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Woman Healed - Luke 13

I have found another small study for you to do.

Luke 13: 10-17

A woman is healed.

What manner of healing was this?
What was the result of her being healed?
What caused her sickness?
How long was she sick?
Who healed her?
Who bound her?
Being bound in infirmity, what did this do to her?
What process did Jesus follow?

Step 1. Find this in the widget above and read the section Luke 13: 10-17 on

Step 2. Hopefully, you've bookmarked the second site now: Go there and do the 8 verse study using the study tools and the commentaries and so on. If you speak another language, start by reading the English on in Step 1, and then come across and do the study on switching to your language. Navigate to the book, chapter, and first verse. That would be Luke 13:10. This starter page looks a bit confusing, as it looks different from the other one we went to. It is organized the same as the last one. Go to the top right corner. Use the pull down menu to find your verse. Look through all the bible tools for this verse.

Step 3. Repeat the process of reading and reviewing the bible tools for each of the rest of the verses. For each verse advance forward, all you do is advance an arrow. Your bible tools are on a pull down menu as well. To see the different commentaries, just select it.

Step 4. Note your observations and answers to the questions. Add this to your bible study folder on your computer.

In an earlier post, I alluded to something that takes place here. I am not repeating it. What is a key finding of this study?

Extension: Follow up by finding this chapter - Luke 13 on youtube and watch it be read to you.

Sons of Thunder

Why did Jesus call two of his disciples Sons of Thunder?

Who are these two disciples?

If you find this set of verses, you can put it into one of the bible study sites here, and check this out.

Step 1. Search the term thunder on bible gateway. Focus on passages in the new testament. Look for passages where Jesus is addressing his disciples.

Step 2. Select the verse. Find the names of the 2 disciples who were called Sons of thunder.

Step 3. Take the verse and find it in a bible study site. Use all the tools available to see if there is any enlightenment on what this might mean. I am dropping you into the site here:  You must change the verse destination in the top right corner. It's easy to change. You dial to it by selecting the book, chapter, and verse using pull down menus.

Note: Again, I do not know if you will find any information that can help explain what this means. I have wondered for a while what it means myself. Did they calm the storms in Jesus' name? Since Jesus speaks through storms, does this mean these 2 disciples spoke with Jesus' authority? I just wonder. What do you think it means?

Update: I did the study. I am leaving this with no answer. I would like you to explore. I found the last commentary on the page interesting.

When you do bible study, typically you end up studying in the concordances and commentaries either verse by verse, moving to short sections, then to chapters.  This study resource is set up for the verse by verse method. If you were working through an 8 verse section, you would study each verse in sequence and summarize your findings at the end.

Heart Transformation Sermon #3 First Alliance Church

Note to Reader: Copy and paste the scripture references in the bible widget at the top of the page. You can hang onto these in another window as you view the sermon. This is the sermon from last Sunday, August 26, 2011.

Scott - is the Speaker Today


He talks about Walter – a man who experienced various healings who is in this church. God did it for Walter. What about you? Do you need healing?

Personal story: Scott went to his son’s graduation.

Visitor today: Dr. Kinso

When God heals us, he unsticks us. He gets us moving. Have you ever been stuck? Physically? Relationally? Spiritually? We are not supposed to be stuck. We are supposed to be on the move.

God moves – the rua (moving) or ecclesia – called out for the movement. A.B. Simpson – talks of the movement of God. Paul in Colossians 3 talks about moving to Christ Centredness – to Jesus is all in all. Jesus is my true life. We are not supposed to be stuck. Being busy can make us feel stuck.

Take Action

What do we have that is measurable – we need to be connected with God and together. It would break my heart if you came here week after week and never accepted Jesus. A study shows that 30% of people do not accept Christ. (I am missing the context of this stat.) Billy Graham also said 80% of the church do not trust Christ. Make your decision for Christ. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours."

A biblical life group is saturated is saturated in prayer, dig into prayer, ... We lean into brokenness. We should be saturated with prayer, with scripture, and saturate your soul with it. Marinate your soul in God so your life will be delicious. We need to be disciplined – and bring honor and glory to God by making him at home in our hearts. Do not be ashamed of being in love – with Jesus. I am not ashamed of being in love with Tara – my wife.

Colossians 3

Prayer of Anointing of the Holy Spirit.m Be discipled. What’s coming ahead for us – a 9 part series of education on Jesus' discipleship.

2 Corinthians 5:19

You have new senses. Because you have trusted Jesus, everything is new. Claim him as your savior. Confess with your mouth. Believe in your heart. The difference is between eating ketchup and wearing it on your shirt. 

Donna’s Note: Are you a Christian? Have you asked Jesus into your heart?  Are you wearing a ketchup stained shirt – wearing Christ’s blood on your shirt and not taking him into your heart? 

Focus on Our Destination - Heaven

Corinthians 3: 1-4

Heaven – Theologian – Read about the book in our bookstore.  (I missed this. You will want the reference. Scott recommended a specific book in passing. I did not get the title down. The point is though we have documentation and enlightenment on the fact there is a heaven we go to. We have a home and a destination!)

Our Father…prayer

I will partner with the holy God to see his will be done –

Heaven is full of no mores. No more weeping, suffering, death,...The relational truth of heaven – there's no more tears and no more separation.

I can’t wait to feel the nail scarred hands of my God. I can’t wait to see people lifted out of suffering across the earth. I have been redeemed. His thoughts will fill my thoughts. I will live all for Jesus. I will be Christ centered. He is my real life.

Quote – The opulence and prosperity of Canada – can we forget about the suffering and poverty across the world. When people in the marginalized places on the earth come to Christ they come all the way.


2. Colossians 3: 5-13 We have a new behavior. We have a new way to express our ways.
Why did Paul say this to them? These requests – the people in Colossae in were not living the way they ought to. Paul gave them advice to refine their behaviour. He asked them to put off these behaviours:
  • Refine your sex behavior – then these people were having sex in idol worship.
  • No greed - put this far from you.
  • No anger – selfishly motivated rage - put the spirit of cruelty far from you.
  • No dirty language - remove this from your mouths.

