better, a person who works against a spouse who tries to raise their child for God, this person represents darkness. They cast darkness on the household, sucking the light from the corners. If we choose too hastily, we end up with a spouse who constantly brings us emotional trouble. The outside of the package is only part of the package.

In this case where Isaac followed the directions of the Lord, he was given abundance. She gave him to drink. She gave water to his camels (extended kindness). Her brother Laban joined her in offering lodging to Isaac and his party and also for their camels. In obedience, with a meal set before him and hungary, Isaac explained his purpose in coming. The family agreed. Rebekah agreed. Isaac returned to his father with his bride. Then, they wed and she joined him in his Mother's tent (she recently passed away).

By looking for a wife to be designated by God, a man places around his future generations two parental influences for the Lord. The likelihood of the next generation to be following after God, like a dominant gene from two parents for a particular trait, is good. The ratio is higher than going after a double non-God gene.

Suppose you've already chosen. Well, the best is to pray for the spouse. If the areas of conflict are livable, then pray for God to reach the spouse. It is best for the sake of children for a couple to be married. As a couple sets their path to be dedicated to each other, and preferentially when one sees a commitment to the Lord birth, it is good to make the life living partner a spouse. Even in the situation above, the access to a Christian spouse was dicey. Isaac had to travel a long way to find his spouse and follow the directions of God in obedience. Pray for God to shape your life into a fruitful tree with your partner.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Pre-fall State of Earth

This design is the Archean Age of earth before the fall of Lucifer. At this time, earth was a sparkling bejewelled planet.

The rays on the design are for glory and praise. The glitter is for the jewels on the earth's surface. The gold is joy, hope, and purity once experienced on earth, and that will be returned at some point in our future. This site will one day be a place where God is glorified.

Here is a bit of the timeline. The History of Earth: Geologic Time

The beginning of the proterozoic period was the time marker when Lucifer fell into sin and was judged.

Easter Invitation

Trinity Trilogies

shell, yolk, egg
mantle, crust, core
protons, neutrons, electrons
first heaven, second heaven, third heaven

As I look at these, I wonder if God was teaching the child for whom he healed the egg a teaching lesson about his true character of 1) holding together the whole earth in his hands. 2) he holds matter together in His hands.

Within science, God liked in particular to use models of threes. It is his personal creative signature. That is because He exists as a trinity. God is a poet in craftsmanship. It is His artful expression.

Can you think of any models of threes in your Science lessons? As I progressed in Science, I had begun to meditate on creative concepts for some time. I began to see threes. I became attracted to threes. I looked for them. I wonder how many scientific formulas are based on threes.

Monday, March 26, 2012

In the House Grow #4 3/25/12

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This is linked:  Weekend service 1h 19 m 53 s
The title is: In the House Grow #4 3/25/12

Spiritual solitude - Jesus sought out spiritual solitude. He did this and his disciples were upset. This practice - I think - was practiced in heaven by Jesus already even before coming to earth. In this, Jesus was carrying on in what was before, was needed then to keep close ties to God, and will be practiced in his future.

When I see Jesus in heaven, I expect him to be gone for long periods of time simply seeking solace with God away from all of us Jesus lovers, who would desperately love to cloister upon him. Jesus takes off to be in a meditative attitude to hear God's voice, to build relationship, to worship, pray for the saints, and pray for spiritual warfare or heavenly battles. In his prayer, spiritual battles are won, and he needs to spend a lot of time in prayer.

Jesus went to be alone in the desert for 40 days. Who else did that? Moses went to be alone with Jehovah for 40+ days. This practice of going to the mountain to be with God - it is an eternal convention. It is how communication and relationship and will is made clear. Recall, even Jesus asked for God's, not His will to be done.

Imagine if we set apart 40 days straight of couple time with our spouse. Imagine how much could be discussed in 40 days. You would come out freshened with the experience. It is this which is hoped for in this seeking of solitutude.

For you to grow, you need to spend some time in solitude: reading God's word, praying and talking to God, and stopping in each prayer time for a period of listening to hear God's voice.

Spiritual Companion - Now, Jesus and his disciples had each other to visit and talk about God. It is nice to have a companion (friend, spouse, family member, colleague, or a host of other people) to talk about God with. If you do not have this type of friend at all in your life, pray for one and God will bring you one. A spiritual companion is someone who will discuss your bible readings, reflections, and even your life struggles to make progress without judgement.

