Sunday, September 30, 2012

Banking on Believing

Banking on Believing: A Spiritual Journey is the book I bought today. The forward is written by Preston Manning, the son of Ernest Manning, who also has had a life in politics as the head of the Alliance party.

The author is Douglas Snowsell. His book classifies as a biography. Douglas is a former Alliance missionary. He's been about. He's been in Bolivia and Chile.

Other people will have other takes on this story than I do. I see things sort of tied into either my life narrative or to themes I've written or studied.

Douglas was a preacher, but he was not having results from his preaching. He had a personal infilling and revival moment, and immediately following he began to have results from preaching every sermon. His feedback from his audience was that his preaching had the effects known to Billy Graham. Preachers, if you are not getting the kind of fruit you might anticipate you should get, start with yourself--get that down. God will start to generate results.

There's another moment. He has to learn Spanish. He's down to 1 month left as a time limit for picking up his language. He's having a hard time with the language acquisition. He has a breaking moment before the Lord. He remembers to again put the Lord first. Douglas seems like an intense kind of guy, putting studies first. However, being so busy studying can remove one's time from meditating with God. God fixes this with him. He passes. This remarks that we must even in our current goals leave room for God and being his friend.

When Douglas was saved--what I mean is the first time he really noticed the story of Jesus--was when he picked up a book of testimonies about a whole bunch of people whose lives had been transformed by accepting Christ. Their lives are about brokenness transformed to healing. He thinks, "I want that." He says the Jesus, I'm yours prayer. He is transformed. His former ways and thoughts are made pure. He leaves banking and those sorts of jobs and goes to Bible College. He goes into ministry.

The tie to the blog themes here: Douglas encountered a book of God stories. This let him know God is working in people's lives. He wanted in. How about you?

On a personal note: Douglas is pretty much my Dad's age. His Dad came home from war about the same time as my Dad's at least in the way of the age of his sons. His Dad was a fighter pilot. He was incarcerated in a camp after being caught. Douglas and his family have a few life narrative turns in them which mirror the family story I wrote. These are common turns for people whose parents were caught in war. Some of these have strong impacts on family. Douglas has more books coming out, so keep an eye out for them.

Douglas's book cover is below on the publisher's facebook page:

Doug's Dad bio is on the Internet:

Doug's Dad's War Story

Douglas and I have one thing in common: A desire to have known their relative/family member better. Douglas has done a lot of research from first hand accounts of the war. Some of his stories tie into this data. I don't know too many historians who don't have an interest in war stories.

Family history actually transects three war stories. Those of us with family from England all have the First World War and the Boer War Stories too. In letters from one generation to the other, you can see how one generation does what they can to tell the stories to the next, who are then encountering their own story facing similar circumstances of walking into war. War is never easy.

What Do You Do On Your Sabbath?

Today, we woke up, spoiled a cat with morning attention, and had two coffees. We talked, had protein shakes, and prepared.

We went to the service, where I sang my heart to to the Lord with joy.

Then, as you will have noted, we were taught.

In the hall, I met an author. He gave me his book on credit. I don't know him. He is from Victoria. I brought his book home and read it by 4 pm. I will be mailing this man payment. He is my Dad's age. The people he mentions in his book - some of them my parents know.

We came home from church. We had dinner. Borscht.

Yesterday, from the cookbook I recently recommended to you, we made the borscht recipe. Today, we ate on that large recipe. We did not have to cook, as a big portion meal made Saturday night sustains us till Monday. The soup has dill added at the end, and this predominates in the flavor.

CatDad took his kitten outside to satisfy his desires for sun and exercise. I rested.

My husband then read his digital bible on his phone. He's working through the Old Testament a second time. I read the book of Galations in three different bible translations I have. Each one led to slightly different emphasis in meditation, based on wordings in those translations.

We maintained a 24 hour Sabbath. Rest. Relax. Converse. Lulu appreciates these. His outdoor time comes under all rest and relax and converse. CatDad always talks to him out of doors.

Get a Transformed Heart

For me anyway, this message is very inspiring as it contains in it a call to examination.

Has anyone every had a heart attack? So that's a physical heart condition that can, if not treated, lead to death. There's some typical eating rules that if disobeyed lead to heart disease.

Scott presents here how to live spiritually so you will not have a spiritual heart disease. There's rules of basic examination that lead a person to a life sustained in Christ and in spiritual good health.

Which set of knowledge would I prefer to know? The second before the first. As much of a health nut as I could be, as much as I have pursued that first knowledge, I pursue the second, as it can lead to a heart attack that drops us into a darkened eternity, and our spiritual heart ceases beating.

When we have Jesus in the right place in our lives, our spiritual heart beats strong. We become motivated from selflessness, and through a strong love for Jesus. When this fleshly heart finally drops out of order, we have Jesus's life and love to sustain us after our death. He pulls us back up and he renews us. We will always have the sustained opportunity for life through having learned how to spiritually examine our hearts.

Churches, we need to do our heart exam. Let's check in on Scott to see how he describes this. How do we renew our hearts? The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz went on a quest to find a new heart. I am sending my reader on a quest. Go to the First Alliance Page tab, click the start arrow on the service video, and please listen to today's sermon.

How much do I think you should see and consider this message? Once, I received news my loved one had cancer. With all my energy, I pursued the neutraceuticals to assist my loved one in overcoming cancer, or at least in having a nutrition strategy to counter it.  At the time the Christmas vacation was about 12 days. In that 12 days of vacation time, I did 144 hours of research, made notes, and come up with a diet management plan to counter the disease. I worked in haste and consideration there was an enemy: in this case disease. My whole vacation was committed to saving my loved one. How much more should we consider the spiritual enemy who counters progress to our soul? Please listen and weigh your hearts.

I really enjoyed the worship today. Please join us and worship at your computer. You can sing.

Women, there's a new women's event. Check the church bulletin. Are you in Calgary? This a a women's Sisterhood event, where older women share conversations with younger women. This is done once a month. Having a kind woman friend is a key to growing your faith, and examining life issues as they happen in a greater context of femininity. That self-understanding and situational understanding happens best in social conversations that help women to interpret their life circumstances and phenomenon. This type of event can be freeing. Please come out.

Warm greetings,


Friday, September 28, 2012

The Vine Produces

I am going to give an update on my vine. My vine made it past the window. It climbed about 5 feet up the wall, using the vertical surface to steady itself. We made a couple braces for it. The vine devoid of light, though it pushed forth shoot, it had no leaves on that portion of the plant. Finally, the vine fell down into the light. It is still caught on the hook in the centre window we made to hold it. Now that it is in the light, the vine is growing it's baby leaves across 5 feet of shoot.

I talk to the vine. I encourage it. I tell that vine I love it. I tell it to grow.

Why? That vine is a symbol to me of the power of Christ. I am nurturing the vine as a Christ symbol in my daily habitation.

The vine started to grow very close to the time of a revival in my own heart. It had never before grown. Having been a student of plants before, I see the transformation of the plant to mirror a transformation of my heart.

Is that plant a symbol of growth only in my heart? Or is it my family? Is it my church? Is it Calgary?

Every time I see two new leaves, I rejoice. God is doing something. Stay in the light. You will grow two new leaves in the light. In fact, you will grow many sets of two new leaves in the light.

Study the scripture. Use it to bring light to your mind. Use it to analyze your circumstance. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. He will give you his mind. You will share his insight.

Each set of 2 new leaves is two new hearts stayed on Christ. My hope is that for every two new leaves that grow on my plant, that as a result of the writings of inspiration I put here, that two more human lives and hearts have been transformed.

Grab onto the light. Grab Jesus' hand. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours."

Scott's Update

Scott has a new article on a program he took in the U.S. on Intentional Discipleship. Looks good!

Click on his page tab to view his most recent article!

He will be expanding this topic in our next sermon.

Here's the resource:

Now, if you see the image of the stairs called Phases of Discipleship, if you recall my dream of the pool party, the stairs in the wall were deep like this. The youth were on the lower rungs of discipleship.

Here's another.

