Thursday, February 14, 2013

Third Day Revelator

Update: The current Sid Roth has lines of contact with this material from Ken Peters.

I found a current word from Ken Peters dated 1/17/2013. (Ken's blog is on the Work Desk.)

Remember that in these times there are going to be great lights exuded from states and cities where there is revival.

This word gives us more information to be prepared.

Jubilee Church Ken Peters Word January 2013

I am drawing a cross-reference in here. In Sid Roth's book The Incomplete Church, there is a tie to the church being like Esther. There's a girl in some art at my church - that is Esther. Here, Esther is mentioned. We are to be like the girl champion Esther.

By the way, Ken Peters runs a prophecy school.

So, pastors, given how things are advancing, get together whatever resources you have and deliver a prophecy school. If you don't have material, do a search and see if Ken Peter's school might give you direction, or Bethel Church (your prophecy training is already there for download), or make use of the Sid Roth site for training.

Start to train people in how to use gifts and anointings. You know what the door of the ark is lifting up, and the rain has started. It is time to get moving.

Here is the site where Ken Peters is. This is the contact page.

Note: These links have been recently tested, and these below do not work. Use the link. Go to the church website, and find where their school has been moved. The update with links inside this blog are useful to you. Use those.

Here also is the school:

Also, remember Sid Roth. All ready and free.

Also, Bethel Church. A couple hundred bucks.

It is time to say, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."

All these are prophets. At this time, a very useful skills is to pass on the tradition.

It would be a good time to use the internet for launching prayer requests. Public ones we can all pray for. You could tie it to a blog of current events.

I don't even remember launching this page. It is just up.

Anyway, here is a sample.

Pray with me there will be a setback of the implementation of the RFID chip say for 1 or 2 years.

We know there are body issues with having a cell phone battery in our body.

Please pray we do not have to endure this now. It would also offset this weird healthcare plan they have going, which gives life to everybody for just a little while.

Would it not be nice to have this implemented after the rapture?

Update: I see my readers hunting for this content, so I am linking it up to make it easier for you.

Update 2: On the blog, there is now the Esther movie. Refresh the story here, so we recall the parameters of God's message.

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