Small group - These small groups are like 5-12 person groups just like the disciples who get together to study the bible, do good works, and build each other up in the faith. It takes a big church and makes it like holy cheese. There's a culture fermenting in each available church space - in each group. The church hosts 6 of these Thursday nights in rooms at church. You can also meet in homes. The whole idea is to take a big church and make the experience connected. You will always have your set of friends who will meet you after service for coffee. You will have a group of friends to be worried if you don't show to church. They will help you when you need help. They will assist you in fulfilling your vision for the Lord in the community.

Sanctuary - Being in the church to worship God - with the whole body of the church.

Highlights of the Service:

A clip of Dame Edna - you will want to see that.

Michael W. Smith and Jon Bauer - is sold out. United Productions.

Mankind - You are invited to Celebrate Easter Update!

Calgarians, I would like to invite you to attend First Alliance for your Easter Service. I am going to be posting a general invite for people to use to invite friends and family to church for their Easter service.

If you can't get to us, the church website will be televising on the Internet - this service live. After hunting, I have not found other church services online.

For now though, we are running three or four services. There's lots to accomodate a lot of people. When you arrive, you get free coffee. We have connections to coffee houses, so we offer you free Starbuck's quality coffee.

Do not be late for service because you have to stay home to get your coffee organized in the morning. You can have one on us!!! I had one yesterday. It was Starbuck's quality and I am a coffee fanatic.

So, dear public, please come.

If you are a first time visitor to First Alliance Church, you will see a coffeebar in our Mainstreet. Basically, we have a mall. That's because lots of people like to go to malls to walk around. It's a very large public space so that everyone stays to talk.

Next week, just after the 11 a.m. service, if it's the first Sunday of the month and I think it is, the church serves a hotel quality buffet for about $11 a person. I've eaten at our church several times. I highly recommend it. Waffles or omelettes. Salad bar. Breakfast bar. Coffee, juice, and water.

I love the show Friends. We have a Friend's couch setup beside a wonderful monster size fireplace. If you want to hang out there after the service or go to the Action Centre (either), I will recommend that greeters stop by to say Hi to you. I have begun several conversations with people who like me are drawn to fire - my symbol of Jehovah Rabaoth. I love to look at flames licking up around wood. I hope you will as well, and be drawn to this fixture in the cafeteria area.

Here's directions to come out:

Do you want to see our buzz in the Globe and Mail? Here it is.  Mega-church draws 'em in with free coffee, big screens, and rock bands.

Here's the deal. Jesus loves you. I love you. All humanity, all Calgarians, all men, women, and children, come!

There's a wedding. You are the bride. You are a key player in the wedding event. We will be sorely disappointed to see a whole table of food and a whole caraft of coffee without you. You are the key element in the whole recipe for why this event was created. Come see your wedding lily. Come celebrate your union. Come see the groom - the Son of God who purchased you out of slavery to make you his destined bride. You have a future wedding date. A new life. An eternal body. I want to see you there. Come. Come. I say again, come.

The Easter Event is both a celebration of Christ's accomplishment and of the Church's future union with him for eternity.

Not feeling either clean or worthy? Come and we will show you how to feel better. Everybody come to church next weekend.

Do you want or need a bible? We can give you one for free!!!

Do you want to explore having a deeper spiritual relationship with God? We can set you up to hear and know God.

Can you imagine eternity? It's coming and you need to be in it.  We have a role in it and it is to worship God. This Sunday, you will learn to worship God.

Science Data:  For 800 million years, this planet was a strict worship site for the Lord God Almighty. At that time, there was no life on Earth - except those who were living eternally. There was no death at all. The foliage was permanent. This planet was a temple site to worship God. There is geological evidence to support that at this time in Earth's history, there were no organisms and the planet was covered by gemstones. On this sparkling planet, for 800 million years, angels worshipped almighty God.

If I've captured your interest, come out to Don Daae's course Bridging the Gap on Sunday's at First Alliance Church beginning at 10:30 am, just off of the cafeteria and coffee bar. If you can't find it, ask at the information centre for a guide to lead you there. The whole course costs $5. He's a former teacher, geologist, and a member of a Science Association. For $35, you can buy both of this books, the second a fairly new release.

