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Rapture Model 2

So, suppose for a moment we investigate this other outcome. I've thought of this second model of rapture. This would be caught up in the air with Christ, but do we go to heaven, if Christ plans to establish his kingdom on earth? That's what I wonder about.

Would Christ not want to share that earthly reign with his church?

Those who die in the tribulation, for sure, those who die for their faith, they go to heaven.

If we are caught up in the air with Christ, are we granted access to heaven's cities, and does this meet God's long-term investment in building the church on the earth? Are we intended to remain in the wilderness till the conclusion of tribulation to participate in the miracle of 1000 year long human lives under God.

Suppose men are raptured to heaven. Like Elijah, they skip the death barrier. Then, men then have to fight the war. They would become spiritual warriors in one of the biggest wars of all time in the heavens. This model sort of presumes men remain citizens of heaven. During the great war, this second model means women and children stay in heavenly cities of provision, while men go out to fight war and come back. What is the impact of the tribulation war on the heavenly cities? Are all the men gone? Are they all in battle?

I don't know. I plan to be ready for either. As each fall draws near, keep the hiking backpack ready. Keep the option of escape open, like in The Sound of Music. If God has this other option of going to heaven open, then angels will assist us in bringing our family home.

One thing is said in the bible: Two are in a bed. One goes. This indicates a harvest at night. The next sentence sentence - two are working in a field, and one goes. Night and day occur on opposite sides of the world. The world harvest is accomplished at one time. Opposite sides of the planet - that rapture - is simultaneous.

I owe you a few verses on this. I will update these rapture posts on a Sunday. Ardent eschatologists are familiar with these texts. For those coming here new to the topic, I need to do a bit more work, and that needs study. Please visit back in 2 weeks.

Really, I am not sure if there will be new information. Rather, there will be confirmation of my thoughts and where they come from as I theorize on scripture.

As I reread this, this is really about 3 questions:

What is the purpose of God's earthly church?
What is God's long term objective for the earthly church?
Does Christ want the existing earthly church with Him for His reign?

Were we to remain here with Christ, as always, men need to remain committed, as there is another test planned for man in the future. There's also 1000 years to build people's faith. If we came through the tribulation, I hope we would all be great witnesses to teach others about the love of Christ. At the end of that 1000 years, the earth will again be full and prosperous and populous. Are we part of that?

In Pursuit The Ripple Effect

Note: Take the referred bible verse and copy and paste it in the bible widget above. The First Alliance page takes you to the video sermon.  If you decide you want to participate in this water metaphor of loving commitment of yourself to God, get a stone and find a river and go throw one in for God this week! Send First Alliance your information and that either you became a Christian or that you recommited your life to Christ.

If ministers view this sermon this week, and you have some heart dealing to do with God, I also invite you to throw a rock into a river, and claim Jesus back into your heart, and throw away your sins. Redo the sinners prayer. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours." In thoughtful consideration do a heart assessemnt. Also, contact First Alliance church and tell them that you have made this decision. Why? I would like to see the ministry team follow up with you with some support. God knows what this looks like. I don't. But, my heart says to make the call in and our ministry team will work with you on beating the sin that has you down. God needs you functional now more than ever.

Enjoy the sermon. Readers, you may want to view the sermon. I see I missed the 7th promise of God... You may want to copy and paste these somewhere and sort this little mystery out.

The Pursuit Ripple Effect

Scott Weatherford

2 Samuel 23:2

As I seek God, my life should be transformed. I effect between 10-20 people.

Was David perfect? No. As a man after God’s own heart, God used him greatly.

We are in a covenant relationship with God. In that, we say I will and he says He will. When we can’t do our part, God leans over and says, “I will anyway.”

If we all followed Jesus, we could change the world.

David the Sweet Psalmist of Israel

David sinned. God exposed it. David coveted Bathsheba – the wife of Uriah the Hittite. He arranged to have him sent to the frontlines. David repented from his sin. David and Bathsheba got pregnant. God punished David by lifting the life of the baby Bathsheba carried. Then, in their marriage, they became pregnant again. The two bore Solomon. He was wiser than Einstein. Solomon prayed for wisdom. God gave it to him.

(Donna: This is a story of redemption. A man who sins is supposed to come back to God! God may punish you. Even if I were killed for my sin, I would rather this, than to be lost from my God forever. Come back to God when you know you've done wrong. Take the punishment. Take the risk - you know God loves you, right? What do you believe about God? Is God our parent Abba? Is He our ruler who does not love us? He loves us. He will punish us as a parent punishes a child. Repentence leads to life. Preachers who may be in a faltering position - I encourage you to re-open heart talks with God. He loves you intensely.)

Three years in to Solomon’s reign, he asked for wisdom.

The Divinic Covenant. 1 Kings 2: 1-4

(Donna note: This message from David to Solomon is: Don’t remember me, but remember the God who made me…If I had children, I would want this message too. Don’t remember me, but  the God I loved. He will hold you in good stead.)

There was a lineage of kings, followed by 800 years of no king, till Jesus arrived.

There are 7 covenants of God to his people –

1. Genesis 1:28  Eden. We are supposed to live in paradise with Him. The promise: the garden. The sign: The tree of good and evil.

2. The adam or adamic covenant.  They blow it. This is the fall. Adam, you are going to find your self-worth in work. Eve, you are going to have pain in childbirth. You two are going to have a clash.

It’s a promise. He covered their shame with the skins of animals. This is a foreshadow of the sacrifice for sins.

3. The covenant of Noah. Build an ark. It had never rained. He built the ark out of goforwood. He had to keep going for wood, and going for wood, and going for wood. God

4. Abrahamic covenant. He showed him the stars in the sky. From this great nation, I will make you as many as the stars of the sky. This was a foreshadow of the kingdom of Christ.

5. The Israelites were given the law. This law will one day be the law written on your hearts. T

6. There will be a ruler – King Jesus Christ our Lord.

Matt and Luke 22. This is the covenant of my blood. Now, every promise of God is going to be fulfilled in me. I am going to bring everyone to a saving knowledge and we are going back to the garden of Eden.

