Thursday, May 31, 2012

To God Be the Glory

John 10:10 Biblegateway

New International Version (NIV)
10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pray for Healing for Poppo and Miami

Two days ago, in our local Calgary paper, it was recorded that a police officer had shot a man who was eating another live man, Ronald Poppo, on the side of the road. A naked man was eating Ronald Poppo's face. The man was shot once. He kept eating Ronald. This is unbelievable. Then, the attacker was shot several more times till he died. The man who is missing some of his face was taken to the hospital.

Would you pray with me? Would you pray for Ronald Poppo and the Miami community?

Please pray that God will fully restore what Satan has destroyed. I believe God can work through a combination of miracles to heal us and in doctors to do amazing things to restore us completely.

  • Please pray with me for a face organ donor for this man. 
  • Pray that the doctors will be able to transplant a face to him. 
  • Pray for the Ryder Trauma Centre at Jackson Memorial - that God will gift the staff with intuition, knowledge, skills, and resources to assist this man. 
  • Pray for a transplant face that matches the man's culture and skin tones. 
  • Pray God completely heals this man's face and restores him to wholeness.
  • Further, pray this man receives therapy and some opportunity to get off the street.
Here is the article: Man Eats a Man's Face in Miami  Presently, Poppo is in critical condition.

Thanks to the law enforcement in Miami for protecting this homeless man, Poppo. 

Request:  I believe if there is a local church close to this event, it would be nice if it looks like Poppo is going to pull through, for there to be a collection to assist him in getting a place to live. I am not there, but it would be nice if a pastor went to visit him. Please connect him with resources. Miami, please surround this man with your love. If you read the story, the community passed by for 18 minutes. Noone felt courageous enough to intervene. I would love to read the next story about how this man had received flowers and cards and encouragement from the local community. If this man has an ability to hear, bring him audio books. Or, go read to him. Blessings on Poppo. This is an opportunity to show lovingkindness to a man who has suffered.

God bless Miami and their government and citizens as they work through this. This is a horrible thing to happen in a community.

Real Life:  A number of years ago, there was a girl who was caught I think it was in Iraq. I remember on the reports when they brought her home it was like every bone of hers was broken. I saw it on the news. I prayed for the girl with no reports on her well-being for 2 years. Then, I saw her on Oprah. I cried. I was so happy God listened to my prayers on this girl's behalf, I cried. The girl's body had been broken by the enemy and God restored her body completely. I was filled with happiness for days and weeks after.

So, I am asking you to pray with me that God will completely restore and heal this person's face. I would really appreciate it. Logically, it would take months to heal. In the end, though we try to work out all the details of logic, God is able to manage even those details and ones we don't think of. He is able to heal faster than we are able to naturally and even what works logically. God is able. Jesus can.

When we uplift each other in prayer, God listens.

So for my readers who would like to join me who may not have a background in prayer, here's what we do. You can repeat this prayer or make your own.


Dear Jesus, Our Healer,

Please remember Ronald Poppo today.

We pray that Jesus, you would show yourself strong to Ronald. Please heal him. Please restore him completely. Make him whole. Please provide him a new face. Bless and inspire and fill the Ryder Trauma Centre staff. Fill them with your giftedness. Fill them with intuition, knowledge, skills, and resources. Provide funds. Give this man a face identity to match who he is. Provide him the tissues needed. Please arrange an organ donor, who by your knowledge, is a perfect match. Bless Ronald. Bless his community. Please heal both of this horror, and lay upon this man and this area healing and comfort.

In Jesus name, Amen


This is the prayer above I fashioned on these objectives. Any more detail you want to add, you may pull from below.
  • Please pray with me for a face organ donor for this man. 
  • Pray that the doctors will be able to transplant a face to him. 
  • Pray for the Ryder Trauma Centre at Jackson Memorial - that God will gift the staff with intuition, knowledge, skills, and resources to assist this man. 
  • Pray for a transplant face that matches the man's culture and skin tones. 
  • Pray God completely heals this man's face and restores him to wholeness.
  • Pray for God to spiritually heal Ronald and save him.
  • Further, pray this man receives therapy and some opportunity to get off the street.
Thanks to everyone who prays with me in advance. There's a verse in the bible that says wherever two or three are gathered together in His name, and when they pray, that God hears and answers prayer. I would love it if you joined me in prayer. Then, we will wait expectantly for God to work. This is Ronald Poppo's scripture. Claim this scripture with me for him - that God will undo the undeserved curse.

SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 26: 2  An undeserved curse has no effect. Its intended victim will be no more harmed by it than by a sparrow or swallow flitting through the sky.

SCIENCE/MEDICINE NOTE: In my former health research, I noted that pig bladder powder placed on tissues which have been removed from the body in situations like an amputation--the pig bladder powder causes tissue to regenerate as it was. The body map as it exists in the brain reworks the tissue to rebuild. When the face is dressed, apply pig bladder powder to Poppo's facial injuries, and the nerve tissue leading to his face will regenerate the tissue as it was.

Dear Medical team in Ryder Trauma Centre, in your investigations, please consider this strategy. At least for one interested party, I would like Poppo's doctor to have someone investigate this strategy or question this option for him. I read about this about 5 years ago. This would allow Poppo to have his own face map and architecture regenerate.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Trip West A Rough Path

As it happened, on this trip, I drove my husband's truck. In the whole of my time owning the truck, I had driven it about 1 km. It was manual. It was bought for my husband. I never intended to drive it.

There was an emergency. This also falls into a God story, sort of similar to the one heard at church this week about the mighty men going to get David his water.

We were called to come pick up my grandmother's belongings. My husband was working. I did not know how to drive the truck. However, the deadline on getting my grandmother's items from its place of storage was 24-48 hours. So, there was no choice. I had to go.

On that trip, I should have died 16 times. Over and over. It is not that I've never driven a manual. I have. However, there were a few particularities of the model and brand of manual transmission that one could not know without having either been shown or taught.

Angels and people angels met me all along the way. Both manner of caregivers came.

These angels taught me how to drive the car - how specific things functioned, got me out of tight circumstances, and checked things to troubleshoot my problems.

In particular, I will mention one miraculous event. The truck at that time seemed to fall out of gear while I was driving. I was in my manner of tornado - extreme storms while I drove. I was on the highway coming home. There were tunnels.  On the highway, I passed three semi-trucks on the road. We went into the tunnels. After the last tunnel, my truck fell out of gear. I tried as I might and I could not do anything but fully stop the truck in the middle of the highway. Then, I had to start it again, and get it going.  It began slow and built up speed. I have long wondered where the three semi-trucks were. It is like they were held back. It is because if they were behind me at all, I should have been creamed. Going into the tunnels, they were behind me in my lane. There should have been a Donna-multi-semi-truck smashup. At that time, in my mind, I had said to myself, "Now, I am surely going to die."

I feel it was a miracle that somehow this circumstance of sure death was lifted from me. My symbolic blood was tried to go and pick up my grandmother's things to insure that family received them.

When You Are Saved From Lightning, Thank God

Has this girl and her beloved ever been caught in a lightning storm? Yes. I say yes.

We used to love to cover areas to go see the stars. We would walk to where it was dark enough to clearly see them. It was a common love.

So, we were a 1-2 kilometers from home. Lighting struck. Us. Yes, both of us. If it did not strike us, then we were both magnetized by energy we should not have had. We looked at each other, and at the same time, all our body hair sort of stuck out into the atmosphere.

We saw sparks near and along exactly an inch or two from both our bodies. We saw a lightning flash come down to where we both were.

So since I have a long term habit of calling on my God in emergencies, God spared us. I was frightened. I cried out to God.