In 2 weeks from now, he is showing a key video on the topic. Do you know the whole Cambrian Age theory - the burst of flowers and insects on the earth? Don Daae and his team were publishing about it and researching it 8 years before the rest of the Science world did. Scientists? You will be absolutely impressed with all the research that has gone into the grounding of this presentation.

Do you want to invite someone you love to church?

Tomorrow, I am going to post an invite to the Easter service with a name blank drawn in and with space for you to write in your church address and service time. You fill it in, print it off, and hand it to somebody you love to bring them to church. If people don't have a car, bring them in your own car. If they have some excuse as to why they can't come, pray for God's management of that Sunday date to get them there. Arrive early to get parking. Come 30 minutes early. It's like getting a seat at a major concert.

Directions for the Invite: I am loading this invite for free use for any purpose of inviting a person to an Easter celebration or for a wedding on Easter day. This is an 80 dpi 8.5 x 11 inch version (in a separate post) to print and hand to friends. Download and print the invitation. When printing, press the option Shrink to Fit. Then, you write in pen on the image the address, time, etc. for your church Easter Service. Here it is. I test printed this invitation.

The one above here is just a small image. Please go to the post which only hosts an image.

Get your invites all out by Wednesday, so you can get confirmations. There are Easter Services beginning already on Friday. That is next Friday.

You can post the invite onto your Facebook page for your local church - whatever that service may be. You can copy the text into an email and send it. Whatever you do to adapt this within the purposes of inviting people to Easter, or even to an Easter dinner at your own home - all rights are free.

Here is the only church directory I found: City Light News Church Directory

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Taking Care of the Body

We need to care for the body of Christ--the Woman.
That means we need to care for everyone in our
We need to care for the orphans and the widows, the sick and downtrodden,
The elderly and the crippled, the homeless and the weak in faith,
The illiterate and the poor, the unemployed and the ostracized,
The sheep astray and the faithful herd.
How can we expand our influence to reach all?

Taking Care of the Physical Body

In a former post, I mentioned a story of my friend Albert the missionary. Albert was the mission mechanic and construction and maintenance lead for the Alliance Mission in Australia. He worked with tools alot. He had an accident in which 2 fingers nearly torn off, drove 4-5 days to get to a hospital from a remote area, was advised to take both off (have them amputated), and he told the doctor to sew them back on. The doctor told him if he did he would die. If he didn't have the 2 fingers attached, he could not be useful and he would have to maybe quit the mission and go home. He convinced the doc to sew them on.

He went home - he drove the jeep. Over the next 2 weeks or so, the fingers healed. It was a miraculous healing. He had been told he would get gangrene and die, as his fingers were already showing sign of being dead tissue.

He's my inspiration that when I have gangrene, I can seek healing. I asked for a Christmas miracle this year, and I was spared pain and my own infection healed. God will take care of our physical body. We need to pray for this help. God heals.

Taking Care of the Social Body of the Church

Next, I will explore how the body is responsible to build (not tear down) its members. Gossip and  condemnation and writing people off as backsliders is not okay.

We constantly need to see people as saints in need of seeking sanctification. Whether one is backslidden is not my judgement - it's God's. I need to see that person as needing redirection, not as being lost. At a time when I was judged, I had a very lovely woman come stand beside me in reflection and helped me get on track with God. That was because she held no judgement for me, only love.

Love your desanctified back to being sanctified. A person who receives a public label of "backslidden" is given their hell death plate just a bit too soon.
"I am here for FORNICATION"
"I am here for MURDER"
"I am here for THEFT".

To feel ostracized unnecessarily drives people from a congregation. Saints need a tune-up so to speak, and who doesn't once in a while, need regular maintenance and checkups. Please keep in mind the names of those who are getting caught up into the world and pray for them, invite them out, and continue friendship with them. (My reference to the death plates comes from the Hell testimonies: See the Columbians and Mary K. Baxter. The metal plate is like a brand on a cow, but is impressed into a person's collarbone.)

The key is that as Christians it is our job to be there offering invitations, and words of wisdom. If we cut ourselves off from a person, we render ourselves ineffective in pulling that person in for Christ (a fishing analogy). I am not saying to be aware of self-care and self-protection. I am just saying to reign in our first instinct to judge another, without knowing the details of their life, and by operating on heresay or something that happened 20 years ago or 4 years ago which have nothing to do with who they are later.