2 Corinthians 1:20

What does Amen mean? It means Yes or So be it.

Everything is brought together.

Now, back to David. He is an heir of promise. So are you? What needs to happen in you?

Romans 12. How does this covenant of inner man being transformed look in us as a person?

Every other belief system says – Do these works. Believe this. Be right.

Readers: Is this promise 7?
Jesus says, I will change you and I will make you different  from  the inside out.

NASV Closest to the greek translation. Romans 12: 1-6

I urge you therefore brethren to present your bodies a living and acceptable sacrifice…

Relational come along side – in the words – I urge you.  I come beside you. Let’s do this together.

We need life groups. A transformed life needs a life group.

Continually present.  In Greek thought, our flesh lives and does whatever it wants to. They sleep with temple prostitutes and

Anti-nomianism. Dualistic thought. This verse teaches us that we are body, soul, and spirit and that…

God I want it all from you. Scott, I want you to give all you are.

We present our body to him. God starts to work in our life.

Give me your life and I will transform it.

Want a deeper life, give more of your life to Jesus. Want purpose and passion.  Give your life to Jesus.

Don’t let the world squeeze you into its mold.

In our brains, there’s tree  thoughts. God’s word you will be like a tree planted like living waters.

Feast on God’s word, communing with saints, …

Sanctification. We trust Jesus as our Saviour. It is an event and a process. I have to choose it. I have to present myself.

For through the grace given to me, don’t think of yourself  as higher of yourself.

Have a good self-awareness. In the church, there has been a spirit of entitlement. The demonic spirit of entitlement wreaks havoc. Enraged becomes division.

Your life is about relationships.

Just as you have many members in one body, and since we have gifts, let us each exercise them accordingly.

My giftedness does not supercede the giftedness of Christ.

My gift is the appendix. If I blow up, I kill us all.

Romans 12: 9-15

Make honour a competition.

Don’t repay with judgement. Be kind. Be at peace.

This is the outer sign of transformation.

I live differently, as a result of the transformation of Christ.

When we change, our life ripples out for God’s glory.

I no longer have to be covered by skins of animals, or look for floods, or for circumcision, or do I have to keep the law – I will be transformed from the inside as it is written on my heart. I don’t have to look for a king – I have the Lord Jesus Christ. One day, Jesus the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings will split the sky and he will come back.

Today, as a symbol, here’s rocks. For those who are here, who may make a decision, and if you do, come and take a rock and throw it in the water, and throw a rock in the pool of water, and watch the ripple effect. You will change all of eternity.

Song: Come throw a rock. A symbol of making a difference.
Donna's Last Note:
As a Christian, we want to make ripples in the water wherever we are in this world. Our identity, actions, and centre of our ethics should be loving light to those around us. How are we making a difference for others?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Men Who Preached in Hell

I would like to make 1 point clear.

Anybody who is human has temptation.

In the teaching from our church, Scott and others tell us about the imperfect nature of King David.

He sinned. He repented. He was in leadership. Sin follows through in God's cycle to repentence.

The choice to be in relationship to God has a beginning. It is also daily. Each time I pray the Lord's prayer, I am daily submitting my mind and body to God's will.

Now, what happens to men who gained souls for Jesus. Then, money and sex became the temptations.

Here is an outcome. Their hearts can become captivated by falsehood. Do you know any former on fire for God preachers out there who abandoned their post for a different life?

See this. Preachers need to know their enemy. They need to anticipate the enemy. They need to distinguish voices. One thing is sure: self-fulfillment and selfishness is not the call of the preacher. Preachers need to understand spiritual warfare and practice it. Once you've made a deal with Jesus, don't make a deal with the devil. Preachers in hell get significantly more abuse than the average person. When you made a difference for Jesus, and all the more that Jesus loves you, and you had something special between you, all the more the demons hate who you are and what your identity represents.

Rebuke the enemy. Submit your body and mind to God. Go for prayer to be released either from the enemy's hold on your mind, or on your body.  All this is said in love. The first time I heard this testimony, I sobbed for this preacher. I know this man is now in Hell, still suffering, and he could have had all Jesus had for him. That's really sad.

Also, this presentation of the man suffering here is significantly milder than the original text I heard first 16 years ago. I had both the book and the audio book. The woman below is Mary K. Baxter. More of her data is available from the References post. On my blog, search the term References, and you will find more.

Rapture Camp - Creative Imagination

So, I've been thinking, there's a lot of people who are Christian, and those people are sinners. When we are raptured, wherever we are collected, we human Christians have a tendency to base a whole lot of weight of judgement on our own opinions and our own life experience.

For example, say when I was 20, a guy in my church slugged me. On rapture day, there I am, and there's the guy that slugged me sitting right beside me in my rapture camp.

I get judgemental. I go, "Hey, why did God save that guy?" He clearly beat me with no reason. So, we know the whole variety of sins which are possible that a Christian could do. There's matters of impurity. There's theft. There's cursing. There's slander. So, you have a Christian there, and he or she is going through a long list of all the sins of the people around him or her, as these were unexpected choices of God. Why did God save that person? That guy stole $400 from me and he never paid me back.

So, what I am getting at here, is we are going to have to live with sinners. Yes, we are Christians, but there's a whole lot of saved sinners in the wilderness after the rapture. How are we all going to get along? If we are there, we are all saved by grace. If we have matters unresolved between us, pull in a 3rd party and discuss it and set it straight. Where we go to rapture, there will be a lot of making amends and healing broken relationships.

Well, for the first couple years, I expect that we might have to follow our church leaders. All the survival and wilderness skills our church leaders get every year out at camp - all those experiences are the training ground for skills they need later. They will be leading multiple millions of people around in a wilderness. When Moses has been relieved of his duties on earth, he could spend the next three years with us, while the rest of the loose ties on earth get dealt with. When the two witnesses finally die on earth and are raised to heaven, I hope they come and join us directly to hang out with the church. I've been waiting for some one on one time with Moses for a long time. I would like to sit with Elijah too and hear all the stories not told of in the bible.

All those camp skills, all the activities, all the singing around the campfire, and communal activities - that's the life in the wilderness. All those icebreaker games. I am hoping the church has trained a few Bear Gryllis types to help everyone out.