We felt it prudent to run. We ran all the way home. We did not stop running till we were at our door and in the house.

Neither of us could believe how the whole space around us magnetized and how we saw electrical snaps go around our bodies. They were visual snaps. God spared our lives.

So, once I was home, I did as I suggest in my previous post. I thanked God. That time, I rather forgot about asking God to not rain on me. I was just focused on making distance between where I was and where we felt electrified. I was in awe of God's power at the same time as I ran--if that makes any sense.

This is not the only time I've benefited from such an intervention. I am alive today because God has intervened for me many times over. Thanks oh Lord, for all you do for me, all you've done for me, and all you will do.

Science Note: Can my perception of being struck have been rather a secondary bounce of energy from a lightning strike nearby, which then went through the ground, or through the air to us? Maybe. From what I understand, those waves of energy can be pretty strong and damaging too. So, either way, I consider us lucky.

My husband says if we were actually struck our blood should have boiled. So, we were the tallest thing there. We were out on flat ground. I am not sure how often lightning strikes something flat nearby, over people in a flat terrain. Let's say this exists as a conundrum for me.

My grandmother lost one of her long term cats to being out in the rain, when there was a lightning storm. She did not get in the house quick enough (she was running toward the house), and she was struck dead. I think we are very graced by God.

For Your Next Tornado, Try Singing in the Rain

Okay, we know the song by Gene Kelly called Singing in the Rain. I found it. Ok, I hope you like it. I think the song is lovely, very Hollywood, and joyful.

If I were caught in a rainstorm, or even worse, a tornado, I will sing praises to Jesus, rather than just calling out in fear.  Were you to not be quite ready for that, if you call on Jesus, say "Help me Jesus" or "Save us Jesus", and if there is a group of people, you can pray protection on them whether they believe or not.

Paul did this on his journey to Rome.  His ship's crew were saved.  In the midst of a great storm, they stopped and broke bread more or less, as the ship's crew had been working non-stop for days trying to save themselves, and they never ate for fear the next moment they would all be dead.

So, Paul stopped them. He more or less said, "Take joy. You will not die. Stop all this work and eat the provisions here with me." He broke bread with the unsaved. He covered the unsaved with his prayers to the Lord for protection. In your group of people, you can pray over everyone.

Okay. Should you decide to pray for your group to Jesus, step out of panic and pray more than "God", or "Jesus" as your only words though God understands us. It should be more. Change it. "God, help us. Jesus, help us." Or if it's really bad, lose that and ask Jesus in instead. Instead of going around and telling others you love them as your last words, tell them about Jesus, so they can be safe on the other side. This is our eternal safety plan.

If Jesus can calm the waters and winds, he can calm the storm around your life. He can calm the physical storm, and any other storm going on. He can.

Suppose you are faced with cold weather, and if you get wet, you may be faced with serious heat loss problems, pray that God will protect you from the storm and from the rain and precipitation. I am seriously trying to give you reasons to call on God. Many bikers would understand this dilemma. Ask the Lord to withhold the rain wherever you are.

I've done this. I just remembered. A rainstorm came and I was far - that is really far - from my way home. I prayed (the prayer suggestion above) and it seemed like I was always on the cusp of the storm. I could see the rain, but it kept behind me. For a very long way home, I seemed to be benefiting from shelter I should not have had.

So, for your next tornado, I invite you to sing in the rain. If you are biking at full speed on the front of a storm though, I think its also fine to thank God for his answer to your prayer on your home arrival and sing then.

On Godvine, there was a true story related to this topic. And there, it was demonstrated that just calling out to "God" does work. I just like to encourage people to pray with direction and faith. You can search the term tornado on Godvine to see the story.

Real Life: I did have a funnel cloud form right above my house. There were clouds twisting around and a funnel was developing. At that time, I was concerned not just for myself, but my whole neighborhood. I prayed that God would protect our home and our neighborhood.  The funnel cloud did not reach down around us, but on the news the next day, I heard that one hit agricultural lands past Airdrie. Nothing was damaged.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pursuit Called Out #3

The image is not linked.
The title is: The Pursuit Called Out #3

This sermon is about how to establish in oneself the heart of David. Yes, David had a heart after God. God loved him for it. See how we can become like David my meditating on his life story. Follow his example.

By following the scriptural example of David, you can establish godly leadership. We want to build godly leaders. How do we do that? The principles are here.

David was thirsty. In battle and refuge, David hung out in a cave. It's not so glamorous. It had been quite a long while since he had a good drink of water. He said aloud how he wished he could have water from a particular spring behind the enemy lines. Three of David's men risked their lives to bring him his water he so wished for.

David did not drink the water they brought him. He examined his circumstance (piety) and he decided he would insult God if he drank this water. He did not want to be presumptuous before God. Yes, perhaps he spoke in foolishness, like the Israelites had when they craved meat. If I were David, I would have been very worried about that. David had to stop and discern whether he was being lustful for his drink of water, or whether he even had the right to drink it.

Why David poured the water on the ground - he did it as an act of worship. The water is like men's blood. Their blood offering was poured out to God. The water was a symbol. Men risked their lives to bring David water. That water was representative of their life blood.

These were the mighty men of the time. For David, these were like men in the movie, The Book of Eli. Except I shall add, they were soldiers and captains.

The three mighty men succeeding in the quest to bring water was the sacrifice. It was a miracle these men got the water at all. There could have been a few angels accompanying them on their trip to get water. There was a whole lot of work that went into bringing David water.

God does not want either human sacrifice or murder. Man intervening to kill man is a man manipulation. God manages each person's life day count. Rather, He calls us to look at the sacrifice people give for our well-being, protection, and benefits. (Soldiers who protect us overseas are modern examples. Police who risk their lives each day for our well-being are modern examples. For these things, we are to be thankful.) God lays out in the bible how He wants to be worshipped. If we read the bible, we can't go wrong.

Please: If you find my images are not linked in the future, click on the First Alliance tab, and then the video sermon.

Jesus Change Me or Destroy Me - Man Cries

Part 1. When faced with sex abuse, people submerge themselves in paths of unrighteousness and damaged emotions.

However, when this rocker had a messenger of God intervene to tell him God was not responsible for the sex abuse, and spoke the names of the attackers, he set aside the record contract he sold his soul for, and he walked away.

When he realized God loved him, and was not out to get him, he began searching, and he said, "Jesus, change me or destroy me."

This man's life was made over in Jesus name.

Please watch his story: Man Sells His Soul for Success

If my reader today is going through life thinking that in any way God either does not love them, or that He is out to get them, it is indeed the reverse. God loves you a whole whole lot. And if he's out to get you, it's to save you from destruction. He loves you and has done everything already to save you, and will still continue to save you in your present and future conditions.

Part 2.  Here is your identity as man: You Are the Beloved of God!

God loves you with the whole combination of every way any man can understand love.

You are called into an eternal spiritual contract to be the bride of Christ.

The following link would serve well both for a normal human earthly marriage, but is also a representation of the hope God places as a mark on our the day we ask Jesus into our heart.

The bride of Christ is all the redeemed societies of man in one collective whole. The mystery is that God can love each one of us profoundly. He can do that. Just as one body is comprised of ten thousand parts, the body of Christ is all man who calls and says, "Jesus, I'm yours." God loves billions and trillions of man. All man is called to be the bride of Christ.

Here is the song, with strong overtones of marriage vows.    Beloved


God Brings Songs to Our Hearts

Scott MacIntyre is blind. He participated in Canadian Idol several seasons ago. Please view this song which I find inspirational. The song he wrote is: I am Hope.

Jesus is our hope.