Learning to overcome bad habits - either thoughts, words, or deeds, all take reflection and interruption. A person may want to seek a mentor or spiritual friend for this purpose. If someone in your church has judged you, approach your leadership. Tell them the issue. Perhaps they will facilitate a meeting with the one who is spreading rumours or judging you with slander.

I never want to write anyone off. I am God-focused not man focused in this sense. God's power which is all powerful can reach everyone and anyone. He will not change their will: they choose. Still, God will do a whole lot to help reveal Himself so that a person has enough revelation to be responsible for their final life choice. So, we need to be fishers of men, and we need to pull in some of the tough catches with God's help.

Basically, after reading about all the Christians who get off track and end up in Hell, I would like to see an action plan focused around culling the numbers of Christians who go to Hell for these reasons:

Falling into sin several times or habitually
Becoming enslaved spiritually - seeking a medium
Making a 1 time mistake (eg. an affair)

I would like a recovery plan. I don't want anybody going there, especially someone sitting beside me in a pew regularly. We need to do more self-analysis. We need to be more aware of what slipping looks like. We need to do less judging. I actually think that if everyone was in a small group, that fewer people would go astray. With a small group around someone, I would hope that people in it would work on having the right attitude, skills, and determination to bring Judas Iscariot back into their fold before he self-destructed. Here's a guy who had personal mentoring from Christ. I would have like to see an intervention. Christ would have forgiven him if he got his perspective straightened. However, I think his personal net was broken at the time and the disciples were temporarily scattered and in panic.


Read Romans 13-15.

Biblegateway Romans 13-15

I see King James Version came through. If you want, change the translation to New Living or another version from the pull down menu.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have I Sinned If I Get a Spontaneous Medium Reading?

Dr. Oz and the Visit of the Medium March 23, 2012

Two people had spontaneous readings on Dr. Oz. Does this make a Christian fall into a break with God for having a spontaneous reading? No.

However, note this:  Christians are not supposed to seek out a medium in place of seeking God themselves. No medium takes the place of God. So, if the Christian received an unplanned and spontaneous reading, they have not sinned.

What about the spirits? Based on the testimonies of Hell and visions of Hell, when unsaved people die, they instantly begin to make their way to Hell. So, once they are in Hell, they are not coming back. Christians on the other hand may, to comfort one who lost them. Like in the movie Ghost, a Christian will show up with a solid body and be with the one who lost them temporarily to say good-bye. I found this detail in a testimony and I will check for a few days to find the reference, or delete this detail. I will leave it for now.

The readings the medium gave were very convincing. Here's the thing. For each and everyone of us, our lives are being recorded both by record-keepers in Heaven recording the good, and bad and in Hell recording the sins count.

All our relationships and words are known, and even private relationships are known in the spirit realm. A medium ties into a spirit who speaks to them. They may appear as an angel of light or as a spirit guide. Demons masquerade as helpful spirits to manipulate man from depending on God. They have the book on you. They can read out of it word by word, turning to a page of your life which seems convincing.

The intent of building these practices of turning to mediums pulls away a man from God. If a medium touches you, there may be a transferance of a gift or a spiritual influence to further confuse you. It is similar to laying on of hands to heal a man.

Satan offers man these things:

  • control over their private affairs
  • counsel on how to manage life
  • power to control others and demons
  • success in their field
  • money through trade folllowing his ways
  • excessive sexual allure or beauty
  • a trade for a private desire
  • praise for your wonderful God-like qualities
  • flattery of your excellent qualities
  • alternate ways to God - other gods, worshipping spirits
  • conquering spaces and people
  • sex, sex, and more sex (never getting enough)
  • booze, music, parties, drugs, orgies, the bottom social pit
The offering is complete on a person's arrival to Hell. Satan will tempt you with your utmost weakness.