Back to the topic of people getting along. At camp, generally with time, fun, and icebreakers, and praise and study, people all get along really well. The attitude of camp and the building up will be the attitude of the church held in a wilderness camp for a time. I hope Jesus built one very very large wilderness camp, complete with latrines. It will be summer vacation for 6 years.

The key benefit of such a camp would be that people could receive lots of teaching. I would like to note one thing. We will not need any batteries. We will not need new clothes. We will not need new shoes. We will not need anything new in the whole time. One of the trends in the bible is that when God calls people to walk, he maintains all their needs. They don't need to go to Walmart for anything. He provides it all, including making sure clothes and shoes don't wear out. People don't get tired from walking (I hope).

This is why I think people should have their iPads and cell phones with bible apps installed. They should have apps which they can write with and take notes. I think God would provide the energy to run the devices because God would want men to teach and for people to study God's word.

I am not a preacher. Yet, when I ran for the rapture, I would have an archive of all the church sermons going back through the ages on a device. You could listen to the sermons from before. Or you could preach again some of the similar sermons you taught before, and listening to the device could be the prep. If I were the camp leader from times past, I would bring all the agendas of camps through the years along with the songs, and I would be prepared to run them for people. That's what I would bring on my digital device.

Rapture camp should be a place where people build up their worship skills. I have to be honest. A bunch of my personal praise singing I built up from attending camp. Singing praise songs and having marshmallows around a campfire, and telling stories of God's faithfulness to us - those were good times.

Rapture camp would be a great place to teach people community development. The earth needs that.

Now, we know I have a creative imagination. I think of where I'm going. I like to think of what I am going to do when I get there. I have 6 years of my life designated to go to Rapture Camp. I would like to get the most out of it possible.

In that rapture camp, I will bet there's a tabernacle. I will bet just like in the days in the desert for the Israelites, we will benefit from the same dynamic. I will take that. Anytime. I will take God's fire at night and his cloud in the day.

If I were anticipating going to rapture camp, I would have a backpack ready, with what one would need at camp. Standard supplies. That's it. In my case, there's also several cats.

An afterthought about the last post: If you were running from the tsuname, don't use your phone or camcorder and capture it for the news. If you are running from it, devote all your energy to running. The end result of you living is all that counts. Whether anyone knows about it is irrelevant. The Big Three in One know all about it. You don't have to inform God.

Cell phones in rapture camp. I am not sure they will work. I don't think we are supposed to be in touch with people back home there. I do think that the apps on the phones will work.

Why do I not think we would be raptured straight to heaven? The bible says the woman is taken to the wilderness to wait for the tribulation to end. I will have to find and confirm. Pastors will be able to explain their interpretations for their churches.

God has additional planets. I do wonder if we will be placed on another planet for a time. An untamed ground. The raptured people could be setting up shop on another complete world.

The Outcome of Rapture Camp: A unified church. A washed church. A church that has worked out its kinks. A church based on Jesus as the centre union point, with spokes coming out into the church sects we once were. A church with the combined strengths of all the previous churches - in all their worship styles and the best of their studies. Rapture camp is a renaissance of skill building.

After Christ's Return: From a logical point of view, to have a time of rebuilding for the church, I think that God's church has work to do after the close of the tribulation and the entry of Christ's time. There will be a lot of people to attend to. There will be many people who need healing, kind words, and community development.

I can't but help to think that pastors will have key roles in bringing about the resettling of people and land. So, this would be the colonization, but done differently. This colonization is for the people, not for profit.

Some think that when we are raptured we go immediately to heaven and have the wedding meal. If that time in heaven passes instantaneously, then maybe yes. However, I see no reason why the heaven wedding meal would begin without the men of Eli. I could see them coming in after appetizers. Yet, to see a meal start without them - that would not happen. I have difficulty thinking Jesus would eat without them.

I sort of think the wedding supper of the lamb happens after the 1000 years of Christ. If I am wrong, I am wrong. I think the meal happens after the judgement. I think it is around the time of the presentation of the New Jerusalem to Jesus.

Please note: I would like to model the attitude of Scott in how he preaches. Before he preaches, he asks God to only present His truth from his lips. As these topics stray from teaching strict bible theory, I cannot assure you the same. My creative imagination is involved. I would ask those who know me from church to pray for me that God uses my creativity to only present His truth. To be puffed up for oneself serves me no purpose. I have no desire to arrive at the finish line alone. I love community. I seek neither praise nor profit. I just want all man my brother, all woman my sister, and the most out of community.

If nothing else come of this, than we begin to really think - why are those stories about the Israelites in the wilderness important - is that so bad. I can't help but think the rapture experience for the church will have strong parallels. I will not be the one who gets dumped from rapture camp for bad behaviour. The context of rebellion and falling into the earth has stayed with me.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Donna's Rapture Day

What is my rapture day going to look like?

Humour must play into this. I am a person. I have a story. That story is being a pet parent.

Do you remember the rescue efforts of Hurricane Katrina? Do you remember the people in the football stadium? Do you remember the dogs and cats?

The day of my rapture - I'm bringing my cats.

I do not have enough arms to carry all three, so I would love a neighbour to help carry one. The same can be said for people's children.

It is like the escape of Lot. People who look back may be in peril.

Why? If you were on a beach watching the tsuname coming after you imminently, chasing you down, would you have any hope, or would you panic for your life? Would you be able to run? Would you be able to focus on your destination? So, I don't think it is exactly like the day of Lot. I don't think God will turn us into salt, as that is the day of our rescue. I do think we will become unable to move if we focus on the river the enemy is throwing after us to kill the church. If you are not frightened by that, you will be frightened by the action of God opening up the ground just behind us to pull in the river intended to drown us.

The day of rapture, I think in addition to what's behind us, Satan is going to use every hangup known to every man who is a Christian to pull their attention aside. He will want us to pause, for if we pause, and don't run, we're doomed. What would make you pause? Get rid of it. Like a boat seeking to throw out its cargo to save the last shreds of hope of survival, dump whatever it is.