He brings songs to our heart.

In hopeless situations, there still is Jesus.

Here is the song link: I Am Hope

I am not sure about your browser, but Godvine was not working for me. You can best view Scott on youtube. As well, he has quite a few other songs there. I just listened to No Fear and this one is excellent too.

Man Rebukes a Tornado in Jesus Name

I just found Godvine - a Christian Video Portal. There, I found great animal stories, God stories (God's life interventions in lives), and great children singing praise. This video source is about building people up in their faith.

I am linking to one. This one has a man in a tornado zone. A tornado is headed to his house. He rebukes the tornado in the name of Jesus and it lifts.

Here is the link: Man Rebukes Tornado

The tornado dissipates.

Why is this story important? God commands natural disasters.

It says in the bible, if we ask a mountain to move from one place to another, it will move. I hope I can find the reference. When we are children of God, when we ask God for something, like to prevent our damage in a natural disaster, God will choose to find some method of salvation for us.

The fellow in this says a couple things after his prayer out of enthusiasm. That is not part of the prayer - just so you know. That is sort of his celebration of victory over his circumstance.

Okay. I've been through a few serious storms. Two serious ones come to mind. In both cases, I prayed for protection over our house. Winds were storming around the house. Trees had branches blown off around. On my home, my sunning pillow, which is just a few ounces, stayed put on my deck.

When I'm in storms, I am often found with a cat (they don't like storms), and I would be found praying. I don't like storms either. I've talked here of how I can hold my cat in a storm. My place of refuge is knowing the hand of God is over me, and that he can protect our home. In that place of refuge, I can rest in comfort and look out with my cat.

I have not rebuked a storm before in the name of Jesus. I will keep this in mind. For example, I was not hit by hail. I knew some who were and they were very afraid. If I were in a hail storm in the future, I would consider praying like this.

Transfer to you: Pray in storms - for protection. Ask the Lord to intervene. Give glory to God!

Consider the name of Jesus as all Powerful. The faith you put in Jesus name will return to you in good measure. When you are in your emergency, whatever nature that might be, call on the name of Jesus, or call on God the Father, or simply God, and He will answer you mightily.

Related to this story: A Baby Is Torn Away in a Tornado and Returned Safely


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Greetings for a Wonderful Sabbath

We are blessed with nice weather this weekend. I hope my readers, like I will, will get out and enjoy their weekend and their sabbath with rest, exercise, family time, and good food and drink. Get to know a couple neighbors. Greetings and blessings.

If you visit here regularly, check out the sermon I usually post Mondays. However, if you want to access it on Sunday, go to my last service posted called Pursuit - Called Out #2 - and click the link - and it will take you to the most updated service, as the service always rolls forward. You can join the service at 11 am Sunday.

Update: I added the First Alliance service as a page tab on this blog. I made it easier to pull up this way. There's a full archive of video sermons now.

Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Day Art Promotion - Mrs. Melanie Tweed

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Time Machine

Have you seen the movie The Time Machine? Here is the Wikipedia link.

In the year 1899, Dr. Alexander Hartdegen is an inventor working as a teacher for a university. He loses his true love the moment he proposes to her. A thief kills her when she resists handing over her new engagement ring. (Satan always wants to kills the bride. Take 1.)

Alex then goes crazy, partly blaming himself, and invents a time machine to go back and set the circumstances straight. He invents a time machine, goes back, lives the moment again, and his beloved again dies at that moment in another form of accident. (Satan always wants to kills the bride. Take 2.)

Then, Alex seeks answers to his space-time continuum problem to see if he can rework the situation. He's troubleshooting. As he travels forward, he sees that not just his own life is in jeopardy, but man faces distinct challenges with war, with the moon breaking up, and with overall society destabilizing. After Alex reaches the world catastrophe of the moon breaking up, he gets into his machine amidst devastation, and a bump to him, and he jumps forward 800 million years. (This is the same amount of the as the Archean age in Don Daae's book.)

The world starts over after catastrophe and new races and peoples develop. At this time, it is said humanity has split into 2 races - the humaniod eloi, and those they feed, the morlocks and the humanoid Über-Morlock (a symbol of Satan) who controls the morlocks with his spiritual powers.

So, what Alex finds out is that the Über-Morlock has been hassling man throughout eternity, and continues to do so even after the ultimate catastrophe of the world, and into the remaking of man as the world regenerates after 800 million years. In the end of this movie, Alex does something to defeat the Über-Morlock or at least terminate his power somehow. I am not sure how destroying a piece of his underground kingdom affects all mankind in the time and space continuum that Alex has created.

This movie poses some interesting theories. I am switching now to plain terms. Satan, if not capped at some point and beaten, will continue to pose a threat to humanity for all time and eternity. Even if we have a moon broken up, sending pieces at the earth, and terminating society sending the earth into an ice age, killing most of man, and then slowly over time - a long time - 800 million years - and a new race of man were to evolve into new civilizations, Satan, Satan's children, and Satan's demons would all continue to hassle man into all time and eternity.

There is actually nothing man can do to rid himself of this spiritual blight. Satan and his demons exist with an outright purpose to get man to be evil. What manner of evil?

To worship anything other than the Creator, preferably Satan
To kill one's own kind and to push man to be so desperate and desolate man will eat man
To defile one's body in any and all manner of unsanctity, and if not, to pollute the mind
To destroy the social organizations so they don't fulfill their purpose, down to destroying the nuclear family
To corrupt politics with power, ownership, and money to change focus on leading people to benefiting self
To engage in business deals and spiritual contracts to provide social success and fame, fueling success through social networking with demons
To break all recognition of the Creator, to get man to deny His existence, to dissuade the mind of man from realizing he's been made in the image of God for a greater purpose
To create disrespect and rebellion and jealousy and gossip in organizations to prevent God's purposes of social improvement strategies being fulfilled
To subjugate, depress, inspire fear, inspire hatred, and lower man's expectations to that of less than a beast, as even beasts show loyalty.

Now, consider this. In many of these stories of visions and testimonies of Hell, angels came down to the places people are. So did demons. How many stressful interactions does man  have with man where the spiritual entities they are tied to are also present in the same room. The Christian has their angels present. The one in sin has their demons present. How lucky it would be to have two Christians in a room with two sets of angels present. I can only think that in such cases, interpersonal reactions and outcomes would have godly consequences.

Someday, in the final battle, Christ will beat Satan. I don't believe Satan will ever again have the power to leave his realm. He will be rendered powerless, with less ability to destroy than a newborn kitten. From then on, only his ideas will be spouted. His descendents carry on the spiritual battle against man.

Our job is to set our own spiritual life straight. Examine Jesus. Who is he? What did He accomplish? He claims to be God. Jesus is both man and God. He's laid down his life for us. He's taken the punishment we are supposed to take for an eternity. He's taken the most brutal man's punishment. He's taken it to liberate us from the cost of sin. Sin cuts us off from our Holy Creator. The Creator instituted a blood sacrifice and worship system for us to maintain ties to Him, and to be redeemed to Heaven when we die. Jesus agreed before even coming to earth to be the sacrifice for our sins, laying his life down as a lamb, as a sin sacrifice, so we could all be saved.

What we need to do is recognize that Jesus did this, realize our sin, and ask him to forgive us. When we do this, the Holy Spirit comes into us. This enlivening of the Holy Spirit is part of the promise of heaven delivered right at our time of salvation. The renewal starts right at the time one gets their sins out of the way between them and God. The cleaning of the sin slate daily (confessing one's sins) - becomes the maintenance a Christian does to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit. Praying, praising, and living life in meditation of our future place is our new life. Yes, we live on the earth. We belong to God. We belong to the promise of a better future, a better place, and a continued friendship with God through eternity. The Holy Spirit is our promise we will never be separated from the love of God.

