Thursday, January 31, 2013

Derek Prince's Store

On Derek Prince's web store, there was a course on deliverance. I understand that when these resources circulated through customers and their friends, that all over the radius of their use in the world, there were deliverances. There was literally thousands of reported cases.

To shorten your route to deliverance, I would recommend this resource, and pray the prayers in it.

If a small group were seeking deliverance, perhaps this is the way there. Listen to or work through the messages.

On the US site, the How to Be Delivered .mp3 is $2.95.

A 6 CD course is $15 I think.

I have not found exactly these on the Canadian site.

Deliverance for a Church Evangelist

Whenever a person is delivered, it is a good thing. This man became a Christian and hoped the spirit would leave automatically. Instead it came along as he did his evangelism ministry. Being delivered is the prerequisite to being a pastor and missionary or going into ministry. It should be a litmus test in the preparation of the disciple. It would make sense that churches work on deliverance as a step toward moving into a ministry.

Facing the Roller Coaster Ride

One more thought and then I go do a few other of my duties.

Before us, we have a rollercoaster. Our conditioning and who we call on in it affects the roller coaster experience.

Our continent will be affected by the leadership skills and decision making of our leaders, our pastors, and our fathers.

For example, if Obama makes anti-Israel choices, America is in trouble. However, when the house burns down, only the wicked part of it will burn.

Derek Prince had a church building which shared a wall with a venue which housed prostitution and drugs.

A fire started and burnt that building right down to the dividing wall, and left the church in tact.

That which will burn will be only the bad parts of society.

If Obama makes good choices, all America, including the unchurched, will do better in the roller coaster ride.

How we individually do will depend on the father's ability to take directions. Can he discern?

Why I focus on America is that inevitably America's choices strongly affect Canada. I seem to feel satisfied the Stephen Harper is a man of God and he is doing his best for us. As for him, I am not worried. We must pray for him as well, that goes without saying. Pray God gives wisdom to our leaders to direct them to make Spirit led choices.

Divorce Decree to Mammon

Dear readers,

Our household watched the Sid Roth episode about doing a divorce decree to Mammon. Here his name used is Baal. Same entity.

My husband and I both prayed this prayer together.

One of the signs of God coming into a place is that a place seems lighter.

One of my friends who came to my home over Christmas remarked my home seems lighter and brighter.

There is a manifest presence of God where we invite him in and break ties with Mammon.

I see her comment to be an indicator that God has indeed come stronger to this place.

If I can, I will briefly look for this episode. It was fairly recent. Your best method of finding it is to look on Sid's website and check it out there.

I encourage Christian homes to pray the prayer. This is a portion of spiritual warfare. There's more to do, but this is a great start.

Here's the video:

For people hungry for direction, this John Benefiel is a strong voice for what is coming. I have a sort of vision of the future already, and the things he's seeing, I have seen. As I see a corroboration of this guy to mine, I would like you to take note. This weekend, while I am cleaning and ordering my house, and meditating and so on, I trust you will if you have the time, then check out this man's videos. You will find some spiritual warfare teaching here.

Also, the link I had here on the website for spiritual warfare, it was scripture heavy. So, I am going to hunt for the link I intended. I will reestablish it here in the forefront on the website. It is my hope if I get that page relinked, we will work on memorizing these passages.

There is a tie between this man's vision and the future. His comments agree with David Wilkerson. If you overlap these, there's prophecies of where the future church is going.  This video above further defines who Mammon is or who Baal is.

I believe I have a second video to find you.

Warm greetings,


A Short Break

I will be up writing on next Monday. Please come to church. As always, there's good stuff happening.

Warm regards, Donna

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anti-Christ Arrival Visions Update

On youtube, there were quite a few visions of the rapture.

I am noticing there are visions of the arrival of the anti-Christ.

I am not advocating which one to watch right now.

It is a bit of personal research to do if you want.

These people are practicing the gift of prophecy.

What I see is a trend. To hunt this on youtube, use the term "anti-christ vision" or "antichrist vision".

If you come here as a child, I request you do not do this. Rather, point it out to your parents. What is important they can summarize for you.

Note: If you see a pyramid icon with an eye near the top in the video display, leave these messages alone. These are the Mammon prophets. They also will tell you about the coming times. These are not messages for us.

Do not waste a ton on time on these, but consider them a marker. Use your time to define your spiritual gifts, including memorizing scripture.


When God asks us to be as disciples, to give away our property and go, I am concerned that in the end times, we will be ejected from our properties, similar to how the Jewish people were confiscated of all they owned. We need to be able to do this, and still trust God. We need to trust God in this circumstance, just like he expected his disciples to go with just what they had on. As this step is stepping out of our material box and cereal box definition - we are used to our circumstances like a snail is used to its shell, we need to build our trust in God. We can do this by trusting in a miraculous God who can feed us and provide us somewhere to sleep, according to our needs.

Example. So, I just finished watching a bunch of Ron Pearce videos. There's a garbage people. What I mean is there's a town, and people are there, and they recycle all the garbage. They are organized. They take everyone else's garbage, get it organized, and use it for business. As little as it is, they make a living. There's a whole town. A man started a church there. I believe he was a person in that town who became saved, and God called him to preach. There was an interesting detail in how he got his bible. Anyway, preaching begins, and God provides a spot for these people to worship. How? God asks the guy to dig a hole. If God asked you to dig a hole, would you? It sounds pretty senseless.

So, the guy digs a hole. His church at this time has grown to about 2200. When the guy digs a hole, he finds at the end of it a church for 2200 people. There's a church as nice as our churches, an ancient vestibule from centuries ago, and that space is perfect.

This is amazing. Many of the garbage people come to church. The group meeting hits 100,000 or whatever. It is a crazy large number. God speaks to the guy - the same guy - again. The guy digs a hole, from within the  sanctuary. He opens a gateway or opening to a space for exactly the size and number of his new congregation. The new sanctuary fits 100,000 people. All the people can meet. They can all praise God together. Was the sanctuary carved by angels? Was it dug thousands of years ago? No matter. What mattered was there was a guy who was willing to dig a hole when God told him to.

God has renewed what was once a garbage people and he is making a gorgeous society out of them. He has taken people with no hope and he has given them hope, and they are all worshiping the Lord.

If you want to investigate this, find Ron Pearce, and watch his videos. He has 14 or so.

Now, the miracle here. It is God knows our needs and he meets them.

So, when the day comes that you see gray clouds and hopelessness on the horizon, train your mind to hear the voice of God and do it.

If God asks you to do it, no matter how minor, do it. God asked me to stop and gather the spilled bottles from a woman's recycling efforts the other day. I heard his voice. I did it. I don't know what impact that has, but I know I heard his voice. In fact, he asked me twice, before I realized it was not my own voice. When I realized it was his voice, I hastened.

God has an agenda. He has stuff for us to do. Whether we sit in our homes in the material world following orders of a coming very organized world, or we step out into the end time adventure for the one who knows and hears God, that is the choice.

We don't choose safety with all our stuff. We need to walk away from it at some point in the coming adventure. If you do choose the material and technical world, you will be subject to controls, and those controls will gradually place you in famine, as the world is set under diet restrictions, such as not eating meat.

In the bible it says, prior to Jesus coming back, the famine will be so great a man will have eaten off his own arm in desperation.

Do you want to trust your own resources or the hand of God to feed you? If you completely trust the hand of God, God can arrange to feed you. In the bible, there are several occurrences of God bringing food to sustain people, not just the circumstance with mana.

Again, I am going to draw from the Hobbit, and in this case, the Hobbit or Bilbo Baggins, is called into an adventure. For Christians, the end times is a sort of personal adventure, for the one who has God. Just as Bilbo somehow had good chance fall with him, God's sure good chance is with his people, as God decides their fate day to day. He watches every day. He knows we need good air and sunlight and all that. He provides that. So he will also provide whatever we need on our adventure. Christians are going on an adventure. The unready Christian will not make it, unless he gives up his idols. The ready Christian will be a source of encouragement and hope to those around. He will or she will be the main character of their of Godventure (God adventure).