I question whether when we are called to rapture if we are going to be safe, or if we will fall to our own way. The rapture requires obedience. For example, my household gets the call. I call my cats. If my cats are not accustomed to coming when I call, will we as a household be able to make our escape. I've had to move before, and I would not leave a cat behind who had escaped. I went into the wood, and called till my kitten came out. At this time, this cat was truly a kitten. I made mother cat sounds to draw the kitten to me as this call was more effective in getting a response. The point of this little story is that having a household who comes to a call on a regular basis is an important custom.

When I run around with my cats, I tell them to hang on. My cats dig in all claws. I totally don't care. That's what I asked them to do. If I run, I want us velcroed. This is a manner of practice. However, I am torn. Do you run with a cat carrier, or run with the cat on your body. Hopefully, there will be wisdom in the moment.

In our escape place in the wilderness, like the Israelites before, also waiting to be introduced to the Promised Land, we will need to eat. We will be given rations. Our household might be criticized. I could see that. My family exists of all the human members and all the animal members. I don't eat if my cats don't eat. Whatever portion is alloted to my household, we share with our cats.

Does your family have an emergency call? I say, "All cats on deck." I also use a crazy sound I make that pierces the house end to end only in emergency, and my cats come.

The funny part of me. This morning, I was dreaming of the rapture and our escape with our cats. This morning, I got a call. I had to leave and be at an appointment with my cat within less than 5 minutes. We ran. We made it. We had a practice run.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rapture Dreams

Message: Children are being used to tell Christians to get ready! Youtube holds a whole lot of rapture dreams. The side margin has a number. If you would like, you could also search "rapture" + "dream" on YouTube.

YouTube Vision Search

Were my reader interested in seeing personal testimonies of people who have had visions of Christ, YouTube is ripe with them.

You can search the terms: Muslim + vision + Christ  or Hindu + vision + Christ on youtube.

You will find many visions and miracles followed with people accepting Christ.

Do you need your own vision? Ask the Big Three in One.

He'll answer.

Nasir Sidikki Repeat Post

Dear Visitors,

Prior to the Ronald Poppo incident, I had viewed a series of videos on Nasir Sidikki. He was a Muslim. His ancestor was the best friend of Mohammed. Now, he's a Christian. He is a very neat guy. He's another teacher. He has excellent ways of expressing his story.

I would like to talk about briefly about how God takes our culture and pulls it forward into his own shape. God used Nasir's own search for God and the revelation he had as a educated and searching Muslim.

When we move forward into our Christianity, God takes all we are and speaks to us through it.

What I want to say to Muslims is that Jesus never takes any human for granted. He loves us all. 

Heart Healed

Can God heal a broken heart? You bet. Read this.

Here is a story about a woman in Mahesh Chavda's church:

God Heals a Woman's Heart

Mahesh Chavda Resource

Here is Mahesh Chavda's website:


I found the testimony of Mahesh to be very inspiring. His teaching ability is good.

Song Be Thou My Vision

This song is praise acknowledging we all need a vision of Christ. If you are a Christian, and you've never had a personal shaking up and meeting with God, maybe it is time? Seek God. Praise God. Study the Scripture. Seek hard. Pray. Be still.

Visions of Jesus Sweeps the Muslim World

Man Joined By Angel in Singing a Recording


Read/view the video about Fly by Jason Upton with Angel Singing

This singer was singing and was accompanied in a recording and performance by a 12 foot angel.

Two voice tracks are recorded.


If God sends angel's to join his singers, I hope he will send angels to the operas.

So, Jason was singing this song, and I have listened to his narrative to find out if he showed this PowerPoint, but it would be nice to know.

The Rising Light

Please refer to the link.


This is an interesting site. Please view these videos about a doctor talking about his patient coming back to life.  Please view the two videos titled the following.

Another CBN 700 Club Interview with Dr. Chauncey Crandall - Part 1

Another CBN 700 Club Interview with Dr. Chauncey Crandall - Part 2

The doctor cries out to God on the man's behalf. He calls to bring the man back to life. The doctor leads the man to pray the sinner's pray. The man is saved.


Ebooks on the Bride and on Heaven

Ebook on Heaven Awaits the Bride and Heavens Opened

These books seem to be whole ebooks.

Please access the link to get the ebook audio. They are machine read. They are not bad.

Muslim Nasir Sidikki Face Restored

I've reposted a different video testimony of Nasir - who had a horrific illness destroy his face. This is the story of how Nasir learned of Jesus, how he started to search for God, how he was struck unconscious and saw heaven.

Is Jesus only the god of the west? No, he is all man's God.

Nasir Siddiki read John 14. I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.

This post refers to another in which Nasir tells a unique experience of calling on God and being answered by Jesus.

Truth is a person named Jesus Christ. God can do above and beyond all of our expectations.

Also, access the youtube video: Nasir Sidikki - Muslim Visits Heaven in His Dream.

This Muslim man, Nasir Siddiki, calls out to God after he's been told he's going to die. His face is destroyed by an illness. He meets Jesus at the end of his bed. Jesus tells him He is the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He tells Nasir he's going to heal him. He heals him. Jesus fully restores Nasir's face.

Nasir also tells a story of his brother who was dead for a couple hours, while he and his wife prayed. His brother was restored to life. God can do this. God can also heal Ronald - and he can use His resources - God's creative power, his angels, and his people angels (the staff at the trauma centre).

For comfort, God can call on the local Miami community to be people angels. What is a "people angel"? That is a normal person, a very good person, who is willing to respond to the call of God to be good to man, to listen to God's prompting for kindness to his brother man. 

Reader, forgive me, this was in a draft status. I wrote this before Mr. Poppo's incident, and this was on my mind, that Jesus can heal our face when I wrote his post. I had the name incorrect, so I've been saving it in the form of a draft. Please note that this is a video series. I love this set of videos. I watched it over and over again.

Who is St. Patrick and what was his narrative?

Note reader how the story of St. Patrick has little elements of Joseph's life and a bit of David's tending sheep.

God Speak to Me

Man Cries Out to God and He Answers

Kamal Saleem thought he was a warrior fighting Christians and Jews, and then mercy was extended to him.

