Wednesday, October 31, 2012

World Pork Shortages Update

North American Pork producers are shutting down production.
Farmers are euthanizing their pig populations.


Greenhouse gas issues...
Scientists think it is a good idea to swap the corn production across to producing ethanol for cars.
Pig farmers are not able to support their business.

When did nourishing people become lower priority over greenhouse gases?
Permit me to say I do not agree with this, or at least how it is being managed.

Is this a United Nations fabricated problem for mankind? I love a bunch of stuff the UN does for mankind, but I would want them to do an assessment of what they may be doing to contribute to this. In the future, I would like some common sense to prevail in the consideration of proposals to lift the greenhouse gases. What are the impacts on the world's food availability? How long will mankind thrive if his basic carnivore needs are removed?

I previously mentioned that there is a proposal to reduce the world cow numbers to 10,000. Does this proposal still stand?

If there were no cows and no pork, what would be left to eat?

The problem is North American farmers are euthanizing their pigs. This is because they are selling their pigs at a loss.

Update: I have not done my whole job here.

So, here is a need. Based on the Prosperous Soul course I took, God is a capitalist. He likes people who manage their money and industry for the people. As long as the church is present, it is called to be light and salt to the people - all humanity. God's mandate is to feed man. Anything that can be done to further that goal meets God's needs.

So, what can Christian Business Experts do to assist these pork producers so that they do not lose hope and euthanize their pigs?

Can the Christian community partner with the UFA or whoever is in charge of these pork issues and prevent further pig euthanization?

Can this situation be turned around for pig producers? My mom's father was a pig farmer. He loved his pigs. I can only think these pig farmers were torn euthanizing their pigs. It is not yet time. What can we do?

Till political conditions change and overtake the times, Christians need to levy up society in all its parts. Simply identifying the problem is not enough.

Why did I include the IBM tag? IBM has a section of their business that works to overcome world challenges which result from technology shifts which impact the world. That's why I have pulled them in here. Were my reader from IBM, what do you think of these troubling events?

Pastor Teaching Strategy

Pastor Teaching Strategy: 

If you are teaching something important in scripture, and this is a truth people need to understand and incorporate, follow the teaching strategy of Derek Prince, and stop and have people say statements aloud. It builds in a basic teaching concept on the degree to which one remembers the concept. Derek builds actions in too. For example, he shows the before after of being saved. He has people repeat the top 8 key concepts he wants them to acquire. What this is - he has teaching objectives prepared which his sermon is teaching. He is making sure each of his parisionners understand the basic teaching concepts which his sermon is trying to accomplish for them.

Derek used declarations of truth this way. He took the time to stop, say them, and have his group repeat them. Sermons, if built on cramming data into time, can be great sermons, but not memorable. A few minutes dedicated to stopping and reviewing and accomplishing learning in the sermon is worth its weight in gold.

Derek did that. This Sozo training also does this. Whether you build it in as a prayer, or a saying does not really matter. The fact you do it does.

To see this concept in actions, watch a few Derek Prince videos online. I believe his results from his ministry should speak for themselves. He is a very good teacher.

I am not sure how many pastors think of sermons accomplishing teaching objectives. How many write the objectives on the top of their lesson plan? Perhaps doing this, you may then build a few little activities - pieces where you get your audience to actively participate - in your sermon.

Something else Derek does is he may have a few little things in there where he says, "Tell  your neighbor..."

This is also a method of review of something he has just taught. They reiterate something they just heard. This is active. This assists in sedimenting learning. You can build these in too. Learning needs some audience participation to be remembered. See, say, do.

Sozo Training Update

Just so you know, the slow down is I am taking the Sozo Training - of all its types.

It is very inexpensive to order mp3s.

Derek had cross-references to what Sozo is. His cross-references and teaching on it led me to connect this as one of the keys to revival.

I recommend this training for pastors, pastor's wives, and Christian School Principals and Administration. I would also recommend this for prayer teams who meet people after church meetings. A typical sozo takes as little as 5 minutes, and could be done in the context of quick meetings just after a service.

We all want to serve God in God honoring ways. This teaching assists us to weed out hidden pieces of us we need to eject to be fruitful for God. There's stuff in there we need to get out, so we can control all that stuff in our flesh which is destructive to completing God's mandates.

I just watched the movie Inception which deals with tokens and various quests associated to timelines. The Prosperous Soul training has analogies to using and understanding tokens to incorporate truth. No weird stuff here. This is just a witness to achieving a decision/declaration. Then, don't go back.

Sozo is a different type of one on one. This is not counselling in the typical psychological way. Some are meant for that service. This is meant to give people opportunities to meet God and hear his counsel. This removes blockages to people - so they can hear, see, and converse with God. This removes walls we put up to God to prevent his blessing falling on us.

In Sozo, there's missionary prayers, which have demonstrated reduced spiritual attacks on mission's team members as they go on trips.

There's a whole lot of repentence in this. This teaches people how to repent. There's lots of declarations, based on scripture.

I got this material from the Bethel Church Online Store, which you may find on the Work Desk page tab.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Derek Said About Dates

To anticipate the rapture date is a delicate matter. As you have seen, I have heeded a couple anticipated rapture dates, and I still plan to follow the tradition, as I think it is good to have these reminders to do personal heart assessments and realigning of a person to God's will and to be thankful.

However, Derek says that date setting, and even our best selected date, for me would be the Feast of Trumpets, and that these may not be the date. Why? Why would God let Satan in on his battle plan? To have an obedient people, who regularly participate in watching would be pleasing to God's heart. The celebration of Feasts naturally sets people into a state of watching and being ready for God.

So, how Derek put it, he says over the calendar dates over the years, that there is an accumulaton of not accounted for days, and this will put a bit of variance into the real day of the rapture. Yes, it will be on the real day, probably on the real Feast of Trumpets, according to Heaven time or real Earth time. Our margin of error will not be included. It will be the authentic date of the Feast.

The same is true for the Jewish people and their call to safety from Israel during attack. Now, I might wonder if the Feast of Trumpets would be the most significant Feast Day for this calling out. Are there other significant feast days? Passover? I wonder.

I believe dark spiritual forces are paying attention to every feast date these days. We should too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Once in Royal David's City

Royal David's City Song

This is a start to my praise opera.

This is a Christmas Carol: Once in Royal David's City

I am a new singer - in the sense of providing any content to others.

So, Simon, if you find this, I would have a hard time facing your critique, and I admire you, so any harsh words would hurt.

Besides this, I plan to practice and improve this piece.

In the meantime, I plan to try to harmonize with myself.

Or, on a keyboard, I will try to recreate a harp musical to go with it.

This can be considered a piece in progress.

I tried to generate a music backdrop for it, but I've discovered it helps you have picked or made a song first, and then write words to it. I am having fun generating tunes, but nothing fit this well enough I would want to use it.

I could tell you my strong and weak point, but I won't. What I can tell you is looking at the sound waves, a more consistent set of sound waves represent a higher quality song. I learned that.

Flexible Churches

In the end times, there will be significant landscape upset. Derek says technology returns to 1914.

This makes me think that distances we once covered, we will not.

Cars and  transport distances will shrink.

The closest church will be where people default too.

Church demoninations will revert to just getting to that which one can - for help.

Emergency plans will have to cover whoever can make it there. Churches need to operate as one.

I recommend Ham Radios for communication.

54,000,000 Affected

Hurricane Sandy is expected to impact 54,000,000 people.

The arms of the hurricane are reaching out and impacting regions which are not used to hurricanes.

Who Mimics Godfire?

Earlier in this blog, I talked about prophets, and therefore Christians, and the end time prophets having Godfire as a means of defense.

