Sunday, March 31, 2013

In the Bible Mini-Series

Did they not pick a beautiful man for Jesus?

I shouted, "You are beautiful, Jesus."

Yes, I am in training at church.

Jesus is the fairest of them all!

Riches in Glory Study

Yes, this bible verse was said today at church.

I did a search on a couple words to find the reference. You may search "riches in glory" on to get these results.

1.Romans 9:23

What if he did this to make the riches of his glory known to the objects of his mercy, whom he prepared in advance for glory—

Romans 9:22-24 (in Context) Romans 9 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

2.Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:18-20 (in Context) Philippians 4 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

3.Colossians 1:27

To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Colossians 1:26-28 (in Context) Colossians 1 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

Okay, so the verse today probably was Philippians 4:19. You can declare this over yourself. Search out the chapter and learn it.

Demons and Territories 1 of 6

Darkness is contained over territories. In Christianity, moreso in Catholicism, priests are responsible for territories. Evangelical churches have unofficial territories. Yet, they have those areas they serve, and these are divided with sister churches. We need a better understanding of territories, and how the church can either sustain them or let the boundaries drop in ignorance.

Please follow the set of videos. I found this set incomplete on youtube. I did not find 3 or 6.

Part 4 - Talks about the Wast-er Spirit which comes after the death of a family member. This radiates energy which makes people burn. This spirit prevents people from getting sleep. Earthquake Kelly tells people that even Christians are not telling they are being tormented at night. People do not want people to talk about them or discuss their existence. It is a shameful thing to talk about being tormented. In a room are three people. All are tormented, and no one talks.

The purpose of torment is to crush Christians in doing what they have been called to do. Christians need to rebuke this spiritual harassement, so that they can walk confidently.

What is good about Earthquake Kelly is that he names the spirits for their identity, and then casts them out. In the Derek Prince book, And They Shall Expel Demons, it says that people called to cast out demons in the ministry of deliverance who fall in temptation to converse with demons for revelation, those people die. Not unlike King Saul, we are not to seek any revelation from the demonic realm. We have access to the Spirit of Truth, who can speak all things to us.

Depsite not being able to find the whole set, this speaker seems to have a thorough knowledge of spiritual warfare, having come from the background of training in voodoo, and then being saved.

He can teach from the perspective of knowing the enemy, and then working with Christian tools for overcoming that enemy. You may find other content of his online which may interest you.

I was interested in a couple of other posts of his. He says porn is a door opener. He says video games create means of demon strongholds. Basically, he has introduced the topic. It would be nice to see if he has training elsewhere online. He had a book sold on Sid Roth. I mark this fellow as a person of interest.

The Bride is Made Pure and Radiant

Pastors are made ready to yield the word of God
Pastors train their church to yield the word of God
The pastors then their church fulfill their destiny
They do spiritual battle and ground staking
The bride claims and defends her holiness
The bride is made pure and radiant
The bride who is transformed leads others to drink of salvation and be baptized.

Earthquake Kelly - Phenomenon - Pastors Die in Their Pulpit

End Time Pastorate: The Lord calls his mighty men into obedience. In these end times, God comes down and he deals with pastors first, as they are called to tend the sheep, and to move forward God's church into freedom and deliverance, he comes down to them first.

In this set of video testimonies, Earthquake Kelly says that like me, he heard Jesus crying and speaking in great sorrow and anguish. He has a message for preachers. Yes, I was surprised with hearing Jesus' anguish. Earthquake Kelly also felt unable to deal with the amount of anguish Jesus had.

Men of God, and men who call themselves men of God, listen. Many have responded and have begun to respond. Jesus is calling to you first. For those preachers who choose to ignore Jesus' voice, those who have decided that wearing a religious coat for managing their life on their own, and continuing to live in secret sin, pastors will die in their pulpit while they are preaching. These men's words must match their private life. Earthquake Kelly speaks to hypocrite preachers. Some preachers have already died in the pulpit. This is God's judgment.

This video series was produced in 2007. I decided to research this phenomenon from this vision. What do I find? The phenomenon is true. A bunch of preachers are dying in the pulpit. The word went out in 2007. Then, the Lord began fulfilling the word. The news came from a vision out of a near death experience. This man was asked to share this message. Was his message ignored? Are these men accountable for paying attention to the words delivered through the man who was raised back to life?

Here is the Google search. Preachers Die in the Pulpit.

Preachers should analyze the secret sins they harbor which are door openers. After they have asked for forgiveness and agree with God these things are wrong, then ask any related potential demon by the blood of Christ, by the authority of his resurrection and ascension to the right hand of God, and by his righteousness, that the demon should leave. The Holy Spirit will work in harmony with the preacher to help him over time to identity these enemies who work against their success. The degree of purity and righteousness that a preacher has has a relationship to the power of his decrees and declarations and faith.

Why is it that men who are preaching the gospel have died in the pulpit? They have been preaching the word, but the power of the Holy Spirit is not as strong for transformation, as the word has not been coupled with a pure and righteous heart. As men move into the right place with the Lord, they will have the combined teaming with the Holy Spirit happening, and they will do very good things and have impacts for the Lord.

God's Movements

Men of God, your are God's precious lambs, and the sheepherder is calling you to come in the fold. Come to him. Spend time before him. Repent. Have you not taught repentance as your calling? Repent.

First God deals with the pastor, then, given Holy Spirit empowered preaching, then God deals with the church, and then that church will be blessed or judged, and then God deals with community, leading to either reward or repentance for community, and it works outward.

Where God's prophets call down salvation, those areas will flourish. Where there is darkness, there will be a release of darkness. Where is the water? Where is the light? You yield it. Use it.

Christian, believe in the Lord's ability to provide. You think you do not have enough to provide to one more mouth to feed? Believe. The Lord will provide.

Funny thing. We are not supposed to pray and then blame God for not hearing or answering our prayer. He gave us his words to speak over ourselves. So for provision, Christian, find the verse in the bible for provision, and speak that over your day. You are responsible to yield the word. It is you, not God, who has failed. Yes, the Lord does provide in miraculous ways. However, in his training, as his student, he expects us to pick up our tools and use them. What teacher has a productive class if the teacher must do everything for the students that they could do for themselves? What good teacher does not teach their student routines?

Christian, for whom you struggle with provision, will you not now call down your provision? Have you not received salvation and baptism declaring you belong to Heaven's citizenship? Will you not then call out the scriptures which are promises of provision? Where there is the word, there is hope.

God does interesting things in warfare. In this set of videos, it says here Christians are to be aware and not abort babies. In the Vick video with Sid Roth last Sunday, he said that God is going to send a baby boom on Christians now, in particular to Christians who have been barren. That is because God does warfare with prophetic declaration in acts and wonders.

We know I am barren? I called forth two children. What does this mean for me? Will I trust God for provision in these times? Yes. I will take two. Why is it that God would do this now? It is for this reason. When the anti-christ begins his human reduction movement, it will start with an immediate dissolution of marriage as we know it, and he will outlaw the life of any under 2. All children will be exposed in society who follow him. Children are the blessing of God. God will show his power forth with the production of children. I had sort of thought children for me were not in the picture till Christ arrived. Now, I wonder.

Who will trust the Lord for provision? Who will trust the Lord for the end times when resources are scarce for provision? Who of you who now is barren will in faith take a child from the hand of God and trust God walking into resource deficient times trusting in the Lord for his provision? Who has faith? The Lord provides. Such a person has to be one of faith who in hard times does not barter between one woman and another to eat their own child for lack of meat. Such a person must trust in God to provide and ask the Lord to bring down the food for their family.

Who is to inspire the faith of Christians in this baby boom? Pastors are.


Do a google search for "pastors die in pulpit" and cross-reference the search to each year 2007, 2008, 2009, and so on. I started this, and found that the phenomenon to be repeated across the years. Ask yourself, is it normal for pastors to die in the pulpit? Has this ever been a phenomenon before? Have you noticed if this is a worldwide phenomenon? What countries do you see reported?

There's a lot of evidence of this on youtube just like all the rest of end time messages.

Pastor Scott recently talked about the punishment Ananias and Sapphira received in the church. I realize Mary's vision of hell had preachers there, but it is my hope that God has saved a few of these to bring into his kingdom, and if he has not already, that today, a few of them will get straight with the Lord, and get their destiny set right. When we are saved, as Derek Prince says, we must walk in obedience till the day we die. It is not once saved, sin in secret, but once saved, die to self, picking up your cross and following Christ in his ways of holiness.