Galations 5 – has the same list…fruit of the flesh and the fruit of the spirit - God tells us twice how he wants us to live. This is how we are to live. This is our behaviours since we come into relationship with God. Who will free me from this body of death? There is therefore no condemnation in Christ Jesus. The only person who reminds you of your past is Satan and your extended family.

Move into Action

Get involved in spiritual disciplines and into a likeminded group who will focus on growth.

Life group – is a biblical life group is praying and saturated in God’s word.

This renewal is moving and continually done. You are in constant growth (Note: like Donna's vine)

Paul gives us this relational list. How are we to behave toward others?

Scott says – A lot of people are coming here for the first time. They are coming to Christ. We are growing. Who are we? How should we behave? What should we be liek? We should be filled with...

Tender hearted mercy. Humility.

In the Greco-Roman concept, it does not exist. In Hebrew, it is that completely submitting. (I think this referred to the word Humility.)

Moses – was an example of a man who completely submitted to God.

More traits we should have: Gentleness. Patience. Make allowance for other’s faults. Forgive. Unforgiveness festers your soul. Be careful a root of bitterness does not rise up and take root in your soul.

What do you do with people who keep hurting you. What if they are just whacked out.

Look to Titus 3:10. Titus was the pastor on the isle of Crete. Warn a divisive person once, then twice, and then once more. Then, drop them. Some people can have a home in your heart, but not in your life. I cannot have a relationship with you, because you are divisive. Pray for them, do not slander them.

When you see a Grizzly bear? Do you say, "Here, bear, bear, bear."  If you do, you are eaten. Take a picture and drive away. Pray from a distance.

Clothe yourselves with love. God clothes Adam and Eve with animals skins. From Genesis to Revelation – you arer clothed with love in the plan of God’s plan of redemption.

You are called to live in peace. Peace is expressed with thankfulness. Peace makes any situation bearable.

Philemon 4 Let your forbearing spirit make it known to everyone that Jesus is Lord.

Colossians 3: 14-15 God is too good to leave you where you are. Move with him.

Are You Ready for Commitment? Be a Warrior! Be a Leader!

Scott's commitments to us:
  • I commit to teach you God’s word. Bread, honey, milk, and meat. I will give you all kind of resources.
  • I commit to give your clear direction about trusting Jesus and knowing Christ.
  • I commit to lead us to join God where he is at work. (Summary of involvement)
  • I am going to call you to action – provide systems and structures for you.
  • I am committing to be a holy man before you.

(Donna's note: As Moses represented Israel, so my pastor represents me to God. If he falls, his church falls. I need a holy man praying for all of us. We need to pray for the lifting up and fortification of our pastors. We are one spiritual body network.)

Scott's Hopes for Social Action: Could we not be the church of the first response? We minister to people’s needs…If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill. There’s an anticipated tornado in Florida, and we are building a team to go as relief. If you want to be part of our disaster relief team, get in touch with our Action Centre.

Closing prayer.

Donna's Extension Study: In Romans 1, near the end of the chapter there is a verse that tells us to not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ. You can look this up. It is good pre-meditation to telling others about Christ. Calmly explain. God performs the gain.

Also, don't forget the Digging Deeper notes for weekday meditation available from the First Alliance Church website.

Training Our Eyes and Hearts

Training our eyes and hearts assist us in not being swayed by media with strategies intended to use our weaknesses. Marketing strategies used to direct our money - could be better used for the fulfillment of needs for the family or for the needs of the church.

Do not be swayed by bold and shameless presentations of the body intended to direct your finance, your mind, and your devotion. Let that be first given to your family.

Though we shrug this off, know this. We do not fight against it, as we do not know we can beat it. Jesus can manage your lizard brain - and make you effective in his hands.

Presentations of the Hollywood icons, singers, and other stars - are a distraction of the community mind. As we seek pure hearts and minds, we can beat being distracted from our purpose by them.

Meditate on God's word. Ask for help. Ask for the infilling of the Spirit or for He who is already in you to assist you. We must work on eliminating our distractions.

Purity Meditations 2

BOOK III NIV Bold is mine

Psalms 73–89

Psalm 73

A psalm of Asaph.

Surely God is good to Israel,
    to those who are pure in heart.
But as for me, my feet had almost slipped;
    I had nearly lost my foothold.
For I envied the arrogant
    when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.
They have no struggles;
    their bodies are healthy and strong.[a]
They are free from common human burdens;
    they are not plagued by human ills.
Therefore pride is their necklace;
    they clothe themselves with violence.
From their callous hearts comes iniquity[b];
    their evil imaginations have no limits.
They scoff, and speak with malice;
    with arrogance they threaten oppression.
Their mouths lay claim to heaven,
    and their tongues take possession of the earth.
10 Therefore their people turn to them
    and drink up waters in abundance.[c]
11 They say, “How would God know?
    Does the Most High know anything?”
12 This is what the wicked are like—
    always free of care, they go on amassing wealth.
13 Surely in vain I have kept my heart pure
    and have washed my hands in innocence.
14 All day long I have been afflicted,
    and every morning brings new punishments.
15 If I had spoken out like that,
    I would have betrayed your children.
16 When I tried to understand all this,
    it troubled me deeply
17 till I entered the sanctuary of God;
    then I understood their final destiny.
18 Surely you place them on slippery ground;
    you cast them down to ruin.
19 How suddenly are they destroyed,
    completely swept away by terrors!