I believe that the end time disciples will use this. We are there. I am not sure when the key climactic event will happen which will launch the 144,000 to move out across the earth in ministry.

I do want to point out something. This came up in Derek Prince's discussion of the end times.

The False Prophet will call fire down from heaven. Many will believe in him because of it. Derek Prince says this.

God's two prophets will also do the same.

There's a story in the bible about Moses, pharoah, and the magicians. Moses put his staff on the ground and it became a snake. The magicians did too. They put their staffs down on the ground and they became snakes. Then, Moses' snake ate the magicians' snake.

In the end times, God's demonstration of power through his prophets and disciples will in some way exceed the power of the False Prophet.

You cannot attribute the gun fire alone to determine the truth of the speaker. The gospel they speak should identify them.

Do you know the true gospel?

Technical Issues

The online file storage for this blog has been deleted.

I was being done a favor - unused accounts were being dropped, and somehow the storage I had was not the paid storage - my online storage was deleted.

It is going to take me about 3 weeks to have these all back in order.

I will let you know when all the downloads for this website and my others will again work.

What pertains to this reading audience are my free songs. I will post an update when all is in order.

This does not affect access to new songs.

The Webmaster/Blogger

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Les's Surrender Prayer

So, yes, Les got this from a small group.

It was given out as a business card to the church members today.

Here is the text for your use!

Surrender Prayer

Put me to what you will
Put me to doing
Put me to suffering
Let me be laid aside for  you
Let me have all things
Let me have nothing
I freely yield all things to your pleasure
I freely yield all things to your disposal.

In Jesus name,


I have something to add:

We surrender to Christ and take up our cross for short term suffering and an eternal reward of the crown of life and blessing paid for by the blood of Jesus. For those of us who do not yield, we are rendered in unconsoled pain, suffering, and death and delivered into eternal pain and suffering.

Selflessness is the first model - Thy will be done.
Selfishness is the second model - My will be done.

The selfish band must be broken before God's will can be revealed. We must yield and be like Christ, who is a tender and bending shoot, who yielded his own life, to be the light and salvation of many. Seeing Christ as a blade grass holding up water to the world, he surrendered.The posture is a yielded posture, and that posture is why he is our Saviour. Now, we his disciples, follow likewise. The stiff band who we are is bent.

How will we bend to the will of God?

So my dear readership, I am home on the Internet worshipping the Lord today. I am using the video resource which I have you use. It is not so bad. It is particularly good if you get a laptop hooked up to your television. Then, it is excellent. Try it. It is much more comfortable than sitting in front of a computer.

Appeal to be Baptized:

If you are a recent believer and you have not been baptized, go to your local church or pastor today and get baptized. If you are in the vicinity of one of these storms, and before the storm, you can be baptized by your local preacher, or even a good knowledgable believer, be baptized. I would want to go through the storm with the resources of God on my side.

To be ready to confront adversity, be baptized.

Hurricane Preparedness Links"

I hope this helps those search the Internet for help right now.

The previous post was the Average Guy like you and I training video.

This is the safe sort of Government Resource which is also very good to hunt down.

Derek Prince Water Prayer

As a Christian, should you be short of water, recall how Derek Prince prayed over what was known to be a bad water source, prayed over it, and drank it. If all your water resources are gone, do this. Pray first of course. Pray the Lord would cleanse the water and close in Christ's name. This is demonstrated in the bible. I would do this if my water sources ran out, and my family was short of water, but there was water around, just not potable.

I have drank something I should not before. I had prayed first. As a missionary, you are not supposed to drink the local water. I had no pre-prep for diseases before going to Venezuela. I was in a circumstance where I was offered juice made with tap water. I drank. I prayed. I did not get sick. I should have. However, there is a command in the bible to accept whatever you are offered, pray over it, and eat and drink. So, I did. It would have been rude to the host to not drink what was offered. God covers this.

Follow all common sense mandates and government instructions first. This is your last resort, when no water is available to you. For example, there was a 1 minute water boil request on the television. Follow those instructions for your safety. We do our part as far as we can go. Then, in addition, we pray.

Hurricane Preparedness 2 Part

The readers appreciated this. I have not watched all this. I usually do. So, if there is anything untoward in here, please forgive me. I am watching it now. If you prefer, there's shorter videos in the right margin. I think some of those might be faster, if you need to get going right away. What is nice is he is awfully sweet in that his tone is encouragement. There's some good tips here.

Note: There's a few vernacular (swear) words. He uses the word "Stupid". He does make a joke. He says Hurricane is named after women, because we ladies are unpredictable. That's not true, is it?

Hunting God Names for You

God's Names for Emergencies

  • Elohim Machase Lanu (Psalms 62:8)
    - GOD Our Refuge
  • Eli Maelekhi (Psalms 68:24)
    - GOD My King
  • Elohim Ozer Li (Psalms 54:4)
    - GOD My Helper
    • El Rai (Genesis 16:13)
      - GOD Seest Me
    • Elsali (Psalms 42:9)
      GOD, My Rock
    • El Shaddai (Genesis 17:1,2, Ezekiel 10:5)
      - Almighty GOD
    • Elohim Shophtim Ba-arets (Psalms 58:11)
      - GOD that Judgeth in the Earth
    • El Simchath Gili (Psalms 43:4)
      - GOD My Exceeding Joy
    • Elohe Tishuathi (Psalms 18:46&51:14)
      - GOD of My Salvation
    • Jehovah Hoshiah (Psalms 20:9)
      - O LORD Save
      • Jehovah Immeka (Judges 6:12)
        - The LORD Is with You
      • Jehovah Izuz Wegibbor (Psalms 24:8)
        - The LORD Strong and Mighty
      • Jehovah-jireth (Genesis 22:14)
        - The LORD Shall Provide
    • So, this post is not pretty, but I challenge you to find a few names here, and claim them in prayer in your disaster, and even declare them to those around you who are in need of salvation.
    • God is amazing and he responds to people who use his names with faith by providing miracles.
    • If you can't memorize these, put a couple together by finding and pasting them from Biblegateway and printing the page and having this in your pocket.
    • If you don't have access to the bible, just quote the verse name - like Judges 6:12 or the name of God - The Lord is Present, and if you have faith, God will act for your circumstance. Even if you mispronounce God's name, and you try to say it, it works. God honors even the most small effort.
    • If I were in a storm, I would invite the Lord to come down and go through the experience with me. The name I would declare is the Lord My Shepherd, as Jesus reveals himself as a Shepherd, and in this he guides our every step. He watches the way. The second valuable name for this is in the Lord is Present mentioned above. 
    • I send you loads of love from me.

Hurricane Sandy

The U.S. is getting a storm. It is significant - there's people I love there. New York has shut down transportation.

I am, for now, calling those who will be affected by this storm and those who love them to pray. When you are in the midst of catastrophe, it is obviously more difficult to pray, but possible. For the loved ones and friends of those in catastrophe, it is our job to pray.

Our prayers can make a network of difference for those in the storm. God can do miraculous things to save people. Imagine facing a tsuname with Moses, and he just prays and sets up a tsuname wall. If I had to face a tsuname, I would like to face it with Moses.

Each and every Christian has an ability to make a difference in their own catastrophe by praying for their family, joining in networks of prayer, praying in prayer houses, and so on.

So Christians, let's pick up the burdens of our brothers in the South. I don't know if this storm will affect Canada, but either way, the fact it impacts the Americans is very serious and heartbreaking to me.

Churches could stand guard using prayer chains, getting together for prayer, and committing to prayer and fasting for the sake of their own neighborhood and for their brothers affected by this storm.

The best data on the Hurricane Sandy is on the Weather Network.