I do believe while at the same time there is great evil happening in some places, those where people don't trust God, at the same time, where people have found Christ, they are going to have a whole bunch of personal adventure stories which will parallel a good tale told by Bilbo.

Spend your time getting ready. Trust God for your provision and direction, even if you have to leave your home. If you are not in the habit of listening to God's voice, start. You can expect him to support all the values that are in the bible. He is in the habit of doing good. It is unfortunate that in the news we hear all the time of people who are listening to the enemy's voice, and those people as they hit the first second after they die, they are in Mammon's place for good. I call to those who will tune into God, Jehovah, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and begin to train yourself to hear his voice. He speaks. The good conscience you have, it is likely God. Listen to his voice and answer it and if you hear from him, then the next step of the conversation is to answer again. You step up your ability to hear and see him by reading scripture.

Rape Mobs

I understand that somewhere on this earth, there are city mobs which are openly attacking women.

If somehow this message comes to you, I invite you to call to Jesus to protect you loudly and publicly and Jesus will deal with your mob aggressors.

Jesus is my Saviour. This is one of the manners in which he rescues.

This prayer in line with his will. Those who call on him, he responds.

Jesus's wish is for us to all be safe and sanctified. He does not wish for us to experience rape or attack of any kinds.

I implore you, call out. "Jesus, save me."

Here are the possible responses:

  • Angels will arrive.
  • Jesus will arrive.
  • God the Father will arrive.
  • God the Holy Spirit will himself cloak you and escort you to safety.
  • God will provide one of his human warriors, and he will deal with your aggressors.

However, it works, someone from the heavenly realm or a heaven sent directive will arrive and escort you to safety.

Such things as these happen in territories where Mammon/Satan has strongholds. These strongholds can be broken down with prayer and fasting.

For Christians in such territories, it is required you pray for your protection before you go out. Go according to the voice of the Holy Spirit, as he informs you how to proceed.

Here is a sermon which shows how Jesus delivers captives, bringing them freedom:

Mammon and the Family

For a few moments, I would like to reflect on how Mammon influences family, and specifically parents.

Mammon induces fear related to finances.

Mammon grips people's minds with worry about money.

Mammon constantly reminds fathers and husbands there is not enough to go around.

When you are influenced by Mammon, and you focus on the finances too much, you will also notice that many things eat away at your finances.

Mammon is the god who works to see you never have enough, so that you will disregard the lives of those under you. You yourself will have difficulty being satisfied. Your financial bottomline will always be pressed.

Husbands and fathers, you need to be aware that this is a god of this world. This god does not possess you, but impresses upon you thoughts. These thoughts of "there is not enough" are built in by social conditioning, and they come down generation to generation. Parents speak the words, and these end up being a sort of word curse on the prosperity of the next generation, who also speak the words to their children.

When you hear the thoughts, you think they are yours, but they are not. If you become well trained, these thoughts may become programmed.

God is a God of graciousness, devotion, and provision.

He does not give you these thoughts.

As the father of the household, it is your job to serve God. When you serve God, God himself will see to the needs of you and those you provide for. You are the key representative for your family. Your faithfulness will have a spiritual impact on both your wife and children.

As you press into God, I would like you to focus on the revelation of God as the God of Provision, the one who provided the ram to Abraham for the sacrifice. He provided.

God has within his ability the full range of provision your family needs.

The price of things then becomes a more of a superfluous trait. Somehow, all the prices of all the stuff you need will add up to your budget.

For direction on how to manage your finances, I direct you either to Sid Roth web media channel, or to Bethel Church online store to find some resources on financial management. Interesting, I found out that in these courses, that some of the non-churched teachers of money and financial management are actually fulfilling a call from God, as God would like people to be educated about how to manage money.

Managing money is more like the God perspective. God wants us to understand and manage it as his resource, not as a god. We should understand how to undertake a business and make a profit. When we serve God first, God gives us tips in business which lead us to do better. When we have money from God, we dedicate that money to God's overall use. What would he have me do with it? Then, for example, when we think of it as God's resource, we are his agent. As a dad and a husband, we will meet the needs of our family, whatever they are.

Fathers and husbands, God will not leave you resource poor. Acknowledge and serve him. Study the contexts in which God prospers. There is an agreement in the bible, and hopefully it will come back to me, as it is essentially a contract. You serve me, obey the Sabbath, pay the tithe, etc. and I will prosper you.

Then, in faith, you can lift your specific material need to God, and God will meet it. This is how God will show his love and devotion to you. He provides in the details of your specific budget.

In another coming post, I plan to sketch out the difference between being miserly which is bad, and being economical (there's another word) oh it is thrifty, and that is good. To be thrifty to an extreme becomes miserly, when it chooses to not meet needs of others for one's own gain. I will explain these things, and it will make sense. In the meantime, I bless you as you think on these things. I pray the enlightenment of Christ will work in you. I am excited, as I see some happy times coming, in particular as love ties are built in your family.

Secondary Audience: Slavers

This post applies to you as dads and husbands. The boss of anti-social businesses (this includes human trafficking) which are unkind to people by controlling them to make money buys into the Mammon boss. I would like you to recognize and rebuke Mammon. Take instead the hand of Jesus offered to you, and he will show you his own prosperity. Jesus is God. He can radically unroot you from Mammon's business and place you in his context of business, which is doing things to build up your city or town with community building activity. Yes, you will be the community builder instead of working evil to your fellow man. God has positions for a couple of men who will be leaders and servants. How about you? To solidify this new contract, say, "Jesus, I'm yours." Or "Jesus, come in." Then, find a church and get baptized.

As my reader, I bless you. God will bring to your mind the most convenient church and he will arrange your context for being baptized. Then, you will be as a Saul turned to a Paul. There's a lot to do. God could really use you. The job opportunity has been open for quite a long time. Your response is timely. Please don't be surprised if God gives you a new name. He does this sometimes.

Naming My Children

Keith Patrick Munro
Gayle Coraline Munro

So, I don't have any right now. But as a servant of God, and realizing everyone else going through these times also have children, I trust God to take care of two little such babies coming into my life.

If God wills to bring them in, I receive them. If he brings them to our home, we will have the energy and funds to provide for them.

Because I rebuke Mammon, a few words will never leave my lips related to these children. First, I will never say, "I can't afford", because God alone can afford anything. He is the provider.

I will not say, "It's too expensive" because Jesus paid the price for my life by shedding his own life blood.

I do not care if God provides me these little ones now, or with the second advent of Christ.

I think I would have a chance of a happier momhood with Christ in charge, but however God works it, I accept it.

In the meantime, I shall constantly donate my momhood skills to being a petmom. If I do have children, I hope to impart to them a strong love for animals. That would be part of my heritage. The values we teach are a huge part of the heritage we offer our children. When people have good values, it is easy for God to open his hand to bless them.

God asked me to name my two children a month ago. So I did.

Yes, doing this is a prophetic word. I do not have any idea as to when this will come to pass, but even if I were to die in between, I trust Jesus's ability to make this come to pass, even after he has resurrected the beheaded saints to join him for his 1000 year reign.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Article of Interest

Okay, so this is one of the theories around the end times that you need to be aware of. I am discussing this as this is on the Warfare site I have referred you to, and I should give you my thoughts on it.

Something disguised by cloning would be an introduction of a trans-species.

Why if ever men needed to be as the Mighty Men of David, it is that they will be required to fight nephilim. For such a situation as this, men need to be enlightened spiritual and physical fighters and they will need to be able to praise and soak in God for his spirit anointing on them in their calling in all they do.

The nephilim do not necessarily have to be part of the end time movement, however it is reported here.

We've already seen supremacist groups are already capable of wiping out mankind without any outside involvement.

They have already been effective.

On the other hand, if you see an arrival of a cloned or trans-species, I tell you this.

1. There may be a physical lifting of the earth-hell barrier. The arrival of the prostitute may be a full integration evil spirit in bodily form. The end times leader, the false prophet, and the dragon are shown in the bible to have stepped up out of a lake or water. The leader has a human body he morphed into.