Jesus offers man these things:
  • man must trust Jesus in all things, including their private affair
  • counsel on how to live as models to others and live with wisdom
  • reliance on His power to manage the situation, draw others to think
  • rather than specifically success, Jesus places people to most impact the lives of others for him
  • enough money to eat, have shelter, and be comfortable
  • modest behaviour in family, business dealing, and community
  • handing your desire to Jesus to fulfill for nothing
  • acknowledging God as praiseworthy and us as vehicles for his praise
  • appreciation of your qualities
  • one way to God - Jesus and no others before the Trinity
  • sharing spaces in which Jesus has control with His people
  • sex in sanctified unions and the ability to be fully satisfied
  • reasoned use of alcohol, social gathering and friendship, medecine for our ailments, modesty, and sanctified spaces

The offering does not end, but continues to be fulfilled in Heaven for eternity. Jesus will support you in your utmost weakness.

Before consulting a medium, which is basically a sin - serve no other God before me - if you actually seek one out, confess the sin and ask forgiveness for it. When you do this, God will break any spiritual influence on your mind and on your destiny. The door to Satan's influence is shut.

The whole purpose of a spontaneous reading is to show you the power and potentially convincing nature of a medium's ability to provide you a service - that is a trade for your trust rather than having it in Jesus. The medium is receiving messages from an evil spirit imitating your loved one to entice you to his side. Who better and what better to call upon that your innermost struggle and wanted information and relationship closure. He knows your innermost need and wants to draw you from Jesus.

Rather bring your innermost need to the Lord. Lay it before him. God who knows your innermost groanings of your heart will actually attend to your need even before you can utter it.

I had one such need. It was an unresolved issue about someone who passed on. God sent me the person to tell me exactly what I needed to know without me having to seek anyone. God used a human angel who had a message from Him. These are people who hear a message from God and bring it to you. This person and I had no phone contact. I did not contact them. I never asked for the call. A piece of paper with my name and phone number was given to them. They called me. I received the news. I was comforted.

I did not need a medium. God who allowed me to be tested in the process of seeking out such a comfort allowed situations to happen where I could have reached out. In obedience, I did not. I was exceedingly sorrowful for 2 weeks. Then, God gave me this messenger. I got a call. On the line was the person who I wanted to talk to, but did not have a phone number for. She told me all I needed to know. God gave her a piece of paper on her desk with my number. He knew I needed this conversation.

What do we call these Christian message conveyors? This is a prophet or one with the gift of prophesy. They either have visions or dreams which may come with messages or not. Then, the prophet is required to pass on the message. You can call this also intuition, like Dr. Oz called the gift of the medium. They are the Godly equivalent of a medium, but these people seek all their knowledge from God. Prophets declared 600+ prophesies that the Messiah would come. All God's prophesies come true. This is the difference.

What about the meeting of Dr. Oz and the medium? She was a very nice lady who seemed to have a genuine interest in other people and helping them. She impressed everybody. Yet, note this, at the end of the show, she flattered Dr. Oz about if he chose to be with any of his viewers in eternity, rather than his wife, he would have many takers. God's purpose is sanctified marriage. She held out flattery and alternative. Dr. Oz's wife believes that whoever we are married to in this life, we have a continued relationship in the next life forever. The comment works cross-purposes to God's will for Dr. Oz and his marriage. She placed a thought. That's what Satan does. He places the thought. We have to then purposely reject the thought, before we sin. Satan exacts bargains with people. He is highly involved in trade. He's always setting out motivation bonuses for us to step into his alternate ways. Please give this some reflection.

What's the status of the person who received the reading? These individuals are in a place of having received a business proposal. They decide whether they will continue into seeking readings or not.

Dr. Oz Show Summary 

Here is a quick summary of March 21, 2012 on Do Bizarre Natural Treatments Really Work?

  1. Yesterday, he had solutions for migraine headaches New Chapters Zyflamend Inflammation product, if I recall it correctly, decreases headaches 50%. Here's information.
  2. Butterbur (a natural product) is effective in reducing back and neck pain. Here's information.
  3. Bromelain is effective in reducing sinus pain. (taken morning and night) Here's information.
  4. Having leeches suck on your skin is beneficial - I don't remember the benefits. They help build circulation and help save limbs and peripheral parts such as ears - Source 1. Source 2. Source 3.
  5. Heat cupping reduces and manages pain. Source 1. Source 2. Source 3.
  6. Urine facials and drinking urine does not work to improve health and in fact adds to health issues.
The heat cupping looked a bit gross. The flesh was raised really high into the cup.

Update: Based on further reading from Derek Prince, I am adding a detail. If a Christian has received a reading from a medium, rebuke the prophecy read over you in Jesus' name. If not, your not doing this can be an acceptance of the prophecy. This would leave you in the position of having a Satanic prophecy operating over your life. You don't have to have it. You can rebuke it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guard Your Thoughts

Engage in Meditative Thinking:

FAA Visual: Spirit of the Lion

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Online meditations on this quote:
The third link is on youtube excerpt 9m 37s

Queen Elizabeth used this quote in one of her speeches.

 This post will be expanded on in coming days.

FAA Visual: The artist description of the Spirit of the Lion artwork as the opener shows the calm and meditative type of person we need to be.

What the Bleep Do We Know: Regarding the third link, the unforgivable sin is blasphemy. It is pointing out a miracle of Christ (something done by the God) to be the work of the devil. When God does a miracle, it is to note to onlookers that God loves them and he is reaching out with evidence. To counter his efforts and his outreach with specific miracles is when we write ourselves off. This is a thought followed with verbalization.

Science Visual in the Above Link: I am interested in the thunderstorm of the brain in the video and how the neurons net and its neurons interact during life. I am watching this video with my cat. Lulu is watching the neural net - it entertains him. He's placing his paws on the light. He's moving his paws around to catch the neural flashes.

When we look at thunderstorms, we say "God is moving the furniture around in the sky." This view of thoughts shows me a bit of the glory of God keeping each of us alive through all that we live and letting us direct our minds.

Reflection: What we verbalize is our salvation. When we are saved, we go tell people. Like the disciple who let Jesus down, we verbalize both acceptance and rejection. It makes me particularly think about what sorts of words come out of me. The mouth is a mirror of the heart. The mouth reflects what's happening in our neural net. I wonder how happy he is with my neural net.
We can interrupt negative thought processes. We can break negative neural nets down by stepping outside of that pattern and consciously looking at thinking and breaking that pattern. We can change our programmed character. Prayer and meditating on scripture and self-reflecting focused on interrupting our thinking patterns all contribute to us breaking negative thought patterns.

Scripture: 2 Thessalonians 2
New King James Version (NKJV)

The Great Apostasy

Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ[a] had come. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin[b] is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God[c] in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.
Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things? And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He[d] who now restrains will do so until He[e] is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Stand Fast

13 But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth, 14 to which He called you by our gospel, for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle.
16 Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting consolation and good hope by grace, 17 comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work.
  1. 2 Thessalonians 2:2 NU-Text reads the Lord.
  2. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 NU-Text reads lawlessness.
  3. 2 Thessalonians 2:4 NU-Text omits as God.
  4. 2 Thessalonians 2:7 Or he
  5. 2 Thessalonians 2:7 Or he

Further Reflection

Song Meditation: There may be other better song presentations: I look for a combination of PowerPoint with song. I am looking for something which can be taken in with multiple senses, and can be a resource for you to sing, and something you can return to for the purpose of memorization and meditation. For learning purposes, I like the first song here. The presentation is simple and the words stand out.

Our Daily Struggle: I would like to refer to other bloggers on the net, who give pathways to travel and follow with their thoughts. Please check out these blogs and see if they suit you.

Tribulation Note: During the tribulation, as seen in the above scripture reference, there will be miracles performed by the political leader who seeks to convince the masses. However, in the midst of this, I am sure many efforts will be made to reach out to people around that God's truth and Jesus are the right allegiance to have. In any manmade debate, people will attribute their beliefs and criticisms about whether something they see something as legitimate or not. This would be one time in future days to let other men decide for themselves and not even discuss it--that is if you are in doubt. As a left behind Christian, pray for wisdom.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

In the House Serving Community #3

For the Sunday Service this week, my abstract of the service is:

Jesus creates light.  He opens doors. He makes bridges. He feeds those in need.

This image is not linked!
This is linked:  Weekend service 1h 24 m 22 s
The title is: In the House Serving. 3/18/12

One of the biggest problems of about God's people (for example the Ancient Israelites) worshipping idols is that if people are busy self-fulfilling, they don't do God's work of inspirationally reaching out to meet others' needs. Yes, God has a crew of angels. Yes, they can help meet people's needs. Yet, God has all these men who if they have revelation of Him should act as the angels in accomplishing meetings mankind's needs on earth.

Our first realization when we have sin is fear. We start out by first identifying and rectifying and weeding out sin from our life. The second realization we have is that there is work to be done. There's someone who needs specifically us. God uses Christians to meet others' needs and insodoing, they expand God's kingdom. That person sees you as an answer to their private prayer. They then give glory to God. They acknowledge Him as God. They repent and are saved.

On the seeking man's part, they see Christ open a door to a new life for them. He opens doors of opportunity. He provides bridges to new places. He meets people's very real and present needs.

Through the many testimonies provided in this service, you will have a good span of introduction to how Christ does this work through bodies of people. In the conversations, you get an idea of how First Alliance is participating in community impact involvement.

If you choose to view the service and want to particpate in a chat conversation about the service, Brad, the online pastor, will respond. Visitors must register to participate in the discussion.

The mayor of Calgary has started a website for municipal change. It is sort of an Oprah style challenge. Check it out Calgarians! Here it is:

Interested in seeing our mayor? Here he is:  FAA Art Link

Enjoy the service! :)

The Trinity Molecular Metaphors

What is the Nature of the Trinity?

The Trinity Metaphors are to lead you to examine God in His process of maintaining all creation in His hands. There's 2 levels of exercises. One is for cell biology geeks. One is for a philosophy and nature focused set of arguments. Below, as definitions are important to arguments - God is the Father, Abba, Yahweh, Jehovah Sabaoth

Advanced Divinity Molecular Metaphor

God is the process of oxidation 
Jesus is the process of hydration
The Holy Spirit is the process of ...

What do you think?

My meditation? The TCA Cycle, Mitosis, Meiosis, Transcription, Glycolysis, Atomic forces, Molecular forces, and Cellular forces. Which cellular process is the most key to life and function of the cell?

Your meditation:  Check these information sources out, then figure out what your answer would be and why. This is intended to bridge art and science.

Cell Biology Animation

Cell Biology

Cell Structures and Functions

Cells Alive

In making an answer, consider several possible alternates, and consider why yours is better than another possibly suitable one. Use science and cell biology concepts to support your answer.

Intermediate: Divinity Elements Metaphor

God is fire
Jesus is water
The Holy Spirit is ...

This metaphor exercise is not based on cell comparisons.

Suggestions: wind, air, breath, earth, matter...

The same scripture references apply. Try the above as keyword studies on and see which one best applies. Just create a logical argument that supports your stand. Use scripture references to get you started. Use basic knowledge of what you know about scripture concepts.

Scripture references for both Divinity Metaphors:
Use scripture references to support your answer.

Teacher Modelling

I have given a start on the first two. The third is yours. Once you figure out your metaphor, search for the cellular process or the element as a Keyword search on Label the metaphor which can be found in the bible. Search for the Keyword. Make a list of supporting verses.

Molecular Exercise
God is the process of oxidation  (Hebrews 12: 29 or search the keyword fire (for example, many passages come up for Genesis and Exodus)
Jesus is the process of hydration (John 4, John 7: 37-39, 1 Corinthians 10: 1-5, 1 Peter 3:21, Revelation 7:17, Revelations 21:6, Revelation 22:1 and Revelation 22:17)
The Holy Spirit is the process of ...


Elements Exercise

God is fire  (Hebrews 12: 29 or search the keyword fire (for example, many passages come up for Genesis and Exodus)
Jesus is water (John 4, John 7: 37-39, 1 Corinthians 10: 1-5, 1 Peter 3:21, Revelation 7:17, Revelations 21:6, Revelation 22:1 and Revelation 22:17)
The Holy Spirit is ...

Other angles for arguments: Chemical combustions basics -
1) God is heat (or energy; the creator),
2) Jesus is matter (to burn as fuel; the flesh),
3) The Holy Spirit is  ____________ (_____________)

If your keyword is scarce in the bible, try the exercise based on a combustion argument. What is the 3rd element that is essential to produce and maintain life? Follow the same steps as above for the other exercises. Search for your metaphor on Your arguments can apply to how Divinity is related to combustion metaphors.


Lastly, since life originated with a leap of faith, were all three of these entities involved in that miraculous leap? Was it just one member of the Trinity? Did that energy snap require all of these metaphors present? Any opinion is worthwhile that carries a thoughtful argument and presentation.