Life in Covenant Training

So folks, I do not know the exact source of my pastor's recent training, as many many sites online use the same titles and identities. However, I can see a few resources here where you can send people for training.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Witnessing with Shirts

Sell or give shirts with your church name on the back
With a statement of hope and salvation on the front
The back directs them to your local church
The front is a promise of salvation to them

Either make it cheap or make it free.

This is an evangelism idea.

Wearing a shirt has a fundamental effect on identity. Wearing the promise of salvation - something in me says this is good. Step into newness.

Tie the shirt into local culture which will bring people out.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

During my sleep, I was thinking on this thing - the declarations. I realize there's many people concerned for their first amendment right in America. We are worried you might lose your first amendment right.

I did a study on the foundations of democracy some time ago. The system of democracy was built, like education, from Christians and their principles. It was built initially Christian and moved into a secular understanding. People forgot where it came from.

Democracy is based on declarations for freedom and personal rights. The groundwork of this is statements for a good life in the bible. What I am saying is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is built from respect for our brother man in society and that comes from the bible. Many individual statements are built from wisdom and reflection upon how to treat our brother as ourselves. Each statement is a declaration.

To my international audience, if we look at the grounding structure of the articles of government for our nations, I believe within these you will find declarations. That could be for different manners of expressions of rights for justice and equality. Declarations are the basis of government. These are declared on ideals.

Christians, once you've done your daily meditation (ACTS), I suggest you go to your street corners in your neighborhood and declare freedom. You could declare that which you are worried for: freedom of speech.

I go through my neighborhood crying Lulu. I am sort of asking you to do the same thing.

If you want to hit a few birds with one stone, I would cry a few things for your neighbourhood.

Freedom, peace, love, patience, readiness.

We need freedom a bit longer to tell our brothers of Jesus.
We need peace in the streets to street witness.
We need love to swell in people's hearts for one another.
We need patience to reign above anger.
We need people's hearts prepared to hear the gospel.
We can read and be mesmerized about the goings on in the world - and we can fear our right for the freedom of speech to be taken away.

As Christians and citizens of a country, we also can appeal to God to come make a difference in our community. Appeal to him to bring these things to our streets.

Is your neighborhood too dangerous to do this? Go to the streets you can. Go the places you can. Shout out the window.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a declaration. The foundations of a declaration are in scripture.

The Scripture Basis

I am not asking for a street movement or parade. I am asking for you to go in God's name and to declare this upon your streets. The parable of the seed on the ground is the last one relates to readiness. Declare the soil of your grounds become ready.

Liberty or freedom scriptures - here's those. Look at Jeremiah and Luke and Galations. These are a few searches from

Suggested result
  1. Galatians 5:1
    [ Freedom in Christ ] It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.
    Galatians 5:1-2 (in Context) Galatians 5 (Whole Chapter)
Keyword search results
24 Results
  1. Leviticus 19:20
    “‘If a man sleeps with a female slave who is promised to another man but who has not been ransomed or given her freedom, there must be due punishment. Yet they are not to be put to death, because she had not been freed.
    Leviticus 19:19-21 (in Context) Leviticus 19 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  2. Psalm 119:45
    I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.
    Psalm 119:44-46 (in Context) Psalm 119 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  3. Isaiah 61:1
    [ The Year of the LORD’s Favor ] The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,
    Isaiah 61:1-3 (in Context) Isaiah 61 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  4. Jeremiah 34:8
    [ Freedom for Slaves ] The word came to Jeremiah from the LORD after King Zedekiah had made a covenant with all the people in Jerusalem to proclaim freedom for the slaves.
    Jeremiah 34:7-9 (in Context) Jeremiah 34 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  5. Jeremiah 34:15
    Recently you repented and did what is right in my sight: Each of you proclaimed freedom to your own people. You even made a covenant before me in the house that bears my Name.
    Jeremiah 34:14-16 (in Context) Jeremiah 34 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  6. Jeremiah 34:17
    “Therefore this is what the LORD says: You have not obeyed me; you have not proclaimed freedom to your own people. So I now proclaim ‘freedom’ for you, declares the LORD—‘freedom’ to fall by the sword, plague and famine. I will make you abhorrent to all the kingdoms of the earth.
    Jeremiah 34:16-18 (in Context) Jeremiah 34 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  7. Ezekiel 46:17
    If, however, he makes a gift from his inheritance to one of his servants, the servant may keep it until the year of freedom; then it will revert to the prince. His inheritance belongs to his sons only; it is theirs.
    Ezekiel 46:16-18 (in Context) Ezekiel 46 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  8. Luke 4:18
    “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free,
    Luke 4:17-19 (in Context) Luke 4 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  9. Acts 24:23
    He ordered the centurion to keep Paul under guard but to give him some freedom and permit his friends to take care of his needs.
    Acts 24:22-24 (in Context) Acts 24 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  10. Romans 8:21
    that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.
    Romans 8:20-22 (in Context) Romans 8 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
More results from New International Version 

Here's the soil scripture:  Matthew 13:23
New International Version (NIV)
23 But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

The Reason

Why Donna? I believe this can be a preparatory step for God to break into your neighbourhoods and to grasp onto a generation of our people for him. We can ask the Lord for an opening up of hearts, so that when we go into share the gospel on the streets, in the businesses, and everywhere, we will experience readiness of hearts. We can call upon God to keep our freedoms.

Can you do this? Can you do this corporately? We are a body which extends this earth. I am focusing on America, as my big brother in the U.S. is facing some concerning issues. Those issues do impact us. They always do. I don't know if other countries can relate to that. Everything that transpires in the U.S. affects us. What happens to them causes changes here.

The very word declaration comes from the bible. It is the shouting out, a calling for intervention, sometimes in the prophet sense which I am asking you to be, you are calling a future to your streets. You are calling the hand of God to move in your community.

This does not replace your meditation time. This extends it. Christians are to proclaim the Lord to people. Yes, they share the gospel. They also share the power and spiritual resources the Lord has for people. Right now, I think the streets of America could use some proclamations for freedom.

Please shout Freedom on your community streets. Say this with vigour.

Do not worry people might think you are crazy. They might think you are looking for your dog. That's okay.

If people come to you and ask what is going on, you be prepared to tell them about Jesus, about how to be saved, and you even be prepared to pray for them to be delivered.

If you do not feel ready for this, go back two posts and find the education there, and study it, and then go.

Prerequisites: Be a Christian. Pray for an increase in your faith. Perhaps pray for an impartation - one post back. (You may already have it and know it.) Read the bible. Get the statements of Galations ready in your mind. Proclaim them for your streets. Shout the individual words upon them.

The preacher 3-4 back said every movement of the Holy Spirit is offensive to someone. We must be willing to take the risk to be uncomfortable. This is to protect your freedom of speech. When we cry out to God, he hears from his heavenly chair. He hears and he intervenes.

If you make connections and gather interest, share the gospel. Pray, "Jesus, I'm yours" with them and lead them to Christ.

 #6 Scripture - looks like a command. We are to.

Another reflection I have, even the charters we have for governments, they tie into #5.


I've read the essay I Have a Dream and studied it many times as a preferential text for my writing classes.

Please look at the declarations in this speech. Please note that Dr. Martin Luther King's scripture texts come from Luke 3:5. This was made publicly. Do you see the scriptural promises claimed? Do you see the declarations? Can you count them? There's a lot. There's scriptural proclamations. There's proclamations from praise hymns. There's individual words themes repeated. Count the number of times that the word freedom is used.

What does this do? We are in God's general view. Making a declaration - we bring ourselves and our community and our people into God's focus and God's ear.

I believe Dr. Martin Luther King's speech rang into heaven's courts and that all God's heaven government listened. I think his elders and the angels and God listened to this speech. Then, God set in movement a liberation plan.

Do you see the declaration of faith Dr. Martin Luther had in God to deliver?
God has a plan. Let's lean in.

I have a question. Is Dr. Martin Luther King just a proclaimer of what ought to be from a position of weakness? Or is he a faithful prophet calling down the Lord's hand from heaven to intervene and change a nation? Is he acting like the good prophet John the Baptist calling for reflection, repentance, and salvation for and to his nation? Is he calling God down to make the paths straight?