2. The very long history of UFO's and its role in convincing mankind there is an alternative creation story has been effective. If you witness such an arrival and mankind integration, you are witnessing the arrival of the demonic.

3. Any alien-human hybrids will carry Satan's DNA, and every and all trans-species will be 100% committed to wiping man as a species off the planet. This will be a species supremacy.

So, don't get excited by this if you are a Christian. This is just one more move by the devil to overtake. He's tried before. He was unsuccessful. He will ultimately be unsuccessful this time too. He will only be successful with those he convinces of his lies. If you were to make a deal with him, it would not be good for you. However, if you are a Christian in these times, as you learn how to manage spiritual warfare, and lean into the Holy Spirit for his enabling in all you do, you will be fine. Be on the watch.

God will teach people what they need to overcome in all their circumstances, at whatever point they become rooted to him.

This is one of the more controversial topics in the end times discussion. Everyone thinks you are a bit of a loon. On the same note, I have done a wide review of the current prophets, and cross-referenced many, and I see the possibility that this will be part of the scenario. There are prophets who see this coming to be.

So, be on the watch. Be aware.

God already wiped out a trans-species once. That was the flood.

I do wonder if the end time war will be Israel against a large nephilim species. I am not sure. It says if Christ had not come, mankind would have ended. For me, in thinking on this, a man sect supremacist species would not kill itself. It would build its own empire and try to cover the world. For mankind to end, another species has to be involved. An alien supremacist movement led by Satan would kill all mankind. This is my logic. Satan's only space for man is in the pit. He has ordained the pool of suffering as his only future, for those without Christ.

As a Christian, and particularly as a child, when I talked of the devil, I shook. That is then I feared his power. As a Christian now, we are not to shake. We are to be Davids. We are to have practiced the Lord's arts of spiritual warfare, deliverance, healing, speaking prophetic words, fighting battles supernaturally, and staking and defending our ground. We are to be trained in battle. We are not to be fearful when these spiritual powers present themselves, any more than David before Goliath. We are to trust in God and speak for God.

We trust in God in all circumstances, even when the hearts of all others are failing. We trust in God as a warrior, being obedient unto death.

By the way, it is my theory that the prostitute comes in a bodily form, so you do not go hunting for it somewhere. Cross-referencing the literature in the bible and meditating on it, I felt she physically presents from Hell in an effort to prostitute mankind in some sort of control and addiction mechanism. She will be a very nice carrot thrown in for men who become enthralled, engaged, mesmerized, and who will be completely unaware of the eradication of their family. She will have a leadership evangelist role for Satan. Watch for any presentation of the prostitute.

I am keeping this article label set subdued as I would like my readership to review this, but that it should not be an article of sensationalism. Just be aware of the possibility.

When God speaks of the vine and the branches, God gifted us with an actual God made makeup, our DNA which was specifically made for him, made for man. That pure DNA is the creation he made to be in communion with him. A trans-species DNA will never be part of God's future plan. That group of beings will go back to where their father is - Mammon. They have no future with God. My best current analogy of this is the orcs in the Lord of the Rings. Can you see those coming into communion with God? Nope. What these do have in common with this scenario is they crossed the barrier into the earth geography. I did not get the impression that they were a trans-species. Other movies - The Time Machine - proposes a trans-species and what it does to people. Either way, the trans-species will not be nice. The Hitler anti-Christ mentality will be deep within. Though the initial movement will be against Christians with a sort of supremacist philosophy, there will be a very strong overtaking by the other species, and man may war with it, or be completely submerged.

Be thankful you are fully human, and capable of getting your heart right with God. Do this sooner than later. You could really use some equipping in spiritual warfare, or you will be sitting ducks.

Jesus Is the Answer

Derek Prince said in one of his sermons, all of our needs are met in Jesus. It does not matter how screwed up we are in any dimension of our person. We can be messed up emotionally. We can be messed up physically missing body parts. We can be non-functioning in our brain. We can be addicts of various sorts.

When we find Jesus, and we press into him in relationship and worship, Jesus heals all the stuff wrong with us. He gives us realizations. He heals our body. He gives us resources. He heals difficult memories.

He does everything.

There is not a single circumstance or situation in your life Jesus cannot heal. He can heal it all.

In deliverance and healing, God does not have to individually deal with each and every broken memory, hurt memory, and life circumstance. These all fade into irrelevance when Christ heals you. You can deal with the most prominent memory which is the crux of the others. Being healed by God is not talk therapy, where you speak of your feelings and hurts about each incident that contributed to your state. Being healed is allowing your soul to speak, being aware of your soul, engaging in soul talk between you and God, and God stepping into the key painful memories, Him showing you his love and support, and healing you from the whole thing in one go. You are restored. You are productive. You are ready to grow.

A couple tools for this healing are repentance and accepting gifts by faith. Besides salvation, Christians receive other gifts. We receive these gifts by faith.

If You Fall, Get Back Up

If you fall into any manner of sin, confess it, forgive where you need to, and get back up.

When you have been saved, and also educated, and you've been called to walk in His ways, when you fall, you get up, wipe the dirt off, put a bandage on your knee if you have to, and you keep walking.

As a saint, you have a loving father who does not condemn you. You recognize your sin and confess it and stop whatever you are doing that is sinful. Walk in his ways.

Affirm who you are, what you are doing, and keep going.

God has seen it all. Whatever you have done has likely been done before. Do not be embarrassed before Him when you confess, not in the sense that you think that you cannot be forgiven, or that your own estimation of yourself is you are unworthy. You are worthy. God made you that way. If you happen to sin, change your orientation. You can do it. You can do it because God is with you. God is able.

Warfare Against Mammon

This is a page on Deliverance. How do we fight against Mammon?

Here, I am merely highlighting a link which is from a page tab existing.

If you have not looked around, you may not have opened this page.

Here is a set of teaching which will give you some of the foundations of deliverance.

It is a bit of a curriculum around deliverance.

Deliverance is both an event and a process.

Deliverance is a moment of transforming one's soul - ridding oneself of evil influences on one's heart, mind, soul, and body. It is also a process of recognition and taking up the strategies and tools to defend one's spiritual rights and heritage. You take on the strategies which build your soul and your strength to defeat the enemy.

This is prepared for the one who will self-educate and train.

This could be used for small group review and education.

Update: One of the linked articles also states churches' lack of baptism is one of the reasons Christians waver in their faith. It is a correlation. You should also be present for the Lord's supper with your congregation. No skipping. Be there as a group. Participate in regularly confessing and taking the meal. Saying the Lord's prayer which confesses sins daily is the equivalent of daily foot washing. Yes, we are to serve each other humbly, and that is important too. In the spirit, the Lord's prayer does your required spiritual foot washing. That was not clear in the article "What's the Devil Doing in My House".

If there were one movement from reading this blog across North America that I think would impact our end time results, I would like to see a huge movement generated in increasing the baptism numbers across this continent. I think this would make a huge change in preparing us for the end times and the rapture. I beg you humbly and for the Lord's purposes, get baptized. As a global church, I have no concept on what the status is of the numbers of your congregations who are baptized. Could you please do your own assessment of those in your congregations who have been, and set up calls for baptism?

Extension Study: Go to the root website of this page of articles available to you as a page tab. There are more resources on warfare. There's a bunch. Continue reading. As goes with warfare, and demonstrated by Jesus himself, know your scripture. Know what it means. I realize memorizing is a daunting task. Start small, but start.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Psalmist Example Julie True

The latest Sid Roth show features a psalmist.

The psalmist is called to create sound for healing.

The sounds she creates does spiritual warfare.

Listening heals people, restores marriage, frees people from the demonic, etc.

Please watch Julie True featured today.

Sid Roth Watch TV Online

A lot of what she explains is part of my experience.

I believe the psalm she sings is Psalm 63. Either way, she will sing you a psalm.

Just the sounds she makes, her voice pierces the bodies of those around her.

Enjoy! Now, dear visitor, I felt the peace they say exudes from this music. Do you?