He cried out in desperation to find God, and though Allah was silent, YAHWEH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was not.

Jesus Shows Himself to Many

Kamal tells of how Jesus shows himself to people.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Men of Eli Tip 10 Jesus Teaching

Reading Assignment: Luke 10.

  1. Luke 10:1
    Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.
    Luke 10:1-3 (in Context) Luke 10 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  2. Luke 10:17
    The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”
    Luke 10:16-18 (in Context) Luke 10 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

This keyword search I did was to show you about the missionaries Jesus sent out prior to the Passover meal.

I recommend you read Luke 10, the whole chapter.

Jesus sent sets of men out to accomplish his harvest. This is good advice for men of Eli.

Ministry Directions: How to be a man of Eli.  Verses 1-12

Results: Verses 16-20 Satan falls!

16 “Whoever listens to you listens to me; whoever rejects you rejects me; but whoever rejects me rejects him who sent me.”
17 The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”
18 He (Jesus) replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. 20 However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

Special note: Verse 21 - Even Jesus rejoices praising God!!! Praise God the Father.

In this chapter, Jesus teaches a mercy lesson. Take note below Bold is mine.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

25 On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”
26 “What is written in the Law?” he replied. “How do you read it?”
27 He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’[c]; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[d]
28 “You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do this and you will live.”
29 But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”
30 In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. 31 A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. 32 So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. 33 But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. 34 He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 The next day he took out two denarii[e] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’
36 “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”
37 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”
Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

Verses 38-41 - Do you visit or do you work? According to how well you will bond in conversation to talk about important things, do that. That may depend on the personality of the listener. Do whatever is required to assist in the spiritual conversation. Work or visit.

Donna's note: The measure of one's love for God can be heard or felt within themselves in praise. Loving God with our whole heart, mind, and soul and everything - you can direct that energy 1) into praise  and 2) being loving to your neighbour.

Example: A man of color moved on the bus so I could sit one day. I said, "Thank you" and smiled thank you. Again, in another circumstance, a mom and child came on a bus, and this man - he moved again to make room for the woman. He is a reasonably young man. He has ethics. He is being very loving!!! He is being a merciful neighbour to me, and then to this mom and child. I live in a mixed ethnic neighbourhood - and love it.

If a mom and child comes on the bus, either I or I and another woman will both move to make room for her and her little one. Why? Because we love her. Our actions speak love. When I see little ones, I think "baby". I call them this. Maybe they are 4. I don't know. To me, I am protecting their baby. This is being a good neighbour.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Near Death Experience site


Please note, I will scan the testimonies. I recall dividing the sites up. Some were clearly fabricated testimonies. Should I find this not reliable, and from my first scan it is, it would be removed.

I see here some of the testimonies I am familiar with. Some of the new testimonies are interesting to me.

Always, I find parallels to scripture. Even if people's details don't quite fit, when I search the scripture, often I find that bitty details do carry a whole lot of theological weight.

Praise and Worship With All Your Heart

Here's what I get. Praise leads to repentence. Repentence leads to praise. For someone already grounded in God's word, this works well. For someone not knowledgeable with God's word, they also need teaching.

Would you like to feel a bit of heaven while you yet live on this earth?

Contrary to many pursuits, you would be surprised that joy comes from opening one's heart and sincerely, with every neuron and fiber of one's body, directing their heart, voice, and mind to God in praise. This is a meditative status, but joined with all the others around you.

You cannot search the psalms and not find this. It is mentioned over and over and over again.

Another thing you cannot ignore. If you are in trouble, and like Scott said this last week, that trouble is either from discipline or trials, the best thing you can do is cry to God. Either way we approach God, part of our personal time with God has a method, and part of the method is spending time in heart reflection and asking God to show us our sins. He tells us our sin. When I become aware, I am very sorry. I go, "Wow, God, I did not see that in my heart. I am so sorry. Please forgive me."  Then, I work at change.

Also, in your quiet time with God, we are to praise Him. This is normal. I've demonstrated that for new believers or people new to God, merely reading God's word to Him is your first start. Later, you can sing.

This time spent with God builds a friendship and a love and a great trust.

If you would like to feel heaven in your mortal body, open up in completely devoted praise to God. You will feel like you've already joined heaven's choirs above. It is the best emotion I've ever had.

I have no doubt that man is supposed to join the body of believers and be part of the community of the church. There is absolutely no doubt at all. We need to be part of a corporate body of praise. That body of people is our heavenly family. We can praise God alone, but God really appreciates our corporate praise.

As a Christian, if you have lots of problems, turn to God in praise, worship, and reading God's word. You will find God will lift you out of your problems, and you will have no reason to be sad.

I've been thinking of my future neighbourhood in heaven. I want all my church body there. All of them. I do not know how God organizes everyone up there, but I figure there should be church named communities. In the First Alliance community in heaven, I want my address marked.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Psalm 46-50 Thematic Study

Reading Assignment: Psalm 46-50

In these chapters, I see a few themes. I identified the themes you will find in these chapters.

Shout and sing praise to God / Believers experience joy

Psalm 46: 4-6

Psalm 47: 1-7

Psalm 50: 7-15

Psalm 50: 23

God is our refuge

Psalm 46: 1-3

Psalm 48: 3-8

Psalm 48: 9-14

Psalm 49: 1-5

Discipline for Bad Behaviour

Psalm 50: 1-6

Psalm 50: 16-22

The High Price of Mercy 

Psalm 49: 8-9


I've pre-identified some themes of verses for you.

If any of these themes seem valuable to you, these are small series of verses on common themes. You could work on memorizing collections, or extending and making your own.


I also found some similar themes in around to support these themes or extend them in Psalms 93 - 150. This seems like a lot, but it is not. Some of these psalms are short.

Copy and paste this post to a word document. Pull up biblegateway.com and then pull up passage searches covering Psalm 93 - Psalm 150.

Do a Biblegateway study, pulling up the psalms 10-15 at a time.  Add to this list of verses by copy and paste to make your own verse collection.