People, your lives are worth more than your material things. I am mentioning this because I love you. Don't stick with your house if someone comes to evacuate you just because. As you seek the Lord, also seek what he would have you do.

In a Manitoba flood, there was a couple that sandbagged their home. They saved their home. All the neighborhood was flooded. All houses were destroyed. The local environment after set a mold in the house. Their house in the end was destroyed after weeks of work by the couple to save their dream. The insurance company never covered the damages, as their house did not get flooded. The family did not do well in response. Their dreams were destroyed.

This is why I would like your defninition of what is important to shift. Family is important. You are important. The stuff is not. Even your house is not.

I am going to be praying for you during this storm. I will be fasting and praying for your well-being. I will be asking the Lord as well to reveal himself as a Mighty Saviour to all who call on Him.

Okay, so I see this will impact the U.S. Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

My prayers are with you.

Cities should give citizens training on this and how to prepare for hurricanes. I wonder if this would be on youtube!

I would still be self-challenged in a storm to praise God.  If I had to act, I would act and still sing.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Octopus Woman

I had a dream the other night. I am not at the point of interpreting it, though I think I have an idea.

I was in my house. The house had cats in it. There was a room. In the room, all of a sudden, there appeared a hole in the wall, sort of like a cave. Initially, it was small in perspective. There, like Davie Jones, there was an octopus, but with more tentacles. The octopus had many little trinkets on it. It has many sparkly things on it which reminded me of almost a charm bracelet. It moved and as I stood watching it, I was mesmerized. There was an oyster colored shiny slime on it all around. Remember when you watched the captain Davie Jones, the guy's face was mesmerizing? That was in Pirates of the Caribbean. This octopus had more bling, and constantly moved. It glistened. It held attention.

Anyway, for some reason, at that time, I was not upset or I did not feel an initial danger. I felt it was not good. I did not want to touch it. Anyway, it was a wall in the house, and I continued to live there. Each time I looked at the cave entrance, the octopus and its cave door seemed to be growing on the wall. As this happened, I spent more time watching it, like someone watching a fireplace. I watched it, and noticed the part behind, and wondered where it went. I had concern where it went. I had no plans to explore it.

I continued being in the house, and came back, and the octopus had grown again, and the door had grown again. Now, as I looked at it, something kept falling out, and there, for a moment, seemed to be a woman laying on the floor in black garb, and then she disappeared, and the octopus only was there. This happened several times, till I sensed the octopus and the woman were the same. I realized the problem was growing. Could this larger octopus be a threat to my cat? I wondered. Just then, a cat ran toward this spot, and I ran after it, and I began waking up, but my sense is that as I was waking up, I was involved in trying to get my cat back from this spot/thing/cave which was in this part of the wall.

If you were gifted at intepreting dreams, this may mean something to you.

I see a growing problem.

I am not putting any labels on this. If you are part of my regular reading audience, it is fine for you to see.

Update: I've decided to add labels.

I am adding a couple details I recalled after. At the close of the dream, I was pretty convinced I would fight the Octopus woman for my cat if I had to. I was willing to engage a battle with her if she took one of mine.

The woman in garb was covered in a black sheet. She was laying on the floor as the form of a woman, just covered by the sheet.

I am now wondering if this is Hurricane Sandy. I had this dream last Friday, and I wish I had put it up sooner.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Spontaneous Worship Techniques

We Cry Out God!

This is my idea of a Rock concert!

Praise Jesus

We are short on praise here. The blog is getting too text heavy. Sing along! This is a great song! Notice later in the song how she adapts her own words in. That is spontaneous worship which changes a worship song into a personal song of praise to God. This is something you can do to songs you sing. As well, if you like this one, she has about 10 songs in the right side margin of youtube. She does interviews on praise.

This is a good tool to sing to for your own devotional. You would need to find and print the words.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

God's Word Used to Heal Our Sickness - Update

We know I am sick today? I am listening to this topic. It is how to claim God's word as our doctor - to heal our physical and mental problems:

Based on memorizing and claiming the healing effect of these verses:

Proverbs 4: 20-22 Be humble and incline two ears to God.
Romans 10: 17 Faith cometh by hearing.
3 John 2
Luke 11: 34
Hebrew 4:12
1 Corinthians 3:18 The cross is foolishness to many - accept that over the world's wisdom.

Pull these up in the tools available for study. Memorize them. After he read the scriptures, three times a day after meals, he would pray and tell God he claimed the scripture to be medicine to heal his body, as it was in God's word, so he was healed of a pretty serious affliction. He says it works for both mental issues and physical issues. Sounds good to me? Say I did not have access to a doctor and I was hurt. If I memorized these, and claimed these, and continued in God's word, I would most definitely have a resource for healing. God. His way.

I did it. It worked. The best cold medicine ever. God immediately opened my breathing passage. My cold is still there, but I had a pleasant night. I feel much better. It feels like a Category 2 cold instead of a Category 10. So, Derek's tool here works. I plan to carry  reading something from God's word on at every meal, and I plan to claim it for several things I've tried to treat with diet.

I could have used this when I was 11.

Do you see the ad here? Bananas not good to eat? They are a source of Potassium. I would not agree they are not good to eat. If you can get organic, or wash normal source bananas before opening them, to remove the pesticide etcetera off the exterior and prevent it from transfering to the interior, they represent good nutrition. A blogger does not click on their own ads. Just so you know. I am not following that through. It's very odd.

Derek's Passing

Derek passed away on the Feast of Trumpets.

How cool is that!

I would take that date.

I hope to come to heaven on the same date.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Made of God's Own Heart

I spoke of this earlier. This also ties into Derek's explanations of how we were created.

Complete Salvation - 2 Parts

I see one of you on the Salvation posts. This is a nice addition to that.

This is one of the most comical sermons of Derek. In it, he includes his first attempts at being a good Christian, praying for other's illnesses and appropriating God's power of salvation to drink poisoned or bad water - as it is the only water around, and to praise Jesus for 10 minutes after being stung by a hornet. The next day, the wound had not swelled, while a guy across the street was walking with a huge limp.

Derek talks quite a bit about confessing or agreeing with God about who you are and your position in Christ. I like how he includes his wife in the service, always inviting her up to help him do the scripture proclamations, which they have memorized together. They have learned these, and the proclaim them upon themselves. Speaking the scripture builds faith. Speaking the truth builds faith.

Derek says the moment you are saved, go find water and get baptized the same day, and if possible the same hour. He made a practice of baptizing people immediately. He said there are some churches that have a baptismal open every day of the week, so people can be baptized. For Derek, salvation is to be immediately followed by baptism, as set by precedents in scripture.

Derek Prince - Glimpses of the Future 6 Parts

This series is about 2.5 hours long, with a bit of overlap. I would not want to be a Jew living through the end times without this perspective. Derek says to not bother praying for peace. It won't happen till Christ returns. Pray according to God's will. Find out what that is. Pray according to that so that prayers are answered. He says pray the attack on Jerusalem is not on a Sabbath.

Why this is interesting to me is that it clearly identifies the Woman. The woman is the Jewish people. She is taken to the wilderness. I do not see us Christians in this at all. When the Jewish people run to the mountains, God sets up their escape. All the Jewish people with faith are saved. There will be a God delivered emergency call. Then, with all urgency, run. The Jewish people saved and protected during the tribulation will live through a second version of the calling out from Egypt. That's not us Christians. It's God's special times with his people, where Christ is their bridegroom and husband. These people have a special role in the Millenium, when Jesus sets up his kingdom. For most of those who would be threatened by this, don't worry about it. The coming anti-Christ will most likely deprive most we know of their lives, and won't ever see the day.