Declare Freedom

I declare freedom to those who come here and realize they have been deceived by Mammon.

I declare freedom to first the slaver who calls out to Christ, and also the enslaved.

I declare freedom for you to see the living God, and to have a heart transformation.

In Jesus' name.

If you are reading this, seek out the First Alliance page here and review the video resource collections.

Seek here for the term "Salvation Plan" and the term "Colossians".

Please get a bible. Read.

What is a Hyrax? Extended

This is an extension of the psalm study a couple posts back. This is a biodiversity study. Yes, this is about animals.

Here are the questions:

What is a hyrax? (wikipedia, image search, zoo articles)
What is a civet?  (youtube, image search, articles)
What is a serval? (youtube, image search, articles)

Okay, I found the hyrax. The other two animals live in close proximity. How are they related to the hyrax?

I am not relieving you of the fun of this study. It was pretty fun.

So, first check out the resources I have indicated as rich options.

I found some cats I was unaware of. Yes, if you watch the behaviour of the servals on youtube, that's my Lucius. I am so thankful he is not that large. I did not find video of the hyrax, or I would have included it.

Okay, so what continent are these from?
Are they able to be domesticated?
What is their natural environment?
How do they live?

Church Hymnals - Lend Them Out

There is a tendency to sing from the front screen, and if you have no plans to use them for church meetings, give these to your parishioners on loan - long term loan. Have them check them in once a year. Encourage the parishioners to use these for their own singing adventures.

These can be used for either individual or small group praise.

This is just a thought.

Who Is Mammon?

Religions which do not have God as the centre, and faith in Christ as the means of salvation follow a Mammon based philosophy.

Mammon maintains the concept man must pay (with his blood) or work (work men to the bone) to earn salvation. Man must follow a set of rules to the letter to be saved. Man must do extra, in addition that which the bible teaches to be saved. The servants of mammon are his slavers. These are his earthly captains. Slavers are misled by the belief they are to accumulate riches and goods. Their shareholders are too. In addition to their own earnings, they are driven to accumulate based on the earning ability of others. They induce their neighbours into slave labor to collect. They hoard valuable goods. They prostitute others to gain their own wealth. They use whatever means necessary, including disregarding the life rights of another, in order to feed their wealth addiction.

Mammon introduces his friends of addiction to co-inhabit your body and soul space. They feed off all the joy you would naturally have. They steal your satisfaction and fulfillment. The one who serves and worships Mammon fills and fills and fills his space/soul/need and there is continual emptiness. Where is the joy? It is temporal. It is only released during a fix. It comes with many many strings attached.

Mammon is referred to in the book of Luke. As you start initiating your spiritual research, please begin by reading this book and using the Luke study archives from First Alliance to begin to broaden your knowledge. Read the whole book of Luke on biblegateway linked in here on the drop down menu. Mammon by his other names is revealed as the idol gods the Israelites worshipped. That you find in the old testament.

Mammon is the god of money, riches, commerce, trade and wealth. He is the god of blood diamonds, as those diamonds were gained at the gleeful reduction of the populations of man and in satisfying the gods of addiction and waging war. The wealth we are talking about above is not just money, but all privileges, culture, and benefits that society affords. The powerful and wealthy take more of this life, which provides personal enjoyment. The weak and poor take a very small percentage of this life process benefit. Mammon is the god of materialism. He teaches those who buy into him that their value is measured by their property and net gains. He drives men to collect. He drives men to surround themselves in luxury.

Mammon teaches men life strategies of treachery, which breed child turning on parent, and husband turning on wife, or of a man turning on his best friend, killing him so he does not have a share of their commonly built exploit. Mammon is the god of the man who kills for gaining insurance policies. Mammon leads men to extort. He leads them to society destroying businesses. Mammon is the initiator of the man who turns and hits a gracious man with a hammer, after the gracious man has given the hammer to him for the purpose of giving him a means of work.

Mammon who has impressed himself upon you as your god, he will warp your own mind from being loving to be critical, judge, and condemn. He will layer accusation upon your wife and child. He will cause you to turn on your own wife and child. He will tempt you with entertainment and perversion. He will tempt you with fine goods and the best all the commerce channel can provide you. He is a god of property. He will work hard to keep your personal concept confused in how and where and who to belong to. That which you identify with is your undoing. The god of delusion will surround you with deluding ideas. He will provide you false satisfaction and forgeries of true spiritual proofs and gifts. He will keep you busy. He will engage in a deal for you to either forfeit your own spiritual or natural life.

Mammon is a real spirit. He is the leader of all fallen spirits. His other name is Satan. Thrown down to the earth after his own heavenly revolt, he is the god of this world. He claimed a portion of this right by deceiving Eve out of her God gifted inheritance of life and provision. He rules with a legal right built from this business deal and lie he transacted which brought man into enmity with God and therefore by the status of sin and death, he reigns upon man in all ways he can.

Mammon has some 56 names or so. Mammon is the god of this world. Mammon will soon be coming in the form of a man to rule the earth for a period of time. He will not be a good boss.

You can be freed from this idol spirit Mammon. You will need to learn his various names and stay clear of his influence. God can shake his grasp upon you. Mammon fakes love and devotion till he has made his business deal, and then he forces you to earn your salvation, and this philosophy is not of God. Mammon judges and does not forgive. He kills first as his first intent. He has no mercy. He delights in human sacrifice. He delights in man beating man and those weaker. He abuses justice. He is exceptionally cruel in his religious rights. He teaches intolerance. He hates God's people: the Jews and the Christians and any who call on his name as their God. He hates the woman. He hates the child. He places misery, stress, and degradation upon them. Examining his rhetoric, his teaching is foolishness based on cultural abheration. He is excessively cruel, taking away all natural joy from either the woman or the child. He takes away their living and prosperity. Mammon is not devoted. God is.

The issue is that hell has no place for any man's property. Heaven does. God provides a humble and comfortable abode to each man who arrives. He did not earn it. God provides it for free, in an adoption format, due to the faith a man puts in Christ for his salvation.

God provides to man all the life goods he needs, just as I provide a home and goods to my cats. God is a devoted petparent. He is a devoted parent. He is a devoted father.

You can change your legal standing. This impacts your eternal inheritance. There is a God formed plan for your salvation and freedom. There is a Saviour. Jesus stands with his hand out to rescue you from a body of sin and death and an eternity of punishment. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours." Save yourself. Save yourself imminently. Save yourself and do good to the man who is beside you, or beneath your power.

Save yourself and watch for the rapture and seek the Holy Spirit to be of use to Him now. Jesus is devoted to you, ever standing and listening for your call. He is waiting now.

You can change your legal standing. You do not have to be subject to a spirit who plans to condemn, punish, and destroy you. You do not have to be subject to a spirit who would turn you on your own wife and children. You can reach out to Jesus. You can, as Jesus paid the debt for your sin, and he has the legal right to offer you eternal life as your free gift. Your sin status can be erased, and you can experience the benefit of eternal life which starts as a small seed of life in you the moment you are saved by grace and ask Jesus verbally in. There is a universal court system in place. Your status changes when you say, "Jesus, I'm yours." You will be free.

Any man who breeds a strong need to control another for his own purposes can begin to infect himself with this entity. Do not control. Liberate. Permit others their rights. You need to seek freedom from Mammon. Reach out your hand. Open your heart. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours."

Last reflection for the Christian heart: Evaluate the importance of money and materialism to you. What would you do for money? Would you deal treachery to your brother for money? This idol Mammon seeks to infect Christian minds if he can. There is no form of treachery that is of God. There is no form of misery and control upon another which is okay. Christians should not be slavers. What do Christian business men need to do to be aware they are not participating in such business. How would you like to know your Christmas lights are made by prisoners who are forced to work exceedingly long hours with impossible quotas, and are beaten at the end of each shift, with some dying on the job from overwork, lack of sleep and malnutrition? Is that $6.88 bargain for Christmas lights such a good deal? What needs to change? This realization would destroy any festive heart I had in turning my Christmas lights on.