Pastors, Were Churches Full?

If your churches were full, how much did the Bible Mini-series play a part in wetting people's appetites?

This is a god preparation getting your churches ready to spread out.

This is wonderful.

The Wraiths Cannot Follow Into Baptism

Viewers of the Lord of the Rings, here I use the movie to teach you about baptism.

Recall please when Bilbo was in the arms of Arwin, and she is racing on a horse to make it to Elvish territory. Do you recall that the wraiths rode hard and fast after the two? Do you recall that they could not pass the river? Why?

When a man is saved and he breathes life into his lungs from the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ comes in. In that space, there are wraiths who would hunt for the man's ego and pull it back into selfish endeavors. Christ commands you and I to head to the waters. Why? He knows something you do not. When you are baptized, the wraiths are expulsed in the water. You are cleaned from spiritual influences in baptism. You are delivered partly by the celebration of the custom, partly by your declaration to submit your natural man to Christ.

When you get up out of the waters of baptism, the wraiths are left on the other side, and you are Christ's. Christian, do you feel hunted and tormented? Derek Prince says in his book And They Shall Expel Demons, that Christians can tell the demonic that based on their baptism, they are to leave them alone.

For more on this, I refer you to read Derek Prince's book mentioned a few posts back.

For any pastors who shut the door to the demonic and satanic strongholds in their private life, for those, in small community, in the private leadership of the church, I encourage you to lean upon one another for growth and prayer. I almost wonder, and let your own leadership decide, if you should in private community declare your submission to the Lord in water. You do not need to be baptized again. However, there is something powerful about being immersed, and declaring your recommitment to Christ. I see this as an act based warfare. This water immersion is an immediate deliverance and cleansing that would normally take hours for a regular deliverance person to achieve, whereas the declaration of submission and obedience to Christ is an instant release.

Churches, if any preacher comes forward with a confession of error, you are not to fire him, but admonish him and get him set up with prayer support, and a spiritual house of support. This preacher cleansing is meant to get men ready for what is coming, not to denounce and criticize them. These men, in simple terms, are the churches own means of finding strength. Men should follow in like manner.

Men who confess error need only confess this to their board. It is not necessary to drag them in muck. To confess before the church leadership and Christ is enough. Merely provide an environment where the confession is the means to cleansing which is in turn a means to being productive.

What I am saying then is that if men confess error has tripped them in their ministry, that in response, they are to re-declare their commitment to Christ, and then be trained in spiritual warfare and declaring the word, so they can experience victory.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shutting Down for Easter and Easter Invite

Now is the time to direct all your focus to your Easter event, to your family, to possibly preparing something to share with your family about redemption and salvation, to buying chocolate for grandchildren, and for planning your Easter activity, and settling your heart matters before the Lord for Easter.

For these things, should this blog help you, please come and use it.

As for further writing, I am stopping, as I am sure the Lord needs some time to direct you.

Please be seeking the Lord's face. Go to church. Spend time in family prayer.

I shall be up again writing after Easter. Many blessings to you.

My church has 2 Good Friday Services, and 5 weekend services.

If you are in Calgary, it would be wonderful to have you out.

To see First Alliance - the website, take the pull-down page bar, and select First Alliance.

If you have a job which does not permit you to attend a church service, I invite you to join us at your leisure and time free using the Internet. To access our service video, you just click the arrow.

I wish a warm welcome to all who come. Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Great Greetings of Salvation to Everyone!

Grade Promotion Assembly - Bema Seat

I think it is worthwhile explaining the concept of the Bema Seat Judgment to youth.

Parents and teachers, you could do this.

The Bema Seat Judgment is an event which immediately occurs after the rapture.

If Christians miss the rapture, they miss this event.

Do you know any students who were barred from school at a time when there is the student assembly for grade promotion? If you miss the rapture, this is what it is like.

We want to be part of the rapture, because we want to be part of this event.

At the end of a grade, and sometimes at the end of big grade transfers, going from one school to the next, we participate in assemblies for school rewards. This is exactly like what the Bema Seat Judgment is like.

This judgment is different than the one which separates people to different destinies of Heaven and Hell.

No, for this, you are already a student of God and of Jesus Christ.

However, this is sort of like getting your report card at the end of a grade, except it applies to your life. Yes, it is public.

All the secret or unknown things we do and say become public.

We are judged for the unseen.

Yes, in a manner which most are unaware of, our innermost heart intentions are shared with the public, and we are honored for the things we do where we put the Lord first.

At this time, many people who withstood temptations from the evil one will be rewarded.

At this time, people who did kind things to others, where this was never publicly acknowledged is rewarded.

Something we need to understand is that if we get earthly reward, such as fame, we do not get reward.

God rewards us for the secret, the hidden, and that for which we received no acknowledgement, and even those things for which we were criticized, and abused.

This is a good to know for people in the work field. Yes, many do good things in the context of work, and all they get is abuse. For such things, the faithful honest worker is acknowledged and rewarded. Being ethical and kind to people and animals is rewarded. Doing good for those who cannot repay you is rewarded.

So, yes, each person is rewarded individually before God and man. Yes, this might take awhile.

There are a few key people I would like to see get promoted or their time on the stage. I am waiting to see Adam and Eve. I know they did some good things we do not know. I would like to hear more of their story.

How will your Bema Seat promotion be? How is your thought life? Do you value the Lord first in your life? In your work? In your interpersonal relations?

This is a good thing to think about. Be ready. Be pure. Be acting for the Lord - speaking his word upon people. Since this post is specifically meant to help youth understand the Bema Seat, be submissive to parents, seeking the Lord's face in your disputes. If you ask the Lord to intervene in disputes with your parents, he will turn their heart and yours to one place, and this will resolve disputes. This requires you to be obedient to your parents.

If you miss the rapture, you miss this event. Consider this. Keep the Lord always first.

Teen Idols

Being popular.

To be popular, many teens will do and say and be many things.

Was Christ popular?

Any popularity you seek should be to direct fame God the Father. Words you speak should direct people to Christ who can save them.

The type of popularity should be only that type Christ sought, which was to make his Father in Heaven famous. The Lord Christ who ascended to heaven is also a focus for our worship.

This sin of needing to be popular is just a little taste of what Lucifer become Satan sought. This is a sliver of pride. It is self-seeking in that one seeks to be reknown by their society.

Is this your sin? If so, confess it. Be made clean.

Invite the voice of Christ.

Do you think God cares what clothes you wear when he calls you? He has his own clothes of righteousness for you to put on. God is not a distinguish-er of persons in either wealth or rank.

Rather be meek. Be humble. Seek an identity submitted to the Lord.

Also, we should not own things (be defined as an owner), but seek to use our things for the Lord. We submit who we are and all we have in humility to be Christ's servant. This should eliminate any fighting with parents, for we are not to fight with them over access or use of material goods. God placed parents over you for your protection and guidance. Submit to the authority of your parents, for this is good.

The Book Alter Ego

Early on in this blog, I talked about personal identity and how this is a complex issue in why we sin.

As a human, we are all looking for our identity, ways of expressing ourselves, and ways of defining ourselves.

As I was studying and writing, a book popped up called Alter Ego.

The concepts there are helpful for a person analyzing what's going on when we place either ourselves or others on the alter reserved for Christ. The baseline issue is matters of identity. Everyone around us is willing to giving us an identity. The issue is we are supposed to have our identity centered on Christ. We are not supposed to listen to marketers (who conform our identity to a bunch of material products). I am not saying marketers are evil - they are doing their job to sell their product. You, who have Christ in you, are supposed to be operating on a filter. Materialism or common sayings (humanism) are not to define you.

I have not dealt with teen idols overall yet. I will.

For right now, let's get this one out.

This could be good reading for you for personal analysis. It is available from the store.

After all Christian, "Who's your daddy?" I don't know where this whiticism came from, but it is used in fun and jest and is one of those things used in a commercial. Think on this question. That is who we should identify with. Yes, it is your heavenly father who fashioned your body, soul, and spirit, and set you in your mother's belly. This saying implies authority, provision, and familiarity in a good sense, at least here.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pastors Pre-Easter Meditations


As you lean into the Lord, you will be investing in your relationship with him.

The ways you lean in are established. You will have comfortable ways.

I do want to point out that there are 4 recommended books on your reading list.