This is two-fold. His call goes to the people and at the same time it goes to God. Are you ready to be a Dr. Martin Luther King for your neighborhood? Does your neighborhood need some freedom? Do your people need a transformation?

Update: Another good declaration is "truth". I understand there's been some revelations in the U.S. in the last couple days. That's good. Keep performing this. Pray with me. Pray as churches. Pray as neighborhood residents.

Pray as citizens. Can you thing of a good declaration for asking for good government? We need good government and sustained good decisions. Find passages on "government" in the bible. Look on biblegateway. Meditate on scripture. Find the declarations. Meditate on a few of the Lord's promises. Call it out to your place.

Extension Study: Please study and meditate on Galations.

Note the declarations. Note "freedom". Note the love your brother man.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayer of Impartation - On You

Reach out your hand palm up to be prayed for.

God Fixes Electronics

As a Christian, I often find myself in an aisle with a cash register or money machine which does not work.

At these times, I come and bless the machine. I put my hand over the machine, and I command it to work in the name of Jesus Christ, and the machine starts to work.

I hope that people in line will hear the name of Jesus and see the machine open up and work for us in line.

This is small, but I do it. I hope this brings God glory.

Christian Songs Include Declarations

This is something interesting.
This is a note from an audio sermon.

1.When God gives songs to Christian writers
He's giving them declarations,
That otherwise would never be said.
Declaring what we are singing and speaking
This is declaring God's will.
Declare over your city
What God wants to happen.

Can you think of declarations in Christian songs?
Should we declare them upon ourselves
Upon our church
Upon our city?

2. Most Christians define and think they are
What their experience says they are
Rather than living the reality of what God knows
Rather than being who God says we are
God wants us to put off our past experience as defining us.
What would happen if a baby based its identity on its past...
I can't walk because I never walked before.
As born again Christians, we tend to base what we can or can't do
This fashions our identity
We need to look at God as our Father to see what we are capable of.

3. If you believe you are a sinner, you will sin by faith.
Belief boxes us in.
If we don't believe we are righteous, we can't live in righteousness.
Our fear of failure of past experience recreates our past experience.
Romans 12. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
The kingdom of God is advanced by our beliefs first, not by our conduct.
When we change the way we think, we change our deeds.
Repentance is a lifestyle of coming into agreement with God.
Romans 15: 2

If you say it like you mean it, you believe it more (based on studies.)

Laughter breaks off lies.

Romans 4:17 - Prophecy.

Donna Note: I speak words of declarations to my vine. The plant seems to like it.

Here is the source sermon for these notes:

The Power of Declarations

Here's a set of 20 audio sermons - I would call them audio training. Each is 1.5 to 2 hours a piece. As for self-driven learners, you can do this without going to a meeting, or at least get a good start into it. There's 2 books mentioned by the speakers to support their training. See this page:

I've begun listening. Join me.

Declarations of Scripture

Step into renewal.

Study scripture.

Declare scripture back to yourself.

Find the promises of God for you. Claim them.

Declare them upon yourself. You lean into God.

Declaring these upon yourself will lead to personal transformations.

Then, as you receive your gifting, then go and declare these upon others.

Here are: God's Scripture Declarations.  The content on this page has changed. These are a few sample declarations. (Declarations are a good scripture promise, changed in to I-you. Personalize the relationship between you and God. God is there for you. He will do a whole ton of things for you. When you find either God's name or a trait, or even a promise made to David or the Israelites, and we know we are purposed into the saved, you declare these positive things for you. I will find some more. Perhaps also, I can link or direct you to look up Derek Prince and the word "declarations" on Amazon. You will find the concept of how to make declarations for yourself.)

These are formatted as declarations. I would go one step more. I would write out the supporting scripture on a recipe card, and then tell yourself that, and meditate on the scriptures which are the basis of the promises of God.

We are seated in the heavenlies with Jesus. What he has can be accessible to us if we can remove the barriers to faith and even our experiential barriers. We should not limit God. If we recognize we are limiting God with our behaviours and our actions, then we should repent, and open up again, always in a status of leaning in and receiving.

Attention: Yoga Participants. God's scripture declarations are his choice for you, not any world created mantra. God is the centre of all meditation which leads to eternal fulfillment for man.

Meditation which leads man to think on God's goodness, and to reflect on God's power: that's where it's at.

God's scripture and understanding which comes from it leads to our soul's salvation and renewal.

Swap from the teachings you have, and begin to script God's Word. Engrave it on your heart.

The yoga practice is the same issue as eating meat offered to idols.

The exercises, though said to have been created as prayer positions, to promote prayer to whatever god yoga leads one to, all those positions - well - God created this body and every possible position you can put it into. God owns copyright on all the body positions. Jesus keeps the body alive and breathing, which that breath is very important in yoga. Your very breath and heartbeat is from Jesus.

Replace the scriptures from God in the bible into your meditation time, including those about the salvation story and those about Jesus into your meditation. Then, God will inform you about your next steps toward him.

Meditate on the word of God.

The Renewed Mind - Jesus and His Bride

There's 3 parts on YouTube. The following videos are titled the Real Jesus. Is our theory enough to train us into the mindset God needs for us to demonstrate God's provision in the end times? When you are exposed, you are a steward of a realm. The experience of a miracle, is an introduction into an inheritance. We must steward that into more. In this world, resource is moved by human need. In God's realm, faith and stewardship (the power of speech), decrees of the miraculous attract God's power upon a situation. God brings the miracle after the decree.

We don't need to girate to move God. God already moved through Jesus. The sin and disease and torment issue is settled. God owns the planet. Now, where is the group of people who will discover the laws of God in our nation. Use what you have.

22 min in. Warning. If any man or angel shows up to you and brings you a new gospel, other than this one, ignore it!! Any new interpretation of scripture needs to be set against a standard of Jesus. Message of angel to God's apostle.

Teaching healing to people, we have breakthroughs and heartache. It is commonly thought that not all people are healed. We based it on what we see. If we applied that to sin, we would be teaching a demonstration of sin and a lack of renewing is normal. That's not it. We are to press into God more. Do not build theology to build on a process. Christ is the core standard of all Christian experience. We represent Jesus in the world. Religion, Christian activity, and business prevents us from realizing our personal need. We should believe in healing, in order to believe to break strongholds over cities.

Skip the guilt/shame thing. Pursue authentic display. Never turn inward to assess say a lack of healing (includes guilt and shame), but stay focused on God. God always wants to be first. There is no second. By decree and example, be different. Be a model. Do not have a painful awareness of your need. Religion insulates us from heartfelt need. Live with an awareness of need. Blessed are the poor in spirit. We must be aware of the presence upon our life. Don't be full of religious stuff. Neither news, family, friend. Guard the heart. Only God's presence matters. I will live in reaction to that, as I am impressed by God. Other things will not dictate the direction, focus and values of my life.

Acts 10:8. Poor in spirit - live in awareness. Be aware of the need for more, without pouring upon ourselves guilt and shame. Keep no self-condemning, judging upon yourself. This is a hurdle to us permitting God to release his power upon us. At 39 minutes in, Bill talks of a few of God's servants who walk through hospitals and airports, and how they heal all the people in their path. They empty hospitals. They relieve people of their wheelchairs. (Examples: Amy McPhereson, and Katheryn Kuhlman). People are to find language for the mystery of God's anointing to not just renovate a few individuals, but for a whole generation.

God requires a person to come into discomfort and to keep working even with the healings, till God just comes. This must happen before the end. A corporate generation needs to press into God. Those who have say a lack of healing, they need to press in more. Bill talks about the concept of the gun permit (44 minutes in), and says that God works differently. Bill prays for a corporate anointing, not an individual anointing, and that all the members of his church will all find their spot. He has them put their hand on their head and he says: Please renew this mind. Enhance and supply faith.

The cornerstone of the gospel is Romans 8:28. God is good!