How to Help: If you do nothing else, pray and sing for the release of those held captive to the exploits of Mammon, for the slaver and the enslaved alike, that God will renew their society, their culture, and their minds, and bring prosperity to their souls and life experience. God wills that not any should perish. There is an end times spiritual timeline advancing, and your spiritual warfare within the context of your usual meditation time can be used to accomplish God's purposes. Please pray for the human slavery in your area to be eradicated, and that God will release people from this behaviour. As people trust in God, his own hand feeds them, just like he does the animals, bringing profit from commerce to their hand just because God loves them, with no spiritual compromise. God can.

Have You Bought In? Does Mammon influence you? A Christian who has been saved, but not baptized will be more influenced by Mammon than one who has not. Get Baptized. The Holy Spirit's voice will speak to you and counter this earthly influence that speaks lies to you about how much you can afford to help someone else or give them and how much you need. For any and all who read this and make a decision for Christ, get baptized immediately.

Transfer to First Alliance Church and go back to the fall series on Colossians and how to experience spiritual transformation.

Blog Resource: Please hunt the blog for the term "Salvation Plan."

A Fun Extension Study:

Okay, go to this link. You do not have to pay attention to anything on the page, at least for now. I would like you to listen to this great song, which is tied to the website. I very much like this song. It contains a message. It deals with the truth that a Christian's greatest wealth is Jesus. All the stuff is meant solely as a resource to help meet everyone's needs, but our outlook is changed. Jesus is our wealth.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

God as a PetParent and More

Psalm 104

New International Version (NIV)


Read the Psalm with an awareness of the biological world (like a nature movie) and with an awareness of a loving petparent, in that God actually takes care of the animals out in the wild. When I am moved by a story of a lion in a nature movie, the God who manages the world, he is also moved. He reaches out and makes sure the lion gets his food. He brings rain to ensure the cycle of provision. If we have drought, we should reach out to him in prayer on behalf of the animals in our country. We should appeal to God lest our land be under some sort of curse or judgement of sin. When God is again pleased with the people in the land, he brings back blessing upon them. The whole land, including the animals, share the blessing. Please have an awareness of the devotion of God shown in the words and descriptions of this Psalm.

Psalm 104

1 Praise the Lord, my soul.

Lord my God, you are very great;

you are clothed with splendor and majesty.

2 The Lord wraps himself in light as with a garment;

he stretches out the heavens like a tent

3 and lays the beams of his upper chambers on their waters.

He makes the clouds his chariot

and rides on the wings of the wind.

4 He makes winds his messengers,[a]

flames of fire his servants.

5 He set the earth on its foundations;

it can never be moved.

6 You covered it with the watery depths as with a garment;

the waters stood above the mountains.

7 But at your rebuke the waters fled,

at the sound of your thunder they took to flight;

8 they flowed over the mountains,

they went down into the valleys,

to the place you assigned for them.

9 You set a boundary they cannot cross;

never again will they cover the earth.

10 He makes springs pour water into the ravines;

it flows between the mountains.

11 They give water to all the beasts of the field;

the wild donkeys quench their thirst.

12 The birds of the sky nest by the waters;

they sing among the branches.

13 He waters the mountains from his upper chambers;

the land is satisfied by the fruit of his work.

14 He makes grass grow for the cattle,

and plants for people to cultivate—

bringing forth food from the earth:

15 wine that gladdens human hearts,

oil to make their faces shine,

and bread that sustains their hearts.

16 The trees of the Lord are well watered,

the cedars of Lebanon that he planted.

17 There the birds make their nests;

the stork has its home in the junipers.

18 The high mountains belong to the wild goats;

the crags are a refuge for the hyrax.

19 He made the moon to mark the seasons,

and the sun knows when to go down.

20 You bring darkness, it becomes night,

and all the beasts of the forest prowl.

21 The lions roar for their prey

and seek their food from God.

22 The sun rises, and they steal away;

they return and lie down in their dens.

23 Then people go out to their work,

to their labor until evening.

24 How many are your works, Lord!

In wisdom you made them all;

the earth is full of your creatures.

25 There is the sea, vast and spacious,

teeming with creatures beyond number—

living things both large and small.

26 There the ships go to and fro,

and Leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.

27 All creatures look to you

to give them their food at the proper time.

28 When you give it to them,

they gather it up;

when you open your hand,

they are satisfied with good things.

29 When you hide your face,

they are terrified;

when you take away their breath,

they die and return to the dust.

30 When you send your Spirit,

they are created,

and you renew the face of the ground.

31 May the glory of the Lord endure forever;

may the Lord rejoice in his works—

32 he who looks at the earth, and it trembles,

who touches the mountains, and they smoke.

33 I will sing to the Lord all my life;

I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

34 May my meditation be pleasing to him,

as I rejoice in the Lord.

35 But may sinners vanish from the earth

and the wicked be no more.

Praise the Lord, my soul.

Praise the Lord.[b]


a.Psalm 104:4 Or angels

b.Psalm 104:35 Hebrew Hallelu Yah; in the Septuagint this line stands at the beginning of Psalm 105.

Question: What's a hyrax? I am assuming an animal or a type of cat, but I am pretty interested. I do not know what one is right now. I am going to a dictionary to find out.

Observation: I have a strong leaning to think that Leviathan is a monster sea creature God approves of, and that this marine life form is separate and distinct from the Dragon in the end times, or the dragon which is a symbol of evil God disapproves of. God takes pleasure in this Leviathan, while he disapproved of the dragon to Derek Prince and asked him to remove art of the dragon from his walls.

Decluttering the Prophesy Books from the 70's

It is a mistake to throw out the prophesy books from the 1970's. There was a prophetic movement and many of the books are in our parent's and grandparent's homes. What we should be doing rather is having the elder, who have read and underlined the passages in the prophetic books, teaching the most important and relevant passages to the next generation.

Even though there are many ebooks today, not all books are put into that form. The books from this era hold some interpretations of value, even though some of the continued refining has fleshed out new understandings. What did the author have to offer? What was dated by the times and culture? What endures? Conversations of value can still be had on the basis of these books.

Consider how you will go about decluttering. Is there a set of 15-20 that can be maintained as teaching materials for your children? What observations in these books stood out as pearls? What scripture came to light which we should still be aware of?

Now, as the elder generation have weakened eyes, the younger who are reading the new prophetic books, you should be sharing the concepts with those who can no longer read. Share and compare. Share the news. With that in mind, the ipad is proving to be an excellent reading device for the elderly. Hopefully, you can buy some prophesy books for your parents to keep them engaged in conversations which cause them to continue to think analytically, as prophesy does. It keeps people engaged watching the times, being encouraged and looking forward to Christ's coming.

Update Promotions

I will get to that this week. I see a few on this. Thanks for checking out my work.

Donna's Ancestor - The Mine Escalator Developer


That explored in a person.

A story.

A trait.

A love for community.

I am pulling from a story from my mom. On the Johnson Kitto side of the family, and particularly exploring the family branch back through the Kitto line, there was a community of miners in Cornwall, England.

My ancestor was a tin miner. At that time, miners had to physically crawl through very small barely human size spaces to get to the upper ground, and down to their mining cavity, the place where they did their work.

I have not been given a written account. Here, we are relying on my ability to retain that which was handed to me by oral tradition, a story from my mother.

This miner was very much concerned about the health and safety of him and his peers. Crawling up and down shafts was difficult, uncomfortable, and dangerous. Lines of people had to go up and down. What happened if one died in the stream? All the rest would have to back down. How would they struggle in small spaces to deal with the one who died trying to get back to the ground? How often did people faint in the tight underground circumstances? (I do not remember the distances, but I remember being shocked at the large distance they had to crawl.)

Need breeds invention. My ancestor had an engineering gift, and that miner drew up and planned a mine escalator, something that would improve the safety of him and his work peers.

Once that miner presented his drawing and plans to the public, he was charged with a trumped up crime. He was thrown on a boat to Australia as a criminal. The mining owners took his plans and drawing, and they built an escalator. The miners did benefit from his invention.