After either a nuclear bomb or an EMP pulse, all technology is wiped. The world returns to 1914 technology and stays like this till, according to Derek, Christ comes. The anti-Christ takes away and stockpiles all the advanced weaponry.

Enjoy the Internet now, and use it to become educated on these things. The future's headlines are written here. We may not even have news circulated then, except through the technology version offered to man through the anti-Christ system in exchange for his soul. Were the world technology wiped out, an invading Advanced race who offered technology access would seem all that more attractive. Why does this happen? Satan does not play fair. It is easier to control people with them having controlled access to technology. Would you trade the mark of the beast to have technology access?

Suddenly, the John Wayne hero seems to come forward. Horses and guns. That's what's left, right?

Derek does not claim to not have made a mistake on his prediction. At the same time, when he had cancer, God revealed to him 3 judgements of the end times. As well, he has an exhaustive bible knowledge base to draw from. He claims most end times analysts make a fundamental error of not paying attention to that which has been revealed. Rather than focus on potential hows and so on, Derek says start at the base of that which God already revealed.

Derek lived through the II World War and he lived near the front lines of the 1948 war while living in Israel. He says the tribulation is a more extreme version of the II World War. The abuses on man will be worse. Please continue to view the material here.

Derek says the Men of Eli I refer to, the 144,000, will be likely aged 15-18. These boys will go out as missionaries in the end times, and they will lead millions to the Lord. They will accomplish that which God wanted Israel to accomplish for him on earth. They will walk as disciples of Christ.

I think we have 2-4 years and if we are really lucky and God holds it back, we might have till the range of 2018 to 2022. God ultimately has control of this. If our people repent, we may have just a little longer to prepare for this and to work on our ministries and prepare in our maturity as Christians for what is coming.

If we have some manner of EMP Pulse which destroys our technology, please should some alien people or even manly saviour offer you peace and commerce by taking the mark, which will be both on the forehead and the hand or either/or, do not take it. Rather, trust Christ and live with him as your Provider or even die with him, if it requires it. He will pull you back out of the dust and breathe life into you for a better world with him. Know your bible, so you can be a bible to others. When we have had the EMP Pulse, you can pretty well accept we are there, in the midst of it, or about to be introduced to the new world system. Christians will be treated like the Jewish people in the Second World War. I still like to think that as trusting Christians, that Christ will draw from his heavenly resources to keep us fit for our ministry to our co-man for as long as he can.

One of the other prophets encountered here said that there would be a rise of anti-Semitism in the U.S. and that the Jewish people would have to be underground railroaded out of the U.S. to get them to Israel. I wonder if this is a preparatory step for God to launch the call to his people to come to safety in the wilderness, first running to the mountains near Jerusalem. I wonder if this is a good time to move to Israel. If I knew God were opening a conduit to safety for the Jewish people, I would want to be where the door to safety was. I wish I was a Jew. However, whatever destiny God has for me, I will accept. I know he is ever loving and kind and good.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Derek Prince Google Search

Use Google to search Derek Prince to find relevant video sermons. I tested the search using:

"Derek Prince" + youtube

I found an easy means of navigating his freely available material.

You can view material according to your most immediate need.

This is what I would like you to do for now.

I plan to gradually make an index for him and have that on the Work Desk.

For now, I've added the Revival Index Classic Sermons in there, for you to see a variety of sermons for your needs. These are not Derek's, but represent revival sermons.

I am sad. Derek Prince died in 2003 in his home in Israel. I would have loved it if he were alive. Yet, I feel blessed his material is so accessible.

On Google, there's as far as I checked 41 pages of content of Derek's material. Then, you find blogs like this that refer to Derek's content.
I would like my reader to create a video playlist of their own of Derek's material using Word. As you search and find something you would like to watch, select, and copy-paste the link text into your Word document. Review some 40 or so pages online. Then, save the video access list to your desktop. Use this for your studies. Each video you view has a relative value of $10 per. It's free education.

Content areas he is rich in are:

1. demonizations and curses
2. special giftings of the Holy Spirit
3. the end times
4. prayer and spiritual warfare

Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Bible Study Course

Hello Readership,
I've linked in a free bible study course available to you from Derek Prince. I've watched many of his teachings now, and I feel he characterizes a good teacher. He was the head of teaching teachers in a nation in Africa. Sorry, if you want more details, you will have to watch his material. He knows what he is doing and I feel his teaching would be good for you.
Go to my Work Desk and there click on the Derek Prince online bible study course. Register. Check it out.
  • With how Google Chrome works these days, you can do this bible study in any language. Use the Google Chrome tool to translate the page to your language.
  • Get a tab open on one of the bible study resources here and find your language in it.
  • Get a physical bible. They are invaluable, even working with a computer based bible resource.
  • Get a journal and pen - you could use the same journal as your prayer journal. You decide. If you keep a page open to this blog, you can swap about to different tools.
Go to it. No matter what topic you want to explore, this teacher has a large matter of teaching on it. I've got my feet ankles deep in his end time teaching. There's much more. Later, I will put up a description of how to use a Christian faith book along with a journal.
For now, get going. Consider using the NetBible occasionally for the parallel view to Hebrew/Greek. However, you will fall into some good stuff.
Pick the passages of the bible which mean the most to you and write them down. Read them aloud to yourself. If you find any declarations in the teaching, do the same thing.
To go to the Work Desk, click on the tab above. It is a page on this blog.
If you get really involved in the bible study, I recommend customizing your search engine interface, in addition to making favorites to facilitate finding the resources.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shopping for Deliverance

I did a bit of resource shopping for you.

I found Derek Prince ministries online, went in their store, and did a search on deliverance.

I found one resource meant for families.

Here's the Canadian Store.

Here are the Canadian Store Deliverance Resources:

Derek Prince Deliverance

There's also a Derek Prince U.S. site.

There's an International Step in Store too.

Here's a list of the topics Derek presents on.

Romance and Love Destroyed - Divorce

What is it that destroys marriages and families?
How is it that a couple married for 11, 20, 30, or even 50 years gets divorced?
How is it that a couple who is in love for long durations of time becomes dissatisfied?
Demons sit outside the house waiting to enter in.
Do you know a city block where the whole set of houses have divorced families?
I wonder about this. If the demon of divorce sets on one house, why not disrupt the family next door too?
Have you moved into the house of a divorced couple? Do you then have problems?
Is divorce a problem in your church?
Couples should understand that demons are part of the initiation of the problem between them.
The demon can come in at a point of weakness in the individual - either from a wrong belief, attitude, habit, or action.
Satan and his demons are not pro-marriage and romance.
They hate it with a passion, as passionate as that which drew the couple together.
If you are in the midst of divorce, you need to look to deliverance as a means of healing.
Your love will be rekindled. Your marriage will heal.

  • Jesus is pro-marriage.
  • He is pro-romance.
  • He is pro-family.
  • He is pro-church.
  • He is pro-children.
  • Jesus is for you and not against you.

Study the concepts here about how demons enter into people to demonize them - and to destroy the foundation of marriage.  Rejoice Ministries has resources to help you rebuild marriage. They are online.

Pre-Natal Demonization

This comes from 2 causes:

1. Mom's involvement in divination. Women who had a string held with a needle over their wrist to determine the sex of their baby performed a divination. This opens the baby to the entrance of a demon. This is participation in the occult.

2. Mother's regret at being pregnant. During the WWII, women who fretted and worried about being pregnant, this brought a demon of Rejection into the baby at birth.

Children as well who should receive care from their parents, and who are either outwardly, with words, or with actions or lack of actions shown lack of love are susceptible to demons. The demon of Rejection comes into the child. Children in strife torn families are very prone to receiving demons. The children are weak and open to them due to their emotional reactions to the strife around them.