From the author Derek Prince, here are 4 Kindle titles.
  • They Shall Expel Demons
  • Rules of Engagement: Preparing for Your Role in the Spiritual Battle
  • Prayers and Proclamations
  • Praying for the Government
As men clear the way for the Lord to work in them, I see pastors beginning to move in miracles and wonders. However, part of this is understanding their role in doing spiritual battle.

In the recent videos, I have several directed to you which have included descriptions of the demonic invisible entities we are fighting. There are more and after I have viewed them, I may yet add them.

Some of these invisible entities become visible in the end times. Whether we see them now or not, they are operating as our enemies now. Derek Prince at one point had a flourishing ministry in deliverance in one on one counselling in the church. However, the need was so great, he with the Lord's help, devised his plan to do mass deliverance. In the first book, this is described. The Lord had Derek turn from the deliverance ministry to record what he was doing, to prepare training tools for guys like you, who need equipping for their end time ministry.

Yes, there are one on one ministries like Sozo and others, but the need is so great that one on one takes a lot of time. In delivering the church for example, Derek asked how many in the audience needed deliverance from a demon, and over 200 raised their hands. How was Derek to help all these people? He does manage to do it. He does mass deliverance. You can do this too. You can follow the teaching of Derek.

People in the church need to be delivered. Pastors have been trained to manage society and the niceties of society. That is accomplishing ministry in the natural. God did not call you to first manage a group of people. He called you to manage the spiritual element which holds people from living under God's blessing. He calls you to see and do battle with the spiritual enemy.

When you step into this ministry, there will be disorder. It will not all look nice. It will look messy. Which battlefield was all orderly? The Lord calls you into training for battle. You are the Lord's war sergeants.

The Holy Spirit drew Derek to write. He calls you to read. Be instructed. As you grow, the Lord will anoint you with additional gifts to assist you in your roles and in your capacities.

Derek is not here. I wish he were. He is up with the Lord watching this battle. 

As you read, and should you recognize any spiritual entities you need to self-deliver from, Derek teaches how to do this. As you perform a personal sweep, you may also work in authority to cleanse your households. Who knew? Derek was a lover of Socrates and Plato and had writings of these in his household. He became aware of a demon of Humanism. This demon plays a major part in the end times.

Again in personal humility, I lead you to this source of spiritual enrichment, and I ask you to drink.

Once you have drunk, and been personally blessed, I trust you will incorporate this into your ministries, so that you can not just save, but deliver and heal all in one go. Set the people you bring in up for success on their walk with the Lord, so they can too be fruitful.

If you sense a tone of joy, it is because I know the Lord has many good things coming, and I feel it is for you.

Very warm Easter regards,


Update: Pastors, I have added a Deliverance Conference set of messages to the Work Desk. Don't worry about this for now, but it is something to use after Easter. This is a for later resource. Think about how you might use this in your church. What a great use for a bible camp! I believe that is the setting for these conferences.

The rod of Aaron is the bible. Christians are to proclaim God's word as sunlight into their circumstance. It is as powerful as the budded rod of Aaron. As I approach Easter, think of hope and leadership and spring (the budded rod). This rod of Aaron or (the staff of Moses) is available to all pastors and in fact all Christians. We are to proclaim the word of God. Yes, to the non-Christians it is the hope of salvation as it educates. To the Christian, it is the means of speaking light into every situation. (This is from the Proclamation book by Derek.) To bring down prophetic response, we need to begin to speak the words. For the ones needed for our circumstance, we should memorize.

I would be highly remiss to not remind pastors to lift their hands up, as God wants to pour out his blessings and gifts upon them. Please do not forget this aspect of your time before God. The Lord has already spoken to me about his gift to me this Easter. If the Lord has a gift for me, he shall surely have one for you.

Kindle App Popular Verses

This feature of finding popular verses is also available in the Kindle app for bibles. I see the Salvation verses are already marked by users. This means a bunch of work is done for you. You just need to reference it.

An Easter Information Resource

For parents who might want to self-study to help teach their children about Easter, here is a resource:

There's worksheets for children. There are Easter ideas for celebration.

Laridian Bible With Notes Options

I am hunting for e-bibles where users can store their own notes for their purposes.

This article talks about one.

You could also use your kindle bible. I have one I will be marking up.

What I am looking for is ease of use. This one seems to have a good review.

Here, I am shopping online for my readers. I don't know if this is the one for you. This is a suggestion.

What I do know is we are in an age of blessing to have so many tools to help us understand the bible.

With all these reading tools, the revelation and understanding of the bible must increase.

Top Verses - New Discipleship Evangelism Tool

Here is one I will have to add to the Work Desk. There is no more room for page tabs, but I could add this as a link.

This would be a very helpful tool for people leading others to the Lord. If you enter "Salvation", you have all the most referenced verses on Salvation right away.

If you know basically the books where your favorite verses are, it will likely pop up just by clicking the book.

Make use of this tool. Become familiar with it.

Others will love this too!  May I present:

Use this site. Select your version. Memorize here.

By the way, since I am here, here is the scriptural support for the prayer Sid Roth prayed for you.

Here is the page.

Notice Ephesians 1:13. Sid brought down the truth of this promise of scripture upon you. He declared it over you. You can do this for others. Your church. Your family. People who you meet who have lost hope. This is why Christ calls us to share scripture with people we meet. Those people are crying out for deliverance. You may not see it now, but I tell you their soul, even in its unawareness is. You bring them awareness. You share a life saving scripture with them.

After I have marked up all my verses, and I am in the process of doing this, I will share scripture with people who I meet. I will ask the Lord for direction to those who need a word. After you have the Holy Spirit, you should be able to do the very same thing.

Also, notice, as you meet people with needs, you can click on a topic search, and share an applicable verse with them which matches their need at that time. You can view and select the verse you think will help that person the most at that time. Please favorite this on your mobile devices. Then, ask the Lord to instruct you how and when to use it.

The Revealer Reveals My Name - Update

When I was young, my early twenties, I turned to God.

I had backslidden. I allowed my romantic interest to take priority over the Lord's desires for me.

I came before the Lord in tears. I knew I failed him. I told him I could not defeat the flesh nor the habits of the flesh on my own. I was a young girl who really loved the Lord, but who was defeated by an idol of her making. When she took the idol down, she took her loved one off the mantel, and opened it up for only Christ, he told her he would help her defeat sin, and he began to lead her to success. In the Lord only, I found success and a means of deliverance. Oppression comes from us using our means to get what we want. Deliverance is submitting our will to Christ's to hand us all that we never realized we could have - more than anything we could have dreamed or hoped for.

At this time, Christ renamed me. He called me Renewal. That is my name.

I hope you too will submit to Christ. Give him first place in your life.

Update: In matters of backsliding for Christians, there is a key issue which I forgot to mention. The word is compromise. One of the key reasons we compromise is because we want to fit in with friends. In the case of romantic affiliations, we compromise to be accepted by that boy or girl. This is not acceptable. Christ is uncompromising. No man or woman should date another in a circumstance where they compromise their standard. Doing so leads them into romance where the other, who does not love the Lord, and who may or may not have demonic involvement, leads the once faithful into romantic torment, like Samson and Delilah, and worst of all, to even have children with them. That romantic partner then can spend their life creating a false identity for the Christian, working the will of the enemy in one's life. This is not where my life headed, but I have seen this path for many others.

The next time you think you are compromising your standards, and you are aware of this, please think again.

By allowing another's priorities to take the alter place, you are asking Christ to step down and into the vestibule, so you can party in your Heart Central with someone with lower standards. Those statements about how  you ought to compromise are not the voice of Christ. They are the voice of the enemy. In the Hell vision, there was someone in Hell for being normal. That is what their chest plate said. Being normal means being defined by the world's definition of compromise.

Christian, pre-Easter, do you need to repent and confess any sins related to beliefs you have or have made up or listened to about compromising your standards? Please spend some time writing these out, tell the Lord, and receive forgiveness. As we become aware, we repent. We submit. We become as Christ, a bent reed. We invite Christ to come back to the central part of the temple in our heart. We ask him to speak to us and to teach us how to come out of these areas of compromise. He will.

Update: In studying and reviewing the Derek Prince material, I have found there is a demon called Compromise. You can ask it to leave. When a first demon gets in, that demon acts as a door opener to others. I think that this demon Compromise is one of the demons which leads to Christian backsliding.

Recall in the end times, Christians are called to take every thought captive to Christ. Use this revelation for your benefit.

Join a Lent Devotional for Pre-Easter

Please consider joining a devotional from this link.