20 They are like a dream when one awakes;
    when you arise, Lord,
    you will despise them as fantasies.
21 When my heart was grieved
    and my spirit embittered,
22 I was senseless and ignorant;
    I was a brute beast before you.
23 Yet I am always with you;
    you hold me by my right hand.
24 You guide me with your counsel,
    and afterward you will take me into glory.
25 Whom have I in heaven but you?
    And earth has nothing I desire besides you.
26 My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart
    and my portion forever.
27 Those who are far from you will perish;
    you destroy all who are unfaithful to you.
28 But as for me, it is good to be near God.
    I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge;
    I will tell of all your deeds.
  1. Psalm 73:4 With a different word division of the Hebrew; Masoretic Text struggles at their death; / their bodies are healthy
  2. Psalm 73:7 Syriac (see also Septuagint); Hebrew Their eyes bulge with fat
  3. Psalm 73:10 The meaning of the Hebrew for this verse is uncertain.
  4. Donna's note: I like the wording of the Jerusalem Bible. To go a whoring - brings the context of having immorality and idolatry to the forefront.

    Vs 1 the Jerusalem Bible: Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart. 

    Vs 26-28 My flesh and my heart faileth; but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever. For, lo, they that are far from thee shall perish: thou has destroyed all them that go a whoring from thee. But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works.

Purity Meditations

New International Version (NIV) Bold mine.

Psalm 19[a]

For the director of music. A psalm of David.

The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
    night after night they reveal knowledge.
They have no speech, they use no words;
    no sound is heard from them.
Yet their voice[b] goes out into all the earth,
    their words to the ends of the world.
In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun.
    It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber,
    like a champion rejoicing to run his course.
It rises at one end of the heavens
    and makes its circuit to the other;
    nothing is deprived of its warmth.
The law of the Lord is perfect,
    refreshing the soul.
The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy,
    making wise the simple.
The precepts of the Lord are right,
    giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are radiant,
    giving light to the eyes.
The fear of the Lord is pure,
    enduring forever.
The decrees of the Lord are firm,
    and all of them are righteous.
10 They are more precious than gold,
    than much pure gold;
they are sweeter than honey,
    than honey from the honeycomb.
11 By them your servant is warned;
    in keeping them there is great reward.
12 But who can discern their own errors?
    Forgive my hidden faults.
13 Keep your servant also from willful sins;
    may they not rule over me.
Then I will be blameless,
    innocent of great transgression.
14 May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart
    be pleasing in your sight,
    Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
  1. Psalm 19:1 In Hebrew texts 19:1-14 is numbered 19:2-15.
  2. Psalm 19:4 Septuagint, Jerome and Syriac; Hebrew measuring line
  3. Donna Note: In Donna's Jerusalem bible bought for her by her grandmother, which is one of her favorites, and is bound in olive wood, bought in Jerusalem, at the tomb where Jesus was laid, are some of Donna's favored passages in the bible. Here is the verse 13 from this bible:

    Keep back they servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression.

    I prefer the word presumptuous because these sins - we lose all conscience for. They become practically part of us and live in us.

    I believe there is an eternal testimony every man has in heaven which testifies to whether he or she has overcome sexual immorality and its related set of activities. In heaven, on each of our homes there's a foundation. That foundation has among it's other gems - one that will be known then as the Purity Diamond. Our inner secret faults and our ability to master them will be known by the reward of this Purity Diamond. I am a girl who loves glitter. God is a God of glitter. I am sure He shines more than any of the glitter he creates. I do not worship glitter, but I do like glitter. God makes diamonds for our pleasure. So, if God has a purity diamond for me in my house foundation, and if I have to choose, I choose purity. This diamond is a reward. I like diamonds. When you see a sexual sin in front of you, look just behind the shoulder of the person enticing you, and see your heavenly house's foundation and look at the 12-16 foot diamond sitting there. Choose. Hmm. I get a diamond or this idol which gives me temporary satisfaction. I choose God's purity diamond for me. I worship Him.

    From a guy perspective, part of training ourselves is to see the finish line. Where are we headed? We have homes in heaven. That's where we are headed. Look beyond the temptation to our home, and the temptation will seem an annoyance, like swooshing a fly from our skin. We know where we are headed. Why would we stop to engage our mind in nonsense? We have a place to go. We are disciplined to get there.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Uncomfortable Topics

Have you ever felt you should address a topic, but did not want to lay it out there?

Someone should do it. I include it here as it has a shaping role in binding the strong men. When the family leader is bound, the rest of the family fall.

I am linking this in, as not everyone needs to see it, but if it applies to you or if you are interested in seeing a study on it, this is a well scoped one.

The topic is: Pornography. Pornography is the worship of the body and flesh as an idol.

I found an 8 page article on the topic.

What is interesting is there's some topics in there I've thought of and might have created, but it's been done for me.

Working through topics like this - The Band of Brothers and Promise Keepers have support programs for this. These are men's worship and socialization groups. This is obviously not the only thing they do or teach about. It is a broad spectrum. However, the topic is touched on, as it is important for men to have at least evaluated.

The Christian movie - Fireproof - also demonstrates about how pornography can destroy the foundations of a marriage. The same producers put out the movie Courageous.

As men and women, we have attractions to different sins.

As women, we get caught up on beauty.

Sin is sin. All of it is hurtful.

So, guys I am skirting the issue. However, the linked in sermon/article has a lot of scripture there for you to delve into.

I looked over the article. If a person has spent hours and hours on a particular sin, and it has engrained into their mind, and maybe even embedded into their bone marrow, it is a seriously deep and affecting sin. There will be spiritual oppression - voices that constantly draw you back or tell you about who you are as a guy.

Confess your sins. Get a mentor. Be prayed for for deliverance.

One more thing. When we are in deep repentance, and we are truly sorry and convinced we have no ability in us to do right, we sit for a long time before God. We prostrate ourselves before God. God will speak to you in the midst of your confession and he will tell you to lay down. He will tell you when you may get up. You could be there a long time. In our sorrow and we stay there silent a long time - waiting for him fully thinking about how we hurt God (not our wives - we insult God with our actions - we are directly accountable to him). As you do this and you meditate on your sin and your sorrow for your sin, then God will press the evil out of your bones and lift it from your mind's tracks. As God does this, he will release you from years of sin and their impact on you. He will pull the evil right out of you. Then, you will be freed from this sin.  Last, we must ask God to help us resist sin. We must keep ourselves malleable and willing to improve. That's what God wants.