Notes from Derek Prince

Observation: Release of demons from children can remove learning disabilities. Results were within Derek's stories of children being released.

War on Earth Full Version 3 Parts

This is the full version of the previous. It is just easier to put it up as a new post. This appears to have a couple parts. Look for Part 2. If you viewed the last video, start the video at the time point you finished in the previous video. Derek says it is not difficult to evangelize. How you build a crowd for new testament evangelism: you don't need a choir or even a venue.

You go to a place.
You ask for the sick. They are brought to you.
You heal them.
Cast out demons. The word spreads. Your crowd builds.
You evangelize.

They did not maintain solemn dignity in their meetings. Religious dignity is a cover-up for demons.

I followed this series through. Click on the top left each time to get to the next video.

Delivered from Demon of Cancer

Note: Take the demon out of the man and not the demonized man out of the church. Deliver him from the demon and keep him in the church.

All types of disease can be caused by demon possession.

Commission to Position of Ministry

Sermon: Transmit God's Power to Others by Derek Prince

How many volunteers are commissioned by the laying on of hands? This recognizes, not appoints, the position of a person.

Voting and democracy in the church has less importance than this commission.

Derek says, "Every believer should belong to a church." When a believer is sick, they call to the elders for prayer. The leadership ministry is to serve the healing of the congregation. This brings them under the authority of their prayer.

Derek Prince

To Derek's thoughts on the role of voting and democracy, I would add opinion and criticism.

For each flock, there is a shepherd. The pastor is the shepherd of the flock. I think that pastors should feel free to walk through their congregation, and to identify to their people they have a demon, and ask them if they would like to be liberated. Pastors have the authority for their congregation. If pastors have people with various afflictions, they should warn their people, claiming or instructing their wayward flock, and direct them to the right path. They should cast out the demons which are working to destroy the church. Being polite is not a great reason to remain in slavery to Satan.

In an earlier sermon I listened to, Derek said that some people are barometers of their church. He spoke of a person who had a serious type of debilitating disease, and when that person's church was strong, the person was strong. There was a problem in that church, and there was a split and the person died.  If a church has a weak individual in it, Satan the Destroyer, and the demon of Death are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the church to fall into a weakened status to kill its members.

If my reader is part of a gossip centred club in their church, please reflect on the impact your words to criticize the ministry has upon your own congregation. Causing a split or division in the church lets the wolves in to devour the sheep.

The Apply the Blood Post

The Derek Prince video about the blood of Christ is very good. I am working through it.

This is an essential sermon for all Christians in understanding and appropriating their salvation.

Derek goes to the verse in Revelation where it states how saints overcome Satan.

Derek has some good teaching strategies where he gets people to say the proclamation and then say it to their neighbour. He does this for key proclamations of salvation.

Derek is 72 here and he looks and feels very good.

He attributes his good health to he and his family performing communion at breakfast every morning. Have you ever thought of taking God vitamins? This is the equivalent. I have always been convinced that taking communion is essential to a Christian's health and well-being. It is a periodic blessing upon the Christian and an affirmation that God continues to be with them.

What would happen to Christian's health if they began this practice? Would sickness leave them, as they proclaim the blood of Jesus upon their family every day? I love the concept. The concept is claiming the blood brings the body and mind life.

Moms, is there a sickly child in the family? Pray God's vitamins upon them. Derek calls this claiming the life of Christ he promises us as a result of his shedding his blood for us. To see the practice, watch his video.

Men, see that Derek naturally performs the role of priest for his family. This is your role too. What you do and say and pray and proclaim has spiritual impact upon your family.

This sermon leaves me with joy.

Derek talks about Satan coming as an accuser telling him he did a bunch of bad things. He answers, "You're quite right, Satan. But do you see the robes of sanctification that Jesus gave me. I wear his righteousness. He never sinned." That is a sort of summary of the bit. He does not argue with Satan. He does not turn inward in self-condemnation. He just agrees with Satan. "Yeah, I did some bad things."

This sermon also highlights how essential giving our testimony of what Christ has done for us is in appropriating our own salvation. Telling our God story is part of achieving our own salvation. Derek leads the whole group in saying this to their neighbour. People need practice in this skill. Derek makes it an easy start in.

Say you were in a battle and you had a key position to arrive to victory. This sermon states how to put yourself in that place. The saints triumph over Satan. Study this sermon and know how to do that. Claim the blood on your family.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Move From Hop-a-Long to Victorious Christians

Till you find someone who is willing to minister to your deliverance...

I am suggesting to you to use a hop-a-long Christian strategy. This is a diagnosticating experiment and short term strategy.

I am hoping this strategy will lead you in the path toward your education and victory. The hop-a-long strategy still includes you self-training to recognize demons. The next goal is of course to get to the point of full deliverance.

It is the demon which overtakes either you, your husband, or your child to do uncharacteristic things against that which we teach or desire through our family values. It is the working of the flesh against that which we wish we could be and cannot. We always fail in our own strength - in a particular way and we can't help it.

This strategy helps you recognize there is a problem and can help you interim to the point of getting delivered. It is also for the delivered person who is waiting for their loved one to be delivered.

If we had spiritual eyes that could see all that going on in the spiritual realm of our congregations, how many of them would have spiritual problems debilitating their walk? How many of them would be hobbling about the sanctuary? How many people would have swords of emotional hurt through their bodies and minds? Should the strategy be hop-a-long? Till healing is part of the regular church experience, all non-victorious Christians may not even have a crutch to lean on for their particular issue. This strategy offers a temporary crutch for their spiritual injury. This does nothing to alleviate the affect of curses.

The Process

Complete these steps.
  • Review the Derek Prince material. He does have prayers you can self proclaim for deliverance.
  • However, if you have done this, and you still have sickness or symptoms, or say you recognize the symptoms of either your spouse or your child having 1 or more demons, I would like you to write down and know the names of the demons in your prayer journal. Next, in your prayer you bind them daily. You can refer to the paper in your prayer journal. For your family, you name the people affected, even yourself, and you name the demon and bind them. Or if the list is long, have the prayer journal open and bind the demons you have listed on your page for that person.
  • Note the level of success you and those around you have for that day in your prayer journal.

Hop-a-Long Instead of Hobbling

Christians, it is not the ideal circumstance to be a hop-a-long Christian, due to being saved but subdued to your infirmity and demonic influences. Start with the prayer suggestion above. Seek teaching. Perhaps start a ministry.
  • We are hop-a-long because we have missed out on information which is life changing! 
  • We are hop-a-long because we have not set up the spiritual criteria for release and freedom!
Worse on the spectrum of life change, and one who has not found any manner of victory is the bent and limping and hobbling Christian. They have not accessed or found any reprieve. The process here takes us from hobbling to hop-a-long, which means we are beginning to make progress.

In Derek Prince's video, he describes the symptoms of demons. In the movie 9, the main character is a symbol of man, and not just the average man, but of the man with addictions. 9 is: 1) the unsaved or 2) demonized Christian man who is hobbling and has not yet realized his position in Christ to access freedom from addictions. He has not set up the conditions in himself for freedom.

If you watch the training Derek Prince provides on Deliverance, you will see that symptom #4 and symptom #5 are the defeated and addicted Christian. Addiction also included some other behaviours not normally categorized as sin. It includes compulsive types of behaviour. We want to move from being 9 to no longer having a prisoner number on our back, like an identifying number in a concentration camp. The process to freedom is very short, if carried through these release steps. It is much shorter than addiction programs.

Satan wants nothing more than to:

1. keep you from becoming a Christian
2. defeat Christians from making a difference and from having victory and freedom
3. kill people.