Pre-Easter, here is a Lent Devotional.

A bruised reed he will not break refers to Jesus' mercy.

Yes, Jesus was bruised for our transgressions, but he will not break others, but heal them, even when they deserve to be bruised. Jesus accomplished this right on the cross by taking our abuse - that which we deserved.

Also note,

I am the Lord; that is my name!
    I will not yield my glory to another
    or my praise to idols.

After Easter, select another. Favor this education source. Favorite it, to increase your learning.

The Lord is telling me to have people follow this Lent Devotional along with viewing and meditation on the Bible Mini-Series. The Lord will increase people's faith. This is a time to be a student. The Lord is our teacher. This devotional will bring the words of the Lord home to you.

Also, note the name of the Lord here: The Lord our Righteousness, Jehovah Tsidkenu

When we are saved by faith in Christ, when God the Father looks down on us, he sees Jesus' righteousness all over us. We wear the righteousness of Christ upon us. We did not earn it. We accept this gift by faith. We learn to live in righteousness as a student of the Lord.

Also, tie into today's meditation this scripture: Isaiah 53.

Do you see the bruised reed bore the sins of the world that he might intercede for them and free them from their oppression? What oppression holds you? Who or what torments you? Oppression and torment honor the god of this world who holds so many under his power. Hope, singing, and good deeds are the result of freedom. The Lord desires freedom for many. Who will come? Say, "Jesus, I'm yours."

Here is a short study of verses for the New Believer. This is a collection of verses on Salvation.  Please notice Isaiah 53:6. Jesus bore the iniquities of us all, that we might escape condemnation. Here is a second source of scriptures about salvation.

Jesus himself is the Revealer. He prayed for his disciples. He will also intercede for you once you are his. See this part of his prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane just before being taken away to be crucified. Do you see that Jesus prayed these words over all who believed and who would believe. That means these words of Christ are prayed over you. This has eternal significance for you! Jesus is the intercessor for believers. See this verse which supports this.

Just as evil doers are punished, the Lord has in mind renewal and blessing for those who believe.

See this which contains the wrath of Hell, but pastures for the righteous.

Malachi 4: 1-5

The Lord intends for us to be instructed that hell is what comes to the evil doer, but the righteous live off the fat of the land.

Yes, I will be following this devotional for this Easter.  The Lord himself wants to teach us. I am a student. You are a student. Follow this devotional with me. We are co-students.

Fill My Cup

I picked this one for the image. You may sing with me if you like. This audio is a bit tinny, but use this as a starter and find the one you want. There are many versions on youtube. Find one you really like and sing it with youtube.

I Plan to Sing

Today. The Lord has cleared my plans by taking care of them.
Please pray my little pops and clicks thing does not appear.
At the end of a recording, I find this difficult to remove.
And thanks to everyone who prayed for my cat.
His recovery is amazing enough to me that I must remark it.
Thanks God for Thomas is my pleasure. Thank you for loving the little critters who I love.

Sid Roth's Passover Blessing

For those who have an Easter cup,
The Lord has a chocolate egg to fill it up
Turn up your hands and lift them high
Right now pours out the blessing of the Lord on High

Receive this Passover Blessing from Sid Roth!


Have You Noticed?

Easter is the return of flower
It is the return of birdsong
I am listening to this right now
Has may Hollywood Finch come back to sing with me?
How glorious is the Lord.
How wonderful is the Lord.
The bruised reed bends upward toward the light.
The reed stands tall in the sun reaching out for more.
The Lord provides water and sun
He fills all till the seasons of provision are done
Get ready to plant. Get the soil ready. We have a harvest coming.

The Easter Chocolate Meditation

Do you know the children's movie where there are rivers of chocolate?
Picture that in your mind. Why? In heaven, from the Lord's mansion, he has a river of chocolate.
Will this river be a parallel to the river coming from the future Temple of the Lord on earth?
Yes, there will be parallels and there will be differences.
The one in heaven is a model of the one which will come down to earth.

The chocolate river is a symbol of the Lord's abundant and lavishing love upon us, his creation
The Lord has fashioned events in our culture for children to be spoiled
That is because he himself loves to spoil his creation
When the grandparents come over to spoil the grandchildren with chocolate
The lavish heart of the grandparent equals the great heart of God for his people

When we open our Christmas and Easter treats which are chocolate covered with shiny tin foil
We are opening symbols of all the gifts of provision the Lord desires to give us
He has so many gifts to shower upon us like rivers of gold chocolate
For the holy and separate, the Lord has many gifts of favor to enrobe them
Are you the Lord's? Is your hand out to your father this Easter? Will you receive a gift from our Wonderful Father?

Taste the chocolate. It is rich and creamy. It is thick and resistant to chewing. It melts slowly in your mouth.
The nougat is gold made into toffee for your pleasure. The recipe surely contains honey, milk, and cocoa. Can you shut your eyes, picture this river of chocolate, and taste that chocolate?

The Lord picks the finest of the earth's ingredients to deliver his love to his people.
Just as they brought the finest of animals to him for sacrifice, so he brings only the finest of all his creation to them.
Yes, in the Father's heart, the finest of all his creation is his own son.
That is why he gifted his own son to mankind.
After Jesus Christ ascended to his throne in heaven, the Lord was able to pour out so many more spiritual gifts on mankind.
Put your hands out this Easter. Hold them up. Be filled with the gifts of the Lord.
Perform an Easter Egg hunt. Yes, read God's word, and read of the Lord's desire to fill you.
If you hunt the scriptures, the Lord will provide you with his promises of a confident and promising future.
What does that Easter egg mean? The Lord lavishingly loves you and will always provide your needs.

The key here is: Do you trust the Lord to provide?

The Lords shopping bags of brightly colored chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies are awaiting delivery to his people. Begin the hunt. He wishes to fulfill your desire for something that tastes truly rich, good, tasty, and satisfying.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths. (Sorry, I have not hunted down my verse reference. I will later. This is memorized, but I am not fully sure of the reference.)

The Lord's yoke is easy. It is not hard. When we yield to the Lord, he spoils us in his good pleasure.
We must choose him here and yes for a time, we may suffer, as we encounter the Lord's and our enemy, but the Lord has loads of benefits to layer upon his people. Be faithful.

Just as the children in the movie ate from the chocolate river, and could not get enough, so the Lord's loving hand wishes to lavish abundance on his people. He would have us eat till satisfaction. He would fill us.

Put your hands up.

For those of you who do not yet know this Lord, who has purchased your salvation with his blood, I share with  you John 3: 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

If you would like this everlasting life that only your Father in Heaven has made available to you, put out your hand and receive this free gift by faith, and say aloud to the universe, to men and angels, and to the Lord, say, "Jesus, I'm yours." Then, get baptized in the River of Life so the Lord may layer upon your spirit his gift of the future waters of provision of mankind.

For this Easter, I recommend Lindt. I find that one of the best commonly available chocolate.

After you have invited your family to accept Jesus as their Saviour at your Easter table, I would like your family to partake of a Chocolate Bar handing out 1 piece to each family member, and then, Beloved, you pray and thank the Lord for his abundance to your family. Do this in faith that the Lord is your Provider. Teach the concept. These are the types of gifts the Lord gives to his people.

The sign of the Lord's blessing upon North America in the past, for example during the Second World War, was the abundance of the chocolate bar. I would like people to begin to thank the Lord, turn your face to him, and worship him for our abundance. This turns materialism on its head. When we thank and worship the Lord for the things we have, he can take that idol of materialism and send it crashing down.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Just a Brief Note on Hell

The post is lost in here, but I have also seen hell and the pools of hell. I wrote on this previously. The details are spread across probably a series of posts.

At the age of 3, in my dreams or would you call them night terrors, I was regularly in hell.

I had this recurring dream, and it was like being deposited there. I recall about 4 times. I would awake crying.

Why me meeting Jesus was amazing for me - after this I began to call out to Jesus in such encounters, and whenever my dreams took a bad turn, I could get out of them.

I could get out of the hell dreams.

If I have a sort of morbid interest in understanding hell, it is because I have been there. I did not understand it.

I saw everyone crying and screaming. I was just a babe myself, and I wanted these people to find a solution. I did not want anyone I knew to go there.

This is why at 4 when I first learned to write, I wrote out my little list of people who I asked God to work on saving. This basic love I had for the human family then, as a child, wanting to help the human family around me in the dreams, that is the same drive I have today. I would like my human family delivered. I mean mankind.