This ancestor displayed devotion to his peers, as he cared about what happened to them in the same dark tunnel they had to traverse to get to light and air that he had to.

His devotion led him to invent and then present.

People who display incredible devotion do not always get either well treated or respected in the world. However, I hope it is different in the church. I love what this ancestor did. I love the devotion that he displayed to his miner workmates.

This is a bit of English tradition and shows the value he had for community. We will lift out the company part of it and their dishonesty, and they display a world philosophy. They worshipped Mammon, the god of this world. They took advantage of someone socially weaker that they were, and created false charges against him so they could take his plans.

What remained then was an improved system which helped save miner's lives and improved their work situation. This is devotion. I have covered my initial outcome. That was to demonstrate devotion to you. I hoped to demonstrate community devotion - that of doing good for your fellow man.

Final Reflections

I do wonder what an Australian penal colony held as a life for this ancestor. Was he more or less induced into human slavery or hard labor? How did these immigrants to Australia settle in and develop a life? Did they coal or tin mine in Australia? We do not always get what we deserve in life, but God has the final say.

History Study Extension:

Hang on...It's not coal mining. It's tin mining, according to a history site. Here are a couple searches to flesh out this story.

1. Google: Australian Penal Colony
2. Google: Cornwall England Mining

From this resource, Views of Cornwall, England, these other mineral resources were sought:  arsenic, lead, zinc, wolfram, silver, nickel, cobalt, bismuth, ochre, sulphur and fluorspar.

From the same page, here is a definition of a mine: An old saying is that “a mine is a hole in the ground with a Cornishman at the bottom.”

Here is the history of the inventions in escalators: 

The Elevator Museum

Not all inventors claimed historically are the true originator of the idea, but the implementer.

Reviewing Social and Spiritual Intelligences

Community Transfer and Undertakings

In an analysis of one's roots, and understanding we have a sort of community going backward of both wealthy and average, how far do we have to go to find our own family who were enslaved or imprisoned for the purposes of human slavery? If we find it there, should we not then also work to prevent others from these life conditions? The Lord freed our family line at some point out of his kind heart. We should not want anyone to suffer these same things.

Human Slavery Captains/Merchants: As a reader audience, I would like to address you in the coming weeks. I am going to be teaching about the gods of this world. I will teach about who Mammon is. Please be paying attention, as I have hopes to free you from this spirit. As much as you may consider a worldly purpose in subjecting others as slaves, one second after you die, you go to the place Mammon lives. This is no place for you. It is exceedingly worse than any prison you have made and the conditions of the inmates are worse than any you can provide. I would love to save you this outcome and bring you to a new understanding. To get free of your own system, you will have to pray to the God I present, and he will arrange circumstances to free you. Even if you die in the process of getting out of being a human slave captain or merchant, know that you are going to be eternally thankful for having this new understanding. The Lord I serve loves you.

I consider human slavery to be like insect cannibalism. In some cases, and I am sure there are good natural reasons for insects, but I still do not like insect cannibalism. I expect more of people. Human slavery exists in conditions where people have no value for God's special creation of man for a purpose. Each man is created for the purpose of enjoying this world. The launch God gave to Adam and Eve was purposed for each and every man born. 

No man should take the life of another, and in particular their spiritual life, for granted. Every man is called to honor the Sabbath. The man who steals the Sabbath from the poor man, who is provided no contextual choice to honor the Sabbath, the slaver serves the punishment of himself who chose to not rest on the Sabbath, and also of all those he stole the Sabbath from. In this way, he pays the sin debt of all his prisoners in his afterlife. The first step in rectifying this issue is to provide a Sabbath to the prisoners, and invite in a preacher. A Sabbath is honored with a Sabbath meal. Provide your prisoners a fine meal. Revisit your work conditions. Make your work outcomes realistic. Stop beating your prisoners. As you become enlightened, your own salvation path will be made clear.

I saw a documentary on the Japanese mafia. In that mafia, a man asked for his freedom to go be a preacher. With great mercy, the Lord laid it upon the boss's heart to let the man go. God will intervene and bring you your own freedom if you ask him for it. We need more people to do God's work, and I believe there are some of you capable of being counted as one of God's good men, those he delights in. I believe God has more for you!

There is a natural economic improvement for any region who/which experiences revival. God will show you new ways to make money and he will prosper your area as you seek him. You will be naturally surprised God would do that for you. In freedom and in acknowledging individual's rights, you will find new ways. This great love is what God would demonstrate for you as you reach out.

Reader Input: I have noticed readers seem to have enlightened threads of reading as I write. I am sharing this post which also speaks of how God uses life narratives to liberate man from slavery.

Here is the post you are reading: Moses Lived Parallels With Christ

International Visitors

I am very excited to see a wide range of international visitors!

It is wonderful to have you.

You are very welcome!

Canada and United States, you are also very welcome!

What is Exhortation?

Okay, this is a tool for spiritual warfare too, but it is also used to extol, which also means to heal, according to Pastor Scott's message today.

Exhortation. (n)

Please look up the definition.

Then, take note, as this is also a word tool used in praise.

I would like you to go to the hymnal download post. Download a hymnal. Then, skim the hymn's lyrics, any or all of them, or just a few, and find a sampling of exhortation.

Why would I ask you to do this? This is one more spiritual tool you need.

You can find this in 1. psalms 2. songs  3. both old and new testament, and 4. you can use this tool now, either quoting a passage to an existing now situation, or you can translate the gist of the concept to a now situation, and even into a common need in common speech.

What we are doing is we are searching for the bits we can use. Then, we can integrate these into our own ministry, that believe it or not, starts when we wake up in the morning, in how we live out our speech.

I exhort you to go and study.

Write out the definition in your own words.

Name your favorite bible writer or book and find your example of this in your bible now. Hint: Paul.

Note the song you found above and the phrase which models an exhortation.

Be aware of this in your speech. How can you use this tool in your family, at your work, and to make a difference here and now?

Devotion and Its Variants

Devotion, Devoted, Devotional

What are all the possible variants of this word?

Devotion built from love is what the focus of this week's thoughts are.

In the sermon today, I would like you to count the number of times the term or its variants are spoken.

The Song of Love which I pose for this week's set of lessons is Olivia Newton John's song to John Travolta in Grease which contains the lyrics "Hopelessly devoted to you."

What does it mean to have devotion?

Does any connection, even a friendship, hold meaning if it does not have devotion?

This week, I shall post a couple Psalms for you to read, with the link to the songs supporting them (you must click on them yourselves to hear the song), and with a few observations and reflection questions.

I shall explore God as a petparent (a biologist perspective too), God as husband, God as a father, and God who is hopefully devoted to us. I want to show the grandeur of that commitment, so that I can teach you that love without devotion is not love. It is a lukewarm observation, with little compassion. We all want to be loved, without realizing our definition of love. Just like I will assess a good wine, with all its traits, we need to assess love with its absolutely essential trait of devotion.

I am known for devotion. I am a devoted friend. I am devoted to my love - my husband. I am devoted to community. God seeks a devoted people, personally devoted, collectively devoted, and devoted to better their community. God is a really big community developer. Because he is the Community Developer, making a world, and filling it with animals and people, and generating a basis for sustained community, I am following after who he is. That community becomes askew with no devotion. We are not just called to be good dads, good husbands, and so on. We are called to be men and women committed to the betterment of community. What does it mean to be devoted to a community? I will hunt for a couple stories of such devotion.

God loves beautiful societies with people who respect one another. Those societies are supposed to demonstrate devotion to one another and to God. We used to have conventions in school which honored God. They are disappearing. With the standards disappearing in school, the believer family must pick up and bring the former positive conventions into their home to maintain the collective God honoring focus. What can we do to transform our home? What can we do to extend the love and devotion of God in and through our home and our family? 

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Hunk of Burning Love - Male Identity

I am going to make both an invitation and an assumption here.

I invite my readers to regularly follow the First Alliance Services for your spiritual training.

I sort of expect my readers to have a knowledge of some of the bits of the services, as I pull them into these posts.

Here, I am briefly going to talk about male Christian identity.