Donna's Transfer for You and I: Continue to write your God stories. Proclaim to those around you how God is good. Proclaim he is good to you. Build God's rep to the nations. If God gifts you with unusual Holy Spirit gifts, use those to build those around you in their faith. It's all about building people's faith, so they in turn shine to those around them. We are to build a generational transformation, but not just a few precious stones here or there. We are the stones! We are to be living stones in God's holy temple. Let our generation be the temple of God.

Here's Bills church.

It offers revival training. Look under the Ministries Tab. Notice the Skype healing testimonies.

There's SOZO training (deliverance and healing training) in 2 days at Caronport, Saskatchewan. This would be great for church staff here.

He is Yahweh

The Revival Movement - GODFOs

One of the last things I've either been looking to see or experience has been a revival movement, like unto the one that pre-birthed Canadian Bible College.

Reviewing many of the sites last night, I also now realize, the revival has already been underway for 3-4 years. Revival has already been set in process. Nations' believers are already on the move toward God.

This is an excellent time for people to come to church! Please come to church! Come participate. Come praise! There is a completely authentic experience that one has with a body of believers they can't get alone.

If you search through the sidebars of the links of the YouTube hosted videos about symptoms of renewal, you will see the singing is not necessarily good, but it is from the heart. They are authentic cries to the Lord to just be present with them, during their praise. I notice the same praise shorts used.

As far as expecting there to be a revival movement which precedes the rapture, well, I think this may already be well on its way to completion.

Well, people, I know we've been looking at the demonstration of UFOs as a frightening sign of the end times, where they impose upon man. There's good news here. God is self-demonstrating to his congregations through praise and prayer. The hour of grace has fallen upon us in our congregations. God is intensifying and increasing the demonstrations of his presence upon his people.

This is the time of GODFOs.  These are glory clouds which hover above and upon God's people. If you see unusual signs of God's presence in your church, based on the symptoms of church revival, acknowledge God in your church and in your community. This comes about in the context of worship.

God is delightful, joyful, and mysterious. God is making available an additional set of resources. It is available, but not automatic.

The move of God has something in it offensive to every new outpouring. Remain presence centered; it won't bother us. If we are worried about looking good outward, we will hit a speed bump. God randomly chooses when to turn his presence on and off, upon us throughout our life, wherever we are. (Donna's Note: Wow, does that not ever hit managing our thought life!!!)

The manifestation - God would appear upon a person. Then, everyone around him would be saved. Are we willing to be a sign of the Lord - for him to manifest himself upon us. We do not turn it on and off. God does it whenever and however he wants. He entrusts this to us, as we value His presence.
The notes here are from the Bethel post 2 back.

Luke Study Continued

Please watch the First Alliance videos and see the corresponding study resources to accompany the church in the Luke study.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Responses to a Glory Cloud - Key Message

God's movement to unleash discipleship upon people is urgent and requires obedience. Those willing will receive unusual manifestations around them. To continue watching Bill's sermons from Bethel, click on Bill Johnson in the title links.

Revival Symptoms for Congregations

In church revivals, here are some indicators of the Holy Spirit falling upon the congregation:

1. cloud (visible in a lit room, not in a dark room).
2. gemstones which impart the Holy Spirit upon all who come near.
3. rain in the room of the congregation.
4. gold dust falling around.
5. manna falling from heaven into people's hands and on the floor.
6. orbs appearing in the air around people.
7. children healing the sick.
8. limbs growing.
9. man's glass eye sees and two limbs grow

I wish I was looking for these things a few weeks ago. I bet there were a few of these showing up at my church!

As I look at these, I can only feel hope that in the end times, even with food restrictions, can we not put all our trust in God to bring us our protein shake? What I mean is the manna.

Rebuild the Nehemiah Wall

There's a whole series of Rebuild the Wall videos on youtube. You could spend an afternoon watching them all. Did you have the time to study today, you could spend a whole lot of time watching all the amazing variety of videos related to rebuilding the wall on youtube.

As I find good ones and have watched them, I will add them over the coming days.

Impacts of God Stories #3

Precious Testimonies

This above link is an example of how God stories put together with a basic evangelism layout can be used as a witnessing tool.

When you read the testimonies, it becomes clear that either God stories, you-God identifier stories, or as Scott says, God for me stories, all these can be used to generate books and CDs that lead people to Jesus.

On this link, you can also access sample God stories.

I see an amazing witnessing tool for expanding the kingdom of God here.

I have a personal belief that God does amazing things to reach out to people. Most of that should be expressed to others. When we do that, we share our light of Christ with people around us.

Someday, I would like to compile a book of God stories from a community. These are cool stories, and these are just the testimonies about sharing the books.

Here's the How To Tool.

Here's a version of the book. The Testimony Book.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Nibiru Hoax

Nibiru is a hoax. It is not a planet. This NASA Scientist speaks out. Mr. Soderman says the predictions of Nibiru colliding with earth this December will not happen.

Comment on Reptilian Videos

On the Reptilian video content on youtube, I see that as marketing for an end-time hoax.

I see this in this sense: So many things can be manipulated in video. I can manipulate many things with video and photos.

Someone is using this to make money.

As for the theory, bring this to the theologians. Get your pastor to give you their opinion of the concept of reptilians.

With youtube, seeing is not always believing. Unfortunately, we need to think about this.

Seeing something many times also should not be believing. Habituate yourself to meditating on truth.

Youth Example of a Disciple

Many youth may not know where to start in beginning to talk to peers with boldness.

Here is an example.

This youth has been practicing on youtube.

If you are a youth, and you don't have a lot of practice, check out this one's techniques.

Notice his shirt: It is meant to draw you into a conversation. It stands out.

I am referring you to his channel.

I realize a bunch of the preachers out there are adults.

Here's a young man God has laid his heart upon.

I hope you enjoy these.

Here's one how he plays basketball and talks about Christ at the same time. Here's that story. 

This youth says that in a dream Christ warns him that Christian's enemies and man's enemies plan to use the bible to convince them about untruths. There will be portions of the bible quoted to get people to take the mark. He said there's a Corrupt NIV. I looked for this and could not find it.

The Future Tribulation

Satan's deceptions will include many false Christs to explain what is going on.

Vote 2 For the Rapture My Hope

John says we are kept from the hour of testing. This is the promise of deliverance: 1 Thessalonians 4, Revelation 3:10, 1 Corinthians 15, John 14.

The church meets Christ in the air. This is good teaching.

I did read a verse in the bible which talked about non-believers that do not take the mark coming forward to the next age. Not all unbelievers die. Some hide from the destruction. Christ comes and destroys the wicked. Some of humankind who have not accepted Christ come forward. What was key was they had not accepted the mark.

The False Gospel

  1. The Annunaki, recorded in Sumerian texts, are not our creators.
  2. They did not create man and woman by genetic manipulation 400,000 years ago.
  3. They did not set up Eden.
  4. Our makers do not come from the planet Nibiru.
  5. Jehovah is not an extra-terrestrial.

Do we know our gospel well enough to debate this? Man Created by Annunaki?

The problem is: They take our gospel to substantiate theirs.

Content is well--a lot. Are we set up? Can you refute physical proof standing in front of you? Would we then be confused on what to say? End times people will have a whole lot of confusion put upon them due to the proof standing in front of them.

If you watch too many available videos of these, you can become a bit confused, as it sounds pretty good. You are watching, and it is some science fiction story of our human history. Some videos are from the Christian perspective and some include teaching to convince you about the false religion.

These are nephilim. The former hominid and later some human populations known for some of earth's mysteries were of these origin. Some interpret specific aliens which come to earth to be demons straight from hell. Offspring of such a being and a human could then constitute a nephilim.

My interpretation: Satan's been around. He's been here a whole long time, all the time man has been growing. The concept of hominids - there's been a few rounds of them. The nephilim are the transgenetic species generated by demons and humans. It is even possible that some of the former hominids became these cross species.

However, mankind was built with the specific intent of making him God's companion. For this reason, a whole set up of making it right was set up for man by God right from the beginning. God killed off any cross species divergencies, so that man could live according to the plans God has for man to live a natural life.

Satan's concepts of false religion have been around to deceive mankind as long as man's been here. The final days has been set up for thousands of years. Even the religion for the end times has had seeds planted for centuries. The lies regarding false religion are built from the pit. Satan has never liked man built in God's image, made as a special vessel capable of friendship with God. He refused his blessing. He destroyed his chance. He is set upon destroying ours too.