This is a repeat or rehash of the other ideas. It is worthwhile mentioning, as I have asked people to redirect their attention to Mary K Baxter's visions. I had encounters in my dreams. How many of your children are experiencing either demonic torment or hell in their night terrors? Is it worth delivering them?

Sid Roth has answers. You can search this blog for the tag "night terrors" and see a bit more on this topic.

Seek God's Face and Voice in a Vision

I would like to encourage preachers to seek God's face this Passover. On these feasts, the Lord makes himself more accessible.

I pray right now, not for myself, but for all the preachers in our world for this Passover, I pray you will meet God in person, face to face. That is my heart's desire.

I know you being close to God is going to benefit all of us. Please be aware, sort of like Pastor Scott said at church last week. Be aware. Be in tune. Know that God is calling his guys.

In the same way, David and the Mighty Men communed, and then Jesus and his disciples, so God will reach out to the pastors and priests who are to represent him in these times. You are designated for the holy, sanctified, and uncommon ground, and there you will see the Lord in revelation as Moses did.

Lord, blow. Blow on the earth. Blow on your men. Blow on your preachers, pastors, and priests.

In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

What Mary K Baxter Saw

I recall some 20 years ago crying when I realized some pastors, guys that love God, went to Hell, I cried. I had just witnessed Mary K. Baxter's book and audio.

I was really sad for 4 days. If preachers fall, where is there to be hope for us? Who is going to lead us?

In her stories, you see men in Hell who were ministers, and they were preaching in Hell, after it is too late. Mary's point was they are still there now--still crying out for their opportunity for deliverance. They are there and they can do nothing about it.

They were begging the Lord for another chance.

Our chance for repentance for our sin is here, on this side of the our breath on this earth.

In particular, one that makes me sad, and it would make anyone sad who knows any backslidden preachers, men who once knew the gospel of Christ being cut up by demons in punishment greater than the rest, because they knew better. They knew better.

But they chose self matters over Christ.

The last Sid Roth guy interviewed explains a bit about how we are to give our self over to Christ.

It is just a matter of priorities? Is it a matter of bitternesses? What is the matter?

Is the matter so great it is worth an eternity?

Today I am Joyful

There's some good stuff here.

The Lord will be directing the heart of President Obama.

The Lord is bringing down presents of hope upon his people.

The Lord is rearranging and bringing obedient men into church leaderships.

That means that all those under those leaderships will get the direction they need and they will be trained for these times. This is wonderful! The Lord is wonderful!

Yes, this is a summary of what I learned on the latest Sid Roth.

Encouraging Words for Backslidden Preachers

The Latest Sid Roth

Interview of Rich Vera (Former Backslidden Preacher)

The voice of Christ delivers men of God.

The Lord wants to heal and deliver backslidden preachers.

Check out the Wednesday radio show - that's where I am at now.

Also, on Thursday's radio show, Rich Vera prays for ministers who need healing and restoration. Very good. If you need healing, listen to this radio show, and participate in the prayer.

Okay, for the Friday radio interview, this prophet Rich says the Lord will be using Obama to favor Christians causes. This is lovely news.

There is a season of opening barren wombs of women this coming year. This is the hope of the Lord on his people.

God is adjusting the leadership of churches to be those who follow him. Rich himself, was a backslidden preacher. The Lord pulled him to heaven, dealt with him, and sent him back.

Exciting note: I am pretty excited Rich Vera talked about the river of life coming from the palace where God lives to be like chocolate and full of gold. That is the same detail as my dream/vision and my Christmas present.

So cool.

Make Your PowerPoint!

Go to the previous post, download your link, and make your Easter witness tool.

Also, you could use a plain powerpoint slide presentation to make your own children's witness tool based on  colors booklet shown on this post.

Go back a few posts, read those resources, and make one for them using the little poem provided as a children's witness aid.

Salvation PowerPoint Personal Project

Yes, I made this in Office 2010.

I have a template from it.

I have saved it in 2010. I also saved it backward for 2003-2007.

This is my material.

In the first 4 slides, in the notes of those pages, I pasted 4 salvation plans.

All are customized lengths for different length presentations.

I have put links in for scripture.

What you are going to do is one of a couple things.

You are going to either memorize the scripture or tag it in a bible program, so you can pull it up.

That is what I have done here. I do not know if a person could tag a link into their kindle or just like these online bible programs. Do not feel limited to biblegateway if that is not your main bible software program. You can link to any program you prefer. Some of the verse by verse programs with the commentaries on the side might be nice too.

The main steps of salvation are the headers.

You can either present the PowerPoint yourself, or you could pre-record your voice. That takes a lot of stress out of presenting. You could have yourself read the scriptures for scripture slides.

For scripture slides, you will add new slides, and then go to the link, and take the content of the link, which is currently NIV version. If you have a different version preference, just change it by adjusting the slidedown on biblegateway.

You could take the in behind notes and make 4 versions of presentations. You could make supershort, longer, and so on.

I do recommend if you have memorized some specific scriptures about your salvation and you are good at explaining those, that you include those.

As for images, get your kids to draw some images, and scan and add them to the PowerPoint.

If you like royalty free images, those could work nicely.

One more resource: the program itself has symbols. Take some of those freebies with the program to demonstrate your ideas.

The key thing here is you make yourself a PowerPoint salvation tool you can host on your ipad, iphone, or digital device.

Look around for prayers. Do you like this one? Use it.

I believe in our Salvation Prayer, it does not hurt for us to review what we have taught our new believer tying it to the scripture we just taught them. Yes, we are declaring salvation upon ourselves using the scriptures we read to them. Or rather we are declaring the scripture over them. That is why many salvation tools do this. The prayer is a sort of summary of the scriptures. Scriptures are the truth of God's power for us. They cut into the darkness and situation of no hope.

Customize this to age levels with appropriate drawings. Children can be a great resource for this. Get them involved. Make a family salvation tool you use for family and friends. Make it personal.

This work is not finalized. I did 5-6 hours of the pre-work. You can do an hour or two of your personalization and review.

The little single liner of verses is one I would memorize in a string for the presentation. That is why that is there. I have even suggested making this verse set one liner into a t-shirt, as a visual aid to recounting the order of the presentation. Eventually, you will have the steps of the salvation plan figured out as to what goes to what verses, and the little memory jogger will help you have a nice smooth flow. A t-shirt on a partner would be excellent. You can go and paste that verse string into a t-shirt product at and you are done. You can buy the t-shirt. This would help teen evangelism programs.

Then, the links tie directly to the scripture. I have a lot of scripture in the 4 different presentations (differing amounts), so I recommend you go through all the links and add them selecting a few scriptures to customize whichever presentation you decide you are creating.

If you use the presentation alone, you may want to clip the text from biblegateway into the presentation.

You may want to record the presentation. Then, you have options. You can play or not play the audio.

Whatever you do, wow, it would be nice to have this done for your Easter, just in case there is one in your house, you were hoping to present this to.

Here you go. I pass the torch. Please note - resources are on the Notes Pages for 4 potential presentations in the first 4 slides: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. Please download these project starters I made for you hosted on my online storage.

2003-2007 Salvation PowerPoint
2010 Salvation PowerPoint

And yes, somewhere in there, you can write - Inspired by Donna Munro. If you adapt and create a lot, add yourself as the Writer. The more customization and personalization you do the better, as it will become yours.

Arm your digital device with a customized tool for leading people you know to Christ.

I do pray you will start a movement of the Holy Spirit in your midst. You are the one to stir the pool. It starts with sharing the Word of God.

Share your tool with your small group, or as a small group, make a common one. Share prayer and strategies with your small group.

Before you begin your customization, please decide where you plan to use it or post it. If it is going up on Facebook, it may be different if you are just hosting it in your digital device. Maybe you will change it to a .pdf, so it is easy to move around. The key to this project is deciding where it goes, or you will waste a bunch of time.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Way the Truth and the Life

A week or two ago, our pastor taught that the Way was the name of the movement that Jesus started.

He called himself the Way. You may know some bibles which are sold have The Way as their front cover.

Jesus is the way. He is the only way to being right with his Father in Heaven.

This is why the scripture, and I forget the reference, goes, "I am the way the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, but by me."

This detail is referred to in the movie the Bible Mini-Series tonight.

Are you ready to invite Jesus in? Say, "Jesus, I'm yours."