Pastor Scott has a healthy self-concept I would like men to imprint from.

This past week he described himself as a hunk of burning love fully dedicated to his wife.

Men are supposed to have a healthy and confident self-concept.

This revelation provides guys a model to imprint from.

Guys, God has all his best for you. And yes, you embody a gift to women in the context that God creates options for you. And yes, you are all that!!!

God also provides within the context of commitment great fulfillment.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a hunk of burning love for your wife! That is amazing.

What Pastor Scott is doing is he is stepping into being a rabbi.

Rabbis model healthy self-concept and roles and leadership to others.

What is scary about this is being a rabbi sometimes includes self-revelation, and that self-revelation - well it is open to social opinion and could bring down social judgement.

However, we should not judge, and we should take from it the lessons we can.

In Scott being exactly who he really is, he can model for others some healthy thoughts. I hope what guys take from this is that hey, yeah, you are valuable. You are a gift to women. God has a context to gift you in this role. God will provide you an opportunity to sanctify and set apart in holiness a woman. And you will shower your love and care and devotion and resources and prayer and support all around that woman. And from that relationship, you will both grow a clan and a community.

Please notice how brash the Song of Songs is in talking with great love declarations for the woman. That is a public declaration of love for the woman. In declaring love, faithfulness, and devotion to the woman - and that of providing her support and sanctity and respect - that is how Christ treats the bride - the church. He sets up a foundation of love all around the church, to instill in her a great resource for survival. That blessing extends to provision for the whole world.

Pastor Scott is a hunk of burning love. His wife benefits.

Jesus Christ is a hunk of burning love. The whole world, primarily the church, benefits.

In this way, Pastor Scott and Jesus Christ share a common worthy trait.

Husbands, I invite you to love your wives like Pastor Scott. I invite you to model yourselves after Jesus Christ. I invite you to be a hunk of burning love for your wife.

Please watch in this year's services as Pastor Scott models real discipleship, and what it means to be a Christian, and a guy, and a father, and a husband.

This is the opposite of disrespect for the woman and treating her harshly.

I came across a statistic in my Master's research. I forget how much higher it was (20-50%), but Christian women were significantly more satisfied in their sex lives than non-Christians. What is the cause of this observed end? God does indeed bless those who seek him with all their heart, and I would suggest that men committed to God probably are hunks of burning love, as that love drives them to please their wife. A scipture supports this. Men are to love their wives as themselves. This breeds selflessness, kindness, and consideration. This can be seen in social research.

I respect Pastor Scott. He has good things coming.

January 31, 2012

On this day, I spent some time in reflection. I asked the Lord what I would be doing for the coming year.

I waited and listened.

He said, "This year, you will write and teach and homemake."

The third is of interest to me. I have room to grow in this area.

My name means Lady of the House.

It has within it many of the contexts of British culture, in a lady managing her home, entertaining, gardening (as I do), and arranging social meetings in her home.

As a teen, my friends looked down on me for this identity, which I thought was a very charitable and full of family oriented skills.

Who are the direct benefactors? I guess - my husband and my cats. Perhaps, the guests who come here will also share this.

In the organization of my home, I have tried to set up access to all the things I need. I am spending time going backward to my early teens when I spent time with my Grandmother Johnson, as she spent time teaching me how to manage the home. She taught me to make bread, and she had an order to her day. She taught me how to manage the dinner, and its processes.

I am thinking back to the moments I was mentored (most in my teens), and bring those moments forward to my present day.

For example, I have been planning to get rid of a tissue box cover - I have two. My grandmother Johnson was excellent in ladies' arts - she made many beautiful things for the home. As I went through my grandma Niccolls' memoirs, I found two hankies. I brought them to my bed. Both grandmothers managed these issues in different times by different conventions. Then, I looked at the two tissue box covers my Grandmother Johnson made. So, why were these things important. I finally decided I want to keep a tissue box prominent in the centre of my home, so if people come over, they can reach for a tissue. That solves passing disease along with handwashing, and it is a sort of polite convention. Teachers keep one in their classroom. I am training myself that I now too have access to a privilege, and I don't have to run for bathroom tissue.

What other things promote an environment of making room for others? For social politeness. For culture. For dignity.

Please note however, that social politeness, even with all the external benefits of fitting into a social context, will never be a reason for me not to go after healing and restoration of people who come here. I would sacrifice all the social order for people's transformation.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hymnals for Your Personal Meditation

On Sid Roth, house churches are recommended in people's home.

We are in a day where churches house the majority of worshippers.

Have you thought of beginning a house church?

Okay, this could be also considered having a small group, like those already established at First Alliance.

The idea here is to have a small group who all want to know more about God, and they fulfill their goal together.

For example, they all want to memorize Psalms in completion. They work as a study group to do it.

It is like getting the dream team study group back from university or college. Did you have one? I did.

So, in your former life, perhaps the dream team also consisted of people in a sorority or club. You are to love the people in your small group or house church and be as committed to them as if they were part of your sorority.

I think this might be what the concept of leaning in as a group means.

I am furnishing the link to three free church hymnals - found in my other recent research, and these may be just psalms, but hey, it's a start. You will have to review to see what other resources are there.

Download the hymnal(s). You are ready to go. Individual praise. Group praise. There’s 3 hymnals.

Here are lyrics for all the psalms for orchestras. Terms of use applies.

If you do not have instruments, sing with the computer, sing with whatever means of projecting you have. Sing if you can in harmony, but if you can't, singing as a group or as individuals - all that is steps in the right direction. Sing with your whole heart.

A recent concept came up. Ardent prayer, desperate prayer is heard in heaven. God seeks people with genuine interest, who really need him. When we praise, when we sing with our whole heart, and in that praise, we ask the Holy Spirit or the Presence of the Lord Christ, or even God the Father to come down, do we expect him to? If we really expect him to come, do we begin to heal people? Healing comes in the context of an atmosphere of holiness built up by praise and worship. Deliverance from the demonic also happens. Anointings and giftings happen. Do we use the status of a holy worship situation to do business for the Lord? Would it work even better done in the midst of worship and praise, rather than after.

I have noticed something. The anointing comes and goes. Say, I have a technical problem with my computer equipment. The Holy Spirit's anointing which was impressed upon me due to praise, it may leave, and then recording is fruitless. I may as well not bother.  There is a timing aspect which is built by praise. The power of the Lord exists in that place and time and we must access him at those times.

A Praise and Warfare Quiz

In praise music, there are both proclamations and declarations.

Tell me, what are these spiritual warfare tools and what is the difference?

Both are useful in spiritual battle, so you should understand your tools.

If you do not know, ask your pastor.

If he does not know, hopefully he will say like a good teacher, "Please give me a day and I'll get back to you", and then he can affirm this himself.

Use proclamations in your ministry. In prayer, song, and in preaching.

Explain what these are to people.

Demonstrate which pieces of music are these parts.

There was reference to this concept of proclamations in a direct link article a couple back.

I think we understand declarations, however, if we don't, check out what these are as well.

What exactly is a declaration? There is no answer here, but I will give you some guidance on this in a couple weeks, to give you time to think about it.

I have talked about declarations before. Derek Prince wrote a book on it, if you want to hunt it down on Amazon.

There are a few more tools, but these two will suffice for now. Once a person understands and can identify the tools, they can use scripture and even truths of scripture to make both declarations and proclamations in common speech which has spiritual power for defeating the enemy.

For example, in a Ron Pearce video I just watched, a pastor spoke to a witch doctor who had just asked his town to kill him, and said, "If you do not accept Christ as your saviour within exactly 1 week, you will die." The witch doctor did die, right down to the minute. Was this a declaration, a proclamation, or neither. Which of these tools is prophetic? Which is not?

What was the key question here? Go back to the top where it is in bolded characters.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All 150 Psalms Music

At the site above, all 150 Psalms are available put to music. Here there are a few divided options for guitar and piano. I have not tested out these songs. Listen to them. See if they fit your needs.

Individual Study:

Basically, I would like you to do a bit of research on the use of the psalms for creating hymns, and for you to refine your knowledge on the history of this use as a technique in the church, and also to build a resource base for yourself. You will need a series of websites to get a full range of information required for this project.