By stepping into freedom on these matters, you will be one step more the man of Eli we need right now. We need leaders for families. We need our strong men freed. We need courageous men to represent our populations. We need men who can hear God's voice. If God needs to warn you or tell you something, your heart needs to be right to hear the message.

If you would like to look at further material, I recommend watching the movie Fireproof. Your marriage is salvageable. When you change, the rest will evolve around you for good. 

If you fall backward and sin, just get going and confess your sin to God. Get back in the role you have. Leave no room for Satan to destroy either you or your family. Spiritually, you are the leader for the family. If you fall, your whole family's future is affected.

Luke Bible Study Tools

Keeping Up Appearances

This post is about keeping up appearances versus being authentically you. Try as much as possible to not keep up appearances.

In the bible, there's a couple. They are called Ananias and Sapphira. (I must totally have the spelling wrong.) Anyway, this couple bring a gift to the church. They say to the church that they brought in 10% of their income as a tithe.

The truth is they didn't. They held something back and they lied about it. They figured it was a harmless lie and no one would know. The problem is the Holy Spirit did know.

He punished them for this lie - as they arrived individually, they died - assuming I remember the whole story.

Here is the deal. Do not bother to try to keep up appearances with God. Do whatever you do. Don't brag. Don't mislead or present anything about who you are falsely. Just be you. That's what God wants. You. He does not want you to try to fit in with anyone by changing who you are or changing the truth. Be authentically you. If you need to tell something, say the truth with tact.

Do not worry much about what you wear, or drive, or any of these things. These are fun and personal and uniquely us, but what I am saying is don't make anything up. Don't fake anything. So, you have a Gucci imitation purse knock-off. Just don't brag it is authentic.

Why am I bringing this up?

I am still being very sure to analyze all the ways Satan can break back in - to the released believer's life.

A very innocent lie (is there such a thing?) can create a small fissure in the protective wall. Don't play with any even seemingly innocent lie, not even for a joke.

Say your family made a pie and company is over. Rather really your husband made it. He suggests he could give you the credit if anyone asks. Decline. If no one asks, no one knows. If someone asks, tell the truth. Your husband made the pie. You did not. Do not keep up appearances. This is one of the small sneaky ways Satan gets a peg pounded into the wall of your home.

If he can get you to do a really small thing, he can bring the next thing on! We might even miss confessing it, as we did not think we did much of anything wrong.

In the case of Ananias and Sapphira, they paid for their little misrepresentation with their lives. God killed them on the spot, as they told their lie.

If God will do this for lying to the Holy Spirit, or for misrepresenting truth at church, then we need to transfer this to our own lives. We should live authentically being exactly what we are. You are lovable the way you are. If you are not perfect, that's okay.

If you bring in a 5% tithe, just say so. Who cares? Maybe you will use the other part for a God feast or for a charity for the poor. That's okay. I say this in love. You are good enough exactly as you are. Don't create a social acceptance scheme based on fashion or wealth. Just be the beloved of God.

If this makes sense, don't not enjoy dressing up for church. It's a celebration. Dress up. Don't stress about it. Don't think that if you do not have just the right purse, hat, or heels, that you don't make the grade. You already made it. Your soul is paid for. You made the grade.

Now, say we do sin, and we see the sin consequences begin to snowball, go confess your sins, and be careful to consider the little secret sins we don't think anyone can possibly know. God knows. He sees everything. If we made up a little lie, put it out in the open. Confess it. Get it out. Then, be honest. Let your life be a window. Be who you are.

Man's Knowledge

Man’s Knowledge
Everything I know
I know in part
The more I know
The more I realize
What I know
Is but a sliver
Of the wood
That makes the tree
Of a forest everglade
That is but one
Of all ecosystems
Which make the world
That is but one
Of all the planets
Which make the solar system
That is but one
Galaxy of innumerable galaxies
That makes the universe
I am finite and mortal.

My life is but one drop
Of rain in the bucket
Of modern day history
Isolated from the fluidity
And continuity of the oceans
It captures the disillusionment
And ignorance of a given time
In which men are held captive
By feelings of superiority
And their grasp and mastery of technology
Yet we make but one segment of the ruler
Which measures the understanding
Of the forefathers' ways and the future.

My view and disposition
Are framed like a picture
By cultural mores
Of why we do what we do
Of why we should love
Or not love certain ethnic groups
Of why the rites of life
Are arranged the way they are
Of who the political bad guys are
And who are the politically correct
And who are the allies.

Given in the continuity of a ruler
Spanning our brief thousands of years
Humanity becomes a mesh of synapses
Blending over time
Crossing, relaying false impressions
Of the real story
Of the facts that were
Hazed by opinion, by science,
By the media, my political persuasion,
By selective representation.

There is man thinking carefully
Putting one step in front of the other
Trying to measure and forecast his steps
With the Venn Diagrams
Of science and social research
Societal outcomes are human waves
Following currents of popular culture
Bent from social media and fanaticism
Undeniably the events in the stars
Bear great impact on our personal reflection.

How can mere man
Understand anything beyond
His own life except by listening
To parents and grandparents
About the way things were?
And yet this acquired knowledge
Spans but a few centuries
Their mistakes become his mistakes
Their unforeseen circumstances
Become our future
Become our predicament
Their misfortune our plight.

Man’s life is but a fiber
That passes through time
And measured on a dressmaker's table
Is part of the thread passing through the cloth
Which is a sheet of fabric with an unknown design.

Written by Donna Munro a long time ago.
Pellirojos Writing Ltd.

Reflection: As man, we use our mind and knowledge to assess a whole lot about our world. We use different modes of thought which are movements of the ages. When a man comes into relationship with God, he provides us his knowledge we take on faith of a future complete understanding. I count on the Dressmaker. He's measuring us all up for some new clothes. He knows the look of the fabric, it's design, the pattern, and what we will all look like when he's done.

Obtuse Shards Fall - My Heart Breaks

Obtuse Shards Fall

My heart breaks
Obtuse shards fall
I face an empty future
Desolate, Lonely, Forlorn.