So, why now? God has held back many of the evils which are to come till his gospel has been preached. The setting up of spread of the gospel to all nations and the stage of the purification of the church must be completed, and then once God has harvested all mankind he can via the efforts of discipleship, then he releases the turbine of tribulation.

Nephilim Rise in End Times

Vote 1 Rapture Teaching

Rapture Part 1

Rapture Part 2

Rapture Part 3

Obviously, rapture sounds good to me!

Spiritually Dead

Revelation 12

Please read Revelation 12.

I have wondered if this is a story happening during in the tribulation which occurs in a heavenly parallel and which results in earth seeing 1/3 of its stars disappearing from the heaven. See Verse 1-4. Alternately, did this happen long before the arrival of Adam and Eve on earth. Then, the stars fallen from the heaven are the fallen angels.

This story stands as a bit of a mystery. I see two parallels of action.

There is a story on earth. There is a story in the heavens.

Spend some time on this. It is a strongly poetic chapter of the bible in its symbolism.

Verse 12-16 could be a story of either something which happens on earth or in the heavens or in both. Verse 14 refers to the end times.

Recall as well that Jesus' parents had to flee to escape a plot to kill him. This was an earth parallel.

As a whole chapter mystery, this is a very interesting chapter.

Make a Habit of Fasting

Endure some of the tests of the end times.

In the end times, at some point, God's people will be tested. An end times dictator will command that no man eat meat: all the typical things we have always been allowed to eat as proteins.

Why did Daniel, in the book of Daniel, eat solely a diet of vegetables? Yet, he looked healthier than the full diet of the king's menu. Faith made the difference in the diet. Why do we need to know this?

The point is under siege people act crazy. There's a story of two women in the 2 Kings set of stories where due to the cutting off of supplies to them, they prepared and ate one of their sons. They told the king. The king got angry with God's prophet. I think he should have assessed the source. The women were to blame for their actions. They allowed their own desperation to take their eyes off of God. They did not have faith. They acted according to what seemed a natural choice for their circumstance. Prayer can make a difference. Seeking God can make the difference.

First of all, here's that story: 2 Kings 6: 26-33

Why am I thinking about this?

McLean's April Issue 2012 has an article which talked of a plan of the United Nations to reduce the world's cow population to 10,000 from its current millions. Why? To reduce the effect of gas of the animals on the atmosphere. It's a bit ridiculous to me. The plan is to grow meat from stem cell technology and sell that to the nations. This is what it said in that article.

I am sort of asking myself - if the cows on earth were reduced, what impact will this have on people? What will happen if the tissue growth plan to make people meat fails?

In the end times, there's two references in the bible that man will be commanded that no man eat meat. This could be generated by the market controls, or it could be generated by law. (I think one is in Revelation and another in around the Galation's area of the New Testament. You can do a search on the term meat and focus on these two areas to find this.)

Verses: No meat - Revelation 18:23 and 1 Timothy 4: 3-5.

Note: God's Plan in Genesis 1: 29-30.

Look these up in on the tab above.

What is the natural outcome?

If we remove protein from our diet, and all animals from the food list we normally eat, what happens? The body consumes itself. People will be desperate. The population will act crazy, unless they have faith in God to supply whatever is required to make up the difference in the diet.

If I were doing anything to prepare in advance, I would store protein shakes. I would store the First Nation's pemmican. This is all very bizarre behavior.

What does this say about the end times dictator?

He's crazy. He is anti-man. Yes, he is anti-Christ, but he is also anti-man, or he would never generate such an order. From the time of this order, it is intended to drive man into desperation. It is intended to drive man to consume himself, as shown in the 2 Kings story above. Jesus, when he comes, will restore His food consumption laws which are in effect today. The current diet plans make sense.

When the dictator takes over, he abolishes marriage. He abolishes eating meat. Both counter the expansion of the growth of populations of man.

In history, when colonies settled in North America, they became relative giants to their European peers. This is because they had lots of cattle and protein to eat. They grew taller like the First Nations here. There was no lack of meat. The families could support more family members. There was a population explosion. There was food.

The plan to make man eating meat sources illegal is crazy! This unfortunate order is upon all man. The dictator does not like the people who take the mark that much more than the Christians. He pulls the fact that people cannot eat in Hell to earth's surface, and creates a situation to set society to self-destruct. He creates the situation in which people treat each other with cruelty. This is his hope. This situation is demonstrated in the movie, The Man of Eli.

We must be strong. We must have faith in God in all circumstances. We must trust him in famine. We must trust him when we are under siege.

God makes a point by telling the king He will greatly provide to Israel as a sign of his supremacy over all situations of provision. It was incredible at the time. The companion of the king criticized the possibility.

Read 2 Kings: 7.

God is sovereign. He can provide.

Extension Study: Revelations 2: 12-17 and in particular note verse 17.

Note manna. God's solution is his perfect meal replacement - manna. I figure this is the equivalent of a full protein meal shake. As a Christian, I think I might ask God for manna. God, who is a good father, would not provide a stone to his child to eat when they ask him for food. I will be asking God for manna or bread - the Bread of Life. Now, if that bread is manifested and I eat it, or if it is a spiritual blessing of the same sort of body retainment experienced in heaven which does not specifically require eating, I would accept both.

Another 2 Kings Story

I will update this story with its reference.

There was a servant who fully realized God is God. He came to God's prophet to ask release for himself for the fact that he had to assist a man to worship the god of his choice (an idol) - as he was infirm. This man had to accompany this man to his worship, and when this man bowed, the servant had to bow ever so slightly in order to permit his master to bow. At the same time, he also declared his own personal faithfulness to the Lord. He would personally only worship God.

The servant asked forgiveness for this from the prophet, and asked God to clear him of this issue above. He had no choice as the servant on this matter. The nature of his service required him to bow.

The prophet told him to go in peace and his concern was considered and he was cleared of guilt.

Otherwise, he could go to hell for such actions. The man acknowledged God. God knows the intentions of our hearts.

Jehu Cleans Up Baal Worship

Jehu qualifies as a spy/underground leader. From the time he was anointed king, which was a big surprise to him and others, and from then on, he had an internal plan to clean up.

When he was anointed king, he went into action to kill all the Baal worshipers who made misery for God.

This story is in 2 Kings 9-11.

Notice, Jehu did a few underhanded things. He misled people about his intentions. God had a hand in this. He rounded all the people up who would act against God, and eliminated God's enemies. See: 2 Kings 10:28 for this affirmation. He acted in accordance to God's will in executing judgement against the community kingdom of Baal.

God had pleasure in Jehu. He did a lot to honor God. He was a mighty warrior and he established a rule which would favor the return of the worship of God.

God told him he would bless him to 4th generation for his deeds and faithfulness, yet Jehu was unable to destroy the golden calves of Jeroboam, which also infested the land as idolatry. In 2 Kings 10: 31, it says, Jehu was unable to give God his whole heart. He was unable to walk in the complete law of the Lord.

So, Jehu was unable to clean up the worshipers of the golden calves. I wonder why... Was this his wife's religion? Was it his mother's religion? What made it difficult for him to be able to continue?

Jehu was a resistance movement leader against an idolatry religion that subdued his people.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Glory of God's Creation

And great star photography!

Please check out this site, and in particular the photograph taken of the Milky Way close to Mauritius. The photo of interest is the third one down. All the photos are great. The last one is my particular favorite.

The photographer waited for 2 years to get the image capture right.

The Weather Network Features

Dietrich Bonhoeffer - The Cost of Discipleship

Our church has purchased books for discipleship.

I am profiling one today as a resource for building your discipleship programs.

It is called: The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

The man who wrote this book was part of the resistance movement in Germany who tried to assassinate Hitler. Tom Cruise acted in a movie about this sort of resistance movement against Hitler. It was called Operation Valkyrie.