These were Derek's points. I would add to this that Satan wants to break down Christian support units including the family and churches. Derek said to be careful to not invite death, as it is a spirit. It may come and kill you. In any case, the demon Death is involved in killing weakened people. If you called it, rebuke the call in Christ's name. Cast it out.

Find Help and Training

When you go to find help in the church, there may be an issue of readiness or access to someone who has training. You can bring questions to church sometimes and you may just not get a reaction as the person you are asking for help does not know. I would say most Christians expect the Senior Pastor and the Elder's Board to know healing and deliverance, but there has not been the expectation for the congregation to know.

Find in your church one who has this training. Derek Prince has courses to order. The Work Desk has SOZO courses to order. If someone in your church does not have the training, you get trained.

Prerequisites to Deliverance

Here's the prerequisites:
  1. Are you a believer? You accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour?
  2. Have you been baptized? Water baptism is what gives you your righteous veil which prevents full demon possession. It eliminates certain aspects of control and openness to demons. It means you are a Christian that sins, instead of a fallen personality in fallen flesh who has no triumph or opportunity for triumph over Satan and his demons.
Then, if you are both of these, then you should be able to perform these ministries. If you are a Christian, Derek says to not be involved in yoga. I am leaving it at that. If you want more elaboration, watch his sermons. For me, Christian meditation needs to be taught. We need to know how to enter into the presence of God. This is another key aspect of Christian life.

Till you encounter your opportunity to be released from demonization and curses, you pray to bind the devil and his workmen in you and your family. Add this into your daily meditation. Do not be afraid to pray for your whole family.

Here is a spiritual experiment for you:

Your husband/wife is prone to argue and criticize. I do not know if we can name the demon for this. We can assume there is a demon responsible for it. Okay. You note in your daily encounter that the normal personality of your husband is being overtaken by this feature. I would like you to bind the demons responsible for this action in your husband/wife for a day. Then, pay close attention to their behaviour and attitude the following day. I anticipate you will note you had a really good day. You will be astonished that your family had peace and a good time for a day. That's what I expect.  
  1. What is the result?    
  2. What this does is it identifies that there is a demon(s) in play.
  3. Try a different demon binding the next day.  
  4. Note the results in your prayer journal.
Are you going through a divorce? Try praying this for your marital partner before your next encounter. See what happens! There is a divorce demon. Bind this demon. Identify and bind the demons of either habit or emotion which have bound your spouse. Pray for the Holy Spirit to call your wife or husband. Pray for their salvation and renewal. I would like to refer you to Rejoice Ministries for their resources to assist in being in the divorce experience. Here are stories of healed marriages which have benefited from this ministry. I've been recommended a book, which I will add here later.

Now, if you are going through a divorce and your partner/wife/husband is not saved, you can only bandage individual circumstances. If that person is saved, then you will have more success. However, I would look to the stories of healed marriages above, and consider those results even above my own thoughts on this.

Holding Out for Our Spouse

Women, do you have a husband with a history of being involved in porn? Every day bind the demons of perversion and masturbation (tied to pornography). This demon is said to be very powerful. Christian women, pray for the demon to be bound using Jesus name, and claim Jesus blood on your husband. For as long as you pray, I anticipate your husband will be protected from the internal impulses. When you and your family pray the Lord's prayer, that covers him for being released from temptation. Jesus says pray to not be tempted. Women can pray for their husbands. We need to start somewhere. Pray the Lord will build your husband's faith. Pray for his release. Derek says in the deliverance of the man, the man must hate the demon. While the demon sits in the man, the demon takes all the satisfaction of the masturbation. The man receives none.

Rebuke Condemnation and Shame

Women, rebuke the demonic influence of condemnation and shame which tells you you are not good enough. Jesus sees you as a pure bride worthy of better behaviour of your husband. You deserve loyalty. Your enemy is not your husband. It is Satan and his demons which hold your husband bound to their compulsions. Begin praying for him. Bind the demons. Watch him for change. Claim your position in Christ as being Worthy and Acceptable and Pure. Your purity does not rely on your husband, but rather on Christ and his blood shed for you. Claim it. Call it down. Claim scripture for your husband. Call down purity. Call down sanctification. Stand in an empty house and shout it to the walls. Watch the change. Your words will become prophetic declarations of what will happen in your household and in your family members.

Walk the Path in the Light to Freedom

Begin to walk the path to delivery. Seek this training. Once you meet the criteria of performing spiritual warfare, pray for your family. Then, seek out or learn the deliverance theory. Apply it. After this, then review the training on curses from Derek Prince. Troubleshoot. Then, break the curses.

Why this training is essential is that once you are then freed, you must know what leads you back into being subjugated. If one demon comes back, he brings 7 more. Satan does not play fair, so you need to be aware.

Following this education and set of tools, you will experience victory.

Coming through this education, you should realize there is a whole bunch of prayer done which has no successful outcomes. It is praying to hear each other's voices sound good in orating. Wow, I made a nice prayer. What the change needs to be is to recognize the pathway to victory and what needs to be accounted for in the process. Then, prayer is not just said to be heard. As it fits God's spiritual requirements, it then seeks reactions in the person who needs healing and it leads them to say prayers and to be prayed over which leads them to healing and freedom.

After all this, Christians need to seek out their gifts and callings. Everyone has them when they yield to the Lord. He endows them with special giftings. The calling is to use that gift, and let the Holy Spirit stream out of you to heal others.

Releasing the Rescue Team

Lastly, words we spreak are very critical to spiritual progress. You just prayed to God. You released some serious situations to him for which he has released angels on a conquest venture. He has sent you a dozen angels coming down to save you.

You swear. A horn is called. "Stop. You may not advance further." If you do not repent immediately after swearing, your rescue team is called off. (This does not apply to someone else, just you.)

You just stopped your rescue team! How horrible is that?

What is the lesson here? I leave you to conclude this.

If you cannot make it through the day without cursing, pray for deliverance from Curses and Profanity and Taking the Lord's name in Vain. I am sure this can be improved, but it's the best expression I've got for it now. The tongue is significant. It calls out to God. We use the tongue as a key tool in spiritual warfare. If you see mutilations which include the tongue being ripped out, it is because it is the tongue which yields spiritual power.

Will This Teaching Pick Up?

We need this teaching to begin spreading through the church. This teaching is as vital to church renewal as prayer. If pastors had David Wilkerson personalities, they would shut down all church programs, and change the whole church engine to teaching what needs to be known. If they needed renewal, they would call their people to prayer 5 nights a week, and pray till they saw the birth of renewal and personal victory.

Christian Yoga Participants

Sozo teaches Christian meditation. I believe when you encounter this, you won't go back. I think studying the bible, and being taught how to use it, and how to meditate and meet God, you will be in love with this process and it will meet your spiritual needs. Consider trying Sozo, and using the bridging structures in it to learn about how to hear and see God. Also, you will find God's personal power and deflect or eject  other entities in control of your life.

Derek Prince Training - Healing and Deliverance

An Anointing Presence of the Holy Spirit is set in an atmosphere of scripture proclamation, praise, teaching, and prayer.

The opportunity for healing and release of demons is set up within this circumstance.

Christians cannot be demon possessed, but they can be demonized and carry curses. This includes housing them in parts of our personality and will we will not yield to Christ. When Jesus did his ministry where he went to preach in synagogues, it was there with the religious people, he cast out demons and healed people. We Christians in the church should be open to personal assessment. Derek points out how easily nations can believe another nation is demonized, but they do not see the need in themselves.

If you have defeated Christians in your church, perhaps it's time to get this teaching out. Perhaps it's time to release people from demon's hold and from infirmity. The spiritual change will increase their abundance and set a tabernacle of opportunity for evangelism.

