Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lord's Names Meditation

This is 45 min or so. Do this as your meditation in your glory room. I find this lovely.

Such a thing has been on my heart to create. So, it's done. Thank's John Paul.

19 min in. The Lord is the 7 Spirits. So the stone with 7 eyes is God. At least, I am wondering, and will I find a confirmation, I don't know. We know God could manifest himself also in different ways or symbolism.

Promote this video on facebook.

I can't believe the views are so low for such an excellent resource.

It's like listening Moses out of the Ten Commandments speaking. His voice is similar.

I could see doing this for a whole week as the music for one's glory room. I recommend shutting your eyes, and asking the Lord for your creative imagination to be piqued, and for the Holy Spirit to join you for a visualization of all these concepts.

Declaration of Blessing and Freedom Movie

Once you have viewed this, decide how you would like to use it.

If you decide to pray this, you must pray aloud.

If you decide you want to impact your soul man, lay hands on your chest.

Suppose I have a child, I might pray this on my child if I thought it appropriate.

Why aloud? We accept Christ aloud. We take oaths in court aloud.

The Holy Spirit in you + sound = a creative event

Satan's Fresco

In Hell, on the top of Satan's Mountain edged by guano, in his castle mimicking the ark of the covenant with dragons, he lives as a gorgeous rich prince dressed in king's gear.

In his rooms, he has a prize room in which he houses possessions stolen from the church.

On his walls, he has art. He has technology which is similar to that which is witnessed in heaven.

He has electronic picture frames that house within them video of the saint's deaths. You know, the key ones who were killed for their faith.

He has clip after clip of saint who he has had killed in a public and humiliating manner.

So, say a saint sang praise as they died? That would have to be disqualified, as he would not want praises to God to be sung in his castle.

Satan's art frame with these videos, has one time deaths on the earth. The style applied to the video is a fresco, to make it appear artsy like in the Renaissance.

I want to make a point here. Those saints are with God in heaven. They died once. Satan who despises God and Christians or any who are in right relationship with God - he chases after them to take them down.

However, in Satan's mania, he languishes on victory of killing them once. At the same time, these saints are with God now. They live a good life now. Just because Satan plays the videos over and over again does not mean that these saints are living that now. It is similar to watching a television show over and over and letting that be your reality.

I am just saying.

See the second book of Anna Rountree.

The Stronghold Series

I am still seeking the third piece. I thought this had a third piece. I am not finding it.

However, you can find material about this on youtube using the search term "John Paul Jackson" and "stronghold" and from his material, even as a preacher, you could use this material to customize for your own presentations to your own church. Why do I say that? I know God wants the message out to get people free. Kenneth Hagen and Derek Prince seem to be close associates, as their preaching material was quite close in content.

The concept here is that our mind - our values, opinions, beliefs, and negative mind talk all create limiting walls and lesser life options for us if we do not recognize it, repent for believing a lie about ourselves, and then begin to trust and have faith in a God who is greater than these things.

What thing do you say to yourself which limits your access to God's blessing? What thing do you say about yourself which prophesies your future? Can you swap those things for things in agreement with God, for starts? Can you write your own song of favor in the Lord one day, of all the things the Lord will do for you?

Light Study

Light Search

This is NIV and by no means restricted.

Take this and examine "light" scriptures.

Select the translation you prefer.

Pull together 15 verses which cover a range of topics of how Christ's light can be used.

Copy and paste these in a natural order to you.

Then, save it as Light.doc

Then, go back, and rewrite some personalization into the piece you have put together.

Fold this. Put this in your prayer journal. Read this in your meditation time.

This way, as needs, you can make your own declarations.

If you feel a deep need for change and anointing, as you read, place your hand upon yourself, and declare the scripture over yourself.

More Teaching

Angels and demons - the spiritual realm.

This is a three part series. This series is: Breaking Down Strongholds.

Being a Warrior. These are signs of a rising warrior.

Here is a small film about how to hear God.

Here is an online school run by John Paul's organization - run via webinar.

There's a Calgary event in about 12 days.

Here is John Paul's channel.

The Vine Shelter and Today's Teaching

I have often talked about my very smart vine, and how during its growth it has grown branches, and then the branches grabbed onto each other, and they are building a shelter. This vine represents Christ. The branches represent the families and churches grown under him. When the flower of this vine blooms, this flower releases a beautiful scent which pervades all around it. It is a smell of holiness and sanctification.

That vine still does not have its frame added. It is still holding itself up. It is making what looks like a small shelter under it. It comes out about a foot, with tendrils coming out to beautify it.

I have noticed by dipping in to all these teachers online that there is a shelter built. The messages are common. They have inter-related branches that have twisted with one another to stand up.