When Leaders Humble Themselves

This is good for the whole church, as they will begin movements from their churches
In these times, they yield the water which puts out spiritual fires
In churches, they will lead people in mass deliverences and in miracles
This is why they tend to be the first focus of the Lord

Today Show on Near Death Experience

When this woman died, God called her by name. He held her. This is what Christians can expect in death when they live in right relationship with their Lord.

Baptist Minister Gets God Heart Check - It Gets Resolved

Pastors, please note that the spiritual demonic entity - the half man half beast - is described as one of the versions of demons. This is another affirmation of the form of a beast which appears in the End Times. I personally think these things arrive after the removal of the church--after the slaughter of the church. These torment the remaining people on the earth.

So Pastors, this fellow Howard called himself a policeman for 26 years. Elsewhere, I heard him say he was a pastor for 36 years. I am confused and looking for the right detail. Till  I find that detail, I will leave this. Once, I understand this, I will revise my title. Some pastors work in their role part-time, so...

Dealing With Conflicting Details Within Visions

Howard has a biography testimony in the side links on youtube.  There's a couple details in one of his testimonies which do not agree with other visions/testimonies. For me, this just brings those details back on the keep for analysis section of my mind. On the Work Desk, in the audio there of Howard's, he says we do not keep our race after we die. Why this is perplexing for me is that people in Hell are identifiable by their visual appearance. So, I have mentioned people keep their race, but I would not have mentioned here if it had not been in a couple dreams/visions. I look for cross-correlations, or rather confirmations in the collective conscious of people who have had these visions and dreams.

In keeping with Easter time, and sort of funny, Howard says everyone going to heaven is in sort of pastel outfits, which reminds me of the covering of Easter eggs. I don't know which of the three of his testimonies this was, but if I had to guess it is the one on the Work Desk.

Any time I come across any conflicting detail in this, I come back to the rule, the bible is Master in interpreting all this, so go back there and search it out. If there is nothing superior or conflicting in the bible, and it is just a part of a person's story, then, I will just let it be. It's their story. However, as a narrative inquirer, I believe that true spiritual phenomenon will be repeated in people's stories. We should look for verification across several stories, and as we see repeating details, we take those details more seriously. This is why for example, I take a near future rapture seriously, as I've seen over 80 testimonies online on youtube. This, by numbers, is a verification. The same things applies to the arrival of the antichrist.

I use these stories as a means of searching and filtering out revelation. I would have to say that I think the main arguments against these stories, those which squash revelation, that these come from a spirit of deception which seeks to erase the light of Christ. All the bible takes authority. Nothing takes the bible away. What these dreams and visions should do is push the Christian to get real about their spiritual fight, to begin to memorize the Word of God, and to begin to use it for confession, declaration, proclamation (telling others), repentance, juxtaposition (comparing truth to deceptive lies of the enemy which are the means of the devil grabbing hold of one's life), and engaging in spiritual battles to reclaim one's own family first, and then their society.

One of the main purposes of the dreams and visions is to identify for us some of the lies of the enemy which are holding back the church. In taking one of the Sozo courses and in reviewing the links I have provided you for self-education on the work desk from people from Bethel Church in the United States, there I learned that when God gives us the gift of prophecy, or gives us a revelation, he expects us to speak it out. If we doubt, then his light is capped. Suppose a detail in the account is wrong. A minor detail. If the detail is major, the Lord will highlight to the listener his voice in interpreting, just as I erase any video or contributor here, after I have fully evaluated it. If the detail is minor, and yet the key message is, "There is judgement. There is hell," and this has been declared, then God's work has been done. If the detail conflicts with the scripture, then yes, by all means, throw it out. The scripture takes authority.

I have found I have grown by the cross-referencing to the scripture I have done. This has forced me to be a student.

Leader in Mali Caught - Women in Mali Rejoice!

I would like to direct praise and recognition to the Lord Jehovah for the capture of leader who persecuted women in Mali.

In the fall, I brought the issue of the unmarried mothers to the courts of the Lord God of Heaven

I asked the Lord to bring justice down and would he consider doing something for the women who were on unmarried mother's list.

I posted the response I received from the Lord.

The Lord has brought the one responsible in. This man will face and receive justice for the wrong he has done.

There is no man above the Lord's justice. The Lord hates injustice.

At the same time, God's people are supposed to call justice down in their prayer and declarations of scripture to earthly situations.

God is great. He cares for single mothers. He will protect the interests of the poor and weak.

Praise the Lord, the lover of the weak and helpless. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

Our part in this is to declare the works of the Lord. He is faithful. He comes through.

Ladies in Mali, the Lord has declared a man to work for justice in your country. He was called out here previously. A man named Dan has been called out to work on your behalf.

Women, know this. The Lord is your defender. Jehovah is our God. Jesus is his son. Jesus went to the cross to be our Deliverer. He delivered this Al queda leader to justice. He will defend you. Call to him. Call out to Jesus for your salvation.

Come across to First Alliance Church available here by pulling down the menu. Click the arrow to start the service. Celebrate freedom - which is freedom Christ declares to slaves and prisoners and broken-hearted.

He is calling you, Ladies.

2.1 Billion Christ-ians Calling

There's 2.1 Christ-ians out there. You have all been called by his name. Yes, not only are you made in Christ's image. You are called out of the lost world to be made right with Christ.

Tune into this week's service at First Alliance Church.
Do this by pulling down the pull down list and pressing the arrow to launch the service.
What we have for you is teaching on heart transformation.

Please note that the scriptures this week were on my heart for the week prior to this service. I want to clarify. Actually, I had Romans 4 on my mind, not Romans 3, but this coming week, I shall be comparing the themes between Romans 4 and 3 to see if there are common messages. For days, the Lord had Romans 3: 23 on my mind.

These scriptures are meant to draw us to reconciliation.

This week Pastor Scott prepares people to get their hearts and lives right with Christ. You may download this from the service resources and use this with your family in family devotions and prayer for this Easter.

He had his staff prepare a meditation guide for the family to do as family devotions for this week.

This week spend some time reviewing these scripture meditations, and praying as a family.

Dads, ask your wife and kids what they want Jesus to do for them?

Lift these needs in prayer to the Lord, as Pastor Scott did for his family. After they have prayed about what they need the Lord to do for them, then later on, have them write down a couple things of what they would like to do for the Lord.

Let's act out our faith in Christ. Let's be aware.

If we have not yet been baptized, get baptized.

If we have sin, let's confess it and be made righteous before God.

If we have Christ in us, let's turn our eyes upon trouble and head on in, trusting Christ to rescue those around us.

How can we be involved in the art of rescue?

Salvation and reconciliation and rescue are poetic threads of priests' robes. You are the priests of the Lord.

Be ready to offer your hand to a sinner who needs some saving.

Then, after these, I call out to 5 billion others, who I think could respond to Christ with this call. The scripture is proclaimed to call you unto the cross, to call you to life, promise, a future, and salvation before the cross.

Jesus set aside his own position to die in your stead for your sins.

Romans 3: 23. For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God. 

None of us can do this on our own. Christ did it for us. We must respond to the calling. God calls out to us to bring us into relationship with Christ. This coming Easter feast is an opportunity to come and feast as praise and worship unto the Lord. Yes, the Lord celebrates his communion with believers with great feasts.

Declare your Easter feast a feast unto the Lord. Ask Jesus into your heart. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours."

Come and join First Alliance for Easter and be baptized.

Request: Would you share this scripture Romans 3:23 with people? Then, when they ask what it means, you may explain. Any time you share a scripture, when a person requests an explanation, you can open a conversation that will let your light shine.

A Historical Testimony

This testimony shares qualities of that of my own grandmother. This describes the social life, the material life, and so on. My grandmother would have great comfort having this fellow's story. What I mean here is that he grew up in close to the same era, so they have some common life story setting criteria.

This channel is interesting. This is a set of testimonies - again another source. I recommend going through them and listening to a couple.


The valley of the shadow of death is the veil. Crossing Jordon is the same event.

Paul the Apostle Movie

Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Respond to Christ's Weeping - Update

Church pastorates,

I did not expect that message - the one I updated. Not at all. Yesterday, I just obediently followed the Lord's whims in posting, and I am pretty much unprepared for the message update.

This message was directed to pastors, and in the midst of writing, I heard as I wrote Christ's voice saying,

"Must I stand weeping in the vestibule of your heart while you serve other idols?"