I do not think that any teaching which has been provided in Sunday School which just teaches the base content and facts of a bunch of stories in the bible is enough. How is this life changing? It states clearly here that demons can be picked up pre-birth, and in early childhood, from head impacts, from great frightening moments and so on. The stories in church taught to children should teach them 1. how Jesus work changes their position to be a child of God  and 2. how to access God's power by using spiritual tools and strategies to resist the devil. Then, the outcome could lead them into good works.

Yes, teaching in Sunday School should lead a child to accept Christ as their Saviour. At the same time, they should be healed. Among Sunday School Teachers, how many of them have taken deliverance training? I taught Sunday School. I did not have that training. I taught the content on how to recognize Christ and come to Christ. This component was not there.

Much of this content taught by Derek Prince should be part of the initial instruction after a person becomes a Christian. Why would you just save a person, and then let them suffer with food allergies? Why would you save a person, and then let them continue to have arthritis or severe headaches? Would you leave a saved person prisoner to crippling diseases? (Derek names several he has seen deliverance from.) Jesus saved them and then healed them. This included letting them do the personal inventory and setting up the right criteria for getting rid of demons - which results in healing.

Why is this content not mainstream? If Christians in the church are not acting differently from non-Christians, it is their spiritual defeats that are holding them down. It's time to free Christians from demons, disease, and failure. Students should not get out of bible college without this content. Since many students only go to bible college for a first year or two, this content should be in the first year of training. Why is it not?

Add this content to discipleship programs. 

Add this to first year bible study and ministry programs.

Watch the Derek Prince deliverance series. At the end of a deliverance, the person being prayed for stops at Amen. They then shake their hands to get rid of certain types of demons. They expel to get rid of others.

The teaching and prayers are enough here that if people learn these, as parents, they could recognize demonic symptoms in themselves and in their children, and they could cast them out.

Imagine the family unit - freed from 1) demons  2) curses, and then built up in unity with God. How amazing would that be? Imagine if parents could investigate and eliminate learning disabilities which are the result of demons/curses. Who would not want their children to thrive?

How many people can you name who went to bible college, and still with greater bible knowledge, still have spiritual defeat in their lives, because they were not taught how to recognize demons and spiritual curses, and be able to do something about it? This cannot be generalized, but can be evaluated by looking at the programs. If these knowledge areas were not part of the curriculum in a college, there would be skills gaps in graduates and alumni. Jesus did not send out his disciples only to evangelize, but to cast out demons and heal people.

If you are seeking revival in your church, yes, change some of the other things here, but this is also very essential in establishing the basis of a revival movement. It is very near the start.

Ministry Strategy: 

In here, Derek is walking through his church, and he sees a woman gossiping. On the spot, he identifies the demon and casts it out. When he cast it out, about 5 people around her also experience the healing. What does this say about God's desire to see his churches free?

Derek has strategies for mass deliverance. He teaches the concepts. He teaches the criteria to be free. He does a group prayer where everyone prays at once. This covers deliverance for a large group of people, then there are some left, but this covers a lot of the group in one go.

If I had a ministry team, I would really study this content. Co-deliver the team. Why not? Why would someone going out to do this ministry want to have any themselves? Then, go out and deliver the rest of the church or locations where you go. Be informed of how to avoid getting the demonization back. If you note anything, go through the same process. So, this is theoretical, folks. I am just thinking that whole populations could be delivered and live as healthier bodies/churches.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Transmit God's Power to Others

Husbands and Fathers Important

Strategy: Proclaim the Scripture to Start Meetings

Deliverance Basics - 2 Parts

This is a 2 part series. Follow through in the video matrix first checking the video that continues in the top left of the video matrix.

Tool: Apply the Blood of Christ

Exercise Spiritual Gifts

This is a multiple series. There's 3 parts.

Face the End Times Without Fear

Fierce Times Are Coming

Derek says he thinks we are in a stage of the end times. The judgements were shown to Derek. Derek leads his congregation in a request to God to be delivered from selfishness. The viewer here can pray with Derek and also be delivered from selfishness. This is called group deliverance and is most often done in church services. Just so you know, I have listened to these multiple times. In the editing, occasionally there's a small repeat. Once you've listened to this once, you will be able to move the track forward the 3-5 minutes of the second loop. Having done a bit of audio editing, I recognize it as a little glitch. It is not a big deal. 

Identify and Break Curses

This is very important in troubleshooting. When you break curses related to family curses and object curses, you also end up receiving abundance blessings. Breaking curses leads to breakthrough, such as healing. This is good candidate for listening to several times.

This Derek Prince has many many videos for breaking the power of sin, for warfare, and for claiming victory. Find and review his topics according to your interest. He's got very good content.

Subscribe to this channel. Use your energy to take this in. Like Billy Graham, and like very good preachers, he digs deep into the gospel and he shows all the aspects of a topic, like looking into the light reflection of a diamond. He sheds light.

Kick Satan to the Curb - Warfare Course

Demons are part of the world environment. This is a 5 part series, as far as I can see so far. I am listening to this. If I find any mismatched details as I listen, then I will remove it. 1% or a part of a percent of untruth - highlights for me, "Hey, take this down." You may want to wait till I get through the course. You select the next video from the right video bar. The other spot to continue the video is in the top left of the video matrix which launches at the end.

So far so good, though. Someone needs to teach on this and this material should be available free. If you have lived your life denying spiritual entities, it is time to recognize there are evil residents on this earth. Soon, these entities will show up portraying themselves in bodies of aliens to present you an alien gospel in which they do as Satan has done before:

1. Deny the scripture which tells you about the Creator.
2. Deny your identity in Christ and that his blood paid the price for you to be acceptable to God.
3. Deny your right to the earth, life, food, and all that God previously gave you.

Jesus gave his life for you. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours." Seek the Bible and read. Seek discipleship.

So, I've finished the series. It's good. It's enlightening.

How I have described this issue before is that having a demon is like having a spiritual parasite. Demons step into us from emotional encounters involved in creating wounds in us as children. They step in and sit silent till their moment of most impact. They come in and torment us about our unresolved pain. If they have a moment for their most impact, they jump in and overtake our thoughts tempting us to do something drastic. They come in from picking up wrong beliefs. They come in to one or the other marriage partner to destroy the marriage. They attack whoever is weakest. They take away the fruit and joy of marriage.

If in this teaching, you can pinpoint demons which may have entered you, and some you may not know as they are obscure to us, seek deliverance.

There’s a few which interested me. Dancing in the Spirit. Singing in the Spirit. What are these? So, false entities can mimic the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we need people with discernment who can tell the source of the gifts.

If you would like to be used by God, we need to start by doing a spiritual cleanse. Get rid of the parasites. Go request help. Get rid of these influences, so you will yield the tools of the Spirit to do good. Then, soak in God’s word.

Christian Writer's Call

It is time to put your testimony and your strongest passages of appeal to your brother up on the Web. If you have words of encouragement to help heal, to identify gifts of the Holy Spirit, use the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and to raise up righteous people, the time to share your insights is now.

Take some of the passages or quotes of your book which make the most impact and put these up. If you prefer, make new material. Provide light and ways of coming through adversity.

Now is a good time. On the NetBible site, they have a base of articles written by Christian writers. Some of the other bible sites have these as well. On these sites, in exchange for writing Christian material, the group will promote your book. Were you willing to contribute your material to these sites, promotion happens. That's not a bad trade. Otherwise, marketing can be expensive.

What do you think? Share your wisdom with the nations!