Categorize the verses you find in a second window and pull your own verse selections into the theme lists above. Do not feel like you must treat and deal with the whole text. Pull the parts which appeal to you and which jump out to you. You are building a verse collection for yourself.

You can do this one of two ways. You can put the series of chapter and verse references down. Alternately, you can copy and paste whole verse collections to make texts and memorize them. A feature on biblegateway I don't use much - you can do a multi-search. If you create verse reference lists, as you need them, you could enter 10-12 of them at a time and have all the sections pop up in one search list. If you have a .pdf converter, you can save that file as a .pdf to your desktop and you have your verse collection to memorize. Think on your approach, to make it suit the time you have to study.

The thing about having Biblegateway - you don't have to write. You have to identify, copy and paste. This does not take a lot of time. You could split the study across a week. You could work on it on a Sunday afternoon. It's up to you. I anticipate this study could take as little as 2-3 hours on the low end or 6 hours on the high end, depending on what you want to invest in it.

Ask yourself how the emotions and concepts you read relate to your life. Are there any ties? Does God speak to you through the readings? Does He bring anything to light? Write in your journal one journal entry on this reading.

I notice in some of these chapters some strong congruences to my poetry, to the Hell experiences of judgement, to all kinds of blog themes.


For a few posts here, I am retroactively working to bring ties to themes in the posts to ties in scripture.

Some of the references to visions and near death experiences need referencing. When I have vacation, I will update these. There is extensive time to sifting through the sources, and there was the first time. My first endeavor will be to find a second website of sources, direct you there, and let you read up on it.

Later, when there's time, I would love to go back and extract the locations, paragraphs and so on.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

God Scoops - Dream and Vision of Heaven and Hell

One of God's strategies in bringing His people home is to save them from their subjugation, and then immediately bring them home. Some people are very prone to sin. They fall over and over again into the same sin. In the dreams and visions, there was a story of a woman, and God led her to repentence, and then He killed her.  He let her die immediately. Why? That's because He knew she could not resist the temptation and she would fall again. It would make sense that just before the rapture, there should be a revival. The reason is this is a way of ensuring the harvest of God's church is the largest possible.

If God needs to, He will scoop us all up immediately after He's done a revival just to ensure He's got us all - that is, all who will respond to His persistant call. Revival movements are a good thing. A revival is why my grandparents became Christians, back in Regina. What is revival? It is a movement in a church where the people do their heart assessments, and many set their hearts straight with God. They become freed. They set their hearts on fire for God. Just before the rapture, God will call his churches to do a cleansing and to seek revival. We should always respond to this call, over and over again. We never know when we hear such a call if this might be the one.

For this reason, I think it is a very good idea to do a revival movement each fall at Thanksgiving which includes praise offerings to Christ, a message of salvation, and corporate worship. Every fall should be a revival movement.

If I recall my eschatology correctly, the Feast of Trumpets is on a Jewish calendar and is an important date and is an anticipated date of rapture. That could be a predictable recurring date of a yearly human harvest whenever God chooses. If I were a leader of a church, I would direct a revival movement in my church every year prior to this for 1-2 weeks. I would want to pre-load a cleansing annually, so that noone would be missed. This is one reason to do a praise opera. It is a musical movement meant to direct people's hearts to God.

God loves all man. God loves the church. Were there a rapture, and undeniably, some would be stuck in their sins, but there would be a teaching to annually search our hearts to reset our life priorities if they were getting off track. Some of this teaching should inspire people to build their own life introspection, so that they can live in freedom.

Blog visitors: Praise music is a key part of First Alliance services. Come and enjoy it!

Sadness with Movie Release

Yesterday, Batman - the latest movie was released. It was the anniversary of the Norway massacre.

A guy went in to the theatre and killed 12 people with an assault rifle.

His gun jammed or he would have killed more.

First of all, I extend my regrets to the people in Aurora, Colorado.

If you notice these anniversary dates, though I could attribute it to copy cats' choice, I suggest that these are incidents managed by Satan, and undertaken by those who are affected by his network. Satan's works are set to put man into a status of fear.

As Christians, we should pray over the criminal elements of our cities. We should pray for just and peaceful societies and neighbourhoods. We should pray God assists the police and the courts and the politicians in how they work to bring about ends of justice. Pray for the safety and wisdom of police in their jobs.

The Fallen Church of Christ in Hell

In several of the accounts, dreams, and visions of Hell, there were accounts of Christians who died at a time they were in slave to sin. They had a serious issue they would not let go. Sins are one. Judgment is another. Neither allow us to move forward to salvation.

I want to define what I mean by Christians here. I mean people who once accepted Christ, but chose later 1. to live in sin, or 2. to judge someone for their sin, engage in judgment, and refuse to forgive them. I would tend to add here those who work strife in the church and whose fruit is to divide the church.

In Hell, there is a dark mountainside. It is a parody of the hill of Golgotha. A whole bunch of Christians are on that hill. They are chained together like prisoners on the wrists and ankles. They are wearing white stained robes of saints. These are dirty. These guys seemed relatively lucky, as most in Hell don't even get any manner of clothes. I do not recall the status of their bodies.

Those Christians had stories to tell. They think there's a mistake. They all are or have been on earth subjugated to sin. They may have been those who judged and could not forgive.

My point here is that we need to be involved in self-assessment. We need to not hold any hidden dirty secret from God. We are to bring it before Him and ask forgiveness. We are not to live in self-deception that others can't see. We are not to hold hate or unforgiveness in our heart. God sees all.

The whole chain of people were tied together forever. They were supposed to be one people on earth. They acted divided against one another. They ended up on this Hell Hill of Golgatha. They fell short of the goals God had for them. They live in darkness.

Were I ever to get off track, I would hope one of my church would come after me, like I hunt down my cat outside. I hope I am precious enough to my church body to be found and brought back into the status of having mercy. I don't want to be one more person added to this chain of the fallen church of Christ in Hell.

When we die, we meet the Refiner, we meet the Refiner's fire. He tests us and our ability to forgive. Those of us who will not forgive, we do not follow through to heaven. We must forgive to be forgiven.