Here is this post:

The timing of this message followed one day after I posted, "Jesus wept" and followed the instructions I gave others, and I went out and I told this message to two people. I said, "I have a scripture for you today. It is, "Jesus wept." I told the person that just one or two words spoken from the Lord hold power for deliverance. I asked them to look it up. The conversation led to a brief conversation about Christ in the middle of a store. Then, the next day, still thinking to myself, "Why was Christ weeping?", and I heard this in my spirit. This message is for pastors. (I had been meditating on this verse for a day.) Then, I heard Christ weeping and anguishing over this.

What do we do? How should we respond to Christ?

Do as Moses would do. God starts cleansing, purification, and healing with the leader and works down.

I am not here to accuse anyone. I consider myself below you. My heart says that yes, the church needs reform, but it all starts with leaders coming to the Lord with their own heart assessment, and in their brokenness and yielding, that the Lord will raise them up to assist their church.

It is a Moses experience. You first pray for yourself. Then, you intercede for your church. Then, your prayers and preaching have effect.

I love you. I submit this to you for your consideration. Please take some time to bring your personal life before the Lord. You have so many repentance resources in the church. Take one home, and go through it.

Go through it either on your own or in a group of two. My heart will only have hope and joy that the Lord will bring in a couple of his leaders and that those he has already called to be fishers of men will increase their yield.

The timing of this post is just before our feast. I think this may be directly related to God's desire for intimacy with his church leaders. You are his dear lambs. 

Warm regards, Donna

Scriptures: Nahum in particular the start of Chapter 1. Also, Romans 4.

Update: I have added Deliverance Resources to the Work Desk. I have a post about my own backslidden state once in my twenties. The post is entitled, "The Revealer Reveals My Name." That refers to Compromise as one major reason I had backslid. I invite Pastors to search their heart for any compromise they may have made, first to repent of this sin, and then to evict this or other demons according to Derek Prince's strategies, and then to shut the door to any invaders (which includes us submitting our will to Christ - the Colossians text, and then to do spiritual battle as needed).

I have learned each time we participate in sin willingly and we do not confess it, that we leave a door open for a demon to enter in by our own will and volition. First we repent, and then we evict. Why? That demon is there to torment and hold us from doing God's will and from achieving our God destiny. A demon in us can tighten our chest at its will. Who wants that? It can make us stiff. My body has enough problems, I do not need any spiritual motivator in addition. These demons are hostile to us any time we try to do something God's spirit tells us to. They act in opposition to the voice of God. For us to be able to comply to the voice of the Holy Spirit, we must evict these invaders. We come back to the heart transformation texts of Romans and Colossians 4. To resist the enemy in the future, you need to memorize God's word.

I have provided key Derek Prince reading here for you, and you will be able to do this. The Lord has revealed this to me, even in this writing and pre-Easter studying, so that you will be equipped. Either being passive or innocent means you are a great target for Satan. You are to use the Word of God aggressively to defend and protect.

The Lord God's Names Perform Miracles

The Lord God's Names Perform Miracles
What are God's names? Look to a link on the blog.

Did you know pronouncing God's name or names to one in need will perform a miracle?

Try it. The key is you must match the specific God name to the need for revelation. If God has a match, and you have compassion, and that person needs God, you can use that situation to bring glory to God using Jesus' name. For the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, and for the Glory of God the Father, Amen

Pastors, This Video is For You Update

If Christ called you to salvation, and he knows we are approaching the end time, and he has made God sent love letters to you in the form of willing servants, would you choose to not listen, my dears?

You who are called by my name, unstop your ears, and unblind your eyes, and listen to the messages in these vision and dreams I have called you to hear and to see.

What is happening is to be known to those who are open to hear and see the voice of Christ calling into these days. Christ's own prophetic nature is revealed. He is the Revealer. He alone is the Revealer. The ones who come in his name as prophets are his servants.

To God be the glory forever and ever, and may all his servants humbly obey and speak out what they have seen and heard, for a reduction in the number of those who fall into eternal hellfire.

Any who bears an ear or an eye, lend your attention.

This woman is one of Christ's servants.

He has messages for the church in these messages.

Who would choose to run the race with no coach? Who is above divine advice?

Open the ears. Heal the eyes. Drop the deafness and blindness of all my church that they may know the calling of the Lord.

That none may come and say, "I knew you Lord" when they did not. Is this not the time to set right your heart? Must I stand weeping in the vestibule of your heart while you serve other idols? Must I stand weeping in the vestibule of your heart while you serve other idols?

Tell me, MUST I STAND WEEPING IN THE VESTIBULE OF YOUR HEART WHILE YOU SERVE OTHER IDOLS? (Capitals here are spoken with anguish and tears, not anger.)

Church, do not break my heart. Hear my call.

(This was a message I heard from Christ and transmitted in this post. The first paragraph I thought was mine, but as I wrote it, I realized the author was from one above me - I heard a voice.)

6 Parts - Mary's Interview Update

Please notice there are 6 parts to the interview.
This set of 6 videos contains content I've never heard before.

A few interesting things. Creating horror, fear, and torment grows Satan's power. Events which make people cower on earth and in hell are done in a sense to grow Satan's power over an area. Our cowering in fear grows his power.

The story of children who don't make it to birth is told.
Stories of faithful are told.
Stories of palomino horses and dancers is told.
This is a lovely enhancement to one's I've seen.
I can't believe how few views there are.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jesus Wept

Jesus wept.

Only 1 Scripture Verse

I hear all kinds of people out there saying, "I can't memorize."

Do you know 1 verse.

Say it someone in the next 24 hours.

Watch what happens.

That single scripture verse can be used by the Holy Spirit who is the God breathed word.

If you only know 1 scripture verse, speak it to one person once a day.

When we do our part, God doe his. He speaks to the other person spiritually.

He expects us, his people, to do something.

By us being obedient and just even speaking the only scripture verse we know, any of them, and it does not matter, God will lead that person in.

I dare you to trust in this reality that God will work with the least you can do. Try it.

God Stream vs. Hell Stream

Okay, we've talked about there being two destinies and two earth realities.

There's a God stream and there's a hell stream.

It is our job to pull people out of the hell stream.

Yes, it is like fishing. With speaking the word of God to them, we have an opportunity to pull them from one stream to the other.

In the God stream, all the fish make it to heaven.

In the hell stream, all the fish live under the reality of one small fish gets eaten by the bigger and then bigger fish. Man is a small fish in this stream. That is his problem. Unless man is willing to be championed by the fish preserver, he has no chance making it for long with the bigger fish which are around.

In the God stream, there's all these saved fish. These fish are supposed to actuate their salvation. The root of the word actuate is act. Since they are saved, they speak. What do they speak. I am saved. How? How are you saved? Simply enunciating how you are saved proclaims the word of God.

God fish, wherever you are, speak out your salvation. How are you saved? Tell me.

How did you come to know of the Fish Preserver who keeps the big fish from eating you?

How do I get from the hell stream over to that God stream where there is good water and air and a destination to go to up river?

God stream fish, spend no time looking over to the other stream for whatever they are doing over there.

There is nothing of interest for you there. The bait is just a little taste of the future hell stream punishment and none of this should concern you except to pray to have your hell stream fish friends released.

Praise the Lord. He is a fisherman of men. He loves all the fish. He has his life preserver out in the water to catch you. He has it out for any to grab on. He is waiting for all those in the hell stream to grab on and be brought over into the God stream.

Sinner, grab on. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours." He has a place for you to swim.

God stream fish, bring me in 3 fish for your Easter dinner. When you fish, what do you do? Prepare the rope. Prepare the Fish Preserver to throw. Create the opportunity. Do not come to dinner without the fish. Bring them in. Invite them. Tell them how you are saved. Tell them about your meal celebration. Celebrating and feasting and speaking the reasons for the celebration are an actuation of your salvation. Having that hope is as well. Many hell stream fish have lost hope. It is your job to declare hope for them.

Tweet "I Can't to Recant"

Yes, I think it is time to create some communication.
I do not necessarily have the website for this.
Perhaps you can make one.

Tweet this "I Can't to Recant". Tie this to a website. You will need to make a website for this or a blog.

Then, on a website, describe in a summary the future conflicts Christians will face.

Use my content to begin the structure of your information, but please rework your words to your content.

I would like to get this phrase out there.

Lay out the consequences of recanting.

Yes, I do think the RFID is related to future commerce control and taking the mark to secure a means of managing commerce.

Does that mean this movement starts now? You decide.

Is it better to beat the timing, be on time, or be late?