Topics which need expansion are:

  • God Stories
  • Impartations
  • Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Discipleship Training
  • The Path of Renewal
  • Living in Righteousness - How is that played out day by day?
  • Living in Near Coming Adversity
  • Teach Existing Songs and Do Review of Them - to embed songs
  • Jesus Culture
  • Man's Identity as a Child of God

We've had several versions of the end times as movies. Perhaps, it is time to evaluate the movies for people. Provide interpretations. Yes, some is theoretical proposal. Deal with all the different manners of perspective dealing with the arrival of controversy. Set out to interpret - keeping abreast of the prophets online as well.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tools for Overcoming

Tools for Overcoming:

Make declarations
Claim the blood
Practice the presence
Shift your senses to heaven
Cooperate with the Holy Spirit
Develop language for the movement
Christ must be at the center or it is a world system
Equal to trauma and crisis, there is an outpouring on the earth from the Lord.
Examine your dual citizenship - here and the Lord's kingdom.
The decree and the declaration release God's hand to act.
Miracles release glory which should change people's ways of thinking.

The Decree: It is on earth as it is in heaven - the power there is accessed here. Jesus is life. Jesus is for now. He ministered to everyone that came to him.

The Warning: Apostle Paul warns if I or an angel comes to you and preaches to you a different gospel, you are to reject it.

Bill deals with guns and gun permits. There are ties to my previous posts on the topic.

These are notes from the previous post. Go to the video about the Real Jesus and the Bride.

Bill Johnson

The Real Jesus and The Bride

The Power of Worship in Spiritual Warfare

When we make praise our persistent call, God shifts the material nature of our land, healing it, and for example, birds lay more eggs out of his blessing. I wonder if this could be embraced, and Nigeria could anticipate God destroying the cause of why many were amputees. Our spirit, body, and heart all long for God. Praise prepares a woman's body for fertility. This is an awesome lesson. Revisit this several times. The sermons are also likely available in full form from the Bethel Church.

Identify Satan's Lie

Heal the Sick, Heal the Leper, Cast Out Devils

Personal Identity in Christ

Invite to Victory

You Are Born for the Impossible

Open Heaven to Prayer

Most closed heaven is between the ears. Most spiritual warfare is shadow boxing. The enemy does not have to be present. No one can close the heavens. We are to live under an open heaven. What power can block us from having access to this open heaven? Enjoy the stewardship of what you have now. Change your thinking. Align your thoughts. Be aware of the Spirit of God who rests on you as you walk around a store. Your shadow releases God's presence.

There's quite a few Bill Johnson videos. Continue selecting these from the right sidebar.

Here's the theme continued: You are the Gate of Heaven.

Radical Generosity

If you like this, go to the full version. The translation has been cut. Only English shows.

Strategy: Partner
Formerly known as Hebrew Christian Alliance of America, MJAA renamed itself in ... The program is designed to train those with a call to full-time Jewish ministry as ...
The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America annualy hosts a “Messiah Conference” to build bridges between Messianic Jews and Christian leaders in America. But why is ...
By David Sedaca Vice President of Chosen People Ministries President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Believers of America. Over the past three decades, a new form of ...

Possible Actions

Who in your ministry is a Jew? If you can't find one, evangelize one, and teach them and bring them into your ministry! God's recipe of success for you in ministry is to reach out to your Jewish brother and step forward together.

Should you bring a Jew on staff? Bring in someone happy about their heritage. Is there someone in your church who has not explored their Jewish heritage? Should they?

Who among Jews would be willing to be leant to Christian churches from their own organizations?

Who among Christian and Jewish Organizations would be willing to do a job trade? The Christian goes to learn from the Jewish Organization and the Jewish comes to partner and develop the Christian organization? Are there job exchange programs? Would you go for 6 months?

What cross-ministry partnerships can be formed? Can you take action now?

The Jewish Call

Jewish People, Beloved of God, Children of the Most High, join a movement of combined partnership with Christian churches. Join hands with Christians in ministries.

We Christians are clamoring to Your God for His Greater Ways and Purposes. You are an important piece of the heart shape puzzle and only you can fill it. We, the Church of Christ of the Gentiles, have a great heart and it is incomplete without you!

Do I know if this is happening? What I expect is that this has already happened. We are in the end times. I would not be surprised if this has not already been shot by and ministries are already being performed. 

Names of God Song

Sing this to yourself. Sing this in your church. Declare the names of God upon yourselves. You are His child! The power, honor, and glory, he lets flow out upon you as multitudes of blessing.

The Mind Expanded

The mind is a good student.
It is a better student than teacher.
It should be a student of the spirit, when the spirit accesses heavenly wisdom.
Meditate on messages over and over to let it soak in your spirit.
See the two angels standing beside you when you pray for one to be healed.
For the one who received the healing prayer, focus on God's goodness arrived.
Encounter the heavenly realm going in as a rich person, instead of a pauper.
God shows up to perform his word. He does not always show up to discipline.
Sow in the invisible realm. Value the invisible. There will be fruit from spending time with God.
You have authority over sickness, cancer, and the enemy. "And he put all things under his feet..."
When a Christian sins, they are a Christian who sins. When a non-Christian sins, they are a sinner who sins. The difference is the bank of the Christian sinner is his hope for salvation has been provided. He has access to God tools to overcome. The veil of life and light is still upon the Christian who sins. To overcome, all they need to do is confess and step into power.
  • The poverty mindset is work harder. The prosperous mindset is work smarter.
  • The poverty mindset is about physical laws. The prosperous mindset is about spiritual laws.
  • The poverty mindset is about worldly authority. The prosperous mindset is about heavenly authority and identity.
  • The poverty mindset is about the circumstance. The propserous mindset is about transforming the circumstance by focusing on atmosphere.
  • Life happens to me. vs. I create my life.

Anticipate being ambushed by God's goodness.

Meditate on being seated with Christ Jesus.

Thank God for his answers to prayers. Affirm his results coming.

Don't target changing bad behaviour. Focus on how you see yourself in what you believe. The behaviour will tranform. God is more interested in your attitude, than what you do about it, whatever your circumstance. Hope, confidence, and faith are wealth in the unseen realm. These are riches. A good attitude leads to fruit. Relationship. Finances.

Teaching of Wendy Backlund

When you make a decision, don't look back and be self-critical. Rather step into your decision with faith God is with you taking that step. Trust God with the outcome. Claim his goodness. Don't think could have, would have, should have. God is with you. He is in you. If you asked him for his wisdom, trust he is and was with you in the step you took. Then, God's power will be released to cover who you are as a character, to cover your natural weaknesses, to cover you in your step forward in your pursuit, in your business decision. God has you covered with his supernatural veil of salvation which emits light to the unseen world. You are it! You are meant to be successful and shed light to the world.

Donna's Additions


Rebuke Spirits of Heaviness

Rebuke lies.
Count it joy when you encounter trials.
Have a double measure of joy to the trial you have.
Joy opens doors.
Go higher.
See your circumstances now as leading to your prophetic destiny.
Your response to something is more important than the something.
Here a lie: When this thing or circumstance gets fixed, I will be joyful.
This is a stronghold.
If I am not joyful now, the arrival of joy when it gets fixed is slim.
We need an impartation on the level of our interpretation of our circumstance.
The more truth you believe the more joy you have.
This is from the Crisis to Fruitfulness audio.
We need higher perspective.
We need higher strategy.
Ask in faith.
If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of God. Ask with faith for supernatural wisdom.

This video has a whole bunch of ties to details in the current ministry at our church.

Enjoy the Night Watch

Study the names of God
Say his names
Speak scripture upon yourself
Sing them in your heart
Claim the promises
Sing your new identity in God
Affirm your position
Let these names fill your night watch
Wake affirmed

A good tool to start is Amy Grant's song El Shaddai.

Sing to yourself!