If you are ready to have your life renewed in God, to have your body committed to a promise of eternal life, and a second body which has flesh and blood like Christ, and to commit to a study and practice of learning to do good (all the opposite objectives of Satan) and a spiritual awakening to the truth of Jesus for yourself and your fellow man, pray a simple prayer, and say, "Jesus, I'm yours."

The longer prayer: "Jesus, I'm a sinner. Please forgive me of my sins. I've followed a way which seemed right to me. I was wrong. You are the right way. Come into my heart. Make me a new creation."

Returning to the movie, Alex did do something in his battle with the Über-Morlock and their fight on the time machine which assisted in destroying the domain of the Morlock. In real life, man has no ability to fight spiritual battles himself without Christ. While Satan can deceive us and control us with deceptive powers, demonstrations, sin bondages, and enticements to our eyes, Christ can break any of those controls with a word spoken in His name and in His blood.

If there were a mistake in logic in the movie, it would be a calming statement to man that he could beat Satan and that it is okay. Forget about it. The bad thing is that when we die and our soul does not, the Morlock or rather the demons come hunting for your soul or your soul is direct delivered to their domain. It's true in all movies which pose spiritual fights as conflicts, often men fall upon an earthly resource to defeat them. The bible says we are to fight spiritual battles with spiritual means. We can't defeat a demon ourselves. We are too weak. We have no position of power against them. We have to be aware of their strategies. We have to pray.

I was pretty surprised the exact time forward in the movie was 800 million years forward. It is a symbol of the status of a future perfect earth (the Archean age was a time of worship to God) which is destroyed by Satan. However, the second earth will not be even made till Satan and his demons have been judged and banished. So, in reality, the second earth will be born again. It will not be the same old earth. It will be created pure. It will host a whole lot of happy people and animals.

Please follow up your decision by contacting First Alliance Church on my link list. There's newcomer meetings in house on Thursdays. Contact Ray Matheson from the contacts page. Let him know about your decision and he will set you up with discipleship.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

L'Angelus - Cajun Band with Michael W. Smith

Highly profiled on youtube, check out the following French/English Christian and Folk Band: L'Angelus. This band does a mix of Folk, Rock, and Christian music. I enjoyed them.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Avengers or Supermen

I recently went to see the movie The Avengers. There was a teaming of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye to battle against Loki and an alien race who disliked man.

They put all their abilities and powers together to defeat the enemy.

The audience strongly reacted to a final putting down of Loki's attempt to harm man. There was excitement, joy, and a little bit of "Yeah!"

In Man's greatest earth battle, our Savior will be Jesus. I enjoyed the whole superpower thing the Avengers had going. However, I understand that to be very positive fiction.

In the bible though regarding the transformation of this earthly man which we are to the next earthly man, the bible called men supermen. Their abilities will be extended. They will feel like supermen compared to the earth men they felt like before.

All men can be these supermen - all who believe in Christ as their Savior. Men will have superhuman bodies.

Please read the supporting scriptures below from Biblegateway:

1 Corinthians 15: 35-58 When Christ's work is accomplished, men who believed on His name will have their bodies transformed into supermen.

Romans 15: 3-13 - The Gentiles will pin their hopes all on Jesus.

Okay, Avengers, I loved you in your movie characters along with the science fiction and comic book lovers. However, when you need your hero, call on Jesus, as He can battle the strongest enemies of man, and in fact, He's already beaten them. When you face your conflict, you need to be pure, and have called on the name of Jesus for salvation.

Then, at your time of battle, if you love God (God the Father, Jesus His Son, and you've been filled with the Holy Spirit), you will fight the whole enemy like Eleazar with the whole Israelite army behind you twiddling their thumbs with their swords all sheathed. You will be empowered by God for your circumstance. You will hear God's voice according to circumstances He calls you to help in.

In the Great Tribulation mind you, Christ and His army slay the enemy with the word. If you are then part of the Heavenly Armed Forces, you will also battle. If you are merely a man, your hopes are pinned on Christ and the rapture of the Church. The raptured and saved man will miss this battle (unless they join the military forces already in Heaven), as the parameters of this battle, though bloody, are hugely spiritual and demonic. The normal unrepentant man will be beaten. To see more about heavenly battles men and angels participate in, read Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo found in my reference list.

Christ is mighty to save. Christ is strong in battle. Christ will save you first, and then you will join Him fighting in spiritual battles to extend the numbers of man in His Kingdom, and to slay the demonic hordes who have hated man since his creation and first planting into the Garden of Eden. Christ's goal is to rid the heavens and earth from this enemy long term. Jesus is my superman. He can be yours too! I plan to shout a loud "Hurray" the day He beats His enemy forever and banishes them forever from returning to any society.

Following an assurance that no Loki character nor his descendants will carry forward, then Christ makes all man supermen. We get to be an evolved man according his God the Father's next creative plan. I can't wait.

Pursuit Called Out #2

Living a Sanctified Life
This image is not linked!1 h 15 m 12s
The title is: The Pursuit - Called Out #2. 5/20/12

This sermon shows how a dad and husband felt God's instruction to resign his job, without any further instruction from the Lord. He'd been doing family prayer and worship time on Mondays. They kept asking God if He had anything for them to do. There was frequent silence. Then, Grant was told to resign his job. He would get instructions afterward. He did. 

In this, despite all logic and outward appearance of foolishness, Grant was obedient to his call. After this, he discovered an opening at our church - I believe. He did not really cover that part of the story.

So here, Grant is placing God before his marriage and fathership, which feels risky. The roles which could be idols and keep him from responding radically toward God - he let them go to be obedient.

This was an excellent sermon.  It's about Eleazar - a soldier. God called him and filled him with the Holy Spirit to fight a battle. He personally, with no help from the entire army standing behind him, slew the entire facing army. He killed them one after another till the whole enemy was gone.

He kept killing the enemy till his hand froze to his sword. In my world, this is repetitive strain injury. Eleazar did not stop and say, "Hey, is anyone going to fight with me?" He just kept being obedient to the Holy Spirit's infilling for the moment of battle. He was one of God's mighty men. He was a mighty warrior for his king and for his King.

Francis Chan Sermon Roster

Visitors: I am excited looking at the list of videos Francis has on youtube.

Find his sermon listing on the right hand side on youtube.

As you navigate his sermons, you will find these and more.

Ones I plan to listen to first are starred. On his roster is:

Christ Centred Relationship Pt 1
Christ Centred Relationship Pt 2*
Two People with One Mission
Living with Urgency
Just do it
When God doesn't listen
What's so great about Jesus
Erasing Hell*
How to Recognize False Teaching*
Just Stop and Think
Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love
A Warning to the Young
Francis Chan Rapping Passion 2011
Radical Christianity is Normal
Priorities Pt 1 (Haggai*)
You Have All You Need*
The Biggest Lie in Your Life
When Sin Looks More Enjoyable Than God*
The Joys of Being Filled with the Spirit*
Suck It Up and Be a Man!
Making Disciples
Living With Joy*
Bad Happens*

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Life of Job Drama

First Alliance Church presents Spring Dinner Theatre 2012

Invite a friend or two and come enjoy a delicious dinner in the Harvest Rooms followed by
GOD'S FAVORITE, a Neil Simon comedy based on the book of Job. Net proceeds will be donated to Wheels for Wells, a bike ride supporting World Vision's Clean Water program (

Thursday May 31 @ 6:00 pm
Friday June 1 @ 6:00 pm
Sunday June 3 @ 6:00 pm

TICKETS: $20/person (reserved seating)
now available online: under EVENTS > REGISTRATIONS.