What if the key events associated to this happen in 10 years?

What is 10 years compared to eternity, for those who are lost by making a wrong decision.

Suddenly 10 years is like a flick of time.

It is nothing.

When a prophet or a person who has the Holy Spirit in them speaks words, those words accomplish something in the spiritual realm. Asking the Lord into your heart creates something in the spiritual realm. You are spoken into life.

Just the same, unspeaking the words takes away your eternal life.

You must not recant.

On your website, include verses to memorize. Yes, just the basic salvation verses.

I realize I account for just a few views on the Internet. Suppose a couple hundred of my viewers made a website or blog of their own, and you set up an "I Can't to Recant" model and you explain salvation and you show the truths here about being aware of going through that period of trial.

I would like people to be aware, so that if they are left behind, they will still end up with Jesus.

I am doing this because I love all those people. So, right now, say right where you are, "Say I Can't to Recant."

I am looking to multiply the message online about Jesus, and yes, in doing this little task, you are accomplishing and actuating your own salvation.

The Next Sid Roth

A guy has a vision, goes to heaven, and converses with key writers of the bible about the global meanings of the scriptures. Yes, I am waiting... and it feels really long. I am checking the website to see if it launches there first.

For every Sid Roth show, there is an extended version done over 5-15 minute airing across the week on his radio, or mp3 program.

Any particularly interesting episode, you can follow 75 minutes of content by listening in to a week of radio content. This is a good to know. This one seems interesting to me. In a show, you get about 20-25 minutes of content. That's the way it works. This way you get a bit more content.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Christian Speak Your Good News

Not doing something to save our brother man from a horrific future is a Christian sin.

We are to declare the good news and our own salvation.

We do not want to be stuck here.

In the next two weeks, tell about the good news, the gospel and about your own salvation or god story to three people.

America's Last Days - Prophecy Site

America's Last Days

Go to the bottom and watch the Perry Stone video.

America's citizens are rioting from lack of benefits. Their benefits are taken away by the government.

This is a prophecy site. There's lots on America.

You could spend hours here.

The purpose of knowing is to pray for your city. We want to preserve our people.

Also here, you will find an interview of Gary Kah by Sid Roth. If you are interested in end time dynamics, this is good. This is about a globalization of the antichrist.

Of interest to readers, even George Washington had a vision of America's future. Good to know.

Revelators See Christian Torment

The Video Missing: Mary K. Baxter Saw Tribulation.

Search for her on YouTube.

Very important reflection for Christians pre-Easter...This is a confirmation of many other prophets. This is important. The nations falling into hell are those cut down by the antichrist. This post does a good job of covering several problems Christians need to pay attention to.

This correlates to Ken Peters. Ages of the children in the dream are getting close. Also, there are hell beasts and this is a merging of hell and heaven realities. No Christian wants to be there.

Use these books as witnessing tools. Please notice people have visions after reading this book. That is a natural impact.

This is exactly what I have told you about. In prison, Christians shout "Jesus is Lord" as their warfare.

The rapture is soon. Examine your heart.

One of the methods of getting people to take the mark was to restrict their water. Does this sound familiar? Is this not a technique the demonic are very used to? They have used this in hell for a very long time.

Here, in one of the accounts, the men who behead the Christians are actually demons taking on the form of flesh.

So readers, you need to think on this. Your interviewers will be demons in flesh form. Your only method of fighting this is spiritual. Your executers are demons in flesh form. Your method of fighting the demonic is quoting scripture you have hidden in your heart.

Where is the hope? People with no ability to buy food - when people pray and have no food - God will fill their plates. Just at church a couple weeks ago, we learned that Jesus' disciples were managing a food program. Expect this again. Jesus will manage the food program for his lambs. This is such amazing and wonderful news. 

If a person reading this lives out this reality of not having food now, pray and thank the Lord for food on your empty plate, and see if the Lord will not provide. The Lord loves you. And yes, Jesus is a food multiplier. That is repeated through the bible.

Here is a correlation of this issue of water: Various prophecies of the future View the video on the bottom. The page is very incomplete without the video.
  • The topic of water control and regulation is there as well. People who realize as whole towns, they are being beat, resort to measures to work together and make food. They realize food is in short supply and the reasons for it are control. So they rip up their town streets and plant gardens. In addition to that, this town needs Jesus. Our own natural means are not enough to battle the antichrist.
  • Please note the concept the Multiplication Project. Since I know Satan is not into food multiplication, I see this as the Nephilim Production baby factory. I would hate to be a woman in this. Or maybe it will just be cloning using sperm donation from willing or rather unknowledgable partners. What do others see this as? In these stories, we hear about demons in flesh. There could be two sources.  The harlot or prostitute is a demon in flesh arriving as a woman. She was not in a multiplication project. She arrives taking on a human form. Or does she take a Nephilim form. Hmmm. However, let's look at this. There are demons in human form. I ask myself if the prison guards are the products of the Multiplication Project. What I do think is that the growth rate for the average human takes 18 years to responsibility. Cloning an organ takes 5 weeks. Cloning a Nephilim? 2-3 months. Our enemy will stand before us quickly, as in many of the end time robot videos, including Star Wars - they had an enemy reproduction factory. Even the recent Avatar, which I love, contains a concept of reproducing a life form which is the Avatar. The concept of an avatar is a body replacement. However, in this end time dynamic, the nephilim is intended to house a spirit child of Satan, not a spirit of man.
  • This prophet sees Christian leadership needing purification - similar to David Wilkersen.
  • This video includes an action plan for people who should take the Lord serious. This is a big action plan and needs a whole church to do it.

About the 10 Days of Trial

Attune your ears to the sufferings of the Jews in the Second World War. All the same miserable techniques will apply.

In the stories above, we heard that people in prison will be led to showers. Then, they will be given 3 minutes of water and a bar of soap. Once they lather up, the water is cut off. To have any water to get the soap off their body, they must take mark.

To the one listening right now, you are only going to live ten days, so live those ten days as Daniel did in a fast. Do not use the water and soap that is offered to you. Perhaps instead go, and offer your 3 minutes of water to the one who has soap in their eyes. Tell them to not take the mark.

What would I expect from prison guards who were demons in the flesh? I would expect this soap if left on to burn like acid. I would not use the soap.  Likewise, if they fed me or watered me, tell me, should I expect any good? Once people are in this prison, it will be like they are in Hell.

If they are fed, expect the food to turn in their stomach to create pain; that is, if you eat anything from the guards. If you drink, expect like the water fed to Jesus, it will be as vinegar. Instead, ask the Lord to provide you water from those of faith with you. You should, as much as you are able to, fast, pray, and praise during this time. Ask the Lord to sustain you. A single cup of God derived water can sustain all.

In Ken Peter's dream, his executioner was a man who was convicted of sin. However, this new vision does lead me to realize that there will be many participants in this who are demons in flesh form and above the possibility of witnessing to. They will be there to do their job, and we will require our scripture for purely spiritual war for ourselves and those beside us.

After the Church is Killed

The purpose of killing off the church quickly is to claim the earth territories for the antichrist, to allow his power to grow, and to allow his plans to be implemented. This Multiplication Project becomes his priority in my mind, and the rest of humanity serves to do everything to nurture that (all the while praising Satan), to suffer lack, while his own "people" are generated to take their place. These people are not Muslim. The only thing they have in common are the last two letters. Nephilim. These are the next supremacist race. Each fish gets eaten by the bigger fish.

During this time, similar to theory about how one day in the future, heaven and earth merge, well, Satan mimics God's traits, and there is a merging of the earth surface and hell. That is why there are unusual beasts in Mary's accounts. There is a correlation across three accounts. Having Christians on earth does not create the type of spirit on the earth that favors a generation of Hell. Christians have the Holy Spirit - and even a disobedient Christian - that person has access to God if they claim it. Satan must get rid of the Christians to bring his spirit upon the earth in the sense of welcoming his kindred to the planet.

In Revelation, there are also beasts. I do not know how they tie into this. Men who are judged during this time get a raw deal. Yes, they will have taken the mark, or most of them would not be alive. There will be some though who did not take the mark, and who hid. I do not know if they will make it, unless they had angelic help. For in the spiritual, who can hide anywhere on Earth?

There are some who say that the Lord will never allow Satan the victory of taking over the whole planet. What can I say for or against this? I don't know. People all have a will and they will do what they like. I do not know. What I do know-- is that we can prevent a few people from experiencing this by telling them about Christ now.