There is a scripture about this type of forgiveness in the bible. A guy is forgiven a debt. He in turns does not forgive the debts of another. The one he owes finds out. He pays by being whipped. Something like that. We who receive mercy must extend mercy to others. That means we forgive.

I would anticipate a response from readers that how can anyone say God would allow Christians to go to Hell? If you doubt, recall that God judges even his own elect people, the Israelites, and that He dropped a bunch of them into Hell for inciting rebellion against Moses (read the Numbers posts here). Just because we become Christians, we must remain aware, we always have a choice, and we must continue staying our minds and wills on God, just like He constantly gives us sunshine each day.

In Pursuit - Mercy Rules

In Pursuit – Mercy Rules
Speaker - Scott

Reader, for this whole sermon to make the most sense, pull up the verses in the links to read them.

Who am I that you should be kind to me?  2 Samuel 9:8
The Good News About Mercy
 God has already chosen you. He already chose mercy for you. At the heart of God is mercy. It is not a concept. It is an action on our behalf. God led the Israelites out of bondage to be a nation of priests – refining them.

The History of Mercy

God kept the Israelites moving around the desert to train them. In a desert, they had obvious needs which could not be fulfilled. God put them in a place where they would need him.  God permit them to encounter situations which would lead to dependence on God.
Have you been in a place of desperation? Desperation leads to dependence. For the Israelites, God came through time and time again. The people were disobedient. They rebelled. God disciplined their behavior. Sometimes, they would be in rebellion. It's funny when people die, they repent. God worked on their character through the series of events.
In Deuteronomy, Moses writes about Israel, that there is no nation on the world like Israel, who has ever received such clear instruction from God. God gave Israel clear directions. Each day, they had a pillar of fire at night and a cloud during the day.
The Israelites complained about meat. Does that sound like your kids? We’re brats. God said, “I will give you so much meat you will gag on it.” God did this for them. He did let them know, “I’m mad at you.” Yet, God did this for them.
One day, God told Moses to build a tabernacle. He was specific in how to build it and place it. He asked for it to be set in the center of the camp.  This was the beginning of training to the concept of the future Jesus.  In the future, Jesus is the tabernacle, set in the center of the populations.
Jesus is the red scarlet thread of redemption. God asked for the ark of the covenant to be placed in the center. In the ark of the covenant, there was put a jar of manna, and Aaron’s budded stick, and on the top of the ark of the covenant was placed the mercy seat.
The blood of the lamb was placed (sprinkled) on the mercy seat when there was a sacrifice presented for the people.

God presented Jesus – Roman 3: 25.
In this verse above, Jesus is the propitiation – the acceptable sacrifice.  Jesus is this. Jesus provides us salvation.  The congruence of salvation – means  people are made right when God held back and did not punish those who deserved it. 
Moses would go into the tabernacle – and there he heard God speak the language of heaven coming from the mercy seat. Mercy is the language of heaven. The tender mercy of God. It means mercy has no limit. God extends himself to us over and over and over. God wants us to embrace him and live in his mercy. Then, he extends mercy to broken lost people.

Personal Example - David
How did a man after God’s own heart, display mercy to someone undeserving.
Key: How did God show mercy to us?
Poetry Presentation – I chose the path of mercy. This poem illustrates how man all has a choice and if he is wise, selects the path of mercy.

Two roads diverge. I chose mercy. That one was set before me by God.

David was anointed king of Israel when Saul was still king of Israel. David subjugated himself to Saul. Saul attacks David. David runs. There’s a pursuit.

Saul had a son named Jonathan. He was David’s best friend – men united at the heart. We talked about this in last week’s sermon.  Saul also had a son named Isphashael. He died. David was anointed king.

Each time a new king came into power, what did they normally do? The king’s #1 assignment was to kill all the family of the previous king. David did not do that, as David was a man after God’s own heart. He asked for anyone who was of the house of Jonathan, so he could show him mercy.

There was Jonathan’s son. Maphibaschep.  When David became king, his caregiver ran with the son, and dropped him. His legs were broken. David shows him mercy.

David’s son Absolom. This son was proud. He created plans to overthrow his father. He built a monument for himself. He has a tomb. We visited it when we went to Israel. We stood in his tomb.

Absolom rebels to attack King David.. The king runs. Maphibaschep stays behind. He goes to greet David on his return. As this man was handicapped, he did not take care of his feet. He did not change his clothes. (I did not get if this was for the whole time David was gone, or just the day when he went to greet David on his return.)

How has God extended his mercy to me? I made a list. That list got pretty long. I’ve experienced God’s mercy. He forgives us. We are all sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God. We are talented sinners.

If we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.

God says, “Call on me and I will answer.” (I missed the reference to the bible, but has many parallel verses which supports this in Psalm 45-60, with lots in the first 5 chapters of this section.)

My tent of presence is among you. He is just. He is the lawgiver. He makes you right. He is your propitiation. He is your mercy seat. He blocks your sins out of God’s sight when His spirit comes down and comes across the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies when He receives His sacrifice.
What does the word cleansing mean above? Jesus takes our sin, stains, and sorrow, and puts us back into usefulness.

You Application – Your Transfer

Satan wants to convince you that you are not usable. Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us from how much unrighteousness. Jesus puts us back into a usable state for God.

Because Jesus has forgiven, I can be forgiving. We forgive others around us. We extend mercy to people around us.

My brother Stan was preaching in a church. He found a lot of contention there. Stan asked a couple and asked for forgiveness. The man said, “I will never forgive you preacher.”  This is really unfortunate for this other person. Terry Young, our former pastor said in his sermon, “Not forgiving is drinking poison and hoping the other guy will die…”
Lack of forgiveness is subjugating ourselves to a situation.

(Donna’s insert – lack of forgiveness is a means of us wanting to control people’s destiny. Whether we forgive them or not, in the end, they are accountable to God. You would see in the laws of the Old Testament, men did owe each other repayment for sin.  However, when we pick it up as our banner, we are manipulating in a sense. If we are offered a direct apology, we should accept it. God deals with unrepentant hearts, and those people who did us wrong will receive a truly horrific punishment if they have not made their heart right with God. Even in a context where we don’t get a direct apology, we need to trust God with this.)