                     My tears roll
                     Down and over
                     The curve of my cheek
                     Continuously staining the pillow.

                                        My shoulders break
                                        Under this burden so heavy
                                        I can't keep going
                                        I stumble and fall.

                                                        My eyes remain down
                                                        Fearing to look up
                                                        Lest I catch a glimpse
                                                        Of my love leaving me forever.

                                                                      Of all the maladies to have
                                                                      Why an affair of the heart?
                                                                      There's a thousand less painful.
                                                                      I would trade the thousand for this one.

Written by Donna Munro a long time ago.
Pellirojos Writing Ltd.

Reflection: Suppose my love does leave me forever...yes, I was crushed. Think about this though: What place did this love hold for me? Was he my idol? Did I understand all that was going on? Should I be bitter and sad and hold myself down forever? Should I give my broken heart to Jesus to mend it? Should I give my romantic dreams to Jesus and let him fulfill them for me? Jesus delivers good gifts. He brought a great husband to my feet. Who should cry now? Seriously. In the context of eternity, with the joy of the gift Jesus brings me, I can only bear tears of joy. I am a happy bride.

Restoration Poem


                                    Creep up unawares
                                    Although not innocently
                                    All result from
                                    Drawing apart
                                    Hiding things
                                    That should be out
                                    In the open.


                                    are created
                                    Building up misunderstandings
                                    By not saying what you mean
                                    Hurt feelings
                                    Anger, resentment
                                    And tears
                                    The relationship severed.


                                    contain an attitude of forgiveness
                                    Complete sincerity
                                    Confessing to each other
                                    Their hidden fears
                                    Bonds re-established
                                    The confirmation of trust.

Written a long time ago by Donna Munro, copyright Pellirojos Writing Ltd.

Space Garbage Poem

I wrote this poem a long time ago. It is about what man can achieve managing the world without God. It is about misplaced priorities and resource management. I love the earth: our home. I count on Jesus for its restoration.

Space Garbage

Astronaut, call me from space

Deliver me from this dismal place
Find us new worlds
And let us know what you find
So we can claim it for man
And say that "It's mine."

Astronaut, call me from space
Make new ships to carry us far
From this huge world of rot
With oceans polluted so
Fish no longer swim
Shores are covered by black oil
Life choked from sewage
Lush lands charred in slash and burn
Common debris choking
This world for restoral.

Astronaut, call me from space
This egg we call earth
The yolk and the white
Has been laid bare
To cosmic delight
The once fine-grained shell
Of like produce like
Is cracked
Is aborted
To worldwide dismay
And now life is frying
In Teflon disgrace
Life cut, uterus shed like the clouds
We are suffocating and gasping
In maternal entrails.

Astronaut, call me from space
Find us new life on this universe's shores
And let us know who you find
In case they per chance cause us strife
And let us know who you find
So we can finally unite
Forget hating each other
And we can fight the star wars.

Astronaut, call me from space

Deliver me from this dismal place
Find us a new place and deliver this Lot
So we can start afresh
On a new plot.

What is Faith Anyway?

When You Notice a Glitch, Pray

The other night, we watched a television show of a group of investigators, some including former FBI, researching the paranormal.

One group was out where a lot of sightings of UFOs were. They tried faking the apparitions, and they were able to come close. They could not imitate the movements of the lights they had seen on a video submission.

Just before they saw the UFO, one of the investigators said, "Right now, I feel something really creepy around me." She said this twice. Something evil, creepy, and dark was around her.

Then, she saw the UFO.

So, if you have a feeling of something creepy being near you, pray. Don't just sit there being subject to a presence you don't want.

In StarTrek on the holideck, there's all manner of places to visit. When the technology is not working, in the interface, seen in all the internal portions of the view of the landscape, there is a glitch. In most of these cases, there's something either minorly or horribly wrong.

When you see a glitch in your environment, whether you feel it, sense it or get an impression upon your spirit, pray.

Does this make sense?

Pray for protection. Pray for deliverance.

What About Idols I Make?

What about the idols that are not made of wood and brass?

There are a lot of things I can place upon an alter and worship.

I can have an alter in my mind and heart and I can step on there myself. That's extreme selfishness.

I can place my romantic love or my husband or wife there. When we are let down, we fall hard.

I can place my work there - insidiously, it takes over. When life is done, I spent most of my time at work instead of with my family. All my memories in my eternity in Hell (if I go there) is that I sat at a desk and worked. I let all my opportunities for closeness fall away to prioritize my boss's needs. Does this sound appealing?

I can place my child on the alter for the great idol in my life. If I do this, and I lose my child, I am angry and bitter at the world, at my partner, and maybe if I recognize this, God. When my child turns on me, I am at a loss for words. This happened to King David. One of his own sons turned on him.

I can place my grandchildren on the alter. If I lose my opportunity to connect with them, again I can become bitter, angry, and unsettled.

I can make fulfillment of various sorts my idol: eating, sex, drugs, smoking, and the list here can be long. This can even be good things, if I place these before God. Say I like sports, and staying home and watching the game is more important than going to church, if sports rank higher for you than God, it is an idol.

Please make an assessment of your life. Do you have any idols? 

Can you make a list of those people, activities, habits, or means of fulfillment that could be your idol - deviating your attention from God?

These idols are not the same as religion based idols. What these idols do though is influence our thinking and behaviour. We are not demon possessed. We could be demon influenced.

I would like to explain. Satan and his network watch our moves, actions, priorities, and they note what will tweak us most. He sends demons to hang out around us as we engage in a series of bad decisions which help create chaos in our family. In some cases, where the behaviour becomes persistent, there can be a possession. Most of the time, there are demon influences due to giving the idol its opportunity to sway who we are.

If you have identified any idols here, and you may either be a Christian or a non-Christian, you may want to revoke their place in your life.

Say, "Jesus, I've identified this idol: ... in my life. I've sinned making this my god instead of you. Please forgive me. Fill me with your Spirit. Come in."

Depending on the degree of your investment in the idol, you may want to seek prayer with someone at church. Together, you will denounce the spirit's influence upon you and you should be connected with a mentor for your spiritual growth.