12345 - 40 Street SE Calgary AB T2Z 4E6
403-252-7572 |

Thursday, May 17, 2012

EMF Protectors for Our Digital Devices

It is very obvious I am connected to a variety of digital devices. I spend a whole lot of hours with my computer. Add cell phones.

Here is a link to a good protective product for our health.

Now, that I know about it, I may get one. Having the electromagnetic energy in our bodies balance is important in maintaining our health. I have a couple EMF absorbers which I'll be honest, I sometimes wear them and sometimes I don't. I have ones I attach to my computers, which absorb energy.

This is a silent and not so obvious method of doing something very positive for your health. Check it out.

This was given to us by Michael W. Smith at his concert, so I sort of wonder if this is his online store. Hmmm.

Christ Centred Relationships

The video course is 51 min 47 s. This is Francis Chan from Cornerstone Church.

This is a couple who teaches about marriage, about relationship, and about accessing God's power and tying that into our emotions. This is about not just marriage, but all relationships. It is about how marriage fits under this as a Christ centred relationship. This is about how to access the power of God to assist you in being a great husband. Access the Holy Spirit who is living inside of you. (Ephesians 3)


1 Corinthians 7: (our life contract ends)
This pastor - teacher (this couple) has several sets of online teaching series. I will watch them all, and link them in as I see they support the causes of building people up in their faith, in their personal mission, and in enhancing relationships between people. There is no room for women to be high maintenance women. We are to be satisfied with God. Men do not have to live up to unrealistic expectations we place on them.

Colossians 3: 1 Since then you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthy things, for you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. And when Christ who is your life appears, you also will appear with Him in glory.

Comments:  We need to avoid a marriage idolatry and family idolatry where we might place our relationship before the needs of the Lord. Marriages and families need to be a nut (a source of growth), out of which we all accomplish the will of God for our lives. We harness marriage and family to the will of God.

Life is short. Marriage is one of the ways of refining and sanctifying processes. Marriage is one of the ways God shows his love to the world.

Francis talks about maximizing our impact here on earth. Find contentment with God; relieve your expectations of the partner; fill each other instead with the life God fills you with. Live not for this earth, but for our heavenly goal.

(30 min - 35 min) Each of us must choose the state - married, or unmarried - as the best status to fulfill our ministry from. Please note a common origin of outlook for this couple to the couple in the previous post.

We are to be image bearers of Christ. If we are married to a non-Christian, we are to be the ambassador of Christ to our spouse. Our baptism is our marriage ceremony to Christ. It is our outward seal.

Watch all the media influences you take in. What you need to do is consider all the sources and consider if they are scriptural. The bible is our final authority. Latent acceptance of worldly influences, without the consideration of Christ, our mission, and filling our mandate daily slows down our Christian life progress making gains for God.

Reflection: How do I transform my moment by moment existence to fit in God's priorities of reaching his kingdom, being his ambassador, serving, and doing things - not to make my life comfortable, but to work with my life partner to show the light of Christ to others. My heart returns to the 4 P's of Renewal.

Update: I've thought about this sermon for more or less the night. Everything in our lives is about balance. Looking out for the issues of the Lord, being ready to do his will, and all that - we all need to be there. When we get married, and when we are parents, we have responsibilities. Providing a good home environment for your children is a good thing.

My take-away from this is that we should direct our marriage and family to the bigger purposes of God. A very small start into that is to join a church. Become part of the bigger body that accomplishes good in the world. How much more appropriate it would seem for the natural idol to be our child. Not even a child has the rightful place of becoming our idol. God is our God. He is our father. We are to be aware of Him, and not be selfish, or focused on matters pleasing ourself, which includes the care of a child.

Were I a parent, and a child was overtaking my focus on the Lord, based on the needs of the moment, or based on the attention the child required, I would ask God for his guidance in leading me to balance. I absolutely love children. It's all balance.

Here's the thing. Women need time for themselves in order to have the time to invest in God and in their relationship to God. If there was one thing I would think women would need, it would be to be given time away from domestic duties to socialize with other Christian women, to participate in church, and to have a quiet time. Coping with the needs of children should be in a balance. Men too need their time, for whatever they need to do.

One thing I am sure of is that good family experiences build happy and able leaders. It builds people of good moral fabric. Being in church equips us with the community around us to do good week to week. So, yes, live as if we know Christ is coming soon. Live out our purpose. I think what is needed is a change of heart, and exactly where you are you will be used.

Suppose I were a parent, what could I do to change my focus daily to include the Lord? I know one such godly guy. He changed his job. He knew for his child to pick up his language, he needed to be home. That's godly. He teaches his child. He has two actually. He reads to them. He reads the bible. He goes to church. He volunteers in children's church. Yes, he has a family, but his daily focus everyday includes the Lord. He is kind and patient and caring to his wife. When you are with him, you get a constant feeling of his thankfulness to God. He loves to talk of the Lord.

That's what shifting our focus means. It's like pulling our love of God into again our identity and our living out of our life. Somehow, I think that is something everyone can do. That is success. Being this way does not have to mean a hurricane tears up our life. It's all a matter of focus.

Don't let media around you fade your intentional focus. Don't let media shape your children's minds. Assess their intake. Discuss it. Teach them what is right. Shape your family's focus as well as your own. That's giving them true heritage.

Please note - theology tied to marriage is presented. Can I encounter a new teaching about marriage? Sure. All my reflection is open to truth. This presentation was interesting.

Were I having coffee with Francis and his wife, I would bring along scriptures I've read, ask them to meditate on them for a time, and then discuss the possibilities of interpretation with them. Every servant of God is in a state of growth in their knowledge of the Lord. I will never tire of going deeper, wider, longer into a better understanding of Him.

This couple is concerned about Oprah having negative influences on people. If you know anything about me, I love Oprah. One of my friends works for Oprah. People always need to be discerning. It does not matter what. Oprah has changed television to be for the people. She uses it as a medium of community development and accomplishing good. I've grown so much as a result of her shows and her public meditations, interviews, and shows for building people up. So, sometimes when we are Christians, we need to listen to another's perspective, and allow them to hold it. I don't want to criticize Francis's view. At the same time, we hold our own position out in reflection before the Lord, being open to God's direction. The bottomline? Bring it before the Lord. Look up, not out.

At the same time, Francis offers a whole lot of thoughtful meditations on the Lord. I will not allow an opinion to draw be from listening. He's a courageous guy to put his sermons on youtube. There's some good teaching here.

The next sermon I am listening to is about slaying the old man: The Holy Spirit's Power and Our Effort Part 1. So far, so good. I am listening as I work at the computer.

As I am surfing, I have found:

This is an index of sermons built for bringing about revival - which means renovating our hearts for God.

God Enables Man to Have a Happy Marriage

Two things I think are very outstanding about this couple. One is they have a board of thankfulness (4 min 38 s in). They practice regular thanks to God. Second, they had a resource from John Piper - a book (This Momentary Marriage) which counsels people on how to consider marriage. It teaches about the primary and secondary objectives of marriages. I would like to suggest people who are married and for whom it has not been all it is supposed to be to look for the resource in here.

Here is a link to the same video above with more resources. For my Spanish speaking visitors, this link has Spanish sub-titles:

On youtube, I found this video in the right sidebar in Spanish too. has articles from John Piper on women who fear the Lord, on beautifying the body of Christ, on interracial marriage, one on marriage theory, and lastly about racial harmony and interracial marriage.