Here is the bio from the back of the book, The Cost of Discipleship: Dietrich Bonhoeffer was born in Breslau in 1906. The son of a famous German psychiatrist, he studied in Berlin and in New York City. He left the safety of America to return to Germany and continue his public repudiation of the Nazis, which led to his arrest in 1943. Linked to the group of conspirators whose attempted assassination of Hitler failed, he was hanged in April 1945.

This man, by everything he did, was a man of Eli. He was a strong man, a mighty man (like David's mighty 30), and a man of God. His life example is one where he was committed in an out of control situation. He was ready and willing to be used. I ask myself: What can be learned from this man about end-times discipleship?

By my Dad's second marriage, I have relatives who are German. In that family, there was a grandfather who worked in the resistance movement in France against Hitler. I think he was mixed German/French. You kind of wonder if any of your family members met over there. My great-uncle on my Dad's side also worked from the Canadian forces side to cooperate with the French Resistance movement. He would go out on a motorbike and meet with them delivering messages.

As the Second World War has many life stories of families bridged into it of all nations, as many of us lost family in it, it bears personal reflection for all of us. We might have to let go bitterness of losses of our loved ones in it. Many families have missing individuals due to it.

I understand this book The Cost of Discipleship is sort of a classic. I think this person will have a valued perspective to add to how to disciple, as he walked the walk and he paid for it with his life.

Here are the related events - which I think may be linked to this individual's life. If I am incorrect, and it is a different movement, please forgive me. I realize there were several assassination attempts on Hitler.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gunfire Versus Godfire

Dear Readership,

I would like you to study about an Israelite king called Ahaziah.

He was king during the time of the prophet Elijah.

The story I am hoping you will find is centred in 2 Kings. Here it is:  2 Kings 1

I would like you to find the story of when the king sends 50 soldiers and 1 captain to apprehend God's prophet. What does God's holy man do?

The king does this a second time. What does God's holy man do?

The king does this a third time. What does the captain sent to get Elijah do?

The king receives his message.

The prophet uses Godfire.

This is different than gunfire in that it consumed 51 people in 1 go. God did it, not man.

God could have used such protection for Jesus when people came to apprehend him. He did not. There was a purpose in all that happened to Jesus.

Shortly after this event above, Elijah is taken to heaven.

The prophet who is anticipated to come back to earth in the tribulation - he will not need any gunfire. He will use Godfire.

He will count on God for his defense.

If you had to choose between using gunfire or Godfire, which would you choose as your defense?

Extension Study: Read about King Ahaziah.

Donna's Note: I would like you to note the character of this prophet. You could practically call him not a nice man. Well, read up on him in Revelations 11. He's not so nice there either, but he is accomplishing the will of God. Moses, who was the kind leader, is not so nice either, except to the children of God. I expect these two to inspire faith and renewal in the heart's of God's people. The miracles this dynamic duo perform will strike God's people with wonder and they will renew their hearts.

The earth's people rejoice and send presents to each other when these two are finally dead! They fight the beast himself, and he overcomes them. The earth's people rejoice.

Notice the last 3 verses of this chapter. See Verse 13? Revelations 11: 13. The remnant are affrighted (amazement, fright, wonder) and they give glory to God. They recognize God in this event.

Gunowners's Salvation Message

There are about 244 million guns owned in America.

This is a message to gun owners to see Christ.

Dear responsible gun owner...

You've practiced how to use your firearm
You follow safety tips
You possess some well practiced traits
I would like your skills and knowledge
Directed through your practice to me.

I would like you to be out on the hunt for Jesus
Some of you track animals in the hunt
Follow Jesus along the trails and country hills
Search for traces of his blood on the leaves and along the path
He bleeds continually to bring suffering to calm

He is out along your path
You can mark him
Set your sights on him.
Hunt him.
Find him.
Set your viewfinder on him.
When you clearly have your shot,
Drop your gun and praise the Lord.

Jesus has already been struck down for us.
He renews the bodies struck with bullets.
You just see him now, but you've always been in his sight.
Jesus has his sights on you
To bring you the fulness of Life.
Jesus is the provider of Life to all man.

Jesus sees you.
You have a gun for life security.
You are hedgy and nervous.
You are worried for this life.
Jesus gives you eternal life.
He says to grasp onto the hand of salvation.
Say, "Jesus, I'm yours."
You will have my eternal security.

John the Baptist Story

Study Matthew 2-7

In Matthew 3: 1-4, John the Baptist calls man to make his path straight.

My neighbour installed a path. A walkway from the front to the back of the house. Lulu, who used to take 5 seconds to travel that distance, now makes it in 2-3 seconds. Paths make travel very convenient. Traffic increases. Speeds increase.

John the Baptist calls people to the wilderness to embrace their salvation.

He eats honey and locusts, as God's provision.

When man makes a straight path, it is easy for him to find God.

If God's own people won't respond, he will lift up the stones, and from them make children of God.

In this scripture section, there's talk of the root of Jesus. We are to be born of Jesus. Born again. That's a common term people use. Born again into an eternal life.

We probably know the verse: Except ye be born again, ye shall not have eternal life.

What does it mean to grasp onto the roots of Jesus? We investigate our roots, our heritage, our values foundation, and our family history. We examine our identity. We evaluate identity in the context of God. We participate in a baptism, which releases us to renewal. (I have verse 11 noted here. Which chapter I will have to update.)

This renewal is for the: spirit, the body, the mind, and for our works. We receive the gifts of Christ.

We are to be baptized by water. We are to be baptized by Spirit. Water releases us to life - and we receive the sustained life of Christ in us. We receive his abundance. Spirit releases us to God's intuition. Fire baptism (that of the Holy Spirit) releases the creativity of God upon us to be leaders.

Nehemiah in a Nutshell

Rebuild the walls of your hearts.
Study and know God's words and obey.
Declare your agreement with God.

(The walls and the stone's that make up the walls and the temple and all the city buildings are symbols of men's hearts.)

Dear Germany

In the Christian Reformation, Germany had a big role. With the Second World War many Germans, who once identified with a Great History of being involved in positive spiritual change, felt shamed.

In my meditation, I received this from God:

I love you, Germany. You first belong to the Lord. Your people are ever valuable to me. You will sit among my congregations. Do not be discouraged. Do not identify with the inglorious works of Hitler. Identify with Your God. Chase God. He's chasing you.

Reach an olive branch to Israel. You and Israel hold each end. The hand of God sustains the middle.

Germany, you were once the slave of a dictator. Because your country was a site of holy sanctification, you were the target of Satan to destroy and from which to conquer the world.

Identify with God. God's holy people in Germany, I have not forgotten you. Among Germany remain many heroes who acted to save my people.

As for bitterness which may exist between these nations, please bring this before the Lord. Resolve this bitterness. The Lord restores his people.

I claim you, Germany. You were and are mine first. No longer be ashamed. Grab onto my hand.

Forgive Germans for the great evil of the dictator. Release God to heal the people - both the injured Jew and the subdued German citizen who had to endure the erasure of their citizens. Removing bitterness releases the hand of God to work.

Wearing the Seal of Salvation...

What is God's seal?

What is the seal of salvation?

If we are Christians, how do we obtain this?

What does it mean to wear God's mark on our heart, hands, and foreheads?

I believe these questions bear reflecting on Nehemiah 8-13.

When we realize we are in bondage due to our sin, how do we make our way back to God and re-establish our covenant with Him?

Here are the steps demonstrated in these chapters.

1. Listen to God's law. There was a morning to mid-day full reading of the law to the population.
2. Understand - teachers explained the law.
3. Sincere realization of truth and a desire to apply it is birthed.
4. Make a commitment to know and obey. Examine what we should do and not do.
5. Grieve for your own sins and all the lost man.
6. Again, read the law.
7. Be convicted. Grieve before the Lord. (Nehemiah 8: 6)
8. Turn your grief to joy as you recognize the saving power of God.  (Nehemiah 8: 10)
9. Feast. Eat, drink, share with those who do not have food.
10. Celebrate the Festival of booths. (A symbol of the shelter of Christ after the Second Coming.)
To celebrate, read the law aloud for 1/4 of a day. Confess for 1/4 of a day. Priests cry to the Lord on behalf of the people. (In this time, the Levites did it. Now, you do it.) Priests, acknowledge and declare who God is to all people: his relationship to men, their identity in God, and God's faithfulness to man: God is just.
11. As a body of believers, acknowledge your failings to God.
12. Acknowledge and declare God's goodness.
13. Declare your faithfulness to God. Acknowledge your slavery is due to a sinful hard heart.
14. Make a pledge of loyalty to God.
15. Observe the commandments.
16. Find holy life partners.
17. Reserve the Sabbath to honor and glorify God.
18. When your people fail, return and create strategies for success.
19. Separate. Be different.
20. Say the renewal prayer for God's blessing: "Remember me, O God, for good."