You can see this visually. You can see this verbally. You can see this in the content and how it all supports one another. There is a living tent, among these words of truth, and this tent of truth will minister to us as we take them on. You can see this among the friendships, guest visitors speaking, and so on.

God will protect us. Just as he had a tabernacle in the wilderness which travelled, God will shade us, give us light, and feed us.

The Feast of Tabernacles Today

Jesus asked his disciples,

What do you say about me?

At the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus listened in to what people say about him.

Online, we can see this phenomenon of social mixing.

It is not all pretty.

Here is the CNN Belief Blog.

If Jesus were to say, "What are they saying about me?", you can get an answer here. Here is today's version of a society meeting. What are the range of opinions about Christians and who Jesus is?

If you go to online discussion boards, including youtube, you will see there are many Christian haters in society.

The church need not fight against itself, as it will have plenty of other enemies.

For the Third Twenty

For the Top 100 Biblegateway.com Verses, review.

The exercises will be up Wednesday or early Thursday.

In the meantime, write out the shortcuts for them. Review them. Think about where to place them on the Salvation Plan. If you have one copy where you will do an overlay of all the verses, color code them somehow. Recite them to a friend.

Monday, April 29, 2013

What Are the Natures of Spirituality?

Glory Teaching Update

Please, as you have time, watch this excellent teaching. All of it.

This teaches the spiritual laws which God follows.

John Paul Jackson died twice. He knows God controls every breath he takes, and he knows God manages when he will die, so he is confident in speaking out. He also experienced a summons, and if you compare his experience before God, his details match others. John Paul's experience makes him more aware of the spiritual, and also has the gift of prophecy, so with these he ministers to us about how to recognize and live under God's supernatural laws to experience success here. Note Ephesians 4: 23. We should see progress as we apply this chapter to our lives.

Please notice that this teaching focuses on David's song! His comment is that God put him back together again. I see his teaching or description matching at 2 min 30 sec.

6 min in. or so. John Paul visits the throne room. Deut. 4:9. Take heed to yourself and diligently keep yourself (what it means to you) lest you forget the things your eyes have seen and teach them to your children. Okay, so this needs refining, but it gets you part way there.

33 min in. I have totally had these thoughts.

See that we are to be torchbearers! Do you see that it is visible to the spiritually intuitive?

15 min in. Do you see this? This earth is like a womb! Like my poem.

57 min in. Scientists, wake up. Good stuff. There's things for us here.

Awaken the seed of belief in your life. When you do, God will fill you with gifts.

1 Cor. 13 What you think about you holds you back from accomplishing in the spiritual. That type of humility is not desired. Humility is who you are, no more, no less. If you think differently, that thought exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Jesus said, "The kingdom lies within you." It begins in us, and change how we think. We need to ask for our purpose and our destiny. God has a great plan for our lives. Remember what God thinks about us. Love the Lord with all your mind. The battle is in the mind. To be of sound mind means we must think of ourselves as God thinks of us. The greatest challenge to your future is you. What do you believe about yourself? Sow to the spirit in due season, and faint not. Whatever you sow, God will give you something for it. We think in spiritual terms.

Mark 11. Jesus curses the tree. The disciple says to Jesus, "Lord, the tree you cursed is dead from the roots." Jesus tells his disciple, whatever you ask will be done.

1 hr 30 min. Be a torchbearer. Declare light on yourself, to be a torchbearer. Great prayer here! I will be copying this and praying it. This is why light shines from John Paul. Pastors, teach this. This is mere declaration focused on God focused identity. He prays this everyday.

Do you see this? The mountain is our mind! We must declare to the mountain in our mind which is settled about its opinion about self and God. We can declare to our internal mountain and move it. Then, when we move that mountain, then the external mountain is a breeze.

We must forgive. We must not just forgive others; we must forgive ourself. We cannot accomplish our seeds of destiny if we do not forgive ourself. We tell the mountain of doubt to be cast into the sea, have faith, and have anything we ask for, we will receive. When we forgive ourself very importantly, and then others, then we will be freed to accomplish our destiny.

John Paul teaches us that Satan throws up mirages before us, and we need the Holy Spirit to tell us to ignore it. Anna saw great serpents and servants of Satan, and when she walked through them, they dissolved. She listened to the Lord, and walked through. She realized these were mirages, thrown up to frighten her.

1 hr 1 min. The church in 10 years will be radically changed from today. His message to the young man he calls to be a pastor, he tells him to do what is comfortable, not what is culturally acceptable.

The Notes for John Paul's Teaching. This is not for all, but will help out a bit.