Case 1. My idol is my grandchild. My kids divorce. I am left heartbroken. I can't see my grandchild. I become bitter. I drink. (Idol invite #2). I use drink to manage my sadness.

Delivery of Case 1. I say the prayer above. I no longer depend on drink. God gives me joy. I go to church. God has me help out in children's church. My supply of children who want to talk to me goes sky high. I have spiritual family - and many many children. I am full of joy. God may provide me opportunities to see my own grandchildren as he works out his will for us. He understands. He is a father. Many of his own children will not seek him.  Believe it or not, you reaching out makes God as happy as you would be connecting with one of your grandchildren the first time in 8 years.

As a Christian, God is my first place. I seek him first. My children and grandchildren do not overtake him. As you grow in the Lord, this will all begin to make sense. As a group, you grow toward God.

If we have a long term invested idol in our life, we may want to seek prayer for healing and deliverance. Really the two are quite similar. As God heals us, he delivers us from the influences that hurt us. You go to church. You seek healing and deliverance. You will be anointed with sanctified oil - oil prayed over for the Holy Spirit to deliver healing and deliverance to the receiver. The men at church will pray for you to be healed. They will pray for you to be removed from all demonic spiritual influences. At the end of that meeting, you walk free.

Demons will no longer come to tweak the stress points in our family. Strangely, there will be peace and calm. How bizarre? We usually fight over that. It's just peaceful. How bizarre!

When in your mind, that empty idol stand calls to you and asks you to place something on it, you say to yourself aloud: "Jesus is all to me. He is my fulfillment. He is my God."

If you are the man in the family, and you are the first to step toward revival, so then your family will follow. Pray, wait, and watch. Begin your "you and God" narrative.

Rhema's Song Over the Rainbow

I highly recommend Rhema's Christian version of Over the Rainbow

If you need a new song to jumpstart your wholehearted praise, this is it.

This song can only be listened to on youtube. If you see the view count on this song jump by 30, it's all me. This is my clear favorite. Why I love it is that Jesus is revealed to have light like a rainbow set upon his face. Jesus is my promise over the rainbow. He gave us the rainbow. He delivers the promise which is tied to the rainbow. This is great.

Have you ever watched Dorothy and Toto's story and thought she should have been searching for God to give her her answers? The straw man wanted courage. The tin man wanted a new heart. Dorothy wanted to go home - with Toto. The whole land wanted deliverance from the witch.

Who could have delivered all that? Jesus!

Jesus speaks in a tornado in and mass outbursts of hail. Jesus, who speaks in this fashion, can also in calmness deliver all we need.

If you do a praise opera this fall, consider having a child sing this Over the Rainbow in it. The one that follows is quite good too: I Thank God. For out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, God will cause praise to shout forth!

If It's God's Will, It's God's Bill

This is a quote from Pastor Scott last week in the sermon.

Church run programs of any sort cost a lot. Even the Luke study - it could cost to provide books. Can we afford that?

This post is about my faithful aunt.

When my great-aunt went into retirement, she received a request from God to send out books.

That's not surprising, right? God sends his messages of truth in the form of books. In this case, she sent out many books to people for free. Cases of books. She sent out thousands of books (5-6 titles) over time.

My aunt was living on a pension.

She knew she did not have the income to afford to send out books. She started by ordering a bunch of books. She began distributing them, saying, "Okay, God, if this is what you want, here you go. You know, however, I don't have the money in the bank account to cover this."

She began distributing books - sending boxes of free books out to churches and organizations who would distribute them to people.

Two of these books were the stories about the Heavenly Man - the Chinese pastor I've profiled on this blog. His only exposure to God was a visit of a missionary some 20 years before - who his mother had seen. He had no personal knowledge of one. He decided to reach out to the god of the missionary and he fasted and prayed to find God. God sent him angels and in his dream they had him eat the bible - or told him to eat it. Then, he woke up and just as in the dream, two men who looked like the men in the dream came to his door and gave him instructions to get a bible. (Right now, I forget if they directly gave it to him or had him go to someone to get it.)  He got the bible, read it, and he began a church.

As my aunt continued to order and give out these books, sums of money she could not explain were dumped into her bank account. There was always enough to pay for her needs and the books.

If it is God's will, it is God's bill.

The story of the Heavenly Man is a very unusual testimony. It is the start of the church in China after a time of annihilation of the faith. God wanted that story out. He depended on my faithful aunt to get those books of his story out.

Needless to say, my aunt loves the story of the Heavenly Man. His story should inspire all of us.

He's a man who has faced personal tribulation and came out successfully. He is one we should follow. If you want to find him online, he's called The Heavenly Man or Brother Yun.

Rhema's Story

What About the Idol Worshipper?

What if that's me and I would like to accept Christ? What I would need to be aware of is that as I walk into my new faith, I might need to stop and do a sin cleanse that releases the strongholds related to  idol worship. I might want to have some Christians pray for me - to troubleshoot and release me from additional spiritual influences I do not want pulling me back to my old ways. I might need to eject one or more unwelcome guests - sort of like spiritual parasites. It's a good habit for our body to do cleanses anyway. We often do physical cleanses to get rid of body parasites. This is similar.

No extras but me and God are wanted in this body. It is hard enough being good all on my own. Those spiritual parasites will want to come back - if I fall into sin, I just confess my sin and start again. When they talk to me and ask for entrance, I tell them to go away, sometimes by name and by declaring scripture or on the basis of my new identity. I need to fill my mind with scripture. I need to learn spiritual warfare to counter those spiritual parasites when they hassle me.  On the other hand, I've never had Jesus on my side before. Jesus is going to turn the tide of battle in this body!

What is discouraging for me is that my family and culture will not understand my choice to leave my faith. I am working against a popularity decision. My new faith is really not popular from where I come. My walk into being a believer is full of danger and potential social consequences.

As a former idol worshipper, I am as absolutely loved by God and as valuable in God's kingdom as anyone.