This chapter selection talks about having a seal. The covenant with God to follow him is the seal.

Our own seal to God, he honors. Wear the seal of salvation. Our life is a life of constant challenges.

Just be ready to confess before the Lord, and be renewed in him, so God can bring you a life of good.

Barren Women's Weakest Point

Deal or No Deal!


Barren women: they are sometimes offered unusual types of deals. Just as the bible promises to give us fruit when we dedicate our hearts and soul's to Jesus, we must be aware that Satan desires our heart. If we make the emotional desire to produce a child our idol, Satan will come and offer a deal. What is the deal?

Satan, via a representative on earth or by other means, will offer you a child. He will say, "If you will be blessed by a ... priest, you will bear a child." The priest is from an idol worshiping religion. This may be offered to even Christian women, who hold the desire for a child above the Lord. You may receive this offer some other way. The one who is presenting the offer may either be presented truthfully or concealed.

Do not accept this offer. Why? You want a child from the natural seed of your husband. Do not dedicate your body to raising the fruit of hell. That's why. As well, and the above is my first intuition, but the second is that you should want a child conceived in the fulness of the Holy Spirit. God, our Creator, even strives in the non-Christian, as long as they are not filled with an evil spirit. His creativity remains in all man.

Satan constantly assesses our weakest point and seeks to destroy us with it. Consider your weakest point. Give it to God. God will protect and keep you.

It is better to be barren and know God than to have 7 children and never know God.

This idea is in one of the verses presented in the previous study.

Joy to the World!

Declaration for the Barren!

Dear Readership,

Today, I would like to launch you into a study on the term "barren" through the bible.

Here's your search: Barren

You are searching the NIV version.

You are going to come up with contexts like barren wasteland.

You should find the story of Sarah and Abraham which occupies Genesis 17-24. I don't think Sarah's story appears in this search. I would like you to read this passage as an extension study. Go to this after doing the following study.  I will link in the story at the end. Sarah gets pregnant when she's 80.  Please note as well the story of Manoah of Zorah. Notice the appearance of Jesus - the Angel of the Lord - and how he appears to this man and his wife. This is consistent with art on this site of the appearance of Jesus, all in flame.

You will also find a bunch of statements about barren women producing children. So, read over the selections and come back here.

Please notice the proclamations to barren women in Isaiah 54:1 and in Galations 4:27.

So, if you are a bible reader and you just gloss over the meaning, you dismiss it. What does this have to do with us today? Why does it mean anything? If you think the bible is boring, you just pass over this. Yeah, this was for way back then. So, it bears no application to me, does it?

I take every word of God as a revelation. In the bible, Jesus says that every jot and tiddle of the bible will be fulfilled. Isaiah 54:1 refers to the future - the Second Earth. These are declarations that will come true.

So, here's the Barren Woman Proclamation! No one as far as I know has preached on this. All barren women who believe in Christ and make it to the Second Earth by grasping onto the hand of Jesus - they all get pregnant!!! By who? By their husband!

I am a barren woman. Someday, I will have sons and daughters. It was a dream of my youth to have 19 or so sons and daughters. I will have this and more.

I would like to just shortly deal with the shame of being barren. At church, those who love and know us, they know we are barren. That's the way it is. How about among a couple? It takes a loving husband to have a wife and knowing she's barren, to continue with her, as she is enough fulfillment for him. She's enough. In some couples today, the discovery that a wife is barren leads to divorce. As well, when there are difficulties with bearing children, or children not successfully launching into their full fruition of childhood, great bitterness arises in couples over their inability to produce.

Couples who love the Lord and trust Him in all circumstances - they have this promise from  the Lord. God will provide. The stories of miraculous productions of children in the bible exist to announce the promise that God is able. He will provide to all women who have yearned for children.

In the Second Earth, when God makes it, and when he established the New Zion, there will be productive women.

Men, what does this mean for you? It means you are fathers and husbands. Yes, I believe this means there's sex in the second earth. This puts a lot of weight upon being kind to the wife of your youth, who you married and promised yourself to. Anyway, men rejoice! Jesus really does have all the girls. Your bride will be evermore radiant! You will be in love - madly, deeply, evermore.

Marriage does not exist in heaven. As long as the battle for universal purity remains, this sexuality aspect is not part of the status quo. When God makes over mankind into the new man, the new and improved man, God is going to remake the whole earth better, and us better. We will live in renewed bodies. Women will not have pain in childbearing. Women will produce fruit. Have you noticed that even female animals produce children with labor? This curse of labor will be lifted from them too. All femalekind will experience a new blessing.

All those references in the bible to us producing fruit - it applies to this future life too. Men will marry and produce large family clans.

This is an opportunity for all of us. People who do not make it through judgement, I am not sure that they will see this future opportunity. This may never be revealed to them. What they will know is they have cut themselves off from the future hand of God in their life. They will know the second judgement - which is to be isolated from God.

In this second world, God comes down and lives among us. The land is pure. The hills are not defiled. We live with God, just as the song the Christian version of Over the Rainbow declares.

I am a barren woman. I rejoice in the promises of God. One day, I will bare fruit.

In the meantime, I am very much in love with my husband. I want him to be directed by God. I want him to hang onto the hand of Jesus. I encourage his walk with God. Do this too.

I anticipate my husband now is my husband of the future. I do not want any other husband. I want my husband forever and ever. He's everything to be proud of. I love him eternally. Jesus is first. My husband, in the love and opportunity of Jesus, is my eternal love. My husband will always hold for me a position of honour and respect. He is my provider of children. He will make my life full.

Be glad, barren woman. Rejoice! You will have children!!!

Men, do not put off the wives of your youth. The Lord loves them. If you've made a declaration of love and marriage to a wife that is barren, stay with her. The Lord will fulfill your desires to have a family in your future. Your love will be complete. Do not be bitter about childbearing. God has this all under control. Accept what you receive. Place no blame. Trust God.

If this Jesus is new to you, Jesus is our deliverer. He delivers us to a land of promise. To have this amazing life, grasp onto the hand of Jesus. As a couple, say, "Jesus, I'm yours." He offers you an abundant life. He offers you eternal life. You will always be where he is. Where he is, he continually creates. It's an exciting life!

If you are new believers, and you have claimed this salvation above, come into church. Get baptized. Dedicate your children, no matter how old they are. Have them anointed to God's life pursuit. God loves families!

Extension Study:

Read the story of Sarah and Abraham which occupies Genesis 17-24 on

Do these revelations bring you joy? Celebrate your love and your romance by making a High Plains recipe. Make something gourmet! Tonight, we are making one of our gourmet standbys called Spiced Shepherd's Pie with Root Vegetable Mash on p. 50. It's the book in this link. It has never let us down entertaining! Some of the most posh restaurants in Calgary use these recipes. We paid a high price at a local gourmet restaurant for such as this! The recipes stand up to high class delivery.

Use this meal to celebrate the future promise God has for our productivity! Have a glass of wine together to celebrate your union! Celebrate this promise of God!

I am the vine, you are the branches. Any man who remains in me, he will bear much fruit. Apart from me, you can do nothing.

(Sorry, I don't remember the verse reference above. You can find it searching the term "vine" on

I trust Jesus completely with this aspect of my life. He is my fulfillment. He is able!

The anthem song for this declaration for the barren is: Joy to the World!

I will post a Youtube song for this. I've posted a Black Gospel - Jazz rendition. Why this? The music movement associated to Black Gospel and Jazz led the Black American populations in America into a freedom movement, which brought them into equal and respected status as American citizens. So, man will also be liberated in Christ!