I did a study on inter-racial marriage as a senior education student. I considered marrying cross-culturally. I enjoy tying my academic interests into personal investigations. I interviewed people in cross-cultural and inter-racial marriage. Here are a couple conclusions: 1. skin color alone is not the key indicator of a cross-cultural marriage (two white people experience the same difficulty; two Asian people experience the same difficulty ) 2. understanding the one who comes into family is an act of patience and adaptation 3. people must bridge different ways of upbringing and voice their thoughts to come to common views.

For this weekend, consider the blessing of marriage God has given you. Write God a thankfulness sticky note and post it on your work space. Maybe all you write for now, if you can't think of anything is just "God's awesome." See how your next day goes. Then, try again. :)

Concerts from Last Night #1

I attended a Christian Rock concert last night. I went to see Michael W. Smith and Jon Bauer. Jon was the introduction artist.

As a teenager, my move into Christian music was in the venue of Lloyd's Rollercaid at 15 years old. My figure skating skills made a nice transition, and I was able to waltz to music in couple's dances easily. I enjoyed that. Roller skating became my thing. On Fridays, there was a Christian social night, where all the city's youth groups merged, and there was an inter-church youth group there. From there, I learned about other churches. My friends were from a broad base of churches.

At Lloyd's, you could count on the deejay having a solid collection of Christian music. He had Michael W. Smith. I danced and sang to his music. I bought his music. I attended his concerts in my teens. The music stayed with me. I listened to it during my teens and twenties and less so in my thirties. However, like with the bible, good lyrics enter the bones. In my younger days, I was filled with his music. The themes are centred on what is similar to the meditation of King David. Michael has a very strong and God filled heart. It makes him special. I love his lyrics and the music he makes.

Last night, except for 4 new songs, I knew all the lyrics to every song. Along with the audience, I sang all the songs. It is a different sort of rock concert. The singer did not really have to sing. He could have not sung at all, and just played us the music. Indeed he did this some times. He played so we could sing.

Now, yes, he did sing some. However, his style is to set up the audience for singing, so he cues the audience for his next line (like a teacher), and he sings harmony to what the audience sings. It was wonderful.

Michael has been creating scores for movies recently. He played one he did. It was excellent, full of passion, and with deep rumblings of conflict.

Michael was in a studio recording with his band at the time of the Columbine Shootings in the USA. He was asked by that state's governer to come along with Amy Grant to a memorial for all the students killed at the school. There, they went to comfort all the parents who had lost their children. Michael was introduced to the story of Jessie (I hope I have this right.) She had been in the library. The shooter asked her, "Do you believe in God?" She said, "Yes." He shot her. She died. Michael wrote a song for her and I heard it last night. It was very touching.

Michael profiled in his band a young Cajun (from Louisiana) and French Christian rock band. The group was family. They were brothers and sisters. There was a whole lot of hair swinging going on. Of course, I enjoyed them. Michael built their music style into his pieces to take over the centre of several pieces, merging to them, and then picking up again.

The end of the concert was a worship session, with more known worship songs everyone sang. Michael gave his testimony, invited people to accept the Lord into their hearts like he had, and then sang a song which is the prayer of invitation of Christ in song form.

When receiving praise at the end of the concert, Michael clapped to direct the praise to God, to his helpers, and lastly said a farewell.

Here are some of Michael's links done by a search:

Michael W. Smith Search

I've checked. The images are him. The music is him. Near the end of the page, I saw a different person.

So, check out his songs. If you have not yet been introduced to Christian Rock, permit me then to present it to you. It is my pleasure.

He has 1 more stop on his Canadian tour. I think it's over either tonight or in a couple days.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Donna's Rabbit Easter

I have outdoor pets, in the sense I love them and pray for them and if I can, I do things to help them.

There's several animals who live with me, around me, and well--under the influence of prayer at least.

I have this rabbit. I am calling him Easter. (There was a baby rabbit I used to play classical music for under our tree. I opened the window and talked to him regularly. I had named him Easter.)

So, several weeks ago, Easter was either hit by a car, or desperately ravaged by an owl or eagle. I am not sure which.

My household is praying for this rabbit. It's been 3 weeks. Easter is looking really good. His back is healing. He is running well. He still is obviously handicapped. However, prayer is looking really good on him. God's favor is shining down on him as he heals.

Three weeks ago, one might wonder if he was going to live 10 more minutes. All I knew was he was hungry for my grass. He could not move. Now, he can. Thank you God.

The 4 P's of Renewal

Prayer - Spend time praying for the needs of those around you and that God will show himself strong and build the faith of those who you know. Thank Him for answers.

Praise - Praise God for his lovingkindness

Piety - Reflect on your motives and your circumstances and ethics

Preach - Make an effort to be ready to offer words of comfort and salvation to those around you. Listen to sermons where you receive teaching. For this, feel free to use my church. Check their downloads from my link.

When you are able, join a church. Whatever bitterness or thought might hold you back, rebuke it. The church is full of beggars and sinners who all need Christ. Noone is perfect. We are all seeking to improve our character. God calls us to worship and receive teaching of Him once a week. In a church, you will receive a social circle who will help you advance spiritually and in community. The church will equip you with opportunity to do good works. There is no man who does not have a call to worship. We are all called.

When you were born, God joyed at hearing your name, along with your parents. Please hear God calling out your name. He calls each and everyone of us several times in this life. Hear him and answer his call.

After our death, there is only one last call. It is the final judgement. That is our only opportunity for a meeting with our Creator. Prior to our last breath, God delivers calls to every human. Sometimes, he waits till we are in a life and death emergency for us to be ready to call on him. Even then, he answers. He teaches us to call out to him in our despair and lack of hope. He gives us hope. He gives us joy.

Think of how much joy Mahesh felt, who was a good looking man, and then had shingles destroy his face, when God returned him to his gorgeous face before his disease. God restored his gorgeous face. That emergency provided the need to call out to God and then God answered as Mahesh had faith in him. When everything seems hopeless, then there's God.

I love thinking of God. You can have this friendship too. He's there for you.

To have what I have, say "Jesus, I'm yours." You may also have a complete salvation call  and prayer by watching First Alliance's sermon this week. Have a blessed week.

Pursuit - Called out #1 Comments

The service does support the concept of the Holy Spirit's enabling on whatever our calling is. As Albert needed to be a mechanic, so God filled him with ability. As a teacher whole heartedly serves God, a teacher will be filled with God's enabling. As a musician whole heartedly serves God, they will be filled with God's enabling.

Regarding praise. Praise God with your whole heart. You will find God will make you a great singer. Why? Well, when we get to heaven, praise is a big part of our life purpose. Even here. He will make you a great musician. Sing with faith. Permit Him to enable you. Even if you do not know how to sing, when you give your mind and body to the Lord, He fills you and teaches you to sing.

I had a great-grandmother who loved to sing around the house. She praised God. She also sang the day's songs. I also have a good friend, who I've known to be a nightingale as long as I've known her. If I'm with her, I get to hear her and she sings beautifully. I love to hear her sing. I had her sing at my wedding.

When we love God, I sort of think that God fills our heart up with joy, and the outcome is we sing. The joy of singing will overflow into our week. We will be singing the praises of Sunday on Monday to Friday as we fill the dishwasher, or as we are changing diapers, or as we are taking out the garbage. We just get all filled up with joy, and we overflow with praise to God.

This is part of what I think it means to love God with our whole hearts. It's to allow God to engage us in a moment by moment rhapsody of love toward him and simply in enjoying being and knowing he is there with us direct in his line of sight. He's listening as we emit our whispers of prayer to Him and our joy as we sing either softly to ourselves or out loud into our home. It is like living in the movie, The Sound of Music. The joy carries with you in your soul.