God does not just forgive. He restores. Psalm 103: 8-12
God will not constantly accuse us. He has unfailing love is for us. Ancients believe that when something is behind you, it does not exist. God is a restorer.  Some of us have lost our family, our finances, our …

Anything bugging you – I will take care of you. The swarming locusts eat away and God restores.
Joel2:25-27  God forgives, restores, renews.

2 Corinthians 5:17 God makes us a new person by transforming us.

Scott tells a story about being in college. If you want to hear it, go to the sermon. He tells a little bit about how when he was married, how stuff accumulated all around him. Wives come with themes in their belonging and accoutrements. Sorry, I don’t remember the tie exactly. He’s just being personal and human, like all of us.

God renews each of us. You do not have to be what your family says you are. You can be what God says you are.

Romans 5: 1-5  God gives us the Holy Spirit, that is a promise of God working in you. It is like an engagement ring of promise to us. You can’t lose it. No man can snatch you out of my hand.

We trust in him mercy. You can be right with God today, simply by trusting Jesus. We are adopted.

Discipline and Trials – What is the difference?
Romans 8:15-16
Now, we call God Daddy or Abba. When we are adopted in God’s family, we are collectively God’s family. We are a family that is used to display God’s glory. He disciplines us.
Hebrews 12:7-11 God is treating you as his own children. If you are not disciplined, you are not God’s children. Who has a child and does not discipline them?

Trials come to create dependence on God. When discipline and trials come – both lead to dependence on God.

If bad things are happening, and you are unsure of whether you are receiving discipline or trials, do a heart assessment to remove the possibility of the issue being discipline. Then, depend on God.
Discipline can end in arrogance – if we become arrogant, bitter, and proud. Most of us want to blame others for our own self deficiencies.  50% of your leadership should be spent on self-leadership.

We say to God, “Here’s my heart. Take and seal it. I want you to make me aware.”
Let’s talk about co-dependence. Sometimes when someone is receiving discipline, we are not supposed to support their disobedience with co-dependent behavior. Co-dependent behaviours should not be extended in situations where one needs to be accountable for their actions.

Mercy can appear unmerciful. If we accept bad behavior, we are delaying we are delaying the return of that person. Mercy should result in righteousness. If it does not, revisit the situation.

God wants a harvest of righteousness in my life. God showed Scott and his wife a harvest of canola yesterday. God gave Scott and his wife a pictoral vision of the fruit God wants in their lives. They are to bring in the harvest.

Mercy is a direct indication of our relationship to God. If there is no mercy in your life, there is probably no God in your life.  Judgment is to be done with consideration of mercy.

James 2: 13  The church in North America is known for legalism and judgment.
We are to be merciful.
In Colossians, it says, “Let him who is strong and go and rescue the one who has fallen.” We have to change our mindset. We need to go and find the fallen and bring them back into their status of having received mercy.

God has shown us mercy. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, there are repeat stories of mercy.  Having received mercy, now, we show mercy and we become the hope of the world. The church is the movement of God in the world – you work as the hope of the world. You give mercy.

Mercy rules.  Closing. Invitation to all to listen to a song and to do business with God during the song.

In Pursuit - Mercy Rules Introduction

We added the First Alliance as a tab. You may go there, but to return, you may have to redo a search for this blog. Set a favorite before continuing through to ensure your return to read.

Please visit the First Alliance Church Service from this morning.

Today's service which I will soon post notes for - was about mercy. That was a topic I felt had to be treated, and my pastor Scott did a good job of explaining this topic for me and for my audience.

The music in the sermon - the lyrics are intended to direct hearts into praise and worship. They have complimentary themes to the teaching.

There was a series of verses and scripture passages shared, all linked to the theme of mercy.

We need to understand what mercy is. It is how and why we have a chance. God has this forgiveness concept of how we can have our sins washed away and not have to pay for them.

The sermon color theme is red. Red like the blood of Jesus.

Our music minister is moving on to new things. This will be some adjusting for us. My heart wishes him well. He always sought excellence in his pursuits.

Today, I am going to see if I can make a tab for First Alliance up on the top of the page. Hopefully, that will work. I don't know if I can do that or not with this kit. Update: Done!

If you would like to watch the sermon for now, go to the link First Alliance Church and select them. You will go to a video launch page. Click on the video. It will open today's sermon - which was very instructive and very tied to themes investigated here. If you are interested in topics on this blog, you will enjoy the sermon.

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Men of Eli Tip 9

In the dreams and visions of Hell, one not referenced, but one day, I should update them, a person said they saw boardrooms in Hell, where Satan and the demons discussed strategies for pulling down man. They made a decision in that meeting to go into the churches and create havoc there.

For this reason, the church property and building must be prayed over on a regular basis. Rebuke the spiritual influences on the building and on the grounds, so that God can accomplish the most from His projects. This also means be on the watch.

Men of Eli Tip 8

You are to rebuke storms and pending catastophes and permit those around you to witness the work of Christ. Yesterday, a large storm blew up around me, and it was vigorous and scary. I finally realized I was supposed to act, not just be a victim. I rebuked the wind, which was like a mini tornado, and in the name of Jesus, asked it to lift up over us. What did this do for the 5-6 people around me, who also benefitted from the wind lifting? They heard me rebuke the winds. By doing this, you will expand your influence. These people will be looking for Christ. They will then be one step more ready to be saved.

God may even bring storms your way to permit this method of witnessing. Are you ready to be in God's storm?

Man of Eli Tip 7

So, you are God's operative. That means you are ready (a status of heart), willing, and listening to do God's work.

Often in life, we hit roadblocks, detainments, and so on.

What would happen in an operative's mission if he could hear the voice of God?

I presume many men of Eli do already have the benefit of this voice.

What you need to do is practice listening and following the voice of God.

Many movie plot lines would be different if men in those roles could hear God's voice.

Man of Eli Tip 6

Do you need to go somewhere? Are you like in the movies, blocked in or stuck in traffic? Say a prayer, "Open the way, please, Jesus." He will open routes for you, detours, and manage your traffic lights. Listen to suggestions for detours.