I am small in the percentages of those who come. When I become a Christian, the moment I say, "Jesus, I'm yours", I am celebrated in heaven by my new family - those I don't know yet, and others of my particular faith and culture in heaven. They are counting on 1 more coming along - that's me.

Sometimes, as an idol worshipper, I may be the only one who has cultural connections to help tell my people and culture about Jesus. This is why when I am saved, Jesus often sends me to speak to my own people as his messenger.

God loves the idol worshipper, not the idol - which leads the idol worshipper astray, nor the fallen spirit who leads the idol worshipper into a relationship with a demon. I have to drop the demon, worship God, and God will most graciously take me on. God loves me!!!

If my whole house seeks salvation, I should, as a couple bring the whole family in for anointing and deliverance, so that no strife or influence remains on the family. With a pastor, go through the home, and remove spiritual objects which will continue to call demons to the home. Have the pastors pray over the home and cleanse it through the Holy Spirit.

It is not uncommon that when one in a couple becomes a Christian, God calls both at 1 time. This permits the couple to dedicate their whole family - delivering future generations.

To accept Christ, all we have to say aloud is, "Jesus, I'm yours."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amazing Grace by Rhema Marvanne

O Holy Night! by a 7 Year Old

If this young girl has a lot of her music loaded, I can see the opportunity for filling a Friday night worth of entertainment on the television. She has a powerful and rich voice. I really like her rendition of Amazing Grace from her profile page. It's too good. That's up next. After, check out her channel, full of more of the same. What a great place for you to become familiar with some great hymns!

Word Alive Conference - Empower People

Revelation Art - Visual Meditations

Jesus is our Creator Colossians 1:15

One day you will see him Coming in the Clouds! Matthew 26:24

Jesus comes with a Rainbow upon his head Revelation 10: 1

The hour is late. Romans 13: 11-12.  Put on the armour of light.

Surely I come quickly Revelation 22:20

This coming time has been prophesied. Revelation 10:10 The scroll was as sweet as honey.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David opens the book and looses the seals. Revelation 5: 5

The King of Glory comes to save his bride the church  (Genesis 1: 1-3, Revelation 19: 7-9, Romans 7:4)

The King comes to save the remnant of man

Who he fashioned after himself!

Instead much of man was fooled by an anti-Christ

Those the anti-Christ claimed took his mark.

In the worship of this false god, much of man was slain.

For the enslaving and death of man and earth, there will be war.

Jesus will fight the battle - against the enemy

The remnant of man will be recovered, renewed, made set apart from the unclean

The bride will stand free, unfettered, productive and holy.

Under the millenial reign of Christ.

Man's populations will thrive in absolute abundance.

The King is coming.

After the millenial reign is a second release of those of hell

To try the man who has benefitted from living in absolute abundance and clear government of Christ

After that final trial, there is a closure and a call to judgement

After which the ones who told Jesus to go away

They will go away themselves into a place prepared for the fallen angels.

They inherit the destiny of the false gods and alien gods and fallen spirits they believed in.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. (I am knocking at your heart's door.)

If any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in.

If you are ready to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour,

Saviour from Death and Destruction and Eternal suffering

Say, "Jesus, come in."

I am the alpha and the omega. I am the first and the last. I began the world and I will end it. I am the source of life. I am the Creator. (Revelation 1:8)

With Jesus, you inherit it all - this earth, a permanent glorified body, and light and truth in your heart and the new world he is creating for you, for him, and for all creation - a world free from any stain or mark of sin. I can't think of any good reason you would deny yourselves all of this.

I Am Visual Meditation

The two artists featured here are Nate Owens and Ronald Barba. The descriptions also interpret the image for the viewer. The second - his mom writes Christian books. These are cover images - a few of them. So for now, please focus on my messages using these images in a themed string. These images are supporting the message of salvation I have for you.

Jesus - the Word of God
Every bite we take of the word
We know this Jesus better!
The word of God
Fills our hearts
He renews us and makes us pure

Out of the Mirey Clay
Jesus claims us
He pulls us from the pit
He washes the clay off
And gives us garments
To prepare for a wedding feast
Psalm 40:2

My Life is Bought
By the blood of Christ
I will enjoy that which has been given
I will embrace the love of Christ
Which is living an abundant life
Job 33:28

In His Hands
Lies the whole world
Made by him
Yet all the beings
Do not know him

Breaking Free
Are you ready to break free
Are there chains on your heart?
Do you need help?
Jesus frees enslaved hearts
Say, "Jesus, I'm yours"
He will undo the chains that bind you.

A Broken and Contrite Heart
As Christians, we continually place ourselves
Humbly before our God
Praising him with joy
Subduing the old man
Releasing the new man
To do the good works
To speak the good words
Of Christ.

Ultimate Inspiration God's Plan of Love
The future day of victory of darkness and death
The day the Lion will lay with his lambs
The day is coming
Will you be there?

I'm in Love With an Idol Worshipper

Love the Lord your God first.
Teach the idol worshipper about Jesus.
Create a matrix of the truth around her.
Tell her about how Jesus died for her.
If she accepts Jesus and is born again
Still wait.
Teach her more.
She gets baptized.
She receives more teaching.
She grows and becomes radiant
Filled with Christ.

If the choice is she does not choose the Lord, and you still marry, your life will be full of strife and mischief. Do not be spiritually tossed by romance. Who is your god - romance or Jesus?  Who is your god - the body or Jesus?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

True Versus False Revelation

There's several kinds of gifts in this realm of spiritual gifting. In case you are wondering, I thought I should clarify these gifts. Revelation of God can be countered with false revelation.

1. A prophet - is one who regularly stands in a position of receiving messages from the Lord and bringing these to rulers who direct the good of nations. Many of those are in the bible. Their messages, which have long term use, teach us via secondary knowledge, as we evaluate the situations around those messages. Their messages had purposes in shaping people right then. God has messages either to provide battle advice, government counsel, or encouragement, promises, or punishment.