Sing. Sing praise to our Most High King. Sing Alleluia.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Pursuit - Called Out #1

Living a Sanctified Life
This image is not linked!
This is linked:  Weekend service 1h 22 m 59s
The title is: The Pursuit - Called Out. 5/13/12
Please notice how much the musicians seem to love to sing and play.

 When you are in church next, when lyrics are available, join in and sing and let your heart go to its maximum in your praise. I would like to urge those at services to permit their souls to soar in praise.

I don't consider myself a great singer, but when I praise God, I feel an unusual enabling. The days following praising God, you will feel filled with joy and the words you sang return to comfort you.

This service starts out with praise. This is a good start. I invite you to enjoy the service.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers this week.

 Please read these scriptures (on Biblegateway):  
We have great cause to praise God and be glad - for our salvation.

Sermon: For the below sections, the links are connected to Biblegateway.

People pursue a life of meaning. See people in the bible who did this.
  1. Samuel begins his opening to God when he says, "Speak Lord, your servant is listening."
  2. King David - In those days, Israel had no king and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.
    1 Samuel 8: Appoint us a king. We want to be like all the other nations. Israel rejected God as their king. They did not recognize God as their king. Saul was brought in as king. Samuel fired Saul as king.
  3. 1 Samuel 16: God tells Samuel to go anoint the son of Jesse.
  4. God told Samuel as each son went by, "The Lord has not chosen this one." Samuel asks, "Do you have another son?" Jesse says, "Well, yeah, there's the young one. He's out tending the sheep." As David passes by, God tells Samuel, "Rise and anoint him, he is the one."
  5. From that day on, the Spirit of the Lord rushed on David.
  6. Why David? God looks at the heart, not the outward appearance.
  7. Matthew 23 - Jesus confirms the same thing. The inside of man matters.
  8. To everyone in the crowd, David was a nobody.
  9. David's great-great-grandma was Rabah. His great-grandma was Ruth, a Moabite. Both are trophies of God's grace.
  10. God's gaze stopped on David in the pasture.
  11. David loved God, served God, worshipped God.
  12. 1 Samuel 13 David followed God with all his heart.
  13. Luke 6:45  Out of a good heart, good things come.
  14. Proverbs 4: 23 Guard your heart.
  15. Jeremiah 29  Look for God with all your heart. Seek God with all your heart.
  16. Deuteronomy 6: 24-25 Love the Lord with all your heart. Obey with all your heart.
  17. Joshua 22: Love the Lord your God. Walk in his ways. Serve him with all your heart and all your soul.
  18. When you get off track, return to God with all your heart.
  19. Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
  20. Colossians 3: 23-25 Work for the Lord with all your heart.
  21. Matthew 25 Those faithful in a few things are given more responsibility.
  22. David was only 18. He was young.
  23. David created the country's worship book. He has a big impact on his people.
  24. Bethlehem was later called the City of David. And the city of the birth of Christ.
  25. Jesus was tied to the human lineage of David through his father Joseph.
  26. Jesus personnified whole-hearted devotion.
  27. We need to be people who search for God with all our hearts. We need to be in whole pursuit of God with our whole heart. He empowers us (fills us with a gifting) for a mission which is custom designed for us. From your life, ripples will be set off to impact other's life. You will set in motion people coming to Christ. You start off on your own David adventure.
  28. 2 Chronicles 3:9  God is searching to and fro across the whole earth for people with hearts that are devoted to God. He will strengthen them. 
    (Sorry folks, this verse is not right. There is a verse like this. I've used it in this blog.)
  29. It's time for us to do a self-assessment. Where is my heart in my commitment to God? (A sheet is provided alongside the service.)
  30. The key here is we don't want people who are in church, who are only half tuned in. What happens when God has you fully? When you are renewed in faith? (We want our whole church, our whole attendance roster, everyone in our population in right relationship with God. It's time for a heart assessment.)
  31. Mark 8: 34  Be a disciple. Pick up your cross and follow me.
  32. Give your life to Jesus. Believe in Him. Be saved. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours. I need you. I've been doing things my own way. I want to turn from my own way and my own pursuit. I surrender my life to you as Lord. Thank you Jesus."  The half-hearted Christian is also invited to set their mind to follow God with all their hearts.
  33. Transformation will ensue. Align our lives with God's purposes.
Note: I could not find the sheet for self-reflection Les was referring to. I hunted. Sorry.

Extension: For each day of the coming week,  read one selection below. Copy-paste the selection to the biblegateway widget.
  • Genesis 12: 1-9
  • 1 Samuel 3: 1-10
  • Isaiah 6: 1-8
  • Jeremiah 1: 4-9
  • Luke 1: 26-38
  • Acts 9: 1-22 
In your prayer time, ask God to reveal the areas of your life your heart is not fully devoted to him.

Reflect on any ripple effects another person had on your life. Thank God for that person and the impact they made on you.

Jesus the Refiner

Biblegateway Zechariah 13

Note verses 7 and 8 describe the branch which is left. 1/3 of God's people will make it through a refining time. I believe this passage applies to the arrival of Christ's 1000 years on earth. I realize in this passage there is a harsh judgement for being a false prophet, but this family assessment of sin is similar to Inuit culture. If a man was determined to be bad for community, the community took care of removing the problem. The whole community was considered important. Also, consider the timing. The world will have witnessed the devastation of having had a false prophet. On the other hand, note that the youth lives. He solves his false prophesy problem. I have hope for the youth in this parable, who realizes the seriousness of misleading people. Malachi 3: 2-5

This passage speaks of how society changes when nations fear the Lord, and by this, I mean they consider Him. To a great extent, this means the powerful and the administration of the country. All the at risk groups in society benefit from the implementation of respect for Christ during His time of rule. This scripture is in agreement with others, and with many people's visions and testimonies of meeting Jesus. His very body is aflame with His Refining effect on man. In Chemistry labs, you have a crucible. In that crucible, you put various elements, and you induce a small fire. The elements together create a fire. In particular, I think of Magnesium. That fire was particularly bright. Anyway, Christ, who is man's refiner, He is aflame. His very body exudes the quality of refining us from our sin. For all of us who respond and repent, He is at the same time, our Acacia Tree, or the Tree of Life. From Him, when we step into the remission of sin, we experience His healing traits, His provision, His blessing, and most of all Life. Those who have Christ as a world governor will all be blessed, as the nations of man rebuild into new family clans. I can only think there will be a population explosion, as man's years are put to 1000 years. Under Christ, man will not experience death on earth (except those who become slaves to their own sin). This is cool. God extends a life warranty to all who worship Christ. Man will have a whole lot longer to assess the reason and blessing and kind heart of God. He will have a whole lot more exposure to God's lovingkindness to mankind. There will be a multitude of blessings on man during this time.

Again, for your own study, if you would like a nice solid exposure to the prophets, and you would like to draw your own conclusions, read from the Proverbs on to the end of the Old Testament. That's where you will find texts associated to the times Christ comes to earth. As well, seek out this teaching in your church.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hindu Man Meets Christ

This testimony of Mahesh tells of Jesus singing to His people. Also, Mahesh tells of how his wife and his church begin to experience revival from prayer. The more, as a Christian people, we praise the Lord, the more we will conquer in our earthly troubles. Mahesh asked Jesus to heal his face. He was restored.

Suppose There Were a Christmas Opera

Suppose I knew someone who could present a Christmas Opera, here's the resources and songs I would use.  Basically, dear visitor, all the albums here are free download. So, imagining an opera for this coming Christmas, I planned one for fun. 