You will be interested in other versions on YouTube. There's many different versions.

God is worthy of praise!

Friday, September 21, 2012

YouTube Praise Developers

Hello Youtube Praise Developers,

I surf your materials a fair bit. I am your viewer and reader. I have a few things to suggest.

My purpose in using the Internet - for a lot of the time, besides other life enjoyment purposes, I search for praise assistance.

I sing along with you. For this reason, if possible, could you host lyrics? This is so your reader can build a song book to read along with you. The PowerPoint is nice and all, but the lyrics below are very helpful in anticipating singing the song.

The purpose of your music - yes, it praises God. It's great. I would like you to build a few tools in there that assist your viewer to sing along with you.

The computer can be used as a family praise machine. It can be used as a karaoke for family praise on the TV.  It can be used for personal mediation times as a launch into bible reading, as it sets the mood.

I would like to encourage you all to continue. I've been very encouraged and entertained by your material. Thanks for your gift of praise.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pastor Scott's Been Writing

Check him out on the page tab at the top. There's 2 new articles!

There's a new poem added For My Father which is a gorgeous poem on how we can build identity to our God.

Have you ever written God a poem?


Themed Searches

Welcome readers.

I notice some of you are searching for praise articles on this blog. I would welcome you to do a search. In the search tool, enter the term "Praise". That will bring up all the praise articles in here.

When you do this, it pulls up a stream of posts to your view in a scrollable format. All the content you want is in the view. I hope this helps. 



Monetizing This Blog

I've been writing the blog for some time. There is a key question for most blog writers. How do you monetize your product? I plan to monetize my products from my pet blog. I would like to keep this particular blog focused on Christian Resources to educate. That said, I will be putting a tab Pellirojos in to direct traffic to my monetized pet blog: The Pretentious Pet Parent.

On that site, I've added in my intellectual property that are set up as products and links to them. I have my children's books added in. I have art promotions posted. I will try to keep my promotional ads active. I plan to make a list of my favorites and have the ones I plan to rotate added to this post. There are three promotional pages. I never seem to keep up on the rotation dates, but I will try to check them once a week to see they are active. I do have a Zazzle store. I put up 80 or so products. I do plan to add to the portfolio of products in there. The Zazzle store currently is set up with products which support the themes of the children's books and some favorites of Wharton art set up as pub mugs - as I see them in English pubs.

Of interest to this audience, I plan to create a series of Christian products for Zazzle.  I have been inspired by the name DreamWorks (who as a Creative Group I love) to make a collection GodWorks. I plan to more or less make this a catalog page with products with God sayings. Please give me a month to begin generating those items. I don't want to rush. What I want to do is put photography with words or encouraging sayings from the bible.

As well, I would like to create designs which are on a T-Shirt. These designs claim hope. They claim identity in Christ. They claim promises of God. They identify us as Christians. I am hoping if you were to wear them, someone looking at the shirt could naturally come to you and ask you for your advice: What is your God story? It says here, you will tell me a bible story. So, entertain me. I am ready for a God commercial break in my day. These are intended to direct attention to God. Perhaps they will spur conversations. A few of them might be educational. I might put my God codes on them or the short version of the bible book summary or a series of verse codes for the bible. This is sort of the plan. Say I am out witnessing and I have a horrible memory, but my buddy is wearing the chapter/verse reference for helping me out. I have it on his shirt. I can flip through my bible to all the codes on his shirt. If both wear it, it is a co-collaborative tool for witnessing. So, that is the basis of GodWorks.

On the tab Virtual Hangouts, portfolio samples are only accessible with password access.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Faith Not Frustration

Every time my little Lulu runs off
CatDad gets frustrated
I pray, we look
20 minutes pass
CatDad, have you prayed for your cat yet?
I challenge you from now on...
Don't get frustrated and just pray
We continue to grow as petparents
Every single time we both pray
He shows up in short order
Does God set off a homing beacon
Which directs Lulu in a beeline home?
Does an angel step in and drop him
Neatly under our tree?
I don't know
The cat looks up innocently
Let's work on this
No frustration.
We both ask God
To bring our Lulu home
Every time.

Verse: In the bible, there's a verse when 2-3 pray in agreement, God answers. What is happening is when we finally both pray in agreement, God answers. In our life circumstances, if we feel frustration growing, and that frustration is building into anger, give it to God. He'll take care of your frustration. What power does this have in the lap of parents? Two parents who pray in agreement for their child to come home, as in the story of the prodigal son, God can set a homing beacon in that child and begin to bring them home. If you feel frustrated, hand it over, and God will settle whatever is irritating you.

Joseph Prince - Can We Lose Salvation?

The video above is about the topic: Can we lose our salvation? This is a sampling of Joseph's preaching.


Please select the channel for this video and check out the sermon topics of your choice. If you pick a stream, you can watch this on your television. Here's the channel. The current feature on the channel mirrors the thoughts of Joyce Meyer's sermon.

Some sermons of his are here (most are about 5 minutes) - I've selected them to share:

  1. The War for Your Mind
  2. Speak Out What You Believe 
  3. Free Flow Praise and Worship
  4. God's Glory Revealed in the Last Days 
  5. Meet Jesus Reading God's Word
  6. Real Intimacy
  7. The Church is Not Peripheral -It's Central 
If you like Joseph Prince, he has a website.

This guy delivers some excellent teaching profitable for instructing all on how to draw close to God. He's available from his website  and there he has a listing of your local television channels where he's available. As well, he has many online sermons. He is another teacher who can offer you a lot to bring you to maturity. 


Free Flow Praise and Worship
    The link above  is sort of the concept of the Praise Opera. I see participation. I wonder if you could work with existing music tracks - like those that are meditations or get music teams to do as Joseph is doing. This is a healing service. This is the type of service or one you can build you model from for your praise service. I see Joseph also enjoys saying the Hebrew names for God. This is a pretty good demonstration for you. Do you hear the music? It supports the singing - it does not overtake all the time, but raises in and out like a water wave.  

    How this worship could be modified: If Joseph had a singing team of 12, I would send them out and have them help direct the audience to worship, being a pod based imprint on a section of the crowd. I would invite everyone to sing. I would have the worship words up on a screen to permit them to participate. I would rotate periods of performance singing with whole group singing. Yes, I would have some performance pieces. Yet, I think the purpose of praise it to be like a water cup continually flowing from one soul vessel to the next, like when you fill up the ice-cube tray for your freezer. Those who first watch praise should then be invited into it. Joseph has traits here of the Hebrew Praise Opera/Feast of Trumpets celebration. (This will probably become a separate post.)

    There is no perfect practice. Again, the elements of the apparition of this praise opera are going to vary. That's okay. The heart intent behind it is what matters. As well, the effectiveness of pulling people's hearts into praise matters. In the collection of these ideas, study them and pull out what you can do. Design it for yourself. For example, the praise opera could be opera performers. It could be your music ministry team. You pick.

    The goal of praise is the invitation to the Lord to come down and be among us, to heal us, to bring people to repentance, and to accomplish good works in the heaven-lies. The bible says the Lord inhabits our praise. As a church, when we praise him, and invite him down among us, the Holy Spirit falls upon the people, and I keep hoping for an Acts like impact on church bodies. People will fall down, just like you see on television on evangelist healing sermons, and get up healed of spiritual and physical ailments. They will be empowered. They will go speak. Every pastor can do this. All have been anointed for this. The Holy Spirit's anointing on our pastors will enable them.

    As demonstrated in one of the stories of this blog, when the Holy Spirit falls upon a person, it makes them all sort of giggly, weird feeling, uncoordinated, disoriented for a time. Prepare for this. If people were in a large worship room, they might show signs of falling back in their seats. It's all good. It's okay. The story on this blog about that was where a Christian music artist was performing, and an angel showed up behind him, and sang to the audience in Hebrew: Come and Dine. The angel of the Lord came down to join the man in praise. The singing artist remained in a sort of giggly mood for a while. Later, his team members realized he had been overcome by the Holy Spirit.