This fellow shows how to claim people from Hell's grounds. Beautiful!

Prepare For the Perfect Storm

Plan. I agree with this.

Some Christians say not to plan. We are to be smart and heed what we hear.

Don't worry. Show wisdom.

There is a Perfect Storm website for Christian preparation.

We should hear from God. We should have the Holy Spirit densely inside of us. God will do multiplication miracles for us where required.

2012 - 2013 John Paul Jackson Word for the Year

This is common to messages I have here for you. John Paul lists 6 cities which succumb to martial law. One is New York. At 8 min in, there is a technology blackout. 18 min in. Message to the church - pastors pay attention. Also notice, we must be able to debate our faith!

Pastors, invest time in your healing anointing, as men will be harmed. I believe the Lord will restore the evil done to men of the church.

The church needs to pray according to these revelations.

We are commanded by scripture to pray for the President. By praying for the President, we can hold together our country and our culture - pray that we might live in peace, and that all might go well for us.

Martyrdom is a sign of victory, not of a lack of faith. We build our plan as if the rapture comes later, but we take it if it comes sooner. John Paul believes that Christians will die, and that part of this lies in the victory built through their deaths.

The glory is going to come down. Hear him describe the glory appearance. It is the same as my bubble bath. It's for churches and for homes. The glory heals. Moms and dads cry out in the glory, and the children come in declaring they were touched by God by seeing the Messiah.

People, we have all these things coming against us, if we do not cry out against it.

With prayer, we can make a change.

The Future's Headlines

This fellow has written a book called The Perfect Storm. It might be worth picking up.

Common Threads

When we see common threads or repeated topics, it is because the Holy Spirit downloads common messages to his prophets and teachers. The fact that there are many versions of the same message, and the fact that these all correlate to a repeat message, this is a good thing. It is like God is providing multiple voices telling all of us his will, his teaching, his destiny for us.

All the voices are like a chorus which are in harmony.

2013 Is the Year of Multiplication

Praise God on your bed. Bind kings and rulers. Worship God on one hand, and fight the fight with the other.

We must be in worship and praise. This is where our victory comes from. Don't ever be so wrapped up in your fight, so you can win your fight.

Esther 4 - A word for this year.

All the video to change on the channel to the next. Here, he talks about victory and breakthrough. This video is called The Secrets of Change and Breakthrough.

This is about how we invest our life - it is related to the giving of talents to servants. What do we do with our talents. We invest in the first step. Mark 1:14-20

I feel like the multiplication message is lost in here, so I will review it again to see if I can sift it out.

How America Has Fallen Under Tipping Points

So, people, if preaching the gospel becomes illegal, will you still do it? I hope so.

Live Life God Centred Instead of Me Centred

You Are Exceptionally Precious

Christ gives the bride gifts as part of the betrothal.

Each believer becomes betrothed to the Lord via his presentation of gifts to us, which are a sign of belonging to him, and being precious.

Like Anna, it is not unusual for the Lord to bring down gifts to the believer. The initial acceptance of the Lord into our heart is the start of a journey. The Lord takes us on this journey.

Anna was given a consecration dress. I only learned this yesterday. The Lord brought me mine today.

As we become aware of these things, the Lord is yearning to bring us gifts. We are precious. We don't engage the profane, for we are precious to God.

What Is a Lie Versus What Is Truth

A lie is truth twisted out of order.

Notice the excellent description of Lucifer/Satan.

Also, Lucifer was quite aware of the ark of the covenant.

He built his mountain according to this model with the profane, including instead of cherubim--he used dragons. That observation I pull from the combined knowledge of this and Anna Rountree.

Here is Jonathan's channel.

Understanding Hebrew - is a revelation of scripture. It is worth learning.

"Under God" Removed by Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan talks about "Under God" being removed from citations of key legal documents in the United States. Okay, so to see this in context, what I see is quotations of the speeches of government are omitting God. Can these be lifted from the documents? If we take God out of our legislation, we remove our ability to call on him in trouble, and then like the enemies in the David song, if we cry out, he could ignore us. If we want God to step out of heaven and protect us, we should maintain the recognition of God in all our legislation.

Basically, whoever chooses to omit God is setting up their own condition later. If our country were to do this, churches should set up  their own legislation to cover their body of Christ, so that when they need to call on God the Protector, they have a legal basis to do so.

Jonathan wrote the book The Harbinger.

Here is my search of Jonathan online.  If I find one I want to feature alone, or take notes, or make observations for you, I will repost it with that content. For now, I am putting this fellow up as a resource for your continued education.

Were I to get this book, it will be an e-book. I will post an analysis or commentary if I go through it to read the full document.

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