A prophet of God told the truth as they knew it, as they heard it. They did not modify it for anyone's pleasure or political aims. Once anointed a prophet, a person in this position stood to inherit punishment if they stepped outside meeting God's messenger needs. God chose to use men as a delivery method of his messages, instead of angels.

2. A prophesy student, for example Joel Rosenburg, is an expert political analyst (the type kings in the Old Testament would love to have on their counsel). Kings would seek out experts - experts in social and political analysis to assist them in making decisions for war, against war, and basically to provide them an analysis of their current situation - and from the whole set of people who advise them, they would make decisions for their country. They study the bible in the context of history and all the rest of their tools to forecast the next potential steps.

There's always been an interest in understanding the future in its spiritual context.

The Satan Equivalent of Point 1: Satan's servants also mimic the same things God does. Demons come to people and offer them predictions of the future and analysis of their problems. In bible times, this was called soothsaying. Some of these people were gifted from demons with sorts of prophesy which in comparison to the voice of God, who knows all, are never all complete. They can be partly complete, but the details are not.

The Satan Equivalent of Point 2: This would be an analyst devoted to misleading people to trust in false prophets or Satan’s causes or simply to disbelieve in God.

3. There’s dreamers – and the dreams have significance to the future of that person’s country, or for countries of the world. The dreamer who is in regular meditation before the Lord can use consider the dreams and sometimes make sense of them and sometimes not.

4. There’s interpreters. These people are gifted in interpreting dreams. God has placed upon them his analysis skills in understanding how dreams related to the physical world.

There could be of course, the satanic inspired gifts of the points 3 and 4.

5. There’s visions. These are Holy Spirit enabled trips of the soul to heaven and hell and also of the future days. Visions tell stories. They tell stories of what God is doing. They tell stories about man. They tell stories about our future. They are supposed to help us make decisions for ourselves now.

There could be of course, the satanic inspired gifts of the point 5.

6. The bible is our true historical record of God’s words to us. Ways to know it is true – the Holy Spirit speaks to us as we meditate on it. The use of scripture sends away demons. The bible can be proven against historical fact and against our future. The bible is the document to describe for us how to find God, live a life that pleases God, and live a life free from oppression by Satan and from our earthly enemies. God protects and prospers us.

There are false revelations written up in the form of scripts and religious texts delivered to people in visions. 

7. Then, there is God himself. If you call on God sincerely, Jesus shows up and appears before you. Or God may send angels – and those angels will tell you about Jesus and the bible as truth.

Spirits can show up mimicking Christ or mimicking dead people, or enlightened spirits who name themselves and these spirits are demons from Hell creating spiritual experiences for people that can replace the God and means of worship God created for man.

Do you believe in strength in numbers? So, say we have a demon population built up over eternity of 500 billion. If they showed up in physical bodies, would you automatically believe in them over God? Spirits could show up in the form of alien bodies. They could show up as angels - till you ask them to reveal themselves in Christ's name. Say, we have Satan show up, accompanied by his host of armies of 500 billion. Would that be enough for you to say - hey that looks like a good God replacement?

People who worship idols are entranced by demons who reach out to them from the idols. They impose upon them messages and convince them they are real gods. People who worship idols also receive an infilling of a spirit. This means that through their worship, a demon enters them. That demon then directs them in life to do things which create strife and sin.

8. There’s teachers – such as preachers and rabbis who teach about God’s word to people. They make clear the key understandings we need to know to live a holy life and make our God happy.

There’s false teachers who teach heresy and alternate ways of achieving salvation than God’s plan as taught through the bible.

9. There’s the Holy Spirit. When a person becomes a Christian, Jesus and Holy Spirit enters them. When the Holy Spirit is in them, the person can have conversations with God through prayer and other times, as God needs to speak to them. The point is the trinity can now be in connection to the person either via the voice of Christ or the voice of the Holy Spirit.
   There’s infilling of demonic spirits into people who worship idols.
God gave us his word as a means of helping us understand the difference between truth and falsehood, between true spiritual revelation of all these forms and that of false spirits who bring messages to us. If we want to be on the right path and be able to discern all that we see, hear, and experience, we need God’s word. We need to know the bible.

There’s declarations of faith – for churches and these are summaries of everything believers need to remember related to the truth. Memorizing these are means of keeping a ruler in people's minds of exactly what truth looks like and also what it does not look like. If you feel like you could be tossed and turned in the tide of revelations, not knowing that which is truth and falsehood, it would not hurt to memorize a declaration of your faith and know the scripture verses that go with it. Please know this by heart. You should have one in your church which supports your beliefs. The God of the Catholics is the same God of the Protestants is the same God of the Jews. So, go ahead and memorize your church's faith declaration.

Sexual Unions With Idol Worshippers

Back to Point 7: As a Christian, our body, just as it houses our spirit, it also houses Jesus and the Holy Spirit who work within us to be a different person. When a Christian, Jew, or Catholic - marries an idol worshipper - one filled with a demon - this creates strife for God. When two are joined in sexual union, that means you are mixing the divine and the demonic. How can this be acceptable? Would you mix a fine red Merlot wine with sewage and then drink it? (I do not mean the man nor the woman, but the spiritual element present which destroys the union).

Understanding this, the Christian who knows God's law and ignores it, even though he may not understand the spiritual reasons for it, he is responsible for this. The children produced from marriage to an idolater are not blessed by God. Man is producing fruit for the underworld. (Why would I say this? God the Holy Spirit is present in the belly of the believing woman forming the spirit of the child from the beginning of the process. In a woman in whom an evil spirit dwells, so that child is co-dwelling with evil from its first cell division. Which child stands a chance at recognizing the truth?)

A similar truth applies to prostitutes. The prostitute offers an alternate. The man who is holy and offers himself a subject to an unholy woman (perhaps also filled with the demonic - that depends), creates a habit in himself of continuing to go and mix the vessel of God with demonic spirits. This again mixed the fine red Merlot of God with sewage.

God can not live there. The result - the man becomes disobedient and unfaithful to God. The man becomes subject to untruth. The man who should have been holy loses ground with God. His family then also fall.