1. For your own google search, I searched the term "psalm songs" and the search phrase "psalm songs of contemporary worship" came up. Ending such as "mp3" and "lyrics" also comes up.

2. Create a favorites folder "Psalms". Save your research to this folder. Find about 12-15 useful sites.

The concept has been used for many other scriptures. You can widen your study to how scripture is used in the hymns.

3. Pick three songs based on scripture or the psalms. Learn three songs.

4. Then, study the scripture correlations. Know your songs. Be ready to teach them to others.

5. Know the historical material about the song. Be able to give a popular culture lesson of sorts. Yes, it is from the Reformation era, but that's okay, right?

Here is one more link to wet your appetite: The Psalms Project

In the link above, here is excellent music for your Praise Opera in your churches, or even for regular Sunday worship, injecting this promising tool for teaching for your flocks. Note in this great link above you have orchestra combined singing demonstrations. This would be an excellent evening of entertainment which would build up the faith of those who listen. I am touched from listening to the sample I've listened to so far. I am listening to the demo of Psalm 22 - the audio/visual.

Create Psalm evenings in your church as a means of teaching people these songs.

Here is the complete list of lyrics and music from the Genevan Psalter Resource Centre - this is very much the style of orchestra and classical music. There are quite a few music options and language translations already in place when you go to view the Psalm. For example, the one I am listening to now has a Portuguese version.

International Note: Any song you hear, go to the bible tools available on this site, swap languages using the dropdown bar, select an appropriate translation, and you have music to match to your praise opera of the Psalm you listen to. You can model the same precepts of this Psalm Project.

Individual Study: Listen to the song while reading the lyrics of the Psalm. This will be a means of enhancing your own memorization. The Genevan Psalter Resource Centre has a link on the right. You may find more. Okay, what I am going to do is I plan to set up an ipod. Yeah, me. So, for example, I am going to make my own long list of all the 150, and put it all in 1 folder called Psalms in an ipod. I will try and get them in order, but if not, oh well. Then, I am going to listen to that set of music. I will have a copy as well to listen to in meditation time. The point is if I want to memorize the psalms, this is a strong step along the way to getting there. Are you with me? Will you try?

All the resources are collected in types and are as a whole 150 psalm collection available as a download file or suitcase file of everything. Look to the bottom of the page.

I have thought of something. Some of these may be part Psalms. However, either way, I will be part way there.

Psalm 25 has the concept in it the Lord is the fairest of them all. "You alone are fair and just."

I say to the vine and its branches in my window, "Grow in Jesus' name." I say to my reader, "Grow in Jesus' name." Grow in knowledge. May God empower you in any effort you make.

So We Get to Sing...

Before we didn't. Hmmm. Please check out the article on the link. These are my reflections.

I understand that almost all the psalms have been put to music in the Reformation.

So, suppose we were trying to memorize the psalms, it would be pretty handy to have such a songbook.

I wonder how many church libraries would have such a thing.

Could churches use songs to help teach the book of Psalms to their congregations?

It seems like a good idea.

We could really use memorizing the Psalms. It can be done. Can it be done to music?

Wow, do you see this? There were poets that put some of the key documents of the faith into rhyme: the poet of the King of France and Calvin.

Do you see the first hymn on the top right ribbon? A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

See the history of this song? It was sung by people who were persecuted and martyred. In our near future, this song, if learned, can be a source of strength for the same such events. When a person needs strength in the middle of spiritual attack. Were one martyred for their faith, how much encouragement and support could they be if they knew these songs off by heart, and they could sing these to their co-martyrs awaiting the trial of death. A strong movement of persecution is coming against the Christian church and believers from the anti-Christ. I recommend you learn this song. Some of the most triumphant martyrs, in my estimation, were ones who met the circumstances of their death in song. These ones had the hope of glory on the other side.

For this particular resource above, I would say after navigating through the various search panels, there are high hundreds in here. You can either search by lyricist or composer, and perhaps you can find some of the Strasbourg Psalms put to music here.
Please use this site to review and sing hymns. I see the possibility of pulling the MP3s down to your computer.

Listen to them, become familiar with them, and hum or sing them. Who cares if you get a word wrong. I am convinced that the spiritual power of a song written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is useful for positive battle results whether sung with whole words and music, the voice alone, the music alone, or merely humming the song's notes to oneself.

This referred page is another tool to use.

For the prophetic mind, I would like you to be aware of the prophetic strategies in the Psalms. There are declarations which became prophesies in there.

Here's a couple research links:

The Presbyterian Record of the Strasbourg Psalms

The Reading and Preaching of Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian

The Scottish Metrical Psalter

Various Efforts to Maintain the Psalter

So please take note that the hymn in the Presbyterian Hymnal (in the link above) is a collection of verses. If you learn the song, then afterward the verse collections that contributed to it, then divide up the pieces, and you have got three verse references.

Pastoral Strategy for Teaching Bible Memorization: Include songs which will help people memorize scripture.

Here is a teaching article on singing in the service which further explains the concepts.

The Priviledge of Praise

Teaching Articles on Praise and Worship

For my readers online, here is another cyber hymnal. Sorry, I can't say which ones are the Stasbourg Psalter Hymns, though I am very interested and hope to get a book which contains these to help memorize the Psalms.

Here: The Net Hymnal at the address  This site has 10,000 songs, so please do not get misdirected on the rest of the pages. The site does not strongly highlight various ways to get into these.

Finding out which Praise songs are part of this Strasbourg Psalter collection are in my interest zone.

I will be looking for a resource or a net collection for this. A hymn collection which included the history of the song would be the best way to start this type of research.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Types of Video Posts Are You Most Enjoying

I recommend my viewers and readers to make an account on youtube, and to search the types of posts here you most enjoy. There you can perhaps find some of these similar resources with translated sub-titles or voice dubbing in your language.

For example, in my recent search of Derek Prince, I found a whole series of his put into German.

If you do find something very interesting to you, I have found searcing on youtube from your account to be much more specific in bringing up the right type of search results.

Rather than searching sole videos, I search channels, and look for playlists with a bunch of related content to my specific interest.

I am not in love with wasting time or being redirected to topics which have loosely related content.

If I come up with any more tips, I will update that here.

New Tool

This bible tool permits you to share a bible verse to either Twitter or Facebook.

While you do this, please do not just post a verse. Please add your understanding or application of this verse to a recent new understanding or event in your life where it provided you enlightenment or hope.

Cut and paste alone is not very personal or authentic. We need to show our family and friends how Jesus, Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit are authentically personal.

As the Lord is good to you, so share that love with others, so they can know they also can access these excellent things from the Lord.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Please Note the Unfriended Ad

I find this ad unkind.

Please do not consider it.

Please ignore it.

That is adverse unkind marketing as a strategy.

Does Your Soul Sing? Sign of Joy

Your soul has simultaneous activity going on at the same time your body mind is working.

One of the impacts of having the Holy Spirit within me is joy I have.

That joy is felt within in a continuous song sung by my soul.

When I sing aloud, I am joining my body/mind/soul together. My body mind begins to follow what the soul is singing.

I feel this activity all the time. My soul is constantly singing praises to God. The soul is joyful, and it flows over into my physical body mind.

I feel that this connection to an awareness of my soul increases as I grow closer to God.

This connection to the Lord is built at church - through all the many sessions of praising God we do week by week.

Our investment in singing praise to the Lord continues into the week. That which we sang on Sunday is still ringing in my soul right now. The songs, the echoes, the joy of the Lord.

We are to gather together, to sing and to learn, and the Lord will in turn pour himself out upon us.

This connection makes it easy to hum. The joy comes out in a hum or song of praise.

I am marking the connection, so that if you ever feel this in yourself, you may remark it as a spiritual gift. You can use this gift for doing spiritual battle of use to the Lord. When you hear your soul sing, join it - if your context permits you. If it does not, then for that moment you are aware of your soul, really enjoy it. The Lord's favor rests upon you.