On the links, you can listen to the music. I've set the links to open in a new window, so you can reference these titles for your music sampling.

1. Garritan - This Year Free Christmas Album
2. Garritan - Previous Christmas Albums

Here are the songs (with the songwriter) from the above I choose:

Jesus                                                   Gunther Bombe
He Shall Feed His Flock                   Jim Hammer
Ave Maria                                            Laurence Harvey 
O Man, Such a Sight!                         Michael Bold
Puer Natus in Bethlehem                   Michel R. Edward (1st link)
In DulcJubilo                                        Dan Powers     
In Notte Placida                                   Fabio Vicentini 
Lieti Pastori                                         Fabio Vicentini 
Puer Nobis                                          David N. Wallis/Dan Kury          
Tu scendi dalle Stelle                         Fabio Vicentini
Adeste Fideles                                   Z. P. Büchner                           
Smiling Nicolaus                                 Gunther Bombe
O du Fröliche, O du Selig                   Jerry Wickham
Förunderligt och Märkligt                    Ken Weissman 
Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris                  Pierre Laroche
Un Flambeau Jeannette Isabelle       Mark Leneker
O Jesulein Süss! O Jesulein Mild!    Jerry Wickham
Gloucestershire Wassail                    Sean Hannifin 
The Wexford Carol                              Joseph Carrillo
Celebration of Life                              Colton Provias
Nations Awake                                    Matej Hrovat 
O Holy Night                                         Karen Peace
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming         Kevin Selby 

All but one song are from the second link.

One of the planning issues one needs is a variety in presentation of languages and  emotional moods. Also, you must keep a few familiar songs to pull in the crowd. Now, to the one who might plan the Christmas opera, this is your music. Enjoy. Listen to these selections. I thought they were just a bit different than the usual Christmas selection and would make an interesting opera.

This might be too much for one night, so then, just select the ones that fit a first sitting and a second sitting. The first sitting would be about 9 songs and the second about 6. I have more songs here than most could sit long enough in an evening to enjoy. I would have to see what affinities my artists had for these songs, and then allow them to weed those they felt less excited for, as artist's body mind exudes the thoughts, and this requires meditation and passion. In an evening, there's also 25-30 minutes of transitions and song presentations.

The Madrigal Birth of Jesus

Here, I refer you to another.

Here's the Song: The Madrigal Birth of Jesus

This song was written in the 1990's and was presented in a church.

"A Madrigal of Birth for Jesus" - lyrics written by Jo Page, music by Edward Fiebke, vocal(s) Amy Fiebke. This song was written and recorded in the mid 1990's. Its performance premiered at St. Luke's Lutheran Church when it was sung by the church's adult choir. Jo Page is an amazing lyricist. It was an honor and a pleasure setting music to her Christmas-song lyrics. Here is the source page.

I like harmony and duets. The same artist sings her own duet here. I also like the Renaissance feel to the music. It's very pretty. It might even do for a Christmas opera.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Parable of the Bride - Updated

The bride had not yet met her bridegroom. She was searching. In her youth, she sought her territory for the bridegroom. She was invited to a man's place for tea in a group of four. Two arrived and tea was made. As she drank her tea, she lamented, "Where are the other two? What happened to them?" She did not understand why the other two did not arrive.

The tea cooled. She drank a few more sips. The young man who invited the group asked her to see the place. He led her about and said, "Excuse me, just a moment." She wondered for a moment as she looked away. She was in a bedroom. As she looked back, her heart gave a start. She turned, and he had locked her in.

This man was a strong man. He came toward her aggressively and pushed her down onto a bed. He sat upon her waist and began removing her clothes. Struggling was difficult.

As the girl realized her chance of escape was weak, she began to cry, to weep, and to wail. Among her cries was a deep cry of her soul for sanctity which she regularly tried to maintain before her God her Father. She was also unsure if she would live. She cried in desperation as loud as she could over and over, "God, help me."

The man was in a position of power and had very much advanced his purpose of demeaning the girl. However, before he could progress one more step, God her Father spoke, "You shall not desanctify the bride of Christ."

The Angel of the Lord came down and wrestled with the man and removed him from the girl. She was still weeping and aware that the man was no longer upon her. She cried, "What happened?" She recognized something had changed. She was free.

The strong man, with the eyes and face of a bully, full of anger and hate looked towards her, full of the desire to rip and tear her apart, paced the room back and forth like a caged lion behind bars. He yelled in confusion, "You grabbed me." He had both her arms controlled.

The girl said innocently, "I did?" Then, the girl realized that God had stepped in and saved her. Jesus had wrestled the man off of her. Jesus had rescued her.

The man swore and cursed a blue streak into the room. He grabbed items of clothes, balled them up and threw them at her one after the next. He said, "Get your clothes, and get out of here now." Did the strong man recognize that God had intervened?

The girl did not argue. She grabbed her clothes, and put on a few articles, grabbed the rest in her arms, and carried her things out of the room, which he opened, and she ran out away from that place.

The girl realized how lucky she was to have God the Father on her side. In her great distress and emotional relief, she cried out, "Thank you God for protecting my sanctity and my very life."

So, when you face your emergency, whatever nature that might be, call on Jesus or God the Father, or simply God, and He will answer mightily.

  1. 1 Thessalonians 4: 1-8 We are called to sanctification
  2. 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-23 Examine all circumstances; God will preserve us
  3. 1 Timothy 4: 16-18 The above story - God protects us from the lion's jaws
  4. 1 Timothy 3: 14-18 Sanctification leads to good works
  5. 2 Timothy 2: 20-22 Sanctification leads to good works

The Call: We are called to abstain from sexual immorality. We are not to defraud our brother. (In this case, defraud means to render his bodily vessel unholy.)

The Story Above: The Lord will protect us from every evil deed, delivering us from the lion's mouth, and bringing us safely to His heavenly kingdom.

Why God Preserves Us: Being sanctified leads to us to have wisdom and from there to good works.

Appeal: To prepare yourself to be a disciple of Christ, prepared to do his good works, set yourself apart in faith, that God can protect you in any emergency, and He will Himself defend your sanctity.

Extension Study: 1 Corinthians 6

This chapter contains a call to sanctification, lists the deeds to avoid, and says to not let any sin master us, but to rely on Christ's power to change us. No man who is of Christ will join himself to a harlot, nor to harlotry, either sexually or in any manner of false religion or idolatry. As such sins occur, a man joins himself spiritually to the unholy and destroys the sanctity of the vessel into which the Holy Spirit has come. This would make the Holy Spirit uncomfortable, and it would make sense He would have to leave, till a man set his vessel right again. Our body mind becomes accessable as a holy vessel to the Lord when we are saved. This is why in particular we are supposed to avoid sexual sins.

God paid the price for our body. It is neither ours to sell, nor may we buy any other man, woman's or child's body. Lastly, even viewing images of the body leads to impurity of the mind, when it is for obvious sexual purposes. Anything that overtakes the mind from God's purposes is idolatry. God calls us to the purity of mind, or the Holy Spirit and Christ can't be in constant communication to us for the purpose of our own protection, wisdom, and calling to His purpose.

Think of it this way. God maintains the breath, blood, and function of every one of our cells. When we commit our body to His purposes, we please God. When we do this, good deeds are accomplished, the kingdom is extended, the numbers of man saved increases, and God feels appreciated, as His purpose in holding all this creation together is to generate a thankful and thoughtful and godly future community which He will enjoy with us.

Extension Study 2: Psalm 7

Lord my God, I take refuge in you;
    save and deliver me from all who pursue me,
or they will tear me apart like a lion
    and rip me to pieces